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Hunting Trip

October 9, 2017
By Ace726, Republic, Missouri
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Ace726, Republic, Missouri
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Fall of 2013, a hunter named Bruce Almighty, traveled thousands of miles to Montana from South Carolina to hunt, he felt like it was right place to hunt. Bruce usually hunts with his son Brian, who is 13 but then he realized he’s traveling thousands of miles, he's going to leave Brian at home with his wife. Bruce was trying to decide whether to to fly or to drive to Montana. He finally decided to fly to get there quicker so he can hunt more, when he got to the airport, there was a wreck with a semi truck on top of a mini van. While he was waiting on the opening from the wreck  Bruce was late to the plane so we went around to the opposite lane and started to gun it to avoid getting hit by a car. 1 hour later, Bruce arrived to the airport and luckily the flight was delayed 1 hour 30 minutes. Once, bruce found his spot on the plane, he fell asleep to pass time so he’d get there faster.
Now, Bruce arrived at Helena, Montana. He immediately  jumped in the rental car and headed to Whitefish, which is where he's hunting  Whitefish is a small town full of forests, ponds, full of wildlife. Bruce continued his sight-seeing and started to fall in love with Montana.
The population is over 7,000. Nothing in this town is crowded, everyone is doing there own thing. Bruce walked in his hotel he's staying at for a week and a half, he walked straight towards the window as soon as he looked and from the  the corner of his eye which he thinks it's a deer coming closer and closer, finally he came close enough and realized what it was, a big dark golden retriever, that looks like he rolled in mud Before Bruce came to Montana, he went to the eye doctor doctor said, “You definitely need glasses or contacts.” Bruce bought the contacts and the glasses we wanted and headed home to get packed and the one thing he forgot was his contacts and glasses. Bruce thought he’d fine to not have them.
Day 1 of hunting trip, Bruce headed out of his hotel at 5:25 and to get to the place he plans on hunting at, Bruce got to the area he wants to stay at which is one open area surrounded by tall tree and leaves, he  set up his tent because he didn't feel like walking 6 miles to hotel, that night he went out on his stand and just started looking. Four hours passed, still haven't even seen one, Bruce decided to walk back to his tent take to a nap. Bruce woke up do a big bang, it sounded like a gun he didn't bother worrying about it, a while later he heard it again but closer. Bruce walks around seeing if he can see anyone wearing orange but he reminded himself that forgot his glasses, everything in a distance was a big blur to him, at that time it was about noon so he went out again but the same results.
Day 2, in Montana the rules are that you can hunt two bucks a year, Bruce headed at the same time as yesterday just to see if it was just a bad day to go out for deer, he headed back to his stand and started to search again but  with his binoculars, and 15 minutes later Bruce saw a big buck just walking, Bruce lined up his shot but it kept on moving so Bruce kept falling it with his sight to see if he stops. The deer stopped for a second and bang Bruce hit him right in the neck.  Bruce went down to get the deer and brought it to the tent. He skinned, cut the meat piece by piece and stuck it in a cold container and went straight to bed.
Day 3, there was still 7 days until deer season was over so that morning Bruce decided just to go out to look around for good spots to hunt in. He traveled couple miles passed his tent, and saw another tent. Bruce started to search round in the area and nothing in the area the only thing bruce was fresh footprints, when Bruce saw that footprint he knew he wasn't the only one hunting in this spot because it looked like  it was just got there like 5 minutes ago, the man must not be that far from Bruce. Few steps later, Bruce somehow lost the trace of the man. Bruce decided to go back to the tent to go back out in the morning.
Day 4, the week is almost over and so is deer hunting, Bruce headed out as soon as he woke up. He ran to a new spot that he thought we a good open area for deer just to walk around, 2 deer walked not even 50 yards away. As soon as Bruce was about the sight on the one of them, they ran like something dangerous was near them. Bruce went back to the old set up and sat there for 3 hour not a single one. He saw something moving in a distance and pulled out the binoculars and saw antlers and he thinking he had a perfect shot on it, struggling to get the gun out, Bruce aimed and shot. He walked over to the deer, he got closer and closer, it was a man that had killed a deer and took the antlers. Bruce started to freak out and realized the man didn't have any orange on. He didn’t want anyone to know especially the police, he from find if the man had a wallet with ID or anything that Bruce can see his name. While Bruce was on the research for the man's identity, nothing was found on his body, but a gun and bullets.
Day 5, Bruce couldn't sleep, he left the body where it was and try to act like nothing happened. Few minutes passed, He found his set up and started to go through all of his things, what he found under the blanket was the man's hunting license. The man's name was Larry Dirt,  he was 24 years old, from Ohio. Bruce decided to try just hide the body between two fallen trees, and trying to put the dead body in the spot, Bruce heard foot step in the distance, so he ran on foot back to his motel  and tried to stay away from the body as possible. The next day, Police shows up Bruce motel door, He opens the door and ran towards the street. Bruce just going through alley ways and just trying to get away and just have a brief moment to call his wife and son just to hear their voice one more time for a long time. 5 minutes pass, Bruce decides to turn himself in. Bruce ALmighty was sentenced with 15 years in prison, He will be 58 years old when he get out. When Bruce was released none of his family members wanted to him near them. Until 10 years later Bruce's son 25 was diagnosed with cancer and died a few months later Bruce got to see him one last time.

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