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The Outsiders

Author's note: When I was small, my house and the forest really freaked me out. I was lonely in the dark and...  Show full author's note »
Author's note:

When I was small, my house and the forest really freaked me out. I was lonely in the dark and felt a presents which was not comforting at all and I thought it was a ghost there and I continued to think that untill the 3rd grade. I based it off of that, fear and madness. This is my very first book and I really hope you like it. Look out for more books of mine in the future.

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The Experiment

June 1, 1988, 5:30 p.m.,
Sky’s sick with the same thing, anemia or that so called “Summer Cold”. They say if you catch it you have a high chance of dying. So, I decided to sleep over in Sky’s house. It should be safer there than my house, plus I don’t think that my parent’s wants a sick friend here. I really need to see if it’s a disease or something else. I’ve noticed that the “ disease” gets worse when you visit them in the morning, so something must’ve happened in the dead of the night. Sorry Sky, but I really need your help, so please don’t suspect a thing. I really want to know how to save you from this. He still owes me 15 dollars, too.

June 3, 1988, Midnight,
Seems like no one's looking at me, so I think I’m in the clear. Let’s go and spy on Sky shall we? I’m going to type what happens as I walk down here live. Let’s venture on, shall we?
Well right now, it’s pitch black and can’t see a thing. Good thing that there’s the sense of touch and electricity in our hair to detect if we are close to something. Okay, next up, the stairs. This is the easy part, is what I want to say but they are hell, man, homeslice, homie, uhhh... something? I’m not sure what I’m doing now. Okay I somehow managed to conquer the stairway and now heading to the target’s room. Okay, I see that he still has the pepperoni face, good, good. Looks like I have to stay here ‘till morning. I might possibly might have to wait all night for something to happen. Btw, I didn’t go over there without protection, I brought stuff in case if it was a disease and it was something, well there wasn’t a thing that I could use without suspicion from the family.
3:00 a.m., nothing much but the constant rattles from the bed of the target. I check if was something that could harm him, but it was nothing, which gave me goosebumps. Okay, I’m very nervous now. I feel like someone is stalking me again. No, she can’t be outside. May’s dead... right? I’m going to open the windows and find nothing. I better change it to audio for you to believe me and for me to be convinced, okay? I might be still be typing so don’t freak out. Creeeeek… Creeeekk…  “See there’s nothing, Ryan!”
“Ryan please help.” said a mysterious voice coming from the trees. “Please open the door for sweet old May”
“No!!! It can’t be, b-b-b-because your d-d-dead!” I’m afraid and frozen in place. Looks like I’m in no control of my body because I kneed down and let out a silent scream, because I don’t think I could I could do an actual scream. “It’s bad manners to not to let a lady indoors, hehe.” The voice now came behind me. I was about to faint but before I did, i received a kiss and Sky received something worse than a kiss from that demon. She sank her teeth into him. Now I see what people were dying from… They were dying from vampires. Then,I passed out on the floor.

Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 ... 11 Next »

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