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Vision Clenches

Author's note: Kairi's dream, is actually a dream I had! But, I haven't met the guy yet...
Author's note: Kairi's dream, is actually a dream I had! But, I haven't met the guy yet...  « Hide author's note
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Chapter 5

Patrick went to a dark corner at the end of the doors, put a hat over his head, and went to sleep. “Wow, I can’t help but think that Patrick is being lazy.” Kairi said with a grin. “Nah..He aint...He’s going to make everything back to normal.” “Normal?” A bit of worry clumped up in her throat. Was she ever going to see Joe again? Wait..Why did she care? “Yeah. Like. I won’t get into trouble with the police, He will change that part.” “Oh..” She glanced over at patrick, who was snoring and drooling at the side of his mouth. “So uhm..Joe, is it?” “Don’t act like you don’t know my name.” He imitated her again, hands on hips, and pointing into her face. She rolled her eyes, but couldn’t help but laugh. “Ooooh. The Serious Kai laughs!” She glared at him again, with a serious face. “Don’t call me ‘Kai’ it’s ‘Kairi’. Only Patrick can call me ‘Kai’.” “OoooKay. I’ll just have to call you Pie.” He grinned. “Whatever.” She sat down on the pavement and looked away. “I’m glad you weren’t some chick in Second Grade.” He said, also looking away from Kairi, mocking her. “Well, now you got a hot chick right?” She grinned, and put her back towards his. “Mhm.” He chuckled. Silence began to dawn, and soon, Patrick had woken up from his sleep, and the others were asleep. “YO LOVE DOVES. WAKE THE HELL UP!” He screamed in Joe’s ear. Joe looked up at him groggly. “What the freak man...” “I fixed everything! Your cool dude. No Po-Po shutting us down.” Kairi didn’t stir, and her head was on Joe’s shoulder. Patrick glanced at Kairi, and then at Joe, smirking at him. “So Joe...You met the all and wonderful Kairi Erar?” He questioned, even though he knew the answer. “Yep, she’s something else isn’t she?” He sighed happily. “Mhm. She’s a keeper though. Treat her right, hard to get though. Good Luck.” He winked at Joe. “Whatever man.” Kairi smiled in her sleep, because, really, she wasn’t really asleep after all. Kairi awoke in her bedroom, on her carpeted floor. She was very confused. How did she get here? Sitting up from the floor, she heard voices. Under her bed? Crawling across her floor, she stumbled to her bed. “Shh, Patrick, shut up.” A voice whispered from underneath her bed. “Guys. WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE?!” She yelled, while whispering. “Maybe if we are quiet, she will forget that we are here.” Patrick giggled. She lifted up the blanket and saw Patrick and Joe laying next to eachother, both shamefaced. “Guys. What is going on. If my mum comes in here, and finds two 15 year old guys under my bed, she’s going to be really suspicious.” “Kai, don’t worry about it, she’s not going to find us.” Patrick giggled again. “Yeah, kairi, so your probably wondering why your here, and how you got here because your ALWAYS confused.” She got up on her knees, and knee-walked to her bedstand, and switched on her lamp. “I’m going to ignore that comment, and I expect you to tell me whats going on right now, or else I’ll scream RAPE!” She whispered, but in a yelling tone. Whispering harshly he spoke, “Jesus, calm down, I’ll tell you. You past out back at the school, and it’s dangerous for all of us to be seperate. We are the three Vision Clenches, and we need to stick together.” “Well, JEEZ. Thank’s for letting me know THAT when we broke into my house!” She spat back, still whispering “Why do you have to be so gdamn difficult?!” Joe asked with frustration, trying to keep the whispering tone. “Because, Your a freaking Dbag! You come into my house, without my permission, and you always seem like you wanna frustrate me!” He paused and grinned. “That’s the truth.” Patrick sat up on Kairi’s bed, and enjoyed the fight. He hoped there would be more to come.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Next »

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