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Killer Clowns and Puns: A Not So Punny Story

Author's note:

My best friend inspired me to do this. I got the story line from the book and movie IT

Author's note:

My best friend inspired me to do this. I got the story line from the book and movie IT

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The unbe-leaf-able death

September 18, 2016, a brisk fall evening. Leaves paint the ground. It was exactly 7:03 when the neighborhood is filling with ambulances and police. 5 year old Issac is out and about chasing his pet frog. When out of nowhere, a clown pops out of the leaves. “Hey little boy, want to come play? I have some new toys and animals, circus animals!”

“Okay, but my mommy said I have to be home by 8. If not, she will kill me!”

“I will kill you, I mean *cough cough*, I will make sure you get home by 8. Just come into the leaves.”
“Okay!” Isaac goes running into the leaves when Chester, the clown, drags Isaac down into the leaves and murders him. It will be a mystery to everyone how he did it. People can assume things and guess, but they will never be right, only Chester will know.
Old man Randy is down the street talking to the police, “All I saw was poor little Isis getting drug into the leaves. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. So I called you guys. Not only into leaves, I saw a clown! The hair, makeup, the outfit, everything!”
“Do you mean Isaac?” The police has a confused look on his face.
“Yes sir, I am pretty sure I said that.”
“Yea okay.” The police and detectives investigate the murder scene. Concerned neighbors gather around. News stations fighting to get good angles. Out of the blue, Isaac’s parents and sister coming running up. Scared, they ask police what happened.
“I couldn’t be-leaf- it” Jones laughs at his own pun. All of the detectives stare at him. “It was pretty punny guys!” He is too busy patting himself on the back for his puns to realize it was not the time to make puns.
“ No time to fool around. A little boy was murdered and you think it is the appropriate time to make PUNS?” Officer Smith grunts and gives out orders. Everyone knew that this is going to take a long time. 


8AM, the clock read. It was a Saturday. Izzie was still grieving from her little brothers death. Izzie was 14 years old, her little brother Isaac was her life. 2 years ago, Izzie was diagnosed with Leukemia. She gets a good cancer treatment. Izzie ponders on the idea of whether to get out of bed or to stay in her nice, warm, cozy bed and sulk.
Izzie has blonde hair and blue eyes. She usually wears jeans and sweatshirts. Usually spends her time at swim practice, school, or in her room reading a good book, while watching movies.
Meanwhile, their mother is in the kitchen making breakfast for Izzie and her family, and the detectives. The detectives are all wearing the same things, black dress pants, a white shirt, tie, and a shade of brown trench coat. Detective Jones is sitting at the dark oak table eyeballing the milk. “Spoiler alert: this milk is outdated.” Izzie is starting to get frustrated from Jones’s puns. Its confusing her, how can someone make puns at a time like this.
Jones is laughing while everyone looks at him like he is mentally insane. After a while, everyone parts and goes their own ways. Outside of the living room bay window, the detectives are concentrating on Isaac's death place. Izzie sits in the bay window. “ Izzie, dear, where are you?”
“In the bay window. Do you need something?” Still staring outside at the detectives, Izzie sees something moving.
“Just seeing where you are sweetheart, making sure you didn’t disappear into thin air.” Laughing sounds fill the house from her mom.
Just then, Izzie notices a clown pop out of a pile of leaves. Curious, she stares at the clown. The clown has red hair and blue eyes, his outfit was the exactly like every other clowns outfit. Thinking she was seeing stuff, Izzie rubs her eyes. Still standing in the exact same pile of leaves is the clown! Hurriedly, Izzie gets up and heads for the door. “Where are you going Lil?” Izzie hated it when her mom called her “Lil”.
“Outside, I need some fresh air.”
Izzie puts on her Converses and her black hoodie. As she opens the door, she looks for the detectives, and steps outside. Aromas of leaves and harvested fields roam around in the air. In the distance, you can hear Jones cracking jokes and puns. “Hey guys, speaking of saying bye to your son, what did the buffalo say to his son when he went to college?” Silence from all the detectives. “Bison!” One detective laughed. While the others sigh and get back to work.
Izzie shook her head in disapproval that a human being could make puns in a time like this. Tears danced down her face. She missed Isaac more than anything. Brushing the leaves off the front step, Izzie sits down and calls her kitten, Socks, to come sit with her. Socks comes running to sit. Purring, Izzie’s cat rubs against her. Socks is an orange kitty with white paws, almost like socks, which is how she got her name. Izzie claims, “Your a purr-fect kitty Socks.”
“Hello Izzie.”
“Who-who-who- who is there?”
“That’s for me to know and you to find out.”
“Where even are you?”
“Like I said, for me to know and you to find out. So, how's your brother, oh wait, ha ha, he’s DEAD!”
“H-h-how do y-y-y-you know?”
“Oh my gosh hunny. Like I said the last twenty times, for me to know and for you to figure out.”
Izzie looks around. She is determined to find out what this thing is and what it wants. It reminds Izzie of a wrestling cheer, D-E-T-E-R-M-I-N-A-T-I-O-N. Wrestling was Isaac’s favorite sport and he was good at it, too. Sitting in those uncomfortable bleachers and watching wrestling was Izzie’s happy spot. Now that happy spot is gone.
Detective Jones locates bird eggs. “The chief  just wants the facts, yolks.” Jones laughs like a donkey at his own pun. “The yolks on you fools, for not understanding it!” Sighing, Jones’s coworkers give him disappointed looks. After minutes pass, Jones realize he is the only one laughing. Full of anger, Izzie walks over to Jones.
“What is wrong with you? My little brother just DIED and you think it is appropriate to make PUNS? What kind of human being are you?” Jones looks at Izzie. Tears are streaming down her face. All of the detectives stare at them. The chief was going to say something, but Izzie beat him to it.  “You know what? Forget it, don’t talk to me ever.”
Running back the house, Jones tries to run after Izzie, but she was just too fast.

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