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Underground justice

April 22, 2019
By ilan, Atherton, California
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ilan, Atherton, California
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Author's note:

This piece is just a kind of introduction to a longer piece. 

It is a hot day of spring. We just arrived in Los Angeles but we are not here for holidays or any kind of tourism. One of the guy of our army disappeared and I have been sent with some other members to find him. After all the research we made, we are looking for a middle age Asian guy called Carter. In fact Carter must be the supervisor of the guy who kidnapped Tom. Carter is a Chinese that flee China after he was caught dealing drugs. His illegals activities apparently continued in the US because he is showing obvious sign of a great richness. We are pretty sure his real name is not Carter but it is the only information we have. The only thing we hope is that it is the way people call him, it would make our task easier. If it’s just a created name it will be hard to find but in those quarter the nickname of people is more famous than their real name. Carter is leaving in Compton but we can’t go there, it is too dangerous to go there because he might have help. One of the member of our team is a beautiful Italian girl called Giulia. She is an impressive member and more useful than we could ever imagine. We talked with the guy by message and give him an appointment in a small beach in Los Angeles. We were pretending being a girl since month but he asked for a video-chat, we recruited Giulia after this. Giulia is one of our best element because she is looking innocent and everybody trusts her at the first sight. She is a surprising young lady and a good weapon.

Giulia was in her bikini lying on the beach waiting for Carter as we were all sitting at bars or eating ice cream like the kids. The beach was quite empty on this day, probably because it was just spring and the sea must be so cold. A lot of our guys left because it was too obvious. We were representing half of the people on this side of the beach. Carter arrived but we soon understood it would be harder than expected. He was surrounded by two massive body-guards. We wired Giulia in order to hear what is going on and talk to her. We advised Giulia “You should attract their attention on something and attack them starting by the guards.” Giulia was preparing the sleeping needles we gave her. She took it of her pocket and was about to act when Carter said to his guards “Okay guys, come back in two hours.” As the body guards were leaving Giulia was lost. It was not supposed to happen like this. She was so shocked that she didn’t move. The needle was still in her hands and carter grabbed it. “Are you trying to kill me with some poison?” We were feeling the situation was getting tense. Our heart rate was rising and we knew that we might have to intervein soon. “Just kidding” He laughed. His laugher didn’t remove any tension but Giulia smiled at him. Carter was still curious on the content of the needle. Giulia said on a sensual tone “It is a new drug you want to try?” She has always been surprising and this one was a clever move. Carter smiled and took the needle. He put it in his veins and in just a few seconds fell asleep. Some of us went to pick him up and put him in the car. We drove out of the city to an abandoned amusement park. In the car we talked a lot, we were all so surprised Carter was so stupid. We arrived at the amusement park and tie the guy on a chair in an empty room.

We were drinking beer while waiting for the drug to stop acting on Carter. We also verify everything he was carrying and found a weird envelope. We will talk about it with him when he wakes up. He wasn’t waking up so we were thinking he might need help. We threw water at his face several time but he didn’t wake up. It was almost midnight and he was still sleeping. After a few minutes I saw Carter’s feet were moving. I took out my gun and just remove the security in a loud sound. He screamed “Don’t kill me” He was just faking sleep and now he was awaked to the eyes of everybody. He will have to face reality. He tried to stand up but he was tied to the chair and couldn’t move. “I want to join your army” he yelled. I smiled at him, the situation was funny. I answered “Do you really think you can still do that? Do you think you can still join us after capturing one of our brother? You can’t. What is in this f*ing envelope?” It seemed like it was too much questions to answer for him. We asked him for half an hour about the envelope but he wouldn’t talk.

 I was looking at my watch. The guy was still tied to the chair but he didn’t want to give any information about the sealed envelope he was carrying. Most of us knew it was money but we wanted to know where this money was from. Carter was screaming as two members of our army were beating him to get answers. Their orange snickers were becoming red progressively because of the stranger’s blood. I looked at my watch again. I said, “if at two AM we don’t have answers we’ll shoot you.” This information didn’t act much on Carter and he didn’t say a word.  After thirty minutes I looked at the old clock of the room. It seemed like the arrow wasn’t moving. I was sure it was way more than two. I took my gun out, point at him, remove the security and suddenly, the landline started ringing.

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