Protect the Heart

December 20, 2017
By LucifersPhoenix, Tea, South Dakota
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LucifersPhoenix, Tea, South Dakota
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Life isn't successful without friends and family. By: Unknown

Author's note:

I was inspired by a television series, one of the episodes involved a girl who was stalked non-stop that lead to her death. I created the name Valora, and I discovered the name Major when I was watching the show iZombie (beautiful show by the way). Anyways, Valora means brave in latin, and she's standing up against the stalker who is on the verge of ruining her life. 

The girl hesitated to reply to the question, "Are you okay?" Major asked.

"I'm fine," she replied hiding the sadness she felt. It's been years since anyone bothered to speak to her. Now, they just look at her walking away as she strolled away sadly. Her only source of happiness ripped her heart to shreds.

"You can tell me anything you know that, right?" Major softly spoke, placing his hand gently on her shoulder. "Valora, please answer me you've been depressed for years it hurts seeing you this way!"

She looked at him, doubting his attempt in talking to her. "You'll leave me Major, just like the rest of them do... they never last a day around me... I've killed them all... my friends... they're dead because of me... mostly because of him." She's only mentioned him on various occasions, the stalker who drove away everyone she loved.

"Trust me, I'm here to stay I'll protect you." Valora stilled ignored him, tears streaming down her cheeks. Her brain filled with memories of the time her and Donovan were together. His bright beautiful smile, constantly reminded her of joy she felt around him. Major too reminded her of that light, "I can see you're not interested I'll go now."

"Wait," she paused, hoping that the one who admired her wasn't listening, "I love you Major." Her voice so soft spoken Major barely made out what she said. It was, however, loud enough for only him to hear. He smiled brightly, lacing her hands within his own.

"Don't worry Valora, I'll protect you." Those were the last words he spoke, before the chaos began.

The author's comments:

There is a possibility that there is going to be more added to this chapter.

Valora plopped herself on the couch next to Major who was sleeping soundly. She looked at him, his face peaceful with the dreams in his head happily playing. She was visiting her boyfriend Donovan, who roomed with Major. Those two have been friends for roughly six years, Valora has been in the picture for almost nineteen. She often wrote poems to describe how she felt, scattering them across the dormroom hoping Donovan would understand. One day a new student joined, his name was Caleb. His hair a dark shade of brown, and his eyes a light shade of hazel. He took one look at her instantly falling in love. It first started out with a minor crush, it later turned into a major obsession. Slowly her friends departed away from her, all except one… Donovan. He lasted the longest, only until December 17th, 2013 he finally grew irritated with the stories Caleb shared. He broke things off with Valora, breaking her now sensitive and vulnerable heart.
“Please, don’t do this!” She yelled out, depression slowing taking its course. Donovan ignored her pleas, walking away. A woman walked out of his room, wearing his favorite shirt. Major watched the scene break out, Valora running out tears streaming down her face.
“Donovan what the hell!” anger filled his voice, the woman smiled walking back into his room.
“I’m not going to date a cheater Major, Valora’s cheating on me so I did the same.” Donovan replied, following the woman. “Besides, Emily is a far better person much more beautiful.”
“You’re a bastard, you know that!”

“No one understands hurt I feel
His lies suddenly become real.
I’m in pain
The tears are filling a river of hope,
Starting to feel like I’m  being held by a rope.
I’m in pain
My tears are a waterfall of pain,
As he holds my head in vain.
I’m in pain”

Major read the poem left by the depressed Valora. He looked up to see her drawing in her sketchbook, snatching it when she walked away. The sketch was an eye with tears, below the eye was a waterfall surrounded by rocks. To the side a quote from a poem, ‘My tears are a waterfall of pain.’ Major ripped the sketch out of her notebook, unaware Caleb watched. He sprinted to the counselors, slamming the sketch on her desk, “Valora is in pain Mr. Donahue, she’s suffering she needs help!”
“She put this on herself, she’s the one who cheated on Donovan I can’t help with that.” The counselor replied, throwing the drawing into the trash.
“Bullshit! I don’t believe what that ass Caleb said, Valora would never hurt the one she loved!”
“Major, are you okay you’re taking this situation too far.” He changed the subject, hoping Major would drop the subject about Valora.
“No, I’m not my best friend’s ex is being stalked, and you won’t do anything!” Major grabbed the drawing out of the trash storming out of the room. He glanced at the drawing again, looking at the pain in the artwork before shoving it into his pocket, “I’m going to kick this bastards ass.” He walked to his dorm room, Emily sat on the couch deleting all of Valora’s recordings, “Emily what the hell are you doing?”
“I’m deleting all these disgusting shows, who watches Doctor Who anymore and Supernatural I can see why Donovan broke it off with her.”
“Those were my t.v shows as well, so you better find a way to get them all back.”
“I didn’t see you as the type of guy to watch paranormal shows, I guess I was wrong.” Emily stopped deleting the shows, starting to watch The Golden Girls. “This is a better show to watch, come join me Major!”
“Hell no, you just deleted the series I just recorded are you f***ing kidding me!” He walked over to the window, looking down. Caleb glared up at him, he took out a knife raising it to his throat threatening Major as he pretended to slit his throat. Major backed away from the window, turning to Emily. “I’ll be right back Emily, tell Donovan he better sign that form I’m getting a new roommate.” He walked out of the dorm walking over to Caleb, who no longer stood in the spot he was before. He scanned the area looking for him, when Caleb jumped him from behind. The knife Caleb had now touched the neck of Major.
In a threatening tone Caleb spoke, “Keep away from Valora, Major, I don’t think you want your head mounted on the wall of my room.”
“I will not let you do this to her, Valora deserves to be happy you bastard.” Caleb let Major go, still pointing the blade his direction.
“Better keep away from her Major, I will stab you and I promise I won’t regret it.”  Caleb walked away, Major stood there furious. He took the sketch out of his pocket, he looked up an image of Valora appearing. She wore a beautiful short pink dress, her curly blonde hair bouncing gracefully her. She was happily smiling, running towards Major. Only the vision wasn’t real, hurting Major. He’s had this crush since 1st grade, the first day he met her that beautiful smile got to him. She brightened up the room, with her happiness seeing that taken away from her pained him.
The next day Major sat at a park bench, Valora passed him quickly. “Valora wait!”
“I need to go, I have to get to class!” Major watched her run of, out of the corner of his eye he saw Caleb watching her. He knew what he needed to do.

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