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Mysterious Love

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That Great Escape

“Alright, so what’s the plan?” asked Ash.
“At 10:00 every night they have patrol go around the building, making sure everything is how it’s supposed to be. We can’t leave tonight because they are going to start to test you tomorrow morning. We need to wait for a day that they are giving your body a break,” explained Thorn.
“Will they give me a break though? What if my body doesn’t work right or something and they just decide to kill me right there and then,” said Ash worriedly.
“Don’t worry; they give everyone a break about the third day.” Thorn says.
“I hope you’re right,” says Ash.
Thorn laughs then replies, “I’ve been here for three years, I think I would know how this place runs by now.”
Thorn leaves Ash’s side and walks over to the door. She then turns around to face Ash.
“Ash, if I were you I would get some rest. They are going to make your body feel paralyzed by the end of your tests.” Thorn says with sincere in her voice.
Ash sighs then answers to Thorn, “Alright, thanks Thorn for everything.” ending it with a smile.
“No problem Ash, always good to help out someone who is going through the same things as me,” says Thorn.
Thorn turns around and opens the door; she pops her head out of the room, making sure that no one was coming. She turns around and waves to Ash one last time then disappears into the darkened hallway, closing the door and locking it as she left.
The next morning Ash woke up to bright lights in front of his eyes. He tried to shield them but couldn’t because his arms were strapped down to something, the same with his legs.
“What the hell?” Ash started to mutter until he heard a familiar voice. Dr Fife was in the room with him.
“Oh please Ash, we are only trying to help you with your illness,” says Dr Fife.
“I told you the last time, I don’t have an illness!” screamed Ash.
Dr Fife chuckles under his breath then replies, “Ash we are going to be running some tests on you the next couple of days. We will give your body a break sometime this week.”
As Dr Fife said that Ash thought, Thorn was actually right about the break. He decided that he should really start to trust Thorn and listen to her more often.
After Dr Fife and the rest of the doctors were done testing him for the day they put Ash back into his room. Ash felt like his body was paralyzed, just like Thorn had told him it would. Ash didn’t move for the rest of the night. He waited to see if Thorn would show but she never did. Ash started to talk to himself.
“She doesn’t have to come here every night. Yeah, she just decided it would be safer if she just stayed in her room then come visit him. She’s safe, she isn’t in any trouble. They trust her; they would never want to hurt her would they? Of course they wouldn’t, but what if she had some type of illness that they are testing on me to see if I have it? She could be lying in her room right now dying! I would never be able to escape this place and I’ll die in here!”
Ash started to worry, more than he did when he first woke up in his white room. He wanted to walk back and forth in his room but still didn’t feel like moving. That night Ash fell asleep, hoping that everything was okay with Thorn.
The next morning Ash woke up, being able to move his arms and legs, not feeling them strapped down like they were the other day. He sat up and looked around, he saw no doctors around wondering if he had already gone through the test. Ash heard a faint tap on his door and he instantly said “Come in,” like he was somewhere else and not at Oxford.
The next thing Ash knew, Dr Fife was standing in front of him with a gun pointed at his head.
“Where is it!?” screamed Dr Fife.
Ash was in pure shock but answered, “Where is what?”
“Where is the Bullock Bridge?” Dr Fife said.
“Why does it matter if I know where it is?” Ash replied scared.
“Someone very important is crossing that bridge, and we need to know now!” Dr Fife said.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about!” cried Ash.
Dr Fife loaded the gun and pointed it closer to Ash’s head.
“Tell me now, or I’ll blow your brains out!” Dr Fife said angrily.
Ash was getting very scared at this point, he started crying. Begging for his life, saying he had no idea where the bridge was. Ash’s answers only made Dr Fife go closer to Ash’s head with the gun. Everything just happened so fast to Ash he couldn’t really tell what was happening at the moment.
Thorn came running into his bedroom with some type of blunt object and hit the back of Dr Fife’s head with it. Dr Fife fell to the ground, blood started to come out where Thorn had hit him. Thorn came over to Ash and asked if everything was okay. Ash couldn’t get any words out at the moment so he just nodded his head with his eyes staring at Dr Fife’s lifeless body. Thorn pulled Ash up and threw his arm over her shoulder.
“We need to get out of here now!” Thorn said.
Thorn and Ash ran down the hallway, Thorn leading the two of them, and Ash following behind her. They took right and left turns and went up and down stairs. Ash was beginning to get tired but Thorn made them keep going. Thorn led them to an air vent opening in the wall and pulled the cover off. She climbed in first making Ash come in afterwards. Ash had to turn around and pull the cover back on so it looked like no one opened it. Thorn began to crawl forward, and then turned a left. Leading them further and further on in the vent they finally saw a vent opening that led to the outside. Before they dropped out of the vent Thorn scouted out for any patrol that would be outside patrolling the gate.
There were none to be found though, making Thorn drop out of the vent. She ran forward to make sure it was safe for sure until she motioned Ash to come. Ash dropped and came running over to her, ducking down not wanting to be seen. Thorn ran into the little room that had the control system for the gate which was closed. She turned and pushed some switches, only opening the gate open a foot. She came running out, grabbing Ash’s hand and leading them out to the forest that had surrounded them.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 3 4 5 6 7 8 ... 10 Next »

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AlexEvansTM said...
Jun. 7, 2012 at 7:13 pm
Right when I started reading this book, I noticed you used words like there and that, instead of using those words, describe it!
BrielleM said...
Mar. 14, 2011 at 7:27 pm

This was interesting. It's a good idea, though I don't usually read stories so...dark, I guess.

The wording was very awkward at some parts and I agree, just polish it some and you could have a great story!

Megan.J.B said...
Feb. 23, 2011 at 9:47 pm

I liked the idea of the story because it was really morbid and there was a great point of view change in there too. That is hard to master and I think you did it well here.

One thing that I didn't like is that at times you wording was just extremeley awkward and you used words in an incorrect context. For me, that is a HUGE pet peeve. I would say even if you went through and fixed wording. Usually I don't make too many comments about wording but in this case their are some really ... (more »)

alex9426 This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Feb. 3, 2011 at 9:52 am
I hope you'll add more! I really liked it and want to know how it continues!

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