June 2, 2017
By AnneStewart, Charlotte, North Carolina
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AnneStewart, Charlotte, North Carolina
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Author's note:

Its a shorty story

           I wiped my eyes with the edge of my sweater as I look at Louis’s casket lowering into the ground. My heart was broken and I was still in shock with everything that happened. The sky looked like it was meant for today. It was dark and cloudy and little droplets of rain were starting to fall down. The casket was finally in the ground. I turned away and started walking to my car, trying to avoid all the people who were going to say “Sorry for your loss.” or “It’s so sad that Louis had to die this way.” There was actually no way.  I don’t know how he died. It all happened so fast. I just want Louis back.
“Beep Beep Beep! . My alarm goes off.  My eyes drown knowing that I had to go to school. I didn’t want to face all the stares. I had no patience or energy to dress nice or put on makeup. I had no one to impress. I went downstairs and my mom is standing in the kitchen making pancakes. She always made me pancakes when she knew I was sad. The smell of maple syrup warmed the kitchen. “Good morning honey, how are you doing?” she said with a uplifting voice. “I’m good.”. Nope I wasn’t good; I lied. She handed me a stack of three pancakes. I couldn’t eat, knowing that my best friend wasn’t going to be at school today.
I pull up into the school parking lot and take a final deep breath. The sky looked the same as it did the day of the funeral.  It brought a sad vibe over my body. I got out of my car and started to walk towards my locker. I notice that my lock on my locker was gone. I walk faster to my locker to see what was up. I open up my locker and see that all of my belongings were gone. My binders, my textbooks, my pencils. Every single thing was gone. The only thing that was in my locker was a small crumpled-up note standing in front of me. It looked like the note has been in my locker for the last couple days. I slowly pick it up making sure no one saw me open it. I looked to my left and then my right and see that nobody was near me. I decided to put in my back pocket and read it in the bathroom. I shut my locker and head towards the nearest ladies room. The bathroom smelled like a straight up mold. I walked into the nearest stall and shut the door quietly. I sat down and took the note out of my pocket. I took another deep breath. Nobody has ever written me a note before. It was first time reading something that was hand-written to me. I slowly open the note. As the note unfolds I see dark red ink in big bubble letters. The first word I see is “YOU”. I keep opening up the letter and I see that it says “ YOU KILLED LOUIS ”. My mouth is wide open by this point and my body starts to shake. I had no idea what to say or think. I quickly fold up the note and put it on the most secret place I could find in my backpack. I quickly walked to first block. All during chemistry, I could only think about who wrote this note. I knew I didn’t kill Louis. Nobody really knew how Louis died. We got in a fight on Saturday night. But that couldn’t kill him.They found him in his bed dead after the party on Saturday night. There was blood, no scars no anything. Some people thought it was a suicide. The thing is that Louis wasn't sad. He was my best friend, I knew everything about him.
     After third period I went to the office to see if anybody had dropped off my textbooks and notes. As I walked into the office, I noticed that there was a bag that said my name on it. I could see that all of my textbooks were in there. The funny thing was that my name was written in the exact same way it was written on the note. Freshly, new red ink with bubble letters. My heart drops. It must have been the same person who wrote the letter.
I quickly snapped the bag and walk out of the office as quick as I can. I felt like someone was watching me and my every move. I looked left and then I looked right again  and see nobody. I walked to my locker making sure that my text books didn't fall out of my bag. I get there and notice that this time I can actually get into my locker . I reached down into my bag and grab a couple text books. As I pull 3 textbooks out, my math book falls directly onto the floor with a loud bang. While I picked it up I see another note fall out from the pages. I couldn't believe it. Another letter. I open it carefully again. “ YOU HURT ME?” . All I could think of is who did I hurt? I didn't do anything to deserve this. I decided to figure out who was doing this to me.
     I walked home that day thinking of a plan. I decided to go to school that night and wait near my locker. It seemed like the person writing the notes came at night.  At 10 o’clock that night I snuck out. My heart was beating a million miles per hour. I get to the school and open the wide, wooden doors. It was dark and all you could hear was my breath. I went up the first flight of stairs to go to my locker. I felt like there was a shadow behind me the whole time.  I get to the school hallway and lock eyes with my locker. All the sudden I hear a deep voice. It sounded like a grown man coming from the bathroom across my locker. I turn around and see a big figure with a black hoodie. My heart dropped. It was Louis. He was alive.

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