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The Taken

March 13, 2019
By Bulldog23, Greenwood, Arkansas
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Bulldog23, Greenwood, Arkansas
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I did not know it would end up like this. It was just camping.  My friends Jaxon,Liz,and Jake. We were best friends since 3rd grade, and we lived in a small town called Blackwater Edge . Not a lot of people lived here because in 1926 there was an incident  where people went missing. The kids at my school said the guy responsible for the incident was in a black vest and black jeans. They called him the Machete Man, because people say he kills people that go and stay the night in the woods and say his name five time,he will come.

It was summer, and I was laying in my bed when I got a text...

“So what are you going to do for this summer.”Jake said.

“I might just spend time with my family,” I stated.

“Ok well the rest of us are going camping.” Jake said.

“Are you joking?” I asked with a slight crackle of fear in my voice.

“What?” Jake asked.

“Please tell me you didn't forget.” I sated.

”About?” Jake asked.

“Don't play that game you teased me all year”. I said.

“Oh the thing we said when we went camping and you went home crying and screaming”.Jake said “Yes I remember, and I'm sorry that I didn't  believe you.”

“ It's ok.” I said.

“So are you coming.”Jake asked.

“Meet me at the park and tell the rest to come,I'm tired and I'm going to get some sleep. Good night,see you tomorrow.And Jake, I love you.” I said.

I turned my phone off and shut my eyes and fell asleep.

I woke up with the sun shine on my face. It was tuesday and today I am going to the park to meet up with the group, because we are going camping in the woods where people go missing. But before I do anything, I have to text Jake.

“Hey you up, I said.

‘‘Yeah are you ready’, Jake said

“No but about to get ready”.

“Ok see you at the park. I will text the group chat and tell them to meet us”.

“Ok,I will be there in about 10 minutes”.

About ten minutes later, I arrived at the park everyone was here

“Hi Riley”the group said


“Why did you need us?”said Jaxon

“I was going to ask, are we going camping”?

“Look Riley, you do not have to go this is all on you.”Said Jake.

“No,no ,it's fine I'll go”I said.”

“ Are you sure?” Jake qustiend.

“Yeah…..just one thing.” I said with some concern.

“What?” Jake asked

“No more of the Machete man stuff please.” I begged.

“Okay, I promise.” He swere

“By the way when do you want to meet tomorrow.” Said Jake

“let’s meet at your house.”

“Okay, I will tell the group.”  

“Okay sounds good.Goodnight”

“Good night.” He responded.

I wake up the next morning ready to go on the trip but something strange is going to happen I can feel it I don't know what it is.

I get on my phone and text Jake  

“Hey you up.” I asked


“I'm ready you can come pick me up”.I said

“okay see you in 5.”

I wait outside for Jake and I see this man standing at the end of my street he has a black robe on with Something in his hands it looks like a knife, suddenly Jake pulls up and  I look back where I saw the man all I see is a nothing.

“Oh I wanna dance with somebody.” The music traveled through the air. I was terrified.

“What if we see him?” I questioned Jake.

“We run.” Jake said sarcastically, “But I doubt we would even see him, as long as we don’t say his name we would all be good.”

As we drive down the road I look out the window and stare into blank space as the trees pass by my face.I have a bad feeling that something will happen, I don't know when or where,but it will.

“Should we stop to rest.” I asked.

“Yeah probably.” said Jake.

“It's late I’m going to sleep, good night.”


I knew I was going to kill her but it was the right time and the right place.But I don't regret it. I had to play along like I loved her, I think it was more than acting I loved her, But I know love was above me. I knew what it was until I felt it.I had that feeling for Riley

Journal entry number one

“Hey jake.” said Riley.

I close my journal quickly and respond with a convincing, “Good morning….”

Jake… Jake… JAKE!

Riley screamed at me as if I were a dog.

“What?” I replied

“Are you ok?” Riley asked.

“Yes I'm fine.” I said with some fear that she was on to my plan.

“Ok.”she replied.

“What are you writing?” she questioned

“That's nothing of your concern Riley.” I stated with a hatred ton in my voice.

“Umm….Ok.” she said with a confused look on her face.

“Maybe you should set up the tent.” she suggested.

At this point she was making it hard for me not to kill her. Right know is not a good time but I will do it, soon.

“Yeah, where is the tent at.” I asked.

“In the back of the camper next to the kitchin.” Riley explained.

“Ok.” I said wail I walk to the camper.

As I walk to the tent a was next to the kitchen, I saw a knife and I thought do I actually want to do this. Well we can't change what we already started.The knife was small enough to where I could put the knife in my shoe. And so I did.


That night we set up the tent and sat by the campfire. I had to have a plan. When was I going to do it. I thought to myself. Never.. I think I might be falling in love with a girl I was going to kill.

When I woke up the fire was still hot, the coals still burning. I decided to wake up Riley. When I unzip the tent I see her there, sleeping.

“Riley.” I whispered.

“What?” She asked.

“Let's go on a walk.” I suggested as she gets up

“Ok.” she said with a smile on her face.

As we walk down the trail, we talk, alot, she was really getting comfortable around me. I think I was too.

“So are you having fun?” I asked.

“Yeah,are you?” she asked.

“Yes I am.” I answered.


As we walk down the trail I thought about telling her I was going to kill her but I just couldn't I love her. To much..

I took out my knife as Riley turned around….

Stabb… I did it,  when I loved her. Everyone says love over takes hate not this time I didn't hate Riley. I loved her. But it was too late

I fell to the ground crying, screaming “What did I just do.”

This wasn't me I didn't do this, I love her.

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