Killer Clowns and Puns: A Not So Punny Story

February 21, 2018
By volleyballactor, Cherokee, Iowa
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volleyballactor, Cherokee, Iowa
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Author's note:

My best friend inspired me to do this. I got the story line from the book and movie IT

September 18, 2016, a brisk fall evening. Leaves paint the ground. It was exactly 7:03 when the neighborhood is filling with ambulances and police. 5 year old Issac is out and about chasing his pet frog. When out of nowhere, a clown pops out of the leaves. “Hey little boy, want to come play? I have some new toys and animals, circus animals!”

“Okay, but my mommy said I have to be home by 8. If not, she will kill me!”

“I will kill you, I mean *cough cough*, I will make sure you get home by 8. Just come into the leaves.”
“Okay!” Isaac goes running into the leaves when Chester, the clown, drags Isaac down into the leaves and murders him. It will be a mystery to everyone how he did it. People can assume things and guess, but they will never be right, only Chester will know.
Old man Randy is down the street talking to the police, “All I saw was poor little Isis getting drug into the leaves. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. So I called you guys. Not only into leaves, I saw a clown! The hair, makeup, the outfit, everything!”
“Do you mean Isaac?” The police has a confused look on his face.
“Yes sir, I am pretty sure I said that.”
“Yea okay.” The police and detectives investigate the murder scene. Concerned neighbors gather around. News stations fighting to get good angles. Out of the blue, Isaac’s parents and sister coming running up. Scared, they ask police what happened.
“I couldn’t be-leaf- it” Jones laughs at his own pun. All of the detectives stare at him. “It was pretty punny guys!” He is too busy patting himself on the back for his puns to realize it was not the time to make puns.
“ No time to fool around. A little boy was murdered and you think it is the appropriate time to make PUNS?” Officer Smith grunts and gives out orders. Everyone knew that this is going to take a long time. 


8AM, the clock read. It was a Saturday. Izzie was still grieving from her little brothers death. Izzie was 14 years old, her little brother Isaac was her life. 2 years ago, Izzie was diagnosed with Leukemia. She gets a good cancer treatment. Izzie ponders on the idea of whether to get out of bed or to stay in her nice, warm, cozy bed and sulk.
Izzie has blonde hair and blue eyes. She usually wears jeans and sweatshirts. Usually spends her time at swim practice, school, or in her room reading a good book, while watching movies.
Meanwhile, their mother is in the kitchen making breakfast for Izzie and her family, and the detectives. The detectives are all wearing the same things, black dress pants, a white shirt, tie, and a shade of brown trench coat. Detective Jones is sitting at the dark oak table eyeballing the milk. “Spoiler alert: this milk is outdated.” Izzie is starting to get frustrated from Jones’s puns. Its confusing her, how can someone make puns at a time like this.
Jones is laughing while everyone looks at him like he is mentally insane. After a while, everyone parts and goes their own ways. Outside of the living room bay window, the detectives are concentrating on Isaac's death place. Izzie sits in the bay window. “ Izzie, dear, where are you?”
“In the bay window. Do you need something?” Still staring outside at the detectives, Izzie sees something moving.
“Just seeing where you are sweetheart, making sure you didn’t disappear into thin air.” Laughing sounds fill the house from her mom.
Just then, Izzie notices a clown pop out of a pile of leaves. Curious, she stares at the clown. The clown has red hair and blue eyes, his outfit was the exactly like every other clowns outfit. Thinking she was seeing stuff, Izzie rubs her eyes. Still standing in the exact same pile of leaves is the clown! Hurriedly, Izzie gets up and heads for the door. “Where are you going Lil?” Izzie hated it when her mom called her “Lil”.
“Outside, I need some fresh air.”
Izzie puts on her Converses and her black hoodie. As she opens the door, she looks for the detectives, and steps outside. Aromas of leaves and harvested fields roam around in the air. In the distance, you can hear Jones cracking jokes and puns. “Hey guys, speaking of saying bye to your son, what did the buffalo say to his son when he went to college?” Silence from all the detectives. “Bison!” One detective laughed. While the others sigh and get back to work.
Izzie shook her head in disapproval that a human being could make puns in a time like this. Tears danced down her face. She missed Isaac more than anything. Brushing the leaves off the front step, Izzie sits down and calls her kitten, Socks, to come sit with her. Socks comes running to sit. Purring, Izzie’s cat rubs against her. Socks is an orange kitty with white paws, almost like socks, which is how she got her name. Izzie claims, “Your a purr-fect kitty Socks.”
“Hello Izzie.”
“Who-who-who- who is there?”
“That’s for me to know and you to find out.”
“Where even are you?”
“Like I said, for me to know and you to find out. So, how's your brother, oh wait, ha ha, he’s DEAD!”
“H-h-how do y-y-y-you know?”
“Oh my gosh hunny. Like I said the last twenty times, for me to know and for you to figure out.”
Izzie looks around. She is determined to find out what this thing is and what it wants. It reminds Izzie of a wrestling cheer, D-E-T-E-R-M-I-N-A-T-I-O-N. Wrestling was Isaac’s favorite sport and he was good at it, too. Sitting in those uncomfortable bleachers and watching wrestling was Izzie’s happy spot. Now that happy spot is gone.
Detective Jones locates bird eggs. “The chief  just wants the facts, yolks.” Jones laughs like a donkey at his own pun. “The yolks on you fools, for not understanding it!” Sighing, Jones’s coworkers give him disappointed looks. After minutes pass, Jones realize he is the only one laughing. Full of anger, Izzie walks over to Jones.
“What is wrong with you? My little brother just DIED and you think it is appropriate to make PUNS? What kind of human being are you?” Jones looks at Izzie. Tears are streaming down her face. All of the detectives stare at them. The chief was going to say something, but Izzie beat him to it.  “You know what? Forget it, don’t talk to me ever.”
Running back the house, Jones tries to run after Izzie, but she was just too fast.

Walking home from school, Izzie walked with her boyfriend Foster. They were holding hands while Izzie told Foster how horrible it was to face all of her peers. “Your alright babe, it's going to get better. I promise.” 
Foster is 16. He is Cuban. He has dark hair and blue eyes. Foster works out a lot. Big muscles, too. Usually, he wears skinny jeans, and a hoodie. Every girl falls for him, he is the hottest guy in their whole school. 
“What if it doesn’t? It could go on forever and maybe one day, the thing or person that killed Isaac will kill me too, maybe I will be happy.”
“Woah, slow down, you want to die? I can’t lose you! Yes, I get it’s hard to lose your family member, but it doesn’t mean you kill yourself.” Silence. No one says anything. “I really mean it. I can’t lose another loved one. First Isaac and now you're thinking about it. No babe. No.”
“Okay babe. I will stop. I promise.” Izzie hugs Foster and holds his hands some more.
“Okay Izzie. I have to go now. Please don’t kill yourself or get killed okay?” Izzie nods her head and keeps walking.
“Hello again Izzie.”
“Okay, really, who are you?”
“Im Chester the circus clown. I live in piles of leaves and murder kids, I mean *cough cough* I play with kids.”
“I heard what you said, you murder kids. I ain’t deaf.”
“You may not be deaf, but you are snotty. I mean I deal with a lot of kids, but you, my lady, are the worse.” Chester snaps his fingers in a snotty teenager girl way, almost mimicking her.
“How rude! You a clown, think that you can run my life and how I act? Think again. You know you can get in trouble for murdering people.”
“Well, your the one who is being rude. You don’t even know what I did.” Izzie stands there and thinks. What could he have done? Then it clicks.
“You killed Isaac! You horrible monster! Why I oughta!”
“Now now, you don’t want to trouble yourself, why, if you lay a hand on me, I will have to eat you. Now, you don’t want that. Do you?”
“N-n-no sir.” Izzie goes to grab her phone. “I must get going home now, goodbye.”
“Leafing so soon? No, no. This won’t work. Come back.”
“Leaf me alone!”
“I am just trying to ‘branch’ out and make friends.” Izzie laughs, but awkwardly. She sneakily texts someone. “Hun, what are you doing?” Chester scratches his head vigorously.
“Me, oh nothing.” Izzie sends a text message to her mother that a clown is scaring her. Her hands were getting really sweaty so she dropped her phone and she quickly picked it up. Chester walks toward Izzie and Izzie slowly backs away from her. She is afraid he will take her phone away.
“Oh hunny, I am afraid I am going to have to do something about that. We can’t have you texting people. I can take care of this. No prob-llama.” The clown started to get out of the pile of leaves.
“Wh-wh-what are you going to do to me?” Izzie’s hands are shaking from fear. She wasn’t going to get killed by the same clown that killed her brother.
Izzie’s mom comes driving up. Chester hides under his leaves. Izzie hopes in the car and slams the door shut. She starts to cry.
“Mom, I know who killed Isaac.”
“Who did it.”
“Chester the clown.”

“So explain to me who Chester the clown is.” Chief Smith and Izzie are sitting at the table. “Izzie, really, you need to tell me so I can get this guy and arrest him so he doesn’t kill more children.” Izzie sips out of her coffee cup.
“He kept making puns. Leaf puns. Tree puns. Chester lives in a pile of leaves. Main Street, by the big Oak tree.” Izzie flashes back to the clown’s puns. “The puns were so bad and he called me hunny.”
“Okay, let's call it a day. Talk more tomorrow, okay?” Izzie goes up to her room. She sits in her bungee chair. Opening her black computer, she opens Gmail. Izzie received an email from an unknown user.
The email reads, “ Hello Izzie, meet me by the leaves. Or else… Chester.” Izzie cries. She wants this stupid thing to go away forever!
Izzie replies, “What if I don’t? I think you should branch out and make better friends than me. You, yourself said that I was snotty.” Izzie reads it over and presses send. Ping. A reply back already?
“If not, I will kill Foster. Don’t tell me what to do you immature child. Meet me by the leaves and leave that cellular device of yours at home.” Izzie doesn’t want foster to die. An idea pops in her head, what if I tell my mom to pick me up at the leaves like ten minutes later. Good plan.
“It’s an iPhone and okay, but not for long, I have cancer treatment tonight.” Send. Izzie texts her mom, “Mom, I am going for a walk by Central Park. Pick me up by the big oak tree in twenty minutes.” Izzie puts her sweatshirt on and then her Converse.
“Okay Lil. See you in ten minutes. Love, mom” I can’t wait for the day she stops calling me Lil and finally calls me Izzie. The only time she calls me Izzie, or in some cases Izzie Jean, is when I am in trouble.
A couple minutes later, Izzie arrives at the leaves. Chester must still be in leaves. “Chester, Chester, where are you?” Chester pops out of the leaves and brushes his hair. His hair is soaking wet. Izzie found that extremely funny and odd.
“You know, it’s all fun and games singing in the shower, until you get soap in your mouth. Then it becomes a soap opera.” Chester laughs at his joke. Izzie lets out a faint laugh. “Did you bring your iPhone?”
“iPhone, and no. Why did you ask me to come here?”
“I wanted to tell you that I know you told the police that I killed your brother. Why did you do that hun? I thought we were berry good friends!” Chester pulls out berries and starts eating them.
“I-I-I didn’t!”
“Hun, don’t lie to me. I ain’t stupid.” Chester climbs out of the leaves and puts his hand on Izzie. “Oh sweetie, you’re so skinny. Eat something.” Chester examines her body like a doctor would do to his patient.
Izzie trembles. “I-I-I have Leukemia, cancer. Its curable, but my parents can’t afford it. P-pl-please take your hands off of me.” Izzie backs away. She looks at her watch. Two  more minutes before her mom comes.
“I thought I said no iPhones.”
“It’s a watch and they are called iPhones.” Chester looks at her wrist. One more minute till her mom comes. “I have to go, my mom is picking me up for my treatment. Please don’t email me anymore.”
“I don’t be-leaf this. Okay, but if you tell your parents or the detectives anything else, death will waiting around the corner for you.” Izzie’s mom drives up and Chester makes like a banana and splits into the pile of leaves.


Izzie decides to have Foster over for a movie night. She needed to get her mind off of things. Foster texts, “How about I come over in about 4 minutes?” Four minutes? Struggling to get her room clean, she throws everything in the wrong spots.
“Sounds good. Detectives are still here so we will either be in the living room or my room.” She hollers down stairs to her mom, “Foster is coming over in about four minutes. I told him he can just come on in.”
“Okay hun.” Wow, she didn’t call me Lil. Maybe she is starting to realize I hate that nickname. Then she gets a text from her mom, “Just be careful Lil. I love you.” Izzie throws a pillow across the room from anger as Foster walks in.
“Woah, flying pillows. What is this about?” He pulls Izzie in for a hug.
  “Have I ever told you how I much I hate it when my mother calls me ‘Lil’?” Foster laughs. He is wearing a black pullover, jeans, and black Converse.
“Many many times.” Foster walks over to Izzie’s bed and flops down. Izzie looks outside her window and sees Chester.
“No no no no.” Foster sits up and stares at Izzie.
“What is it?”
“The clown. Hes outside.”
“Izzie, it’s probably your side affects from your treatment just come and sit down.” What if it is all just part of hallucination? What if Chester is fake? No, he isn’t. Izzie hasn’t had treatment in 3 months.
“Maybe. Whatever.”
“Come here babe, lets lay down and watch a movie.” Ping. “What was that Izzie?” Foster looks around the room to find out where that noise is coming from. 
“Its my email. Let me check it.” Chester had emailed her.
“Izzie, hun, stop telling people about me. Remember what I said, I will kill you.”\
“I swear. I didn’t say anything to anyone this time.” Izzie was getting mad. She told Chester to stop emailing her. Wait, how could he get access to a computer? And a shower? Okay, what is going on here.
“Oh hun, your not seeing me, I am real.” Tap tap tap.
“What was that babe?” Foster is in bed looking around to see what is making that sound. Izzie looks out her window, and there’s Chester. He holds up a balloon and writes Izzie on it, and pops it. 
“Foster, that clowns not fake. Just now he held a balloon up with my name written on it and popped it! I swear it’s out to get me! I’m not seeing things. I swear!”
“Izzie, I think you should tell your mom about this.”
“The clown says he will kill me if I tell anyone about him.” Foster holds Izzie’s hands.
“Babe you will be fine. Let’s just watch the movie.” Izzie reluctantly moved over to her bed. She isn’t imagining this clown. Ping. “What is it now?”
“I swear, if it’s the clown emailing me again, I will legit throw my computer across the room.” Izzie opens her computer while Foster watches the movie. The email was from Chester. But, Izzie did not throw her computer, she actually sat there and cried. It was a picture of Isaac laying there dead.
“Izzie, don’t forget, if you tell, you will end up like Isaac! Meet me tomorrow by the leaves.”
“CHESTER! This has to end! Really it does!”
“Oh Izzie hun, I am your worst nightmare. There is no way I am leafing you alone. One day, you will tell the police, and then, you will croak, like a frog, and die.”
“You know, I have no regrets about hurling Mr. Potato Head to his death. I yam.
what I yam and what I yam is a killer clown. What do you think I want?”
  Izzie was about to throw her computer, but then an idea came through her head. But she wasn’t going to share it till the next day. She shut down her computer, turned off her phone, closed all the windows, shut all the blinds and layed down with her boyfriend. Izzie snatched the remote and turned it up so if Chester was going to come find her or try to scare her, she wouldn’t hear.
“So Foster, what movie are we watching?”
“Finding Nemo.”
“Sounds amazing!”

“Okay, here’s my plan.” Izzie and the detectives talk in the soundproof basement. Izzie chose to speak to them down here so Chester couldn’t hear them. “I have been getting emails from Chester the clown. Later, you will be able to read them. Anyway, my plan is for you guys to give me a wire, so when I meet up with Chester, you can hear what he says while feeding me lines or listening to what I say. This clown is dangerous and will kill me in a matter of seconds if I say one wrong thing, I am chopped liver.” The detectives are nodding to each other and whispering things to one another.

Detective Smith asks Izzie a couple questions, “If I heard things correctly, you have been speaking to Chester the Circus Clown for the past week without any of us knowing?”

“Yes sir. I know it probably very bad I did that, but I figured out who killed Isaac and all the other people who have went missing.”

“Okay, so we will hook you up to a wire and ear piece. None of this will be visible by the clown and we will be parked a block away when we have enough to get this guy arrested.” Izzie smiles. Finally she will be able to get away from this stupid clown!

“Thank you so much! I can’t say how grateful I am for you to let me do this!”

“Now, show us the emails.”

Izzie runs upstairs to get her computer. All of a sudden, she hears taps. No, no, no. Izzie guesses it is Chester, but when she peeks through the window, it was Foster. She goes over to the door and lets him in. “You scared me so much. I thought it was Chester.”

“Izzie, you need to get over the fact that Chester isn’t real.”
“Oh really, so lets have you go talk to the detectives and you get proof that Chester, is in fact, alive and real.” Foster kisses Izzie’s forehead and follows her down to the basement.
In the basement is a big room with sofas everywhere. The sofas are occupied by detectives on their computers typing up reports. Everyone was on their own computer, all but Chief Smith. He was on Izzie’s computer. Foster goes up to the Jones and asks what is going on. Jones fills him in on how Izzie has proof that the clown is real and she is getting wired when she meets up with the clown again.
“Wait, your sending a 14 year old girl to meet a clown, with a wire, so you can get proof if the clown is really real?”
“Maybe she hasn’t told you this but, she has met with the clown at least two or three times before this. We were mad when we first heard this, but when we listened to the details, this Chester guy is real.”
“Izzie, is this true?” Foster walks over to his girlfriend who is sitting in the corner of the room on her phone.
“Yes, it is true.” Foster sits down mind blown. Ping. Izzie knows the sound.
“That must be Chester, give me my computer.” Izzie hops up and dashes to get her computer and read it.
“Oh Izzie hun, are you home? I don’t hear your voice.” The police are very confused. How could the clown hear their voices when he isn’t in the house?
“Linda, go upstairs, act like you're home alone. Make sure all of the windows are shut and locked and curtains closed. Check your doors and lock them. I am going to give you a phone and text me when you check every window so I can check them off. This clown could get in the house. We need to protect Izzie. In the meantime, Izzie, go into the spare room thats down the hall. That room is the safest. Email Chester back so he doesn’t get any ideas. No worries sending the emails to me, I automatically get them, too.”
“Won’t he see that your getting all of the emails?”
“No, he will not. I will not respond to the emails. I can also see what you say. Stay safe and don’t say anything about what is happening right now.” Izzie goes into the spare room. The room is the most soundproof room in the house. The whole basement has no windows. Izzie turns on the t.v. and plugs in her phone and computer. She sits down on the couch, not wanting to lay on the bed, for fear she will fall asleep and forget to do her job. Izzie replies to Chester.
“I am home. What do you mean you can hear me?”
Meanwhile, upstairs, Linda is checking everything and texting the chief. Every so often, letting out a few whistles. Upstairs windows are locked and covered. She walks down the stairs. Checking the window in the kitchen, she locks it and covers it. Tap tap tap. Linda pulls out her phone.
“There's tapping coming from the living room.”
“Hurry, did you lock the front door and living room windows first?”
“Yes, and the back door. Everything is locked.” Tap tap tap.  “It keeps coming.” She walks to the kitchen to get a drink, and Chesster appears in the window, taps, smiles, waves, and disappears. Linda closes the curtain and runs downstairs.
“Everything is locked and covered. But then the clown, smiled and waved at me.” Detectives asked Linda multiple questions. As the same time Linda comes downstairs, Izzie gets an email.
“Guys, Izzie is getting emailsFoster stands up and goes up to the chief. His face had anger plastered all over it.

“I’m going in to comfort Izzie.”
“Foster, your going to distract her.”

“I will not do that! I am her boyfriend and she needs support.” Foster walks to where Izzie is and opens the door walks in and shuts it. “Hey babe, I thought I would chill in here with my favorite girl.” He slips under the covers of the bed while Izzie is sitting at her computer replying to Chester.
“Izzie Hun, your mom looks like she needs your help. It’s my business how I can hear you. When are we going to meet up again? I miss you.”
“Chester, I am not your little pawn. Lets meet up tomorrow at 8 in the morning.”
“All right boys, we need Izzie wired up by 8 AM tomorrow morning.” All of the detectives write that down in their little notepads.
“Izzie, I never said you were my pawn. Your just, my main course. Isaac was like my salad and your my main dish.”
“Chester, I think your going a bit overboard. I am not that tasting.”
“It’s nothing a little pepper or salt couldn’t hurt.” It was 9 at night and Izzie was tired. Is she going to get sleep or will Chester the clown get her? There is a knock on the door. Izzie’s heartbeat increased. She feels like it is going to jump right out of her chest. Hesitant, she opens the door. It’s officer Smith.

“We are going to have you sleep down here. Foster agreed to stay down here. We will have police in the house hidden keeping a lookout for Chester.”
“Okay, thanks for your help.” Izzie closes the door and hopes in bed with Foster and turns the television back on. “I am glad your staying with me.”
“Yea, but I told your mom I would sleep on the couch.”
“Let’s pull the couch up by the bed.” The two pull the couch up by the bed and they both go to sleep.

The author's comments:

yes, the emails are hard to tell from the regular text, but it was too much work to convert it 

5:38 AM, the kitchen clock read. They have been up since five with Izzie telling her what to say, or what to do. “Izzie, you can not mess this up. If you do, you can end up being Chester’s main dish.”
7 AM, “Alright Izzie, you will feel something cold on your skin. I am going to glue wires to your skin so you don’t have to worry about the irritating tape on your skin.”Smith puts the glue and wires on Izzie’s skin. They finish up their duties. “Okay Izzie, I am going to have you wear a sweatshirt over your shirt so Chester will not know your wearing a wire.”

7:50 AM, a temperature of 60 degrees. Izzie is walking to meet Chester. “Chester, Chester, where are you at?” Rustles of leaves sound in Izzies ear.

“Oh Izzie, hun, up here.” Izzie looks up and sees Chester sitting up in a tree, swinging his legs like he was in a swing.

“Hello.” Izzie hears something in her ear.

“Get him to get out of the tree so he has no chance in seeing us.”

“Chester, I can’t hear you very well, could you possibly get down from there?” He reluctantly gets down from the tree. When he gets to the ground, he wipes off his outfit and gets the leaves out of his hair.

“Gosh, these leaves won’t leaf me alone!”

“Okay Chester, what did you want me to come here for?” The detectives must not like how Izzie is talking.

“Izzie, you’re being snotty, be nice! Do you want to get eaten?”

“Oh Izzie dear, I just wanted to see your pretty face.” His hands starts caressing her face. Izzie feels as if she was getting violated.

“Chester, please stop petting my face.”

“But sweetheart, you have such a soft face. Who could resist that?”

“I-I-I don’t know.”


“Izzie, get him to talk about him killing your brother, we need proof that he killed him.”

“You don’t have people waiting for you? Nothing going on tonight?”

“I have homework and I have to go to practice.” Izzie was a swimmer, she isn’t that good, but she enjoys it.

“Practice for what?”

"I swim."

“You must look good in that swimsuit.”

“Izzie, we need to get you out of there. But before we do, get me proof that he killed your little brother.”

“Chester, why did you kill my brother?”

“Sit down little child, it is story time.” They sit down. “See, I am known as a circus clown, but really what I am is a murderer. I am not a regular child murdering clown. Most clowns work all year round, every year. Well, I don’t. I sleep for twenty sevenish years, sometimes twenty eight, and when I wake up, I feast on children. Usually three kids, four if I am feeling a bit underweight. Now, to the story of how your brother came to me and I ate him. I had just woken up and I was dying from starvation. When, I popped my head up, I saw your brother and well, I ate him.”

“So, why are you taking so long to eat me?”

“Good job Izzie, keep going.”

“You are a special one Izzie.”

“Izzie, get out now!”

“I-I-I have to go.” Izzie walks away. She starts crying. This clown is messing with head and she doesn’t like it. Next thing she knew, she was running to the van. Standing by the van, was Foster. Izzie hugs Foster and cries into his shoulder. “This clown is messing with my head. Touching me, flirting with me. It is doing something and I don’t like it.”

“Come on Izzie, let’s go to the van.” He wraps his arms around her body as she continues to sob. They walk up to the van and they step in. Izzie and Foster sit down and she leans up on him. Detectives ask Izzie questions but she just sits there sobbing.

When they get home, Izzie gets all of her things from her room and brings them downstairs. She closes her blinds in her room so Chester wouldn’t see in her room. Izzie sits on her bed in her sweatpants and her sweatshirt and cries. Why won’t Chester leave her alone? Knock knock. Izzie gets up and opens the door.

“Babe, I brought you some ice cream and fuzzy socks.” Izzie hugs Foster. He comes in and shuts the door and puts the treats down. Holding her in his arms, they stare into each other's eyes. Foster leans in. His soft lips touch hers. They smile at each other. “Your makeup is all smeared, let me fix it.” Foster gets her makeup remover and takes her makeup off. “There is my beautiful baby girl.”

Izzie blushes. “Thank you for the gift. Your so amazing and I honestly don’t know what I would do without you.” Izzie hugs him and lays down in her bed.

“So, I talked to my parents, and your parents, they are okay with me staying with you for as long as we need to. I hate to see you suffering and I can not take my mind off whether or not your going to get killed today or not.”

“That is amazing. I don’t want to meet with that stupid clown anymore. He is getting in my head and it is doing damage to my mental well being. I am glad your staying with me. Now, let's dig into that ice cream you brought.”

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