January 14, 2018
By spider-sam, Grand rapids, Michigan
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spider-sam, Grand Rapids, Michigan
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Author's note:

I want to put my imagination to the test and see if people see the world through my eyes 

                                    Chapter 1 Shane's P.O.V
It was in the middle of June in Asia,kids already out of school ready for summer break. It was also my birthday in 13th of June on a Wednesday.
I was so excited for my birthday and all of my friends are coming over for a day at the park to celebrate. Me and my mom were decorating most of the park, it's looking good……. I guess.
Well i don't know how to explain it but i think something feels wrong. After finishing the last decoration my best friend shows up.
“Hey Shane” Scott said,waving his hand at me.
“Hi Scott” i said also waving at him
Scott has been my best friend since 1st grade, if it wasn't for him i would be alone, i hate being alone.
“So this is what the party looks like? Seems normal”. Scott said looking around.
“Yea i guess” i said also looking around.
“Welp let's get the party started”, I'm hungry where is the food?” Scott said looking around again. The thing about him is no matter how many cakes, pizza, soda , or ANYTHING he will never get fat or any bigger.
20 min later the guests arrives.          and the party started.
Everything is turning out fine, everyone is having fun but there some sort of presence, lurking, and giving a shiver down my spine. I'd ignore it and after awhile it stopped, at least that's what i thought.

             2 hours later
The party ended quickly and everyone left. I keep getting headaches and a shivering feeling. Me and my mom cleaned up most of the trash, and some decorations.
As I was walking around and picking some trash I'd feel that same strange presence again.
I shiver at the thought and curiosity got the best of me so I'd turn around. There I'd saw a tall shadowy figure standing near the tree only 5 steps away, there, just watching me.
Just the looks of him made me dizzy, just for a second I'd fell to the ground. The last thing i saw was him walking closer, then everything feels blurry then the light flickering above my head stopped, and like the lights i was out.

                                    Chapter 2 Shane’s  P.O.V
I’d remember waking up in a hospital bed, the room looking dim and cold, all i could remember that day i’d lost something very special to me. And that grudge had stick with me for a long time.
                                         1 year later
It’s summer once again, and once again it was my birthday to! After that day last year i couldn't bring myself to celebrate this year, that feeling of that person's presence was unsettling. It was a pleasant morning, a little sunlight peak in the corner of the curtains blazing it’s bright light on my pale face , forcing me to wake up but i did not bugde. Unfortunately my mom woke me up.
“ good morning shane” “happy birthday” she said with a sincere smile, worried for what happened to me last year. I’ve decided to get up and watch T.V, but the doorbell ringed so i decided to open the door myself. To my surprise scott was here.
“Hey bro” scott says reaching for my hand i’d reach for his hand as well, doing our secret handshake.
“Ok there's something very important i’ve had to show you, is it ok” Scott says.
“Ok ok i’ll go” I said reaching for the doorknob, i shot from across the room “bye mom”
“Ok come home before 9” mom says walking back to kitchen and washing the dishes.
“I will” i said until i close the door.
                               Walking for 20 min
As we were walking down the street, i’ve noticed that Scott has been avoiding eye contact with me, it’s unlikely for him to be silent……...strang.
“So …….why do you want to hang out”? I’d asked out of curiosity. Scott looked at me taken aback a bit with my comment. “Well duh it’s your birthday, and we always hang out…..but there's also something else.” Scott said looking down at his feet.
“And that is”? I said looking at him eagerly.
“Ok after last year, on your birthday were me and your mom took you to the hospital, i was in the waiting room waiting for a while.”
“After waiting, i’ve decided to take a nape in one of those chairs, anyway so after taking a nape someone hit me in the shoulder and threw a piece of paper at me, i’ve looked down at it then looked up to see where that person went.”
“I looked down at the piece of paper again and grab it, tilting it to the side and found a couple of words saying “GET OUT NOW, WHIlE YOU STILL CAN.”
I’d stared at him briefly, looking at him, thinking he lost his head or something.
“And your telling me now cause”? I said
“I- it didn’t occur to me till now” Scott said glaring at me.
“But there's others who has the exact same thing,.......and i think they might help you.”
Scott finished and continue walking faster, not a single glance at my direction, worried but still followed.
                                             5 min later
We walked to this abandon park, distorted and emily. As i was looking around i’ve noticed some people standing near a worn out swing set. Each one has a odd face expression, like they are not comfortable with each other.
As me and Scott walked up to them, they looked up at us and got off the swing set, hestily taking two step forward. There is at least four people here, two females and twin boys. 
“Ok guys there's something we have to discuss about what happened to us last year.” Scott said breaking the silence.
“So now that we're ------ “STOP”! Scott’s sentence was cut off by one of the girls, she’s tall maybe taller than me, she’s wearing some sort of uniform? She continue speaking.
“As for the situation that we’re in, why must we discuss in such filth and disgusting place such as this.” the twins nodded their heads in agreement.
Scott speaked again “calm down Jane we could go---- “NO” i won't calm down, don't tell me to calm down we are in a very serious situation here.”
“Fine tell us why your here” Scott said looking very irritated by this girl.
“Gladly , we will explain our situation, finally a reasonable choice.” the Jane girl said smirking at Scott.
“Ok go ahead tell your story.”Scott said to jane, jane took a breath and begin to tell her story.


Chapter 3 Jane's P.O.V

As i question the two boy's, I've decided to tell how i got the letter and how i end up here of all place.
I'm not a big fan of swimming, nothing goes good with swimming, you know what it's not important.
Anyway in the middle of June, it was still school and i was getting rid of the junk in my locker, looking around at the empty atmosphere, feeling a creepy aura rooming around the hallways. Not paying attention to my surroundings someone bumped into me and dropped some piece of paper on the floor.
I looked at the paper on the floor, for a split second and just as i was about to look up, the person was gone. Feeling uneasy, unsettling, i looked down at the paper and pick up the paper, looking around again for the strange figure, feeling annoyance and angry but I'll forget it.
I dumped it in my pocket, forgetting about the situation.

8:29 p.m. back at the house
My life is simple like a snow fleck, just normal and nothing. My life is also about good grades and a successful future. I dropped the subject and start to get ready for bed. The letter had not occurred to me i didn't bother to think about it, It's not important, right?

1 year later
I was cleaning my room deciding to organize it and arrange the desk and paper’s. A couple of paper fell out of the desk drawer when i pulled it out.
I'd bent down and pick it up, it was the same letter that i didn't read yet. I abide and read the piece of paper, it had huge bold letters almost filled up the page.
The letter said “ GET OUT NOW, WHILE YOU STILL CAN.” Troubled and scared by this, i look around my room, trying to forget about it. That feeling, the aura feels a common foreshadowing it's unpleasant……………..

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