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The 13th

January 29, 2018
By vogka, Monticello, IL, Illinois
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vogka, Monticello, IL, Illinois
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“Let’s play a game!” Allie jumped up and down like she always does when she gets excited.
“Yeah sure,” everyone chimed.
It was Allie’s 13th birthday, and she had our friend group over for a sleepover. We were celebrating on her actual birthday which was tonight, Friday the 13th. Yeah, yeah, yeah I know that sounds like a recipe for disaster, but today is just another day in another month, there is nothing to be worried about.
“What should we play?” Allie asked looking, around at our group for suggestion.
“Ooh, ooh, ooh,” Camie said wiggling her fingers in the air. “There’s this really fun game called murder that we should play!” Everyone nodded in agreement. Camie quickly explained how the game works, and then we got to play. At first everyone was really giggly and the game was too easy, but once we got to playing it a couple of times, it was so much fun. As I was walking through the rooms, I saw Jasmine, my other best friend, on the floor.
“Hey Jasmine, are you dead?” I asked as I walked up to her. She was making it really seem like she was dead. “You know you can answer me right? It’s just a game.” As I got closer to her, the carpet got darker around her body. Jasmine really did take things very seriously. I was standing right next to her, and still she didn’t move. I touched her with my foot to see if I would get a reaction or something, but still nothing happened.
Fine she wants to do it that way
I pushed her onto her back with my foot and didn’t expect to see what I saw.
“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” I screamed so loudly people all the way in Canada could probably hear me. My stomach flipped like pancakes on a Sunday morning as I stared down at Jasmine. Everyone else rushed in with panicked looks on their faces all asking the same question, “What’s wrong, are you OK?” I had no words left in my mouth, and all I could do was point down to where Jasmine was lying. A couple of girls passed out when they saw her, and others did exactly what I was doing, standing there and staring down at the floor. Finally someone talked after our silence.
“Sh-she, she’s dead,” Meredith managed to stammer out before she broke down crying. The realization that Jasmine was dead start to sink in. Allie and Alex who had been on the floor up until now, got up slowly and stood there with blank faces.
“Emma, what happened?” Hadley asked me with a faltering voice. Everyone stared at me waiting for an answer. While I was trying to form words in my mouth to tell everyone that this had nothing to do with me, Jasmine jumped up and yelled, “BOO!” We all screamed except for Jasmine who was standing there laughing her head off. For a second all eyes were on the apparently not dead Jasmine as the same thought went through our heads
What just happened here?
“I want to punch you in the face and hug you at the same time,” Hadley said while Jasmine was still laughing her head off like nothing traumatic had just happened for the rest of us. Now that we all saw that Jasmine really was OK, nervous laughs started around our little circle to fill the silence.
“Guys, where did Camie go? Wasn’t she just with us?” Meredith asked, looking around the room
“I don’t think she was ever in here, now that I think about it,” Allie answered Meredith. By now all the laughter had died down, and we started looking around the room to see if Camie was just hiding somewhere and not coming out.
After we had been searching for a while, we came to a conclusion that Camie wasn’t in the room and must be hiding out somewhere else in the house. We decided that Jasmine and I would look upstairs, and Meredith, Alex, and Allie would stay on this floor to find Camie. We all went our separate ways to start our search. Jasmine hastened her pace up the stairs, so that she wouldn’t be alone. When she caught up to me, she started apologizing for playing the trick on us.
“Dude, it’s fine, stop worrying about it. I was just really scared that you wer--” I didn’t get to finish my sentence before I crashed to the ground, with a big THUMP. “What the heck was that?” I said as I started to get back up. It was dark up here so I couldn’t see anything around me.
“Here, I’ll get the lights,” Jasmine said as she rushed over to the light switch to illuminate the dark room. The first thing I saw when the lights were turned on were my hands. They were covered in what looked like blood, but I wasn’t for sure that it was. Then I looked down to see what had tripped me, expecting to see like a pile of pillows, but sadly I was wrong. What was on the ground was Camie, sprawled out on the floor, motionless.
“Aww c’mon Camie, stop joking around,” Jasmine said as she stared down at Camie. “Camie?” She said again as her voice cracked. I turned Camie on her back to see if that would do anything, but what I really saw was horrific. Blood was spewing out of Camie’s chest like a waterfall, her eyes were staring up at the ceiling, and there was no breath coming out of her mouth. 
“Oh. My. God.” was all I could say before the darkness surrounded me again.

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