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Its About Time

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Time is the one thing we strive to earn. And schedules are all we have. Saying this, let’s start. I’m a foster kid, in a foster home. My twin sister Monica and I were together, that was until our group home turned into an experimental hell. We were part of an experiment called ‘twin genetics.’ Which was the wrongest way to explain it. I’m getting ahead of myself, my name is Vivianna Karl. The ‘group home’ was stationed in Kansas. And just like Dorothy from the Wizard Of Oz said, we were a long way from Kansas. Inside, there were no bedrooms, no windows, and definitely no laughter. There were secret doors hidden past the burnt down kitchen and just before the back door. Under the floorboards were chambers. Chambers holding numerous amounts of kids. And the ground surrounding the house was entirely freshly dug up, due to the failed experiments. It was depressing, to say the least. And it always hurt when someone else had something happen to them, even more than if it were to happen to you. One day in particular was the most memorable.
“Vivi, have I told you the story of time?” My abductor asked.
“I think not, goddess.” They had asked us to call them god or goddess.
“Time is of the up-most essence.” She began, “Time is nothing to be played with.” She stuck a needle in my arm. “Time is the most valuable treasure. Even more valuable than you. It is surprising to think this, but it is true.” She stuck another in my arm.
“And time needs managed. Therefore Dr. Saray has constructed a new... function for your schedule.” She stuck another in my thigh and another on the other. My so-called ‘functions’ were unresponsive as my body had fought them off.
“Will this one fail again, miss?” I questioned. She dropped her tool.
“How many times must you hear child? He doesn’t fail, he learns from past mistakes. And if your parents wouldn’t have made you there would be one less mistake.” I instantly regretted my decision in calling him out. Another person entered, it was the devil in human form. He dropped off a cup of black liquid and tightened my head strap.
“Just in case.” He smirked. He was always cautious around me because I had bitten him when he hit me with a scalpel. I sneezed suddenly. A scream made my eyes go wide, the walls were paper thin. More filed in after and started yelling.
“We’re busted. Move the children!” They yelled. I panicked and tried to jerk out of the bounds.
“I want out goddess,” I told her.
“I’m sorry my gold, but I cannot get caught.” She left me there in run down clothes and bound. They rushed out. People busted down the cement wall to get to me. They un-buckled me and helped me stand.
“Don’t touch me. I don’t know anything!” I covered my face. One scooped me up and put me on a rolling mattress. I froze completely and saw many others like me being evacuated. I caught a glimpse of my sister being untangled from her rope hammock of a bed and they shoved me into a vehicle.
“What is your name?” A nurse asked. I chose not to answer as we started moving. I managed to ignore her the whole way which only then did she give up. I felt a prick on my arm and looked at her as she stuck something into my vein.
“No.” I simply put.
“Why not darling?” She questioned.
“Goddess said it could interfere with the formula.” She stared at me and summoned the policemen.
“Tell them what you just told me.” She waited patiently.
“God and goddess said it might interfere with my formula,” I told them.
“Who is this god and goddess?” They asked.
“My abductors. My formula will help match my schedule. That is all they told me.” I explained.
“What schedule?” The nurse asked. “Menstrual?”
“No. My emotion schedule. In the night’s I’m mad. In the mornings I’m sad. And so on. I think they also did it to my sister Monica.” I explained. I got up to leave and they directed me over to a set of glass doors. I watched my feet when it first happened. I stood planted like a tree in the middle of the road and looked into the sky. I felt something soak into me. I could hear everything, the way the wind followed, the people asking if the others were okay. I continued on to the doors and walked in.
“The policeman told me to come here,” I told the front desk man.
“Are you a patient?” He asked.
“You could say that,” I answered. He stamped me and let me pass through a door.
“Step onto the scale.” He lazily said. He scribbled something down and I peeked to see what he had written before covering it with his hand. “Now go under here.” I pressed my feet back and let him get my height. He led me to a room and closed the door behind me. I looked around. There was a stuffed pig on top of the pillow and a soft blanket. I went over to the sink to grab water, but it came over to me. I backed up and it followed. This isn’t scientifically possible. I thought. Many thoughts raced through my head as I left it at that as sat under the blankets.
The man walked in again. “Okay. We’re going to keep you here for a couple days and try to get you into a group home.” The words pierced me.
“No!” I crab-walked further away from him, the water in my cup shot up. He didn’t see this.
“It is only temporary.” He tried to calm me.
“That’s what they told me last time. And it was far from that.” The trembled beneath the covers. I saw Monica race through the hall and glass shattering after. I swallowed and waited for the man to come back after he attempted to chase Monica. Needless to say, I didn’t see them later that day. I walked the halls to the restroom and witnessed more victims. Another shock hit me. This time I felt vengeance. I walked out the entrance door and saw a fireplace. I knelt next to the fire and found it flickered toward my fingers.I walked out a side entrance and passed multiple ambulances. I walked down the side of multiple main roads before going onto a side street. I slipped over fences until I found a light on. Humming filled the dark wooded space. A young lady of about 16 was painting a birdhouse yellow. I was more fixed on the light, however. If I closed the gap between my fingers the light waned. If I opened it, it waxed. The young lady, clearly confused turned around. I fixed myself on her eyes.
“Oh, sorry but do I know you?” She asked politely, reaching for her phone.
“No. I’m new,” I told her.
“It’s 12 in the morning.” She said.
“I know. I need somewhere safe to stay.” I explained. She nodded and picked up her phone.
“I’m going to call the police.” She informed me.
“No.” I grabbed the phone from her hand and burned it without her noticing.
“Hey. Okay, should I call social services?” She questioned. I shook my head and she sighed.
“Okay. You can stay here. My parents are asleep so we have to be quiet.” she grabbed my hand and led me through the halls. “I can set you up a couple of blankets and a pillow. And tomorrow you could leave.” She explained. I slipped under the blankets and felt relieved. A cold breeze lashed at my face.
“Hey. I’m sorry. My name is Vivianna Karl. And I was a foster child. My foster family was… devastating. I can’t go back into the system.” She listened the whole time intently. She turned on a small box tv and the news was the first thing to pop up.
“Two children, girls of about 13 or 14 have escaped Kansas City Hospital. The video shows one stopping at a fireplace before she left and one broke through the doors. Police are looking for them.” The policemen gathered around the microphone. “We are searching for both them and their abductors only called god and goddess. The girls were rescued from a foster home where they were experimented on. We have records of the so-called experiments and are testing them for poisons.” I started to lose focus and fell into a deep sleep.

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