Diary of Death

February 22, 2018
By ChanLee, Seoul, Other
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ChanLee, Seoul, Other
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Author's note:

My name is Chan Lee, a sophomore at Seoul International School. I want the readers to notice the fear of that this diary sets.

It was the last day of March. Two hours before the 1st day of April. I closed my eyes, trying to sleep, but I was kept interrupted by the bloody scene that kept emerging in my mind. I stopped the effort to sleep, and I reached out to the old and rusty diary on the bookshelf with my hand wrapped around with layers of bloody fabric. I opened the diary; the handwriting was so bad, I was barely able to read it. I carefully started to read the diary:
-Date: December 23rd, 2017-
The ring of my alarm woke me up. Trying to stop the annoying sound of the alarm, I opened my phone. Then, I saw 10 missed calls from my brother, Kennedy. I called him back. When, he answered the phone, he seemed in a hurry. As he calmed himself, he asked me so happily if I had time tomorrow. I didn’t want to disappoint his feelings, so I said sure. Then, I started my morning with a coffee, and a straight practice of the piano, since I had my dream piano concour, Frederic Chopin International Piano Competition on December 25th. I didn’t have a coach that helped me practice the piano as I didn’t feel the necessity of having one. I kept practicing alone for hours, until I was able to play the piece without even opening my eyes. After the intense practice, I saw the clock; it was 17:00 pm. Then, the doorbell of my house rang. I was confused since there was nobody who actually knew the address of my house except for Kennedy. Quite dazed, I opened my front door. As I opened the door, I only saw a white, plain envelope on the floor. I grabbed the white envelope quite baffled, and I went back to my room. I put the letter on top of my piano, and I decided to not read the envelope just in case the letter was mistakenly sent to me and not to someone else. However, time past to night time, and nobody has notified me that the letter wasn’t correctly sent to the owner of the envelope.

-Date: December 24th, 2017-
I started the day with a straight 3 hours of practice. Then, I noticed the envelope on top of my piano; I carefully opened the envelope. The envelope contained a long letter:

Dear Mr. Jefferson,
Firstly, I want to tell you that I’m a great fan of your music; however, I want you to step down from the stage of Frederic Chopin International Piano Competition on December 26th. My message is clear, and I’m going to tell you right now that there will be consequences if you try to step on the stage, the day of the performance. Have a nice day.

I started to panic; I glared at the letter with shock. Scrambled thoughts started to complex my mind, as I thought to myself: “Should I call the police? Should I call Kennedy? What if this is just a prank letter?” However, a sharp thought emerged in my mind; Frederic Chopin International Piano Competition was my dream goal for my entire life, and I couldn’t miss this chance just because of a random letter that could be just a prank to fool me off. Additionally, I can’t tell Kennedy and make him worry about this letter; he’s already busy due to his overload of work that he gets from his job. In an awe, I heard someone banging my front door to open. When I opened the door, I saw Kennedy with his fine suit on. He came in, wondering around my house, then he asked me if I was prepared for the concour tomorrow. I still had the anxious feeling because of the letter, but I tried to hide my actual feelings and displayed my utmost confidence to not make him worry about me.
I said to him, “Frederic Chopin International Piano Competition is my life goal concour, and It is my greatest chance to show my music to every piano fans; thus, I can’t miss it. It’s also my effort to make you feel proud of my music. So yes, I am ready for this concour”

As soon as I said that Kennedy started to frown. Then, he looked straight up to me, and he started to walk towards my piano. He calmly sat down and laid his fingers down on the piano tiles. He stared me for few seconds, and then started to play Nocturne. Op. 09 by Chopin. As the song reached its climax, he started to mix the chords and transition to another music, Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven. As he beautifully played the melody, I was able to feel mixed feeling of sadness and fear from his music. The sorrowful feeling made me drop tears without me even noticing; my mind was dazed with the complex feeling, and I stayed baffled until Kennedy left my house after he finished playing.

-Date: December 25th, 2017-
Today, when I opened my eyes from the sleep, I didn’t run straight to my piano like always. Instead I kept sleeping, and I tried to image-train the music that I was going to play. Today was solely for the focus required for tomorrow’s concour.

-Date: December 26th, 2017-
I woke up at 7:30 am, as the concert was early at 9:00 am. When I stepped out of my house, I was surprised because Kennedy was waiting for me. He said that he would drive me over to the concert. He handed me three pills that looked like vitamins, and told me to eat them; he told me that those vitamins would definitely help me concentrate on the music piece when I play. As I stepped into Kennedy’s car, I took the vitamins that Kennedy gave it to me with no doubt. However, as I was going to the concert, my vision started to just slowly fade out. When I woke up, I saw myself alone in the backstage of the concert, tied up in a rope. I cried for help, but nobody seemed to be near. I tried to untie the rope by using my force, but it was tangled too hard. As soon as I gave up to untangle the tie, a music was heard from the front stage. It was a familiar sad melody with a familiar sad rhythm. The sorrowful feeling made me drop tears without a notice; my mind was dazed with complexed feeling, and I was shocked when I saw who played the music. As the player of the music stepped down, I glared at him straight through the eyes. Then, he came near me, and untangled the rope. I wanted to punch him so hard, but my muscle was in pain that I couldn’t move. As I furiously started to stare towards him, he showed me a knife, and said, “You thought those were actual vitamins? Thank you for eating those sleeping pills with no doubt.” He paused and continued, “Instead of you, I’ll steal your fame, popularity and everything you have as I will be the one to show the world my music.”

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