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January 15, 2019
By brucewayne7 BRONZE, Nyack, New York
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brucewayne7 BRONZE, Nyack, New York
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Sprinting through the forest as fast I could, my heart beating uncontrollably. I was shaking.  A single drop of sweat glided down the bridge of my nose as I came to a pause. I looked back and listened to the rustling of the wind and tearing of the branches. The noise surrounded the air, and I began to sprint again.  As I moved faster, the noises grew louder, until all I could I hear was whispers and snarls from all around me. Once more I turned around and saw it, staring back at me. The fear and anger inside its eyes. Moving forward with great speed, reaching closer and closer to me.  Looking in front of me I could see the light, the edge of the woods. As I approached, weary and out of breath, there was no sight of it. The noises silenced and the trees stood still. There was nothing I could do. A snap and the beast advanced towards me. It pounced at me with its powerful claws, plunging us both down the edge. Falling deep beneath the earth.

I lunged forward, causing the wooden frame of my bed to slam against the wall.  Everything was dark. I placed my palm on my chest, feeling the erratic heartbeat.  I wiped the sweat from my forehead and stumbled out of bed. I walked into the bathroom and looked in the mirror, tired and confused.  I splashed some cold water on my damp skin and wiped it with a towel. Lifting my wrist, my watch read 3:52 AM. I looked once more in the mirror, but it felt different.  The more I stared at myself the less I recognized who I was. I shook my head, exiting the bathroom. It was the middle of the night, I wasn't thinking straight, so I pushed it off and went back to bed.  The cold cotton blanket sent chills over my body as I laid down. Trying to go back to sleep seemed impossible. My mind constantly wandered off, and I kept thinking back to the nightmare. What it meant and why I dreamt it.  

Again I pushed that off and concentrated hard on falling back asleep.  Ten minutes past, then another ten minutes. Nothing. Resting there, I noticed how quiet it really was.  It was strange hearing my home this silent. Not a single noise could be heard except for my breath. I lowered my head into the pillow and closed my eyes.  Out of the silence, a loud bang. I lifted my head up quickly. My window vibrated, as I got out of my bed again. I looked closely at the window to see drops of blood splattered on the edge, along with tiny feathers caught in the screen.  I glared down, seeing the bird’s lifeless body on the pavement. It was a cold and eerie feeling. I slowly walked back from the window scratching my head. Suddenly the light flickered on from outside the window. Must have been the delayed motion from the bird.  Standing there with the light on my face, thinking this night couldn't get more bizarre, a white figure floated towards the window. Minutes later, two more appeared latching onto the screen. White moths. More moths swarmed my glowing window. The sight was like nothing I’d seen before.  I grabbed the chain to drop the blinds down completely. My mind was stressing to uncover what this all meant. Why I had just awoken from this nightmare, witnessed the death of a bird, and seen dozens of moths on my window all throughout the middle of the night. I left my bedroom to go downstairs and grab a glass of water.  I sat there at my dining table, sipping down the ice cold water staring into the darkness outside. After I finished, I walked back to my room and finally went to bed. Laying there I tried to connect these strange things happening, but nothing could come to my puzzled head. Time still passed but ultimately I was able to fall asleep.

I awoke hours later to the sound of shouting.  I lifted my wrist up to check the time, 9:43 AM.  I steadily pulled my stiff body out of the bed and sat there.  Another shout was heard. Worry and curiosity struck me harder this time. I whipped open the door and scurried down the stairs, tripping over my own feet.  I ran to the back doors to see my mom yelling of desperation to my dog. Her tiny grey body stood out in front of the fluorescent grass. She lay there still, fearful and frozen.  She had locked eyes with the creature. A wolf. It preyed on her, from a distance. Not thinking, I plunged through the doors, jumping over the ledge of stones into the grass. I grabbed my dog and held her tight, I looked at the animal and saw it staring back at me, with hunger and ferocity in its eyes. Cautiously, I made it back to the house.  As my mother called animal control the wolf vanished. The encounter lead me to realize something crucial. I wasn't dreaming the night before, I received a vision.

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