June 2, 2017
By Anonymous

Author's note:

This is based off of a dream I had about an insane child attacking me and my sister.

“So that's the job you’re taking? Tutoring?” Mona scoffed, raising an eyebrow at her older sister. She knew Eva was getting a job, but she honestly expected it to be something interesting. Whenever Mona needed money, she always was hired for something dumb. The least she could do was hope her sister lived an exciting life. Eva, when she had found the flier advertising for tutoring positions, had made sure to brag all about it to her dad, who had said Eva would never get a job. Heck, the only reason Eva took the job in the first place was because she needed money, needed to impress her father, and the only other job fliers she could find were for babysitting. Despite being 19, Eva was immature, and the last time she babysat she yelled at the baby for throwing up in her car. She never took a similar job again.

     “I’m only taking that crappy job because dad told me it would be good for my health. Good for my health. Can you believe he thought that would be a valid reason? I should’ve asked for salad bar manager. That would be more entertaining than tutoring.” Eva’s face morphed into a disgusted expression as she remembered the horrible experience she had while working at a joint for healthy food. She regretted those meals she could never take back. The meals where she had to eat tomatoes and celery and protein bars. Eva threw up in her mouth just at the thought.

     “If tutoring is that bad, I’ll come with you.” Mona offered, putting down the book she was previously reading.. She knew she’d just be looking up strange things on the internet the entire time Eva worked, not that Eva would care at all.

     “Yeah, sure, that would be awesome. Just don’t distract the ten year-old kid I’m helping with Español. Who takes Spanish in fourth grade, anyway?!” Frowning, Eva raised her eyebrows when she realized that it was incredibly unusual for a fourth grader whose parents were supposedly from Russia to be learning Spanish instead of a language more similar to, well, Russian. She erased the trail of thought from her brain and took her attention back to Mona.

     “Doesn’t your session start in ten minutes? We should get going. We’ll probably be late.” Mona added ever-so-helpfully. Eva sighed in annoyance and grabbed a random coat from the coatrack, tying it around her waist. She tugged at her silver fish necklace, a habit that showed itself every so often. Mona looked at her own golden seal necklace and held open the door for Eva as they went on their way.

     Eva smashed the doorbell of the house at least twenty-two times before Mona stopped waiting for her older sister to be polite and just grabbed her arm mid doorbell-smash. Eva shot Mona a nasty look before simply using her other arm to point at the door and bring attention to the fact that it was cracked open just a peek. Looking down at Eva, Mona pursed her lips in a silent response.

     “It was left open, you idiot.” Eva said. Mona was angered easily by the insult.




     “Son of a—”

     “LET’S JUST GO INSIDE.” Mona used her free arm to shove Eva through the doorway, realizing a moment too late that it was considered rude to do that. Whatever. Their dad would have done the same had he taken a job like tutoring, right?

     Eva, glaring at her sister with her shiny brown eyes, shut the door behind herself with a loud bang. Mona rolled her eyes in response, but Eva didn’t notice. She was too busy staring at some sort of strange inscription on the wall and knotting her dark hair nervously. Eva had to break that habit. Because of it, her hair had more split ends then a feral cat. Mona was proud of her perfect bob haircut, even though in the last year Eva had tried to cut it with baby scissors at least four times.

     “Why did they invite us over if they need to clean this off of the wall? And what kind of sick child uses red crayon to draw all over their living room?” Eva, puzzled, looked at the inscription up and down. It seemed meaningless, and almost disturbing. She felt her heart leap when Mona tapped her shoulder, even though the situation wasn't dangerous. Something about the house felt...off.

     “Why was their door even open? It’s weird. I think we should leave.” Mona grabbed at Eva’s arm, but she pulled it away.

     “Dude, I need this job. I have like, ten dollars left in my possession. I don't care how screwed up the kid is.” Eva started into the next room, turning her head back and forth in search of the family. Suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, a little girl in a pink dress appeared in the kitchen, a wide smile stretched across her face. Eva stepped back, startled at the girl’s sudden entrance.

     “Are you Eva? We've been expecting you.” The girl tilted her head in such a way that it seemed impossible to do so without breaking one’s neck. Mona peeked her head into the room and raised an eyebrow at the girl’s questionable neck angle. She almost screamed when a cold hand rested itself on her shoulder. She turned around, afraid of what she would see when her eyes met what was attached to the hand.

     “Hello, I presume you are Eva’s sister? We were not aware you were….coming with her.” A pale man accompanied by an even paler woman towered above Mona at abnormal heights, scaring both her and her sister quite a bit more then they would have wanted to keep in good health. “Do you need to go to the bathroom? It's in the next room over, We need to talk to Eva for a few minutes.”

     Mona nodded nervously and walked at a fast pace into the other room, occasionally glancing behind her. Eva could hear her sister lock the door when she arrived at her more private destination.

     “So w-what did you want to talk to me about?” Eva asked, trying to avoid staring at the somewhat-creepy girl she was to tutor.

     “Our little girl loves people like you, and she really---” The adults’ voice faded into the background as Eva noticed that the little girl was now directly to the right of her. Eva tried to stop thinking about how the girl could’ve possible moved so quickly without anybody noticing. She brought her gaze back to her clients.

     “---and lastly, her name is Thánatos. Make sure that you pronounce the á like---”
Eva glanced to the side only to see Thánatos’ arm reaching, reaching, reaching upward. It didn’t make sense! A child’s arm should not have been able to stretch to such a length! Eva finally decided that she had finally lost the plot and ignored Thánatos.

     Until she felt a cold hand brush against her face.

     Eva swiveled around, half-terrified and half curious. How did such a small girl get her arm all the way up to Eva’s face?

     Thánatos’ arm was stretched from her small body up to Eva’s shoulder now, defying what a human could possibly do with an arm. It was as if the limb was rubber, extended beyond what muscle and flesh could ever do without some serious surgery or operation. Eva finally gave up on being polite.

     “SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH YOUR CHILD!” She yelled, and Thánatos’ arm shot back into a more-human position. Eva’s eyes went wide at the sight and she stepped backwards, terrified of...whatever that thing was!

     “Oh, yes, we know. She’s not the only one in the family.” Both parents smiled in such an unnerving way that Eva had to keep herself from grabbing whatever sharp objects were around her. On second thought, maybe she should’ve grabbed a knife, or something of the sort.

     “Wha---Get away from me!” Eva screamed, beginning to turn around and start a sprint. She would’ve gotten away, too, if it weren't for the moment she stopped when she remembered her sister was in the bathroom.

     “You’ll be great fertilizer for our garden. Won’t she, Thánatos?” The father said, and Thánatos smiled. Eva screamed as she was thrown against the wall by some unknown force. She struggled to break free, but whatever was holding her against the peeling walls wouldn't let go. Thánatos raised her pale hand up and examined it. She cracked her knuckles and took a step closer to Eva.

     “Thánatos, are you sure you want to kill her now? Her sister is still in the bathroom. She may….interrupt.” The mother said. The little girl turned around.

     “Mommy, don’t tell me what to do. You do not want me to hurt you, да?” Thánatos’ eyes dilated and her mother nodded, taking her leave and disappearing into the kitchen. The father followed close behind.

     Thánatos turned her attention back to Eva, who was screaming too loudly and making far too much of a fuss to be killed in an effortless way. Thánatos decided that she needed to get the job done fast. If she was fast enough, maybe she could get the sister, too.

    Jabbing Eva in the stomach with her icy hands, Thánatos noticed that she had rarely done the same in the past. Usually she’d just stab them. But not today. She wanted to see Eva suffer. Thánatos had punches stronger than any little girl. Than any man. Than any human.

     Slipping away and trickling elsewhere, Eva’s life force was leaving her body quickly. Where was...what was her name?...Mona? Was she dead? What was dead? Was it relief? Or was it pain? Eva couldn't think clearly with the violence of the moment clouding her mind.

     What if the reason her sister wasn’t helping her was because she was already dead?

     Eva decided to call it a day and give up. Who cared that it would be her last day? She sure didn’t.

     Suddenly, Mona came sprinting down a hallway with a frying pan. Eva thought she was imagining things. Why was her sister so late?

     Thánatos was fast, but because she didn't know Mona was there, Mona was faster. Mona brought the frying pan down on Thánatos’ head as forcefully as she could, knocking the girl---or whatever it was---to the floor and taking her consciousness away. Eva fell from her position on the wall to her knees, panting and spitting blood. Mona grabbed her sister’s arms, pulling her to an upright position and holding her up.

     “Mo—na? How did you get out of the---bathroom? Where are the parents?” Eva coughed once more, blood making its way onto the floor.

     “Shhh, don't talk. When I went to the bathroom, let's just say that those creature forgot to take care of their last victim. I just took a frying pan and ambushed the parents. They were pretty slow.” Mona cringed at the memory of the dead body rotting in the bathtub. She looked behind her shoulder as the pair made it to the door, just in case someone was still there. Arms shaking with exhaustion and fear, groaned and opened the door.

     Mona dragged Eva’s weakening body around the block until she was sure that the murderous family couldn't find them quickly. To Eva’s displeasure, she was placed against a tree and told to wait. Mona dialled 9-1-1 on her phone, holding it to her ear with one finger, something she had done since she was a child.

     “Hello? Oh, thank God. There's a family that worked together to try and kill my sister. The address is—”

     Eva stared at her sister as she made the call. Mona had never been this calm in her life. Heck, when she got a B- on a test she almost died of a heart attack. The only situation close to this was five years ago, when a man broke in and had stabbed their mother to death, and Mona sure wasn't half this calm back then. Something was wrong. Eva could feel it.

     “Thank you. Please dispose of the family correctly.” Mona finished her call and hung up. Eva’s attention was brought back to her sister as Mona began to speak.

     “The police are coming to that house. They should be taken care of soon.”

     “Mona…?” Eva asked.


     “You aren't just a little freaked out by this?”

     “Of course I am. I'm as freaked out as a llama without her pajamas.”

     “A-alright then.”

     Soon enough, an ambulance drove right by, only to stop and back up. Two men hopped out of the vehicle, grabbing Eva from under her arms and hoisting her into the ambulance. They led Mona in with her sister and closed the iron doors. Both sisters couldn't help but notice the driver’s growing annoyance with one of the doctors in the back, a messy-haired, pale man with almost no concern for what was going on. Mona felt annoyance egging at her too, after a while.

   “Excuse me, but I would be more satisfied if you would stop acting as if my sister being hit multiple times in the chest by a psychopathic ten year-old was no big deal.” Mona scowled at the man, causing Eva to whimper. She wanted anything but a fight at that point.

     “I’m not worried, because this happens all the time.” Shiny black shoes tapping at the floor, the man said, “Isipoki have been running wild for a few months now.”

     Mona almost slapped the man. What the hell were isipoki, for God’s sake? Couldn’t this man give one damn about Eva’s health? The man extended his hand to Mona, raising his eyebrows. She did the same to him, but with more of a hostile expression. “What on earth are you doing that for?”

     “I’m asking if you want to shake my hand. Isn’t that what you do? Isn’t that polite?” He asked. “I’m simply trying to introduce myself, but it seems that you have no interest in that. I’ll just tell you right now that my name is Hans and that your sister will be fine.”

     Mona heard her sister breath in relief. She wanted to do the same, but why give...whatever his name was...Hans...satisfaction?

     “Anyway, we’re at the hospital. We’ll treat your sister. I’m going to go kill the isipoki. Wait here with the patient.” Hans shoved the ambulance doors open and hopped out, beginning to walk away. The driver sighed as he noticed what was going on.

     “You’d better go with him. He’s just going to get into trouble again.” The driver suggested. Mona glanced at her sister, who had apparently fallen asleep while everyone else was talking. Mona wanted to stay, but honestly, she wanted to know what the hell an isipoki was. She jumped out of the ambulance, stumbled and scraped her knee, then set off running after the strange man.

     “Are you looking for me?”

Mona swivelled around mid-run, tripping and falling onto her bottom. Hans had walked up behind her somehow, scaring the living daylights out of Mona.

     “HOW THE HELL DID YOU GET BEHIND ME, YOU CREEPY SON OF A B****?!” Mona used her arms to push herself back up, looking into the eyes of the pale man who stood before her.

     “I just moved to the side as you sprinted by and caught up to you later. You’re awfully slow.” Hans moved a hair on his forehead back. Mona looked him up and down. He wasn’t necessarily bad looking, he just had the clothing choice of an 80 year-old man and acted like he was planning to rob you in an alleyway.

     “Why are you staring at me? Have you come to help me kill the isipoki?” Hans grabbed Mona by the arm, dragging her down the street. She didn’t know what was going on, but she went with it. Clearly, it was pointless to try and annoy or defy this man. She realized he was speaking and snapped her attention back to him.

     “You brought spoons, right? You remembered the spoons?” Hans said.

     “Why would spoons hurt a child who’s probably possessed by satan?”

     “Because she’s not possessed by satan, so the spoon will hurt her.”

     “Thanks for the description, dude.”

     “You are very welcome.”

      Soon enough, the pair arrived at the house with the demonic child, and before Mona could ask about a game plan of any kind, Hans sprinted up to the door and kicked it down, a loud crash filling the house. Mona’s mouth fell agape. She didn’t bother asking herself what was going on. As she jogged to catch up with the man, who was now entering the house, something screamed within her brain. A shrill alarm-like sound filled her head, disturbing everything within her. A sound could be heard beside that...no, a voice? What was that?

     Mona, your mind is quite comfortable, you know that? I’d love to stay here longer, all cooped up and snuggled, but I think it’s time. You sister suspects you of something. She doesn't know what yet, but she'll find out about me if I don't take action now. You have been acting unusually calm ever since I entered your brain. I think that soon enough my existence will be obvious. Just remember that I am coming soon...very soon…

     “Hey kid! I thought you were coming!” Hans hollered from the door. Mona snapped her attention back to the situation at hand and jogged to keep up with her companion. Hans walked inside of the house, pulling Mona along with him. She struggled a bit, but stopped when she noticed the dead bodies of the girl’s parents on the kitchen floor. Mona felt disturbed, but was even more disturbed at her lack of reaction, such as throwing up or screaming. Something felt...wrong.

     “Hey, kid, are you alright? You’ve been out of it for a few seconds. This is not the time to be acting like that.” Hans waved his pale hand back and forth in front of Mona’s face. He furrowed his brows. Maybe this isipoki was smart and it...no, it wasn't likely, but it was always a possibility. Eventually Mona snapped out of her daze, only to have a thousand questions fluttering through her mind.

     “What’s an isipoki? What does it do? How do we kill it? Will it kill us first? How does---”

     “Please shut up. An isipoki is what you humans call a ghost.”

     Mona couldn't help but notice how he said “you humans”.

     “An isipoki usually comes back for revenge of some kind, usually living in the house that they inhabited while alive. We can kill them by swatting them three times with a spoon. They can also possess others, if strong enough. I believe that this one possessed that little girl and her family was too scared to do anything about it, so they helped her get what she wanted and killed others.” Hans fell silent and guided his partner to the kitchen, stealing looks around every corner in case something was waiting for them. Noticing a set of drawers under the sink, he pulled every one open, producing lots of noise. Grabbing two spoons, he sprinkled some sort of powder on them and gave one to Mona, keeping one for himself. Mona flinched as the cold metal touched her sweaty hands.

     “What on earth were you thinking, making all of that noise? It could've heard us!” Mona hissed. Hans shrugged.

     “I don’t think the isipoki’s here anymore, but I have a pretty good guess where it may have headed or the person it may have possessed. Come with me. Keep your spoon close to you at all times.”

     Mona sighed. The stupid spoon was freezing and burning simultaneously, and she didn’t want to know what that powder was doing to her hands. The powder porobably caused the reaction in the first place.

    Hans once again started dragging Mona to God knows where, ignoring her constant questions and insults. He hadn’t said it, but he knew exactly where the creature was. He just needed some...confirmation of some kind. Didn’t want to hurt a person just because of an extremely educated and likely guess.

    Soon enough the pair arrived at...the hospital?

    “My sister is in there, and you’re telling me that a killer ghost is just wandering around inside? How nice.” Mona gripped the spoon more tightly in her anger at the man she thought would save her sister’s life.

     “No, we’re just visiting her to see how she’s doing.”

     Hans led Mona up to Eva’s hospital room, and the second that the sisters saw each other, they screamed girlishly. Mona stayed where she was, even if she was acting excited. Hans raised his eyebrows when he noticed this. Wouldn’t she...hug her sister or something? Wasn’t that what humans did when they loved each other? Eva obviously noticed it too, because her happy expression turned sour.

     “What’s wrong with you? Why aren't you coming over here? Hug me, dude! I thought you would die in there when they told me where you went!”

     Mona shook her head. Suddenly, she didn't really care, for some reason.

     “I KNEW IT!” Hans exclaimed, and suddenly, before Mona could react, he shoved her forward. She tried to keep her balance, but failed, landing right on top on her sister and the hospital bed. Eva shut her eyes and screeched.


     Mona turned to look at her sister and apologize, getting back up. Eva’s eyes widened in terror when she saw that her sister was no longer human looking.

     “WH-WHAT?! HER FACE CHANGED! SHE LOOKS LIKE FREDDY KRUEGER AND A SQUASH HAD A BABY!” Eva, despite the horrible pain she was in, rolled of of the hospital bed, still managing to attempt humour. Hans drew his spoon, holding it steadily in front of his face.

     “Mona, did you know that when someone possessed by a isipoki touches someone they love, the isipoki turns to its true form?” Hans suddenly launched himself forward, swatting at Mona...or whatever it was...with the spoon. Eva dragged herself under the bed, fearful for what would happen next.

     Mona didn't know what was going on. She had been feeling strangely lately, but she didn't know it was because she was...possessed? The strange voice from earlier started speaking, a language she couldn't understand.

   Iubaeque sanguineae super nos lucem. It is time for me to awaken!

     Something pushed itself against Mona’s chest, her soul, and her heart. It began to flood her with strange motions she had never felt before. What kind of anger and sadness could've been hiding itself deep within the tunnels of her being for her to feel the way she did now? The sensation was taking over her brain, her thoughts, and her senses, but it was not pleasant. It felt like depression itself had decided it was going to move into her body, bringing all of its belongings with it. Her consciousness faded, replaced with the mind of the isipoki, now fighting for its life against Hans, who was still swinging his spoon around.

     “I always knew that you had possessed Mona. That powder I put on the spoon was just glitter. When you reacted to the spoon and your hand turned red,” He nodded at her hand, which looked like someone had itched a scab too many times, “I knew that you presumed I would think it was because of the glitter, or what you thought was some sort of magic ingredient from another world. However, my trick worked, and when I noticed your other strange behaviours, it was decided! You were possessing that girl!” Hans dodged a swing of the creature’s hand. Eva was impressed by the man’s plan, to say the least, but how was he going to get it out of her sister? It suddenly spoke, using Mona’s voice.

     Eva felt rage forming in her heart. How dare that revolting creature use Mona as a puppet! Pulling herself out from under the bed, she grabbed the back of her fish necklace and undid it. She caught it before it fell to the floor. Struggling to stand, Eva noticed that the monster was facing away from her, towards Hans. A plan formed in her head.

     “GET THE HELL OUTTA MY SISTER, YOU UGLY SON OF A B****!” Eva threw herself at the monster’s back, wrapping the necklace around its neck. The necklace wasn't that strong, but it held it's place well, especially since Eva’s main goal was not to choke her sister, but to distract her for a second. It worked better than expected. Hans gasped.

     “The necklace is burning her just like the spoon! It never occurred to me that the material is what repels it! It's not spoons on their own, but silver! With my spoon and your necklace, we've gotten two blows and only need ONE MORE!”

     He jumped forward, landing a final hit on the distracted isipoki. Eva pulled her necklace away from the creature as it collapsed, panting. A steam of some kind came from Mona’s body.

     “What's happening to my sister?” Eva asked, frantic. Hans smiled.

     “We did it. The isipoki is leaving her body.”

      Eva didn't bother asking what an isipoki was.

      The steam eventually stopped, to Eva’s relief. The burn marks on Mona’s throat and hand were gone as if they had never been there at all. Hans shook the girl back to consciousness, because according to him, “newbies like to pass out a lot”.

     “What on Earth happened? Am I still possessed? Why is Hans glowing?” Mona pushed herself up into a sitting position. Eva looked at Hans. He didn't seem to be glowing, but her sister had just been possessed by steam, so she'd believe pretty much anything at that point.

     “And how did you know my name? While I was trapped in that...thing’s mind, you called me by name, but I never told you what it was.” Mona asked. Hans smiled warmly.

     “I know much more than you think I know about this universe, human.” He said.

      “Woah, are you like, a god?” Eva’s eyes went wide. Hans chucked.

      “No, I'm not a god, but I'm pretty close to it if we're going by human stories and lore. I am a melek. A being from a land far from yours, created to protect innocents from the creatures of the night. I am what humans call a guardian angel.”

     Eva and Mona looked at each other and looked back to the angel, but he was gone. Looking at each other again with even wider eyes, they noticed that he was simply standing in the corner.

    “What the hell? You just left and came back? Did you do that to look cool?” Eva stood up, finally giving in to her sore stomach and laying down on the hospital bed.

     “No. I came back to tell you that you should check out my blog, https://www.i_like_food.com/dead-inside. It took ten dollars to make, so make sure to share it with all of your friends.” And with that, he disappeared again.

    “Dear God,” Eva said, “Heaven must be boring if that's the name of his website.”

     “I can't believe that's what you think about when some random guy just told us he was an angel.” Mona replied.

    “So you wanna get pizza or something?” Eva asked.

    “You're in the hospital. You can't do that. Wait, how did the nurses not notice screaming and ghosts and stuff coming from our room?” Mona said.

    “It’s called sound magic. I just muted it so nobody would hear.” Hans had appeared again in the corner with no warning.


     “Okay, bye. What's a son of a b****?” Hans asked. Both Mona and Eva sighed, and a giggle escaped Eva’s mouth.

     “Never mind that, just get us a pizza if you're coming back again. I haven't eaten in like, an entire hour.” Eva said. Hans shook his head and disappeared.

     “I don't think he's coming back. I mean, you just asked an angel to buy food for you. That's really uncool.” Mona said. “Oh, has dad dropped by to see you?”

     “No, but I'm sure he's busy, as always. It doesn't matter. After all, I have you and some random angel or whatever that you keep checking out.” Eva smirked.

     “I was not checking him out!” Mona rolled her eyes.

     “Who was checking who out? I got a pizza.”

      Both girls screamed. Hans was nowhere to be seen, but he had been there, as a box of pizza was now resting on the floor. Eva sighed.

     “Well, now that we have our pizza, we can discuss what the hell just happened. Start at the beginning, Mona. We have lots to catch up on.”

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