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“Hello Steven” a voice said over an intercom, “I’d like to play a game. I know who you are and you should know why you’re here.”

“Where am I?” Steven said, the intercom remained silent. He said it again “WHERE AM I?”

“I’m afraid I can’t tell you that.” The voice said. “But I am going to give you a chance. ahead there are a series of tests where you have to choose other people’s fates. All of these people have something to do with the death of your son.”

“My son” Steven sad in tears “YOU’RE CRAZY, YOU’RE FREAKIN’ CRAZY!”

Steven looked across the room and saw a door which said in big, bold letters “FIRST TEST” he walked over to the door. He saw a tape player that said “Play Me.” He pressed the play button. It was the same voice that was over the intercom. “The woman that you will see behind this door is Jessica Levesque, the woman that witnessed your son’s death.” He said “You had better hurry if you want to save her.” Followed by a cough. The tape ended. He opened the door and what he saw inside was horrific.

Steven saw a woman chained to a pipe. The room was freezing cold and he saw two sprays on either side of her, soaking her with freezing water. He saw a lever inside of a barred cage that was covered in frost. Also there were two keys inside. One for him, and one for the woman. “Oh what the heck.” Steven said under his breath
“Help me!” The woman screamed. Then she got sprayed again, she screamed again.
“Ok, give me a second.” Steven said as he reached into the cage, trying not to touch the bars. He couldn’t reach, so he reached further and further until his face touched the bars. He screamed in pain as well. He pulled back but his face was stuck to the bar. He pulled harder and he felt his skin ripping from his face. He pulled off to see a piece  of his face stuck to the bar.

“This is gonna suck.” Steven said as he reached in and grabbed both keys and flipped the lever. He turned around and saw the woman completely covered in a layer of ice. “Dang it!” Steven exclaimed and collapsed into tears. After a minute of crying, he started to remember something. He remembered his son calling him. He ran into his room. “What’s wrong, Jacob?” Steven said.
“Can you check my closet?” Jacob said. “I heard a noise.”
“Of course I can.”
He checked it and saw nothing but clothes. “It’s empty, make sure you get some sleep.”
“I love you daddy.”
“I love you too Jake” Steven said as he kissed him on the head.

The week after, Steven’s son died by a drunk driver hitting him as Jake was crossing the road. Steven’s son died in his arms. Steven swore that he would kill the man who killed his son. The next week, Steven sat on Jake’s bed with his face in his hands. He looked over and saw his son’s stuffed animals all in a line, untouched. Next to Steven sat a revolver. He put one bullet in and put it to his head. He spun the wheel and put the gun to his head. He pulled the trigger and it clicked empty. He began to cry. And then his daughter walked in.
“What’s wrong daddy?” She said.
“Daddy’s just going through a lot right now.”
“Why do you have a gun?” She asked.
Steven sighed and told his daughter to leave him alone. He cried some more.

After the memories flowed through his mind, he decided to move on. He walked into the next room. This one was even more diabolical than the last. There was one chamber with two people in it. There were two ropes that went into the sides of the chamber. He grabbed the ropes and a television turned on with a ventriloquist puppet staring out at the screen. “ This trap is probably one of the most clever trap I could come up with.” The voice said. “Those ropes that you are holding are keeping those two alive, so I wouldn’t let go if I were you. Below them is a pool of hydrochloric acid. You must choose one person to kill. One is an innocent person, and the other is the lawyer of the man that killed your son. Choose wisely.” The screen went dark. “Oh my god.” Steven said. And he went looked over to the chamber.

“Help me!” a man said, muffled by the bag over his head. The other one had a bag over his head as well. Steven looked at the acid and back at them. “Which one of you let my son’s killer get away?” Steven said. No responses from either one. Steven started to think about the lawyer's voice. And then he listened for it in the chamber. The man on the left screamed again. It didn’t sound like the lawyer’s voice, so he dropped the one on the right. As he fell from the platform, the bag fell off of his head, Steven chose the right man. The door on the far side of the room opened up and he walked through. He almost felt satisfied with what he did.

Chapters:   1 2 3 4 Next »

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