The House in the Woods

October 27, 2017
By alexisnw, columbiana, Ohio
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alexisnw, Columbiana, Ohio
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Author's note:

Halloween inspired me to write this, I hope that this story would spook people. 

The House In the Woods

It was late at night, and I was driving down a creepy, dark, country road. The road I was driving down was unfamiliar to me, so I decided to drive slow. I made sure to look around ever so often, just to make sure there weren't any animals around to jump in front of my car. I end up driving past what looks to be an abandoned house in a heavily wooded area. I look toward the house wondering why such a nice house has been “abandoned”. There is smoke coming out of the chimney. The house shutters, as if it were taking deep breaths and the smoke is suffocating it. The smoke drifts around the house, and makes it hard to see around it. I hear blood curdling screams coming from the house. I slow to a stop to see where the screams were coming from. I take my keys out of the car, and step out. As I looked toward the house, I saw a tall, buff man with a woman dressed in a white nightgown in his muscular arms. She was kicking and screaming trying to get away. He opens the basement door and pushes her inside. As I am watching, a semi comes up behind me and blares its horn. It nearly gives me a heart attack. It goes around.

I look back at the house. The man that I had seen push that woman into the basement is now walking toward me, machete in hand. I’m now terrified. I hurry inside my car and shove the key inside the ignition. I hear the “buuurrr” of the engine not rolling over. The man continues to walk over to my car.  He gets closer and closer and closer. My car finally starts. The man got to my car as I started to drive away. He hits my window and it shatters.

I speed home, my heart pounding out of my chest. When I arrive home, I rush inside and lock the door. “Mom?!” I called, searching for her. I looked around the whole house, and there was still no sign of her. I hear a car pull in. I panick, scared from what just happened and not knowing who it is. I made sure both the front and back door were locked, before I locked myself in my room. I felt like such a coward. I heard the door to the car shut outside, and I listened for what was happening outside. The front door opens and slams against the wall. I hoped to God it was my mom. I opened my door and ran down the stairs, desperately wanting to tell her what had just happened to me. As I reach the bottom of the stairs, I see the front door wide open, with the door handle broken off. I hear someone in the kitchen, and I don’t think it’s Mother anymore. I duck behind the railing, hoping that I won’t be seen. I knew my best option would to be to run out of the house, but I decided against it and I stay just in case my mom did come home. A shadow emerged from the darkness, and I immediately knew who it was. It was the man that I had seen shove that woman in the basement of that house on that creepy country road. My heart sank.

I hold myself back from screaming, and I watch the man’s every move. He walks over to the kitchen drawers, and starts rummaging through them. I take advantage of this time, and I run back up to my room. I lock myself in. About twenty minutes pass, and it feels like forever. The house starts to get chilly from the door being open for so long. I hear the man make his way up the stairs, his footsteps getting louder the closer he gets. I decide to hide in my closet, and I wait for him to reach my room. I hear him opening the doors to every room, and digging through them before moving onto the next. As the man gets closer and closer to my room, I brace myself. I rip my clothes off of their hangers and pile them on top of myself on the closet floor.

When he reached my room, he jiggled the door handle, knowing it was locked. It didn’t take long for the man to get the door open. Being as quiet and as still as I could be, I held my breath listening for him. I could hear him digging through my room, looking for something. His footsteps got closer and closer to the closet. The footsteps stop at the door, and the door opens. My heart races, and I feel vulnerable. I am shaking uncontrollably. Luckily, he only searches on the shelves and nowhere else in the closet. The man stops searching through my room and walks out and over to the bathroom. I waste no time to run out of the house. I ran out of my room, grabbed my keys, and ran out of the front door to my car. I quickly started my car and pulled out of my driveway. I sped off, determined to go back to that house in the woods.

I went every way I remembered after driving away from that house. I was driving for what had felt like an hour, when I had finally came to that creepy country road. I drove slowly. I didn’t remember exactly where on this road the house was, but I would find it. The woods were thick and there was a lot of brush, but I had found the house. I parked my car and stepped out, and I started to walk toward the house. As I walked up to it, I heard moans of pain coming from the basement. I looked for a way inside, wanting to help whoever was being held in the basement. I tried the door, but it was locked. I had tried the window after, and to my luck, it was unlocked. I opened it and slid through, landing on my feet when I hit the ground. It was dim, with only the light of the moon shining through the window. I felt around for a flashlight. I place my hands over the table feeling around, with the pale light of the moon being little help. I find what feels to be a flashlight, and I put it up to the window to be sure. Jackpot. I turn it on, shining it around the room. To my surprise, there were fetuses in jars on the tables, which seemed kind of weird. There were drops of blood on the table, probably from these “experiments”.

I was trying to be brave, so I walked around the basement looking to see if  anyone was around. I had turned a corner, and I saw a woman chained to the wall with duct tape over her mouth. I moved closer to get a better look and my jaw dropped. The woman that I had seen that man shove into this basement was my mother. I rushed to unchain her. As I tried to do so, I heard the door unlock and footsteps coming down the stairs. I struggled to find somewhere to hide from this monster. I chose to hide underneath the table with all the jars, hiding so far underneath the table I was against the wall. The man grabs my mother’s face, mumbles something, and walks upstairs to the house.

I came out from hiding, and I desperately tried to find something to cut my mother out of the chains. I find the flashlight and use it to find a pair of pliers. I use the pliers to cut the chains from the wall, trying to free her. 5 minutes of frantically working payed off when the chains finally broke. I removed the duct tape from her mouth and told her we had to get out of there. My mother and I ran out of the basement and to my car as fast as a racehorse.

I sped off, not wanting to hang around. “Mom, what happened? Who was that guy?” I  cried, wanting answers. She replied, “ That was your biological father. He hasn’t seen you since birth, and he just recently tried to get in touch with me to try to see you. I had told him he couldn’t, I didn’t want him hurting you like he hurt me. He got very angry with me and kidnapped me from home, and he brought me here. He threatened to kill me if I didn’t turn you over, and I refused. He torchered me, trying to get me to break. I just couldn’t give you up to your crazy father.” “Oh my gosh Mom.” I was in shock.

I rushed us over to the police station, and my mother filed a report on my father. We had hope that the police would soon find him and take him to prison where he belongs. We directed the police to the house in the woods, and they had found him. They took him to prison, serving life. We didn’t worry that this would happen again. He was away and would never come back, and so we lived a life of no worries.

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