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Fourth Period Hell Room

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Your Last Words

During dinner, John and I were telling old stories about the crazy antic we were up to in school. Like the time I had tried to stop eating glue in Ms. Johnson’s class in the second grade. We were only entertaining my family to make the scene look normal, but it was great talking to them and spending time with them. Mr. Reed, on the other hand, was at the other end of the table eating his food without laughing like the rest of us. My mother noticed that his glass was getting empty, and offered him another glass of cranberry juice. “Yes, please.” He said moving his glass closer to her. Rocky heard his voice and rushed near his seat and started barking at Mr. Reed. He was so startled by the bark that he bumped the table and my mom dropped the juice glass all over Reed’s shirt and lap. I left the table and called Rocky over to me. He rushes over and I walked outside to the backyard. Meantime, my mom told my sister to take Mr. Reed to the bathroom to help him clean up. “It’s no problem Mrs. Ericson, really. There are no need for apologies.” He said. “Apologies are necessary; I don’t know what’s gotten into Rocky.” She replied. “Mom, do we have any baking soda in the kitchen? I think that can get it out.” Said Tara. “Yeah just grab the box out of the refrigerator and make sure you use warm water.” My mom replied. Tara and Reed left the dining room while my mom started cleaning up the rest of the mess in the dining room. I sat outside with Rocky for a couple of minutes and rubbed his back telling him good job for scaring Mr. Reed at the dinner table. Even though he wasn’t part of the original plan in getting Reed arrested, I was glad that he knew a crook from crowd of people. I wondered if he is the same with a crowd of democratic and one republican. Back inside the house, my mom and dad were finishing cleaning up the table. “I love Rocky.” Dad laughed. “I do too, but he shouldn’t have been put outside after the first time he started barking at him.” Mom explained. “No way, if Rocky can smell a crooked bastard within a mile. He’s better off being a guard dog than a pet.” Dad cried. “Shhhhh. Not so loud he can hear you. Now, I understand that you are upset, Tim. But, we have to play this as if we are hunting. We have to be patient.” Mom said. “She’s right Mr. Ericson, my dad has always told me that a smart offense has good defense.” Said John. Just after he said that, there was a loud scream from the bathroom. My mom and dad ran to the bathroom to see what the commotion was. My mom opened the bathroom door and Tara was knocked out on the floor while Mr. Reed was checking her pulse. “What in the hell happened in here?” Dad cried. “I don’t know. She bumped her head on the tub I think.” Reed said. “Honey, call an ambulance,” dad said while carrying Tara to the hall. I rushed back into the house after hearing the scream and asked John what happened. My mom rushed from the stairs to the kitchen. John and I followed her to know what was going on. Once she made the call for an ambulance, she told us that Tara was knocked unconscious in the bathroom. John and I rushed upstairs and looked around the hallway, and there was no one there. It was empty and quiet like at the Gibbon’s house. My mom followed us in the room and looked around for dad and Tara. “They were just in the hall. Your dad was going to give CPR to Tara to gain consciousness.” Said my mom. “Wait where’s Mr. Reed?” I asked A few seconds later the power was shut off and there was nothing but dead silence and barely any light in the house. “This is not good.” John said. “What happened to the detectives that were supposed to be in here?” I asked. “We can’t get in contact with them unless we walked outside and gave them the signal.” Mom said. We were screwed from this point. I was nervous before the lights went out and my dad and Tara were missing, but now the cops that we called to help don’t even know what the hell is going on in here. I had to go outside and warn them that we have a problem in the house. I told John to protect my mother while I was going to inform the police that there was something weird going on, and they need to come inside and help us find my family and Reed before anything else strange happens tonight. I rushed outside and knocked on the driver’s door, but no one answered. They looked like they were asleep and the radio was still on. The window was open wide enough for me to stick my arm through and unlock the door from the inside. Once I opened the door I starting shaking the detective in the driver’s seat. He wasn’t responding at all, I ran over to the passenger side and tried the same thing with the other detective. They were both knocked out and stepped back, but I knocked over a bottled with the back of my foot. I turned back and it was a bottle of chloroform, and I put the pieces together. Reed had to have known that the cops were going to arrest him tonight and saw the cops on his way in and knocked them out. I wasn’t going to let him get away with this tonight, and I am not going to let him get away like this. I took the walkie out of the car and called for back-up and gave them the address. I told them everything that was going on in the house and they were going to send four squad cars down to the house but it was going to take some time. I ran back inside the house and the lights were still out. I called for John and my mom and looked around the house. I felt exposed not having a weapon with me in this house with a killer around. I saw my dad’s tool belt on the couch and grabbed the hammer. There was a bump coming from the second floor, and I walked over to the stairs and called for John and mom again. I heard my mother respond calling me from the floor. I rushed upstairs and look down the hall and heard my mom struggling in Tara’s room and I rushed down the hall and tripped over something and fell on the floor. I looked over and it was John, and he looked like he was knocked in the head with a blunt object. The gun was still in his hand and took it. I had never used a gun before, and I was always against gun violence. I walked closer to my sister’s room and heard more struggling coming from the room. I kicked open the gun and aim it at Reed’s back. “Ah, Mr. Reed glad you can join us.” He said facing me. “Let my mother go Mr. Reed.” I said. “What are you going to do,” he said facing me. “Kill me?” He started walking towards me and my hand and the gun began to shake. I was scared I never killed anyone in my life and I was scared that he might kill me before he kills my mother. “Look at you Erickson; you’re shaking like a cold Chihuahua. You never held a gun, shot a gun or even shot someone. You’ve been pathetic all your life…you’ll always will be.” He said trying to take the gun out of my hand. He and I were fighting over the gun and I saw my mom with an alarm clock in her hand. I focused back on Reed and tried to take the gun back. My finger was caught in the trigger and he pushed me on to the wall outside of the room and then BANG! The gun goes off and I felt a loud, hot feeling in my shoulder. I looked down and saw a bullet went through my shoulder. I started sliding down the wall and while a tear falls down my eye. I couldn’t believe that I was going to die just like that. He turned away from me and I hear my mother smacking Reed in the head with the alarm clock. She walked over to me and asked if I was okay. My vision was a little blurred and my arm felt like it was going to be sliced off. Reed was getting up and was going after my mom and grabbed her by the hair. He smacked her in the face and grabbed his knife and looked at me face-to-face. “I want you to watch and say your last good byes to your mother.” He said. I started crawling toward my mother before he got to her. But every step he took he was getting closer to her. I was nervous that I was going to lose my mother over a crook that wanted revenge on him. He raised his arm in the air preparing to strike….but there was another gunshot. He slowly lets his arm fall and he looks at me with a surprised look on his face. I looked behind me and John was standing with the gun in his hand still aimed at Reed. He pulls the trigger and shoots him in his knees. Reed falls to his knees while John helped me to my feet. He placed the gun in my hand and looked at me and said. “You wanted to end this, bro. Make this right.” He said. I stepped back curling one arm and held the gun in the other. I aimed it at Reed’s head and said. “Stay away from my family.” And pulled the trigger. “The bullet goes right in between his eyes and he collapsed on the floor next to my mother. She quickly got up and ran over to me. I gave the gun back to John and we walked downstairs to the front porch. We waited on the cops to arrive. I was glad it was all over. No Reed and no more stress.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 9 10 11

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Timekeeper This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Jan. 29, 2011 at 1:42 pm

The plot is interesting and refreshing, though I hope the new teacher isn't behind the old teacher's disappearance...that would be predictable and trite.

Please check out my novel SuperNOVA and leave your thoughts on it! Thanks :D


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