The Outsiders

September 19, 2017
By Thesis, Malakoff, Texas
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Thesis, Malakoff, Texas
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Author's note:

When I was small, my house and the forest really freaked me out. I was lonely in the dark and felt a presents which was not comforting at all and I thought it was a ghost there and I continued to think that untill the 3rd grade. I based it off of that, fear and madness. This is my very first book and I really hope you like it. Look out for more books of mine in the future.

March 25, 1988. Noon.

My name is Ryan Wolf and I’m 16. My parents are trying to move the family to a village near a forest. In case if you're wondering, we live in Dallas, Texas. Anyways, the village has a strange name called KrveĆŸíznivý, I have absolutely no idea what that means. My sister wants a nice view of the surrounding area and hopes for a two story house. My mom and dad just wants a safe neighborhood for us. He said the neighborhood is so safe that, nobody locks their doors at night, but be careful of the gossip, because it’s even worse than the city. Me, I don’t care where I am. As long as I’ll get accepted into a good college and have a nice paycheck for a living, I’m fine with what I got here.

March 30, 1988, 7:30 a.m.,
So, I think someone is following me. I talked to the neighbors if they had the feeling of someone stalking them and they laughed and said no. They also asked if I had enough sleep lately.Honestly, I think my stalker maybe that one girl from school that’s following me.I’m not sure about her name, but I’m positive it’s her. Yeah, the more I think about it, the more I can see puzzle pieces forming. Man, she needs something to do other than stalking me. I don’t see what’s so good about me. I’m going to let out a sigh and I’m going to sleep.
Ohh yeah I forgot to mention, I made friends today. Their names are Sky Matthews, Nathan Farce, and Jake Stinger. They also think there’s something off about this “safe” village.

April 2, 1988, 6:30 p.m.
Hmmm, looks like this will be a regular thing, huh. Well, today nothing to write about. Ugh, she’s still at it again, stalking my movements like a lion to its prey. Ohh yeah, I found out her name, the one that stalks me, her name is May Rivers. I got to admit, I like that name, I don’t like her stalking me. She usually dresses up wherever she goes, which is strange in the village where you only wear ordinary clothes. I thought what she wore was cute, but hey, I’m not an expert in clothes, so what do I know. I talked to her before and it’s clear to me that she likes me because of obvious signs, but I try to act like I don’t see it. I wonder when she will confess your feelings, so I don’t have to lead her on and we both can move on. Sorry, but I don’t like how she likes me but knows nothing.
Also, there’s been a strange number of deaths lately. It’s not your usual number of deaths, I can tell you that much because there’s been ten people dead on the same month. Some of them happened while I was still in Dallas. It appears that an infection is spreading around here in the village. I need to be careful outside and steer clear around vectors as much as possible.

April 10, 1988, 7:30 a.m.,
It appears that May has gotten anemia, and she’s stays in bed until she feels better, which is good for me because I can stop having beady eyes watching over me while I sleep. Speaking of sleep, I should sleep well tonight.

April 14, 1988, Noon,
May Rivers has died. There’s something wrong now 10 people killed and now this. I was asked to go to the funeral today, but I don’t know, I didn’t know much about her to begin with, so it doesn’t feel right to go to a complete stranger’s funeral. The doctor, Dr. Robert Quill, is trying to figure out a cause of death for all 11 deaths, and the clinic had no luck. What’s going on here? For all I know… This isn’t your average village.

April 15, 1988, Midday,
What I feared the most has came true. There’s a weird old lady with her saggy lips spitting out that there’s an evil spirit around this village and we made it angry. We must put make a sacrifice annually to calm it down and pray toward it. Ooo, now we have to go to the spirit lady and get out our spirit animals! The worst thing is that some people actually believe that. These people are idiots, unlocking their doors at night, believing in this crap, celebrating weird festivals (I think one of the festivals celebrates sticks. I’m not joking, they actually celebrate that), and etc. I’m sick and tired of this now. I can see why May wanted to leave so much that she has attempted to leave this place dead or alive. Looks like we have more in common than I thought.

April 31, 1988, Midnight,
May’s dead, right? If so, the why are there eyes still watching me. Is there someone else watching me? No, I doesn’t feel like it at least. Maybe I’m just being paranoid about all of this, yeah, yeah maybe I am. I need sleep and fast. Nathan might be right about the whole “sleep is what keeps you sane” ordeal. Gah, he can such a pain sometimes.

June 1, 1988, 5:30 p.m.,
Sky’s sick with the same thing, anemia or that so called “Summer Cold”. They say if you catch it you have a high chance of dying. So, I decided to sleep over in Sky’s house. It should be safer there than my house, plus I don’t think that my parent’s wants a sick friend here. I really need to see if it’s a disease or something else. I’ve noticed that the “ disease” gets worse when you visit them in the morning, so something must’ve happened in the dead of the night. Sorry Sky, but I really need your help, so please don’t suspect a thing. I really want to know how to save you from this. He still owes me 15 dollars, too.

June 3, 1988, Midnight,
Seems like no one's looking at me, so I think I’m in the clear. Let’s go and spy on Sky shall we? I’m going to type what happens as I walk down here live. Let’s venture on, shall we?
Well right now, it’s pitch black and can’t see a thing. Good thing that there’s the sense of touch and electricity in our hair to detect if we are close to something. Okay, next up, the stairs. This is the easy part, is what I want to say but they are hell, man, homeslice, homie, uhhh... something? I’m not sure what I’m doing now. Okay I somehow managed to conquer the stairway and now heading to the target’s room. Okay, I see that he still has the pepperoni face, good, good. Looks like I have to stay here ‘till morning. I might possibly might have to wait all night for something to happen. Btw, I didn’t go over there without protection, I brought stuff in case if it was a disease and it was something, well there wasn’t a thing that I could use without suspicion from the family.
3:00 a.m., nothing much but the constant rattles from the bed of the target. I check if was something that could harm him, but it was nothing, which gave me goosebumps. Okay, I’m very nervous now. I feel like someone is stalking me again. No, she can’t be outside. May’s dead... right? I’m going to open the windows and find nothing. I better change it to audio for you to believe me and for me to be convinced, okay? I might be still be typing so don’t freak out. Creeeeek… Creeeekk…  “See there’s nothing, Ryan!”
“Ryan please help.” said a mysterious voice coming from the trees. “Please open the door for sweet old May”
“No!!! It can’t be, b-b-b-because your d-d-dead!” I’m afraid and frozen in place. Looks like I’m in no control of my body because I kneed down and let out a silent scream, because I don’t think I could I could do an actual scream. “It’s bad manners to not to let a lady indoors, hehe.” The voice now came behind me. I was about to faint but before I did, i received a kiss and Sky received something worse than a kiss from that demon. She sank her teeth into him. Now I see what people were dying from… They were dying from vampires. Then,I passed out on the floor.

June 5, 1988, 7:30 a.m.,
There’s death everywhere you go here. Everyone has at least 2 family members dead. It’s getting worse here, and at this rate, this once peaceful village, the village I once despised, will be deserted. Sky is getting worse and my sister murdered in front of my face! My world is burning from the ground up and it’s not stopping until it becomes ashes.

June 7, 1988, Noon,
My friend, Sky, is dead. When I woke up, he looked like a hollow casing.Gah, this is no time to sulk about the past. I did all I could throughout that time and still couldn’t save him. I’m at the burial site to see if she rose up or not, and it looks the same, like it has not been touched since the burial. That must mean she got a compliance with her, or she works fast. I need to be even more careful than I was before.

June 7, 1988, 6:30 p.m.,
May was not in the coffin as I suspected. That proves that she has risen up and now part of the dead. Now, I need to know what she is after, where is she hiding, what she is, and is she in a group and if so, how large is it? So many questions so little answers.

June 7, 1988, Midnight,
There’s good new and bad news to this log. The good news is I know what they are. The bad news is they are coming after me. I found out they are demons and not your typical flying-bat-winged-red-beast-thing type either. They take over the corpse of the victims. (I wonder if it’s one hundred percent.) They call themselves Shikigami. They look human and they sound trustworthy. Don’t trust them or invite them to your house, because they will stalk you and once they bite into your skin,well they're like vampires but these guys don’t have their weaknesses except getting staked to the heart, you will be under their control until one of you dies. I know that, because my friend Nathan was bit and was the demon’s puppet, and I killed the Shikigami, but the Shikigami must’ve known that he would die, so he ordered Nathan to kill himself. I’m going insane here because of those demons!  They already killed off the rest of my friends and more! I need to calm down for a while, I can not afford to go insane!

June 8, 1988, Midnight,
My mom killed my dad because she gave in to the madness. I escaped from there and when became twilight fell, the demons showed up and killed her in front of me. I’m slowly losing the battle for my sanity. They are toying with me.  For now on, I’m nocturnal and ready for action. Sometimes, I would wake up from my slumber to keep updated with the town. The doctor is acting weird all of the sudden. I feel like he knows something about this whole thing. I think he should be a good ally, but he could be one of them. He seems trustworthy, too trustworthy. For all I know. He might be one of them. I must be cautious near him, but that could go against me because he might think that I might be one of them. Aaaggghhh, so many possibilities for error!

June 10, 1988, Midnight,
I found their nests! The locations are: the convenience store, (Wow, the convenient store really does have everything.), and the european castle on top the hill. Actually, it should have been obvious. Well, looks like I’m shopping for demons tonight, better have that holy cross and holy water on me on “black friday”. I hear demons will be “half off” today, okay, that’s scarier than the demons, I really should stop this.

June 11, 1988, Day, I guess,
Today’s the first time I tried to committed suicide. I was stopped by that shine lady from the hill. I guess, we all have our reasons for our answers, but we only act on our own answers. You can’t truly change someone’s mind.

June 12, 1988, Midnight,
Mother always told me I was reckless, so I’m putting that into use. There’s no choice for me to play safe, because tomorrow night is a festival, and everyone’s going. It’s time to show them that Shikigami actually exists. I may or may not die tomorrow, but if you find this recording, please know that you should leave for the reason that there isn’t any coffee here.If you want coffee, you will have to wait a total of 2 hours and 45 minutes to drink coffee, but those numbers are for if you don’t have any in your cabinet. So I, personally, would’ve left if I had a car and somewhere to sleep. The city is 1 hour away, so I really wouldn’t want to stay here. My dad thought it was “safe”! Ha, what a fantasy. I always knew there was a catch for living here. Well, tomorrow is the day, gotta get ready.

June 13, 1988, 5:30 pm.,
I have already captured one of them and I’m taking him to the temple, so he can react to the religion and crosses around it. I can show everyone hope and take revenge for taking my best friend Sky. You will see sock Puppet Nathan,Puppet Sky, and Puppet May that you were all wrong and I was right and without a doubt, not insane!

June 13, 1988, 10:00 am.,
It took me long but I reveled that they exists and all it took, was me to get bitten, but it was worth it. I was hypnotized and dazed from the bite and was like until they killed the Shikigami. Well, the hunt started an hour ago and I joined. I got a tired from the rioting. We caught one other one and killed it. We still don’t know how many are there in total and if we are going to survive. I know, at least for a fact, that we are going to kill off some of their kind. We both know we can’t coexist together on this Earth, so we are going to go all out and starting with this village! We are going to take back what's ours, the village. We are going to take revenge for the people closest to us, even if we have to take them back to the afterlife! Ugh, I should’ve said that in the rally. I feel so stupid for saying in this log that nobody will read. Well, that can’t be helped, but I can still say it in another rally if I survive today.

I think this is my last day. I have no idea what day, month, much less the year, but I know that one day, someone will hear my voice in this journal. So if you're curious about what happen and how the war started then let me tell you. It started when our villages first raid. We won but they started to win and gain the upper hand. So, like any natural human being, we started to get help. We were the butt of every joke, but we showed proof of their existence and we got support. Meanwhile they started to gather up and it started a war, man vs. demons. It looked like we would win, but we were equal in strength. Usually, a war starts when you try to get power, wealth, or spread religion, but this one was for who will be the dominate species. It looks like this will go on forever. I thought I would see sunlight when I die, but we all don’t get what all the time. This is Ryan Wolf signing out for the last time.

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