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Huddled in the Rain

March 28, 2019
By gonefishing006 BRONZE, Livermore, California
gonefishing006 BRONZE, Livermore, California
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Walk, walking is all we know. The only sounds are our footsteps, our feet soaked from the puddles. Our clothes are now too big for us, for we have no food. The only form of warmth we have is each other. Though not that much considering we are all cold. Most animals are contaminated, few people are alive. Those who survived the disaster are either killed off by raiders, or keep walking. The sun never shines anymore, for there is no reason. Where are we headed? The only place that is left, the only place where the sun still shines the food is most plentiful. At least those are the rumors, but rumors are all we have to motivate us. “Just keep walking and we will find the promised land.” That is all we can tell ourselves. If we stop walking that means we lose our hope, our adrenaline. At night we find a place to sleep, we all huddle up while it just keeps raining. Though we feel sad when we find people in the streets, we also find it to be a blessing. More cloths for us, more warmth, more walking. That’s how the cycle goes, that’s what this god forsaken world has come to.

Mikayla M.

Huddled in the Rain

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