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A Dream Come True

January 4, 2018
By SheSoundsHideous™, Barnstead, New Hampshire
SheSoundsHideous™, Barnstead, New Hampshire
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Sadie is your average adult.  She owns a house, a car, she doesn;t have a job...oh and did I forget to mention? A couple of ghost "Friends". She is completly in the dark on who they are, but ehy follow her around, like she's the answer to something very big. The only thing she knows is that they've been with her since her "Tragic accident" and that they are trying to "help" her. 

Sadie tries her best day in and day out to ignore them by blocking them out with music, which rarely ever works, and even resorting to other methods...which work pretty well. 

One night Sadie falls asleep deeply, and has a very strange dream. A dream, that to her, felt extremely real. It haunts her even more than the ghosts. She tries to go on wit her days, like the dream doesn't bother her, but when she dreams again, it carries on from where her first dream ended. THis one even more terrifying than the last one.

What do the dreams mean? Will she find out?


A Dream Come True

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