February 27, 2018
By ToneBeMe, Rancho Cordova, California
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ToneBeMe, Rancho Cordova, California
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“I love you too” I kiss my boyfriend goodbye as I get into my car heading home. Today has given me a bad vibe; I don’t know if I’m tripping or not. It just feels like the world’s at a standstill; no one outside,hardly anyone in cars driving by. No one in drive-throughs or at the grocery stores. I brush it off as I pull out of his parking lot on the main street. I check my phone. 8:55. S***! Mom said to be home by nine and I’m ten minutes away. I kick it into high gear and go 60 mph, stopping as needed. I come to my street and a man run in the street, right in front of me. I swerve to avoid hitting him. I get back on my side of the road and the see the man running at what looks like 30 mph not too far behind my car. I get curious and and pull over. Just as I was going to get out the car the man knocked on the window in a panic.
“Ma’am! Ma’am! Ma’am! Ma’am!” I roll down my window as quickly as possible. I look at him and see a huge cut in his neck; it looks like a bite mark. The man was tall and, as far as I can see, Mexican. He looked as if he just witnessed a murder.
“Oh God! You need to go to the hospital! Get in! I’ll take you!” He gets in on the passenger side. I speed off to the local hospital.
“My wife… she just… she started acting weird. Her mouth started foaming with a red and black substance. The she bit me and tried to eat me, but I fought her off and… and…” He paused and looked at his hands. I glanced at them as well and saw they were cut up and bloody.
“You don’t have to say it… if that was me, I would have done the same thing.” He rest his head in the window abruptly. Damnit! I had just cleaned then from the mess my nephews made.
I make my way through the hospital parking lot and park in a nearby spot. I guess he had passed out because I shook him and he did not move. I panic and get out and go to his side of the car to check to make sure at least he’s still alive. I see his face pressed against the window; I felt the cool winter wind tell me to not open the door but i has to get him out my car. As I open his car side door, he attacks me going for my face. I manage to get him get him off me and backup as he walks slowly towards me. The same red and black s*** that had come out of his wife is now coming from his mouth and his eyes become a pitch black color. Thinking fast, I get past him, back to the car and leaving. I call my boyfriend, Kaylor, hoping he would pick up. After three rings he answered with a sigh.
“Hey babe” I would normally say something about the way he answered, but hell, I have bigger problems.
“KAY! THIS MAN TRIED TO EAT ME AFTER HIS WIFE TRIED TO THE SAME THING TO HIM. HIS WIFE GOT HIM THOUGH ON HIS NECK AND-” My boyfriend interrupts me, telling me that I need to calm down. HOW CAN I? I’m an 18 year-old girl who has seen some f***ed up s***. I take a deep breath and tell him everything that happened. He was silent for a moment.
“Baby, you there?” I asked, scared.
“Yes, I’m here. I was just thinking you know I’m no expert but that sounds like a zombie.”

“A zombie?” He and I LOVE all things zombie, the good, the bad and the scary; we love it all. Though, I never really like the name zombie. When he mentions this, it shocks me. It does kind of sound like a zombie with the foam the bite and the hankering for humans but that just Sci-Fi, movie things… Right… There was a long silence on the phone.
“Baby did he bite you? Or even a scratch you?” I check my body for marks and I see none. Thank God I wore a hoodie and my cat-in-the-hat gloves. Once I see that they are bloody, I take them off and toss them to the side as I stop at a red light.
“No, he didn’t get me; I had on my gloves and hoodie on”
“Oh great that’s goo- Are you talking about those childish ass cat-in-the-hat ones” I hide my gloves slowly under my hoodie.
“... Noooo…” I drag my word.
“Yes you are, but you need to get rid of them or wash them or something. That blood can be toxic to you and the baby.” i get scared. He’s right but what about my mom too and Da'Marcus? I need to know if they are okay.
“Okay I will. But, baby i need to call you back”
“Wait, why?” I explain to him my worries of my family. He tells me to call him back after. We say our ‘I love you’ and ‘Talk to you later’s’ and hang up. I call my mom as I turned down my street.
“Edith Jackson! Where are you!?” I sighed in relief.
“Mom, it’s a long story I need to tell you when i get in the house in like two minutes. Is Da’Marcus home?”
“Yes, he’s in his like you are suppose to be.” I pull in the driveway.
“Mom please it’s been a long night. I just want to get home and relax. And I really need to talk to you.” I get out my car and my mom still hadn’t responded yet.
“Ma?...” I wait for my mom’s delayed response.
“Yes, darling” I hear my mom sigh as i get knocked back with confusion from her use of the darling.
“Uh, I seen somethings. I don’t know what it was. But it wasn’t dead yet it wasn’t alive.” i walked through the front door.
“Is that you coming through the door?” my mom questions.
“Lock the door and get upstairs! NOW!” she hangs up the phone in a flash. I stood there for a moment, thinking. Then, did as she told me to as fast as I’m allowed to move.
“Ma, why are yo-”
“Go get you brother” I look at her for a second seeing her pace with her hand on her head and see worry and stress in her face. I rush to get my brother.
“Da’Marcus mom wants us and she’s stressed” He quickly gets up off his computer and follows me to our mom’s room.
“Close the door” my mother demands.
“Mom, what’s wrong?” I close the door as my brother speaks to my mom.
“At my job we were working on a project and it all went bad… very bad” My mom is a biochemist working at this top secret organization. I don’t even know where she works. I use to joke with Da'Marcus saying she worked for the umbrella project… Does she?
“We were trying to create a way for people to live forever. It all went downhill when we tested the second prototype of the injection. One of my co-workers, Amanda Lopez, went in to give our second rabbit, Gayle, the second try. When she stepped in, she stayed in the room for too long, looking closely at the rabbit who seemed to have died admiring the bloodshot red and coal black foam coming out the rabbit’s nose and mouth. With in 30 seconds, he ‘woke’ up, attacking her face leaving bite marks all over her face. She ran out and threw the rabbit down, running to her car. She left and I’m guessing you saw her, Edith, because she lives three doors down”
“No, Ma, you explained what happened before. Do you know what you co-worker’s husband look-”
Mom’s medicine reminder goes off telling her to take them; that means it’s 10:30. I step to the side and call Kay. I hear my brother ask my mom what is going on.
“Are you okay?”
“Yes but I have news not good or bad” i hear spanish words fill his side of the phone.
“Turn on the TV my said. The news is on and you might want to see this” I rush to my mom’s TV remote.
“What channel”
“40 she says” I go to 40. We all tune in as the news anchor speaks.
“Over 35 dead but yet they still move. I don’t know how I am supposed to explain it. An unidentified man, who was presumed dead with no heartbeat or brain wave, attacked three doctors, taking huge bites out of them. They were soon helped by other doctors whom was assaulted by the doctors who they were trying to aid back to health.” The anchor takes a deep breath, looking back at the hospital. She turns back quickly.
“The man wasn’t stopped until an unnamed office on duty shot him three times, twice in the chest, which only made him more angry, and finally stopping him with a shot to the head. Witnesses suggest this is something to do with sci-fi fantasy but we can not not be sure. No one truly knows or understands what is going on but it is someone who need to be stopped. I’m Jessica Samson delivering this chilling message, on Channel 40 News.” I turn off the TV in shock
“I caused that” my mom and brother look at me confused.
“I was just trying to help but i basically killed those people.” I explain to my family my side of the story. The looks on their faces was like they just don’t understand yet just want to figure it all out.
“Baby you didn’t know what to do. It’s not your fault.” Kay speaks words of encouragement but it does nothing for me. I sent 35 innocent people to deal with that man… Should i even call him that? He isn’t human anymore than the people in the ground six feet under. It was like his being and body was there but he had no mind of his own controlled only by the taste for human flesh or whatever he wants. It was like he was there but something was missing… like he was soulless.

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