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Fourth Period Hell Room

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Mr. Reed or Mr. Hyde

I walked through the door of my home and my dog, Rocky, always greets me by tackling me to the floor and licking my face. I have had rock since I was in the 6th grade, we picked him out in a vet and he was the only golden retriever there that caught my eye. My dad told me to take care of him or else he was going to be back in the pound. Luckily, he was my only best friend that I had besides Jake. I always took care of him as if he was my baby brother. My older sister, Tara, walked down the stairs and greets me with an insult as usual. My sister and I always had a bond where we never hurt each other feelings. We would just talk trash back and forth and laugh about it. I went to the kitchen and saw my mother was already making dinner.

“Hey, honey,” she says walking over hugging me. “How was school?”

“The same, just some stuff are out of place.” I replied grabbing Rocky’s food tray.

“Any new teacher’s?” she asked?

“Yeah just this guy is subbing for Mrs. Gibbons.” I said nervously.

“Is she okay?” she said while she cut carrots on the cutting board.

“I don’t know,” I said while filling up Rocky’s water dish. “The sub didn’t really like me asking him questions about her today.”

She finished chopping the carrots and placed them into a boiling pot of stew that she was making. She looks over at me and saw that I had this concerned look on my face.

“That’s strange; you didn’t ask the new teacher too many questions, right? That always kind of puts them in the weird position.” She asked.

“I only asked him two questions that was it. He got all out of shape, so I left it alone. I don’t really think he likes me though.”

“Well just give it a few days honey, you’ll get use to him.” She said walking over kissing me on the forehead.

I walked upstairs and threw my book bag on my bed. Rocky follows me into the room jumping into my bed and lies down. I jumped on my computer and check my Facebook page. The usual always happens here; I chat with Jake and put up a corny status hoping that a hot girl from school adds me. I hear the front door close, and that only means one thing...dad’s home. My dad and I were very different but we always got along well. If there was a problem I was going through he wasn’t hesitant to help. I over hear my mother talking to him about my encounter with Mr. Reed.

“I’ll talk to him, dear.” He says.

He walks up the stairs and stops at my doorstep and knocks.

“Sup kiddo. How was school?” he asked.

“A little rough, but it was alright.” I replied.

He looks around my room and notices the new Reaper poster I had on the wall.

“Is that a new one?” he asked with a smile.

“Yeah, they had a new record out last week. Jake and I were the first to get them we got free posters.”

“There’s a sweet deal.” He chuckles. “So what happened with your new home room teacher?”

“It was just a little miscommunication is all, dad. Hopefully tomorrow he will be different.” I replied.

“Alright, well your mother’s done with dinner come on down and eat okay.” He said.

I nod my head and turn to the computer and log off.

The next day in school was extended division. Jake and I were fooling around in the chat line making fun of Mr. Reed’s red blazer he was wearing. Jake kept texting me ‘Roll out the red carpet’ and it kept me in stitches. Mr. Reed calls for our attention, and begins speaking.

“Class, as you all know that I was appointed that I was going to be covering for Mrs. Gibbons since she was ill. Well I spoke to your principal earlier today and he has filled me in on some disturbing news on Mrs. Gibbons.”

I raised my hand nervously and he looks at me with the same evil and angry stare.

“Mr. Ericson, you seize to let me finish my statements in the limited time I have with you, do you?” he said.

“Don’t mind him Mr. Reed he just has a tendency to kissing the teacher’s ass” said Jim Tarver.

“Son, we don’t use foul language in this class.” He says to Tarver. He turns his attention back to the class completely ignoring my question. “Now you principle has informed me that Mrs. Gibbons has resigned from teaching here.”

I was in shock I to hear that she would quit working here. She was a great teacher here, I would understand she can handle ignorant students and cocky jocks, but quitting isn’t like her at all. I had to get to the bottom of this and see why she quit.

“Mr. Ericson,” he calls looking at me with an evil smirk. “Was that what you were going to ask me?”

Ignored him and continued on talking to Jake. I sent him a message saying ‘I am going to visit Mrs. Gibbons tonight’.

The bell rings, and I rushed grabbing my books and rushed out of the door before I have another creepy encounter with Reed.

After school I told Jake met up with me at my locker.

“You need me to come with you to her house?” he asked.

“It’s alright I was just going over there and I’m going to ask her why she’s quitting.”

“Alright just call if anything happens.” He instructed.

I close my locker and we walk out of the school building and the black Corvette that was following me was parked near the parking exit. I grab Jake by the should and point at the car.

“Look it’s the car that was following us yesterday.” I tell him.

He looks at the car. “You sure that’s the car?”

“Yeah, I remember the tinted windows and the plate’s first three letters.” I said.

“Alright maybe it won’t follow us today, bro.” he said while we began walking through the lot.

As soon as we crossed the street, Jake and I departed and I began walking to Mrs. Gibbons.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 11 Next »

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Timekeeper This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Jan. 29, 2011 at 1:42 pm

The plot is interesting and refreshing, though I hope the new teacher isn't behind the old teacher's disappearance...that would be predictable and trite.

Please check out my novel SuperNOVA and leave your thoughts on it! Thanks :D


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