Forgotten Memeories

December 15, 2017
By Thesis, Malakoff, Texas
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Thesis, Malakoff, Texas
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“New school, new life” is a saying that my mom says every time we travel to a new city. She always say it’s going to be better when we find that perfect house. I knew the entire time she was running away from the loan sharks. Currently, my family consists of  my sister, my mom, and I.
Mom used to tell stories about dad and how he died. She said he was a handsome and very brave. He faced any challenge head-on with courage. He died in his workplace for us to live a good life. I figured out we got into debt when mom had to borrow money, because she did not have a job.
We have been moving for as long as I can remember. Each time I settle down, I have hope that would be our permanent house, but each time, the sharks found us.
This time, I will makes sure this is our permanent home in Mitcham.
We arrive in Mitcham, Arizona looking for the house. I’m filled with excitement and courage for my new home.
I sign into my new school, New Trost High. My school says it has many opportunities that would make me into a very successful person. My sister will go to the high school next year. She goes to their middle school, New Trost Intermediate School.
My sister really wanted to be a chemist and discover new elements in the periodic table. I just wanted to leave some kind of indication that I was alive. I want to be as widely known as George Washington.
The new house has 5 rooms: the 3 bedrooms, a kitchen-living room, and one bathroom. It’s a small, comfortable house to live in.
I walk to the backyard and find a shack. Great, now I can store anything there. It even have its own dog house. It’s not like I can own a dog right now.
To help pay off the debt, I’ll have to work somewhere. I finally found a place to work at. The place is called Mexicans Corner. It’s a Mexican restaurant that has a bar in it. I’m not allowed to work at the bar yet until I’m 21. I get a good 7.50 an hour. Two-thirds of what I earn will go to my mom.
In school, it wasn’t that hard to find some friends. I made friends with a group. Their names are Eric, Daniel, Jake, Hazel, Nathan, and Megan. They don’t know about my situation. The classes aren’t that hard. In fact, they are a lot easier than my last school.

Back at the house, I went on to explore more of my house and found something very interesting in the basement. I found a photo of the previous owner. I showed it to mom and her reaction was not what I had in mind. When I showed them to her she fell silent and cried. She said that was a picture of her and my dad when they were young. Why would it be here of all places? She did say he did die right? Then, why is there a photo of him and mom in this location? I told her that I found it in a drawer in my room.
If I can find photos of them in the past in my drawer, then what else could I find in here? I look even harder and closer for more photos of them. I look furiously thought each box in the basement. I was throwing and grabbing everything in the basement. Almost 3 hours, I failed at looking for more photos or anything about my dad.
At the end of the day, I only found that one photo. Looks like he accidentally took that photo from them. Maybe, dad never been here. Still, I can’t help but think that he was here.
I went to my room to examine the photo to learn anything about him. Dad had a tux with white pockets. My dad kinda looks like me. He was hugging my mom. She had a nice green dress on. Maybe, they were going to prom. It was dark outside and there was a red car in the background.
I went and asked my mom to see if I was correct on the hypothesis of them going to prom. After she was done crying, she said I was correct and that they were going to a restaurant to eat. She said it isn’t here anymore, but they sold ice-cream and burgers. She went on how they both liked it and that the burgers are not preheated burgers that we all see. I described everything in detail. Man, I could go for those burgers and ice-cream right now. I loved how she describes things. It’s always like I’m right there. After that, I went to my friends to find that restaurant and go there for our brunch.

We found the restaurant and, man, they can make a mean burger. You could taste it with your nose. I can see that the cooks were resisting themselves and each other from eating it. You could hear their stomachs roaring across the parking lot. They had a variety of ice-cream. They had a flavor for everything. I found the screaming cheese flavor. It was not that bad. Nathan saw a Ramen noodle flavor. He said it tasted like ramen noodle but cold. We all agreed that we would visit here way more often. What were they on? I wouldn’t be surprised if they put chocolate chips in pizza or fry everything in sight.

We all see it’s late, so we all called it a day and went home. I went to my room and put the picture of my dad and mom on the side of my desk for good luck.

I woke up at the dead of the night and saw a box in the edge of my room. When I went over there, I see two newspapers about my dad. It has a sticky note with my mom’s writing saying, “Looks like it pays off if you look closer.” Looks like I have to repay for for her generosity.
The first newspaper went on about his death went and his achievements.  He was the founder of multiple companies and restaurants. Hmm, he founded that restaurant that my group loves. He was apparently a multi-billionaire. Then why are we living in poverty and why does my mom work? What happened to the money and why did we not get it? He died in a car wreck. An 18-wheeler driver went to sleep and hit my dad with a head-on collision. He died instantly from the hit. They found his body with the number pattern of 0827. What does that mean?
The other newspaper seems to go over his last thing he was working on. Hmm, why not? The last thing he was working on was reviving an old restaurant. It was going to attract kids from all over. There would be restaurants like this all over the earth. This newspaper states that it would attract customers with robotic service with robots that act like your waiter and guarantee excellent customer service. It goes on that the entire staff would be robotic. The store would open for 24/7 for customers. Wouldn’t someone try to continue his work. This would save thousands on someone’s business. Maybe, this is why he wanted to revive it.
It goes on in saying its location. Wow, that’s convenient. It’s in the next town over, Witcham. It should take about 30 minutes to get over there.
“Mom, I’m going out.”, I said as ran out. She responded with, “Be back by 10 o’clock.”

It didn’t take long when I reached past my city, but when I got to Resound, the neighboring city, things start to get weird. First, I saw a flock of birds without feathers eating wires from the old man’s car. Next thing that I see, people staring at my car. It’s not a few people watching. It’s the entire community staring and silence fell. I couldn’t see the white in their eyes. Then, I see a dog barking at a clown. The clown jumps up and then laughs at the dog. The clown starts to grab the dog then throw it to a nearby river. After that, he looks at me with his mancing eyes of his. I start to drive a bit faster. Before long, I went past the speed limit. Crap, how long have I went past the speed limit? When it’s fine as long the police doesn’t see or someone doesn’t get hurt. Looks like I’m running out of gas. I better find some gas before more hallucinations anymore. I don’t think I can take another one. I turn left and right so many times, I can’t tell the difference from my right or my left. Great, it’s raining. Ughhh, my luck. Sucks. Soon enough, I find a small house.
“Ummm. Hello? Is anyone here? I’m here because of the cliche rain and my car ran out of gas. When I took a look inside, the inside just screams murder house. The windows were patched up with duct tape and the inside looks like someone rect the entire thing. The smell was the worst part. The house smelt like rotten corpses and rotten oranges.
I said my goodbyes and started the car to find the clown in my car to tell me that the things I need to learn about my dad are in there. How does he know about my dad? This could be bad. He might know where I live. What should I do?
“What do you want and how do you know my dad?”, I said looking at him in the eye. He starts to get out of the car and said, “I don’t want anything. Well, not from you anyways. I’m here to guide you to your dad’s work.”
I don’t know if I should him or leave.
“See here. In my hand, I have blueprints of his animatronics. Here, take it. It’s technically yours.” I take the blueprints and sure enough, it looks legit.
“Looks like I’m telling the truth. Now, do you trust me in not killing you or harming you in any way. Just go to the basement to find your prize.”
“It appears that I have no choice but to trust you about this.”
Ignoring the laughing clown, I walk toward the murder house and head toward the basement. Nervously, I open the door leading to the basement. The door had a red demon head with horns. Behind it, I find stairs that lead me to the floor. The closer I get, the louder I hear the clown laughing. Should I have just ran away? Is this actually worth it?
When I got to the basement floor, I found a small robotic lab. There were wires and robot parts everywhere you see. I walk towards a wooden table with a note that says-
*ring, ring, ring, ring*
“Oops, sorry Timmy I have to finish the story some other time. I have a phone call from my boss.”
“But dad! I want to hear what the letter said”
“You will have to except cliff-hangers, son. Anyways, sir, what were you saying?”
“I want to hear the rest of your story right now!”
“Timothy Trent McRoway! For interupting my phone calls constantly, I will not tell you that story tonight! Anyways, boss as I was rudely interrupted.”
“I hate you!”
“Go to your room and go to sleep and I better not see up late at night!”

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