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Vision Clenches

Author's note: Kairi's dream, is actually a dream I had! But, I haven't met the guy yet...
Author's note: Kairi's dream, is actually a dream I had! But, I haven't met the guy yet...  « Hide author's note
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Chapter 6

Kairi and the others were thankful that yesterday was Friday, there was too much going on in each of there heads. Each of them perseived each other differently. Joe thought Kairi was a Hot Mess, and Patrick as a Class Clown, and he had no idea how Kairi and Patrick could be so close. He of course thought of himself as a rebel, or better term, badass, because of the way he was naturally. But he wasn’t a failure in school or anything. Not a dropout. Just a badass.

Now, Kairi thought Patrick was like a older brother she never had, and of course the annoying kind, you can’t help but love. Joe was just a..dare she admit it, an attractive jerk. Herself? The most confident person you will meet. Some people call it cocky, but she really wasn’t, she just thought of herself most of the time before others.

Patrick saw everybody for who they were. He always tried to find the good. So, Kairi was a beautiful sister, and Joe was just a funny kid. He was simplistic, and thats how it was with him.
There they were, in the woods, making a fort. Patrick thought it would be cool to have a hang out, since they would be doing that alot latley. Kairi and Joe of course were squabbling the whole time, and Patrick was doing the most work. By about 4:00, it was done. It was a basic lean-to, and the branches were hiding it, so nobody else could find it and invade. They put a tarp on the top of it, so moisture wouldn’t be getting in. There was a fireplace in the middle, and just enough room for each of them to lay down. Kairi grinned ear to ear, very proud of the work they had done.
“Wow..This is great!” She exclaimed and twirled around with her arms out in front of it.
Joe glared at her and scoffed,
“Well, well, well Kairi. I’ve never seen you so happy.”
“It’s because your around.” She squinted her eyes back and him and shook her head.
“Guys, seriously, can you just kiss and make up already?” Patrick grinned, got in between them, and put his arm around both of there shoulders.
“I’d be glad to.” Joe smirked.
Kairi did the best thing she knew to do, which was ignore them. She crawled into the Lean-to, and laid down. She suddenly became very tired, and past out. Joe did also. Patrick looked at both of them and shrugged. “Must be the Visions.”

A graveyard. A funeral was being held. More then one at a time? Joe was dressed in black, and so was Patrick. About 7,000 people were there. Quiet. Joe looked to the sky, and it was dark and cloudy.

Kairi saw the School in terror, running, crashing into walls, screaming and hollering, and she felt the anger that teachers had, along with the fear.

Joe and Kairi both awoke at the same time, coughing and bloody noses. Patrick grinned at them. They both looked at him in terror. Kairi started crying, and Joe got up and punched Patrick in the shoulder.
“You think it’s funny Patrick? ‘Cause it aint. This isn’t a cool thing to experence.”
Patrick sat down and kept his emotions locked up. Joe stumbled over to where Kairi was, and held her hand. She stopped crying and began to speak.
“Something about the School..Panic..Kids were running like a chicken with it’s head cut off.”
Joe stammered, and spoke, “....I had a dream about a Funeral. So many people were there.”
Patrick looked at both of them and stated, “We need to stop this.”
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 4 5 6 7 8 9 Next »

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