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Horror Forest

May 12, 2017
By blockofgouda79 BRONZE, Cedar City, Utah
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blockofgouda79 BRONZE, Cedar City, Utah
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"Better an OOPS than a what if."
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Author's note:

I have always enjoyed writing narratives, especially thriller stories, the excitement is worth it.

We hadn’t been playing long before mum called us in for supper. Tonight we would be dining like kings. Our stay at aunt Shanell’s would be brief. She sure did know how to stir up a pot of jumbo. And let me tell you, it was the best thing that has ever entered my mouth, being the perfect temperature, and just the kind of food to shoot me out of my moody state. Before I could think any more marvelous thoughts about the soup, my mother had told us a “surprise” she had been wanting to tell us for a while now.
“Children, hush, hush,” she said in a quiet, yet exciting voice that somehow intrigued me, “We will be, in a matter of weeks, henceforth residents of New Forest, England.”
“Mum, do you really think that that is a good idea. We love it here! Why would we go to New Forest… ENGLAND?” I nearly shouted, but had a dangerous tone in my voice.
“I do not expect you to understand, Ella, I just want you to trust me.” Mum said, she was vexed, and obviously was not afraid to show it.
I scrunched my face and ran off, I did not want to speak to her, nor would I want to say anything I would regret. When I came upon my bedroom door, I slowly opened it. The thin wooden door creaked as I pushed it, going forth into my room I fell backwards onto my soft bed, and took a few deep breaths. . .
“One, two, three. . .” I lied their, calm, but still confused in anger about our terrible news. While on my backside I stared at the ceiling with a blank face. I did not know what to think. Why had this hit me so hard? What did I do to deserve this- what I would call- punishment? Everyone was perfectly happy in Wales, without a doubt, I had heard some pretty interesting rumors about places in England, peculiar happenings and such. With no question I did not believe any of the strange incidents, I had no reason to. Everything all sounded nothing, but… fake in my mind. I was definitely not the brightest, nor was I the bravest, I owned fair attributes I would always say. We had never been the family with a whole lot of money, but we came up with it one way or another, just enough to get us by.
Mother- tiptoeing on light, quiet feet- approached my bed. I guessed she had hoped not to startle me during my thoughts, but, very predictably, had failed.
“I know you need space and time to accept this, but I thought you needed to talk it out with someone.” She said in a very low, almost silky tone.
“If I said I liked change I would be lying. Mum… why must we do this? What led you to make this decision? Tell me, I beg of you tell me why must we. . .” I reached no further in speech before I began to cry. Tears ran down my cheeks, leaving blue streaks and wet lines. Mother picked me up and held me in her arms, smoothing my hair down, and placing her chin atop my head. I could hear her softly crying as well, in an instant everything went black. Before I could count my sheep, I lie, fast asleep.
I awoke and packed up. Our tremendous stay had come to a close. As I folded my clothes again, soundlessly almost breathlessly, Mum crept into my room, jumping up like a spider behind me,
“How are you holding up Ella? I’m worried about you, you know.” Mother said.
“I understand your concern, but honestly, I am doing all that well. Why must we move? Can’t you tell me?” I asked, feeling nothing, but hurt and anger.
“Your father, as you must know, has been recently promoted from Wales to England. I have high hopes for you, Ella, and I do believe you will love it there. We will be staying in a very large home with a very spacious yard. Perfect for all of your ‘adventures’ you go on.” She replied.
“I do suppose it would be nice to live in a bigger house, but I adore Wales. Despite the size of our home, it is quite lovely.” I had tried to say in a calm manner but I was too angry now, not understanding our circumstances. How had I not thought about Pa getting a promotion? He was indeed doing very well in all his works, and his boss did favor him, but never would I have thought of them to accept the promotion.
No longer did we speak before my little sister, Coraline walked through the door. Coraline, as you will, was a very unique child. Her skin was extremely pale, white like fresh fallen snow on an early December morning. The mop that lie on her head was a dreadful black and never looked clean. She had two dark brown eyes, just leaning on the border of black. Her body shape was awfully small, she had thin bow-shaped legs that could never withstand the midday wind. As a result she remained inside most of her life. Her waist was uncommonly thin, for she had always suffered of an eating disorder, commonly known as anorexia. She was short, but tall for her age of 9. In a way, she scared me, everywhere I went, every corner I took, there she was, standing there holding her little brown teddy bear, wearing a blue tattered dress, and black flats. Every day, this continuously went on. I don’t know why she would act this way, but ever since the accident she never was the same. Coraline was not exactly my sister, though, she was my… step-sister. I never wanted my mom to remarry, but it was for the best. Coraline’s mother was in a terrible incident, a car accident to be precise. They were coming back from a family trip in England. As they were winding down the mountain, and the brakes stopped working. It was a difficult road to drive on the weather conditions were no help, for the heavy rain caused the dirt road to be very slippery and it soon became challenging to see. Just as they were going down the final bend, it was a sharper turn than they anticipated. The car was going very fast due to the steepness of the mountain, soon everyone was screaming the car made an ear shattering screech. They went off the edge into a nearby river. Only my Father, Alfie, and Coraline survived the crash, walking away with only a few cuts and bruises. Their mother, Alice, was the only one in the vehicle that was not wearing a seat belt. When the car hit the surface, she immediately flew out the window and died within seconds. Poor, poor Coraline has never been the same since. Something so traumatic happened to a little 5 year old girl, she does ever act like she used to. I would prefer describe her as, disturbed. Alfie was deeply hurt by the happening, but did not take it a hard as Coraline had.
After we put our stuff in our small red ford, we drove back to our household only to pack up our stuff again. As we pulled up to our house, every evacuated the car. I wanted to stay behind, this was the last time I would be able to take a long look at our beautiful red brick house. For the first time I would actually miss the ugly pale green door that guarded the front of the house. Astonishing purple pansies wrapped around the perimeter of the yard while two magnificent Horse Chestnuts embellished the driveway.
As I got out of our car, I grabbed my suitcase, and my father pulled up next to me.
“How are you Ella?” Pa said with a playful expression on his face.
“Okay,” I muttered.
“I know it is very troublesome and quite laborious to interpret all this now, but it is a great opportunity for me. This promotion is huge, one would foolish as to not accept the offer.” he interjected.
“There is no choice so why fight.” my reasons to object were few. With no further comments Coraline came outside and jumped into Pa’s arms.
“Papa! Your back! How I have missed you!” she shouted.
“Oh, oh Coraline, I have missed you so much!” he said, kissed her on the forehead then brought her back into a tight hug. I wanted nothing to do with her, I turned around only to see Coraline giving off a scornful smile.
When I entered the house Mum was in the kitchen packing up all the pots.
“Ella…” Mother cried, catching my attention, I walked towards her slowly, and set my suitcase down.
“We have informed that we must report to England in the next week, only giving us ten days two pack. Your fathers boss had said in a matter of weeks, but the company demands us to be completely moved in next week.” Mum effused.
I was speechless.
“Wha… What do you expect me to say Mum?” I murmured.
“It is not something you can reply to easily. Change can be very hard, all I need is for you to cooperate with me. Please go to your room and begin packing.” she divulged.
Our house was all packed up and we were ready to leave. My room appeared much bigger empty, every room did. The sight of our house saddened me. We had sold it two days before we were completely out. It made me happy, in a way, to know that our house would be once again full of joy.
As we pulled out of our driveway for the final time, I found myself in tears. Oh how I would miss this happy place I called home.
I turned around and faced forward to see Coraline sneering. Ma and Pa had been trying to persuade me into approving all of this, but I stared out the window with a blank face. My emotions were confused, and had no way to express themselves to any one nevertheless myself. The hills rolled as if they were only a ripple carrying throughout the sea. The sky was grey and the clouds carried in thick. Rain was pouring down heavily. I feel asleep to the sound of the water pelting our windshield and roof.
I awoke, not knowing where I was. My ‘nap’ had been well over three hours and I for one, did not feel like sleeping beauty. My dreams were everything but sunshine and rainbows. I had woke up struck with horror, envisioning how our move to England would be. I looked up to see Coraline fast asleep, her black hair fell over her face in tangles. Mom was asleep as well, it had been a long week, and we were all exhausted. Dad was wide awake at the wheel, and had a tight grip. He was clearly tired with no doubt in my mind, and he was scared. Neither Dad or Coraline had been in this part of England since the accident. He glanced back at me through the rear-view mirror,
“How was your nap, Ella?” he effused.
“I was not how I wanted in to be, my dreams were outrageous. It is a wonder how I slept that long.” I slurred, still half asleep.
“At least you got some sleep.” Dad exasperated.
“I guess so…” I muttered, not fully understanding his condition. The rest of the way I kept to myself, mostly pondering about New Forest. I had not the slightest clue as to what I would do there. All of my friends were back in Wales, and it would take some time to make new ones there. I am unusually tall, and have a slim figure. My hair is silky dark brown and runs down to my waist. I have blue eyes like the ocean’s waves, and my skin is rather tan. New friends are not impossible to make, but with an odd height and figure such as mine, it might as well be ‘impossible.’

When we arrived to New Forest in the fresh early morning, I was told our house was on the other side of the town located in the middle of a thick forest. Our two-day trip was long and tiresome, I was hungry, and wanted to finally see what our house would look like. I would have to admit that I was rather excited to see it, but I did not want to express it to my family.
As we made our way through the tall evergreens, I began to notice how foggy it was all around. We went around a narrow bend and there it was,
“How do you like it?” Dad exclaimed with anticipation. Mother woke up, startled by his abrupt comment.
“Alfie, oh! how charming it is!” Mum yelled. Coraline was not pleased about all of the noise causing her to wake up.
“It really is something, a real looker I’d say.” Dad seemed to be very intrigued, “ What do you think Ella?”
“It’s not what I had in mind, but I guess it will have to do.” I said in a sassy tone.
“Well I think it is quite lovely.” Coraline snorted.
“I am glad you find it appealing.” Dad proclaimed.
The house itself was not bad, the yard made all the difference, it was rather treacherous. The buildings color was dark cream, it had a black roof, and a big dark wood door. The size of the house was very large indeed but it did not reach my expectations. Dead bushes and flowers covered the yard and front of the house.
I went inside, following my mother and father. Dark hardwood floor lie untouched for decades. The walls were a light cream, almost white. Windows decorated the walls in every area they could be placed. Mum soon showed me to my room, located right in the middle of my parents room and Coraline’s room. It was a lot bigger than my old room. My walls were painted a dark green, and I had one large window with long silver drapes at the other end of my room. My bedspread was titanium white and the frame was dark wood, almost the same shade as the floor. It was simple but doable. I walked out into the hall, and Coraline was standing there with her teddy bear, she slowly turned and walked into her room.
After most of our furniture, decor, and clothing was unpacked, I progressed to my room, sat in my favorite purple chair, and picked up Great Expectations by Charles Dickens. I got so into the novel,  I had not realized that the sun had began to fall behind the mountains, giving off a cotton candy effect. Just as I set my book down Mother called me in for supper. We were having Roast beef and Yorkshire pudding tonight, one meal I favored very much. I could smell the meal before I got to the kitchen, and loved every whiff I got. After I took my first bite into my dinner, the lights began to flicker, on and off, on and off, very slowly. One minute into this happening, the lights changed to a faster rate in speed. In a matter of five minutes all of our power went completely out. I shrieked, dropped to the floor under the table, and tucked my head in my knees. Mother soon did the same. Ten minutes had ticked by, then dad came in with two candles blazing in the darkness.
“We will have to check on that tomorrow. Everyone go to your rooms with these candles this may be an issue for a day or two, it does not look so good.” Dad explained.
“How bad?” Mum asked.
“I cannot be exactly sure but I believe we will be going with no power for two days, at the most.” he replied.
I returned to my room, then fell asleep with both of my candles still lit.
When I woke up all of my clothes were scattered all over the floor. I sat up puzzled. I got up then proceeded out of bed to examine the scene. I picked up my favorite pink shirt, then, in an instant, threw it back down, there was a bloody handprint on the back. I screamed at the top of my lungs. There on the wall- as I looked up- “Leave this place, or you will be sorry.” written in black paint.
Mum entered my room and with Pa and stopped dead in her tracks.
“What do we do?” Mum questioned.
“What can we do?” Pa gulped.
Coraline stepped out of her room rubbing her eyes,
“What are you doing?” She slurred.
She soon knew after lifting her head. So, we spent our whole day cleaning up my room.
The night fell upon us quicker that we planned. I tiptoed into my parents room to tell them goodnight, then tiptoed back. When I had reached the doorway of the room , I stood there. I was staring at something, to this day I do not know exactly what it was… it was something, watching me, my fear, growing ever strong, dropped to the floor. Emotions can not drop to the floor, but mine did, somehow, they found a way. I saw metallic eyes, reflecting light that had been coming from the room directly across the hall. In an instant, the eyes slowly closed-opened then rolled back revealing nothing but a straight black darkness. A feeling of evil swept over me. Just as ominous as it had came, the creature scratched the floor leaving long deep markings, making a high pitched noise that made my ears scream in immense pain, then left. I sprinted into my parents room and mum held me, just as she had in Wales. That night, I ended up spending the night in her room.
When the first crack of sunlight inched over the trees I awoke, quietly lifted myself out of bed only to find another note on my wall, “I Warned You, Now You're Too Late!” I nearly threw up, I was fearful, I could not handle myself. I began to sob, while absolutely petrified.
“Ella!” mum ran in and shouted, “No Ella, not again… not again. I cannot do this right now, let’s go fix some tea to help calm you down.”
We had reached the kitchen only to find that all of the dishware had been thrown and shattered all around the room. Mum fell to her knees and began to cry.
“This was not a good idea. We were all so happy in Wales.” She sobbed.
That dreadful day we picked up the broken glass and scrubbed my wall. This continuously went on for five horrifying nights.
This continuously went on for five horrifying nights.
As the light of the day broke into the moonless night, we once again braved the house and got prepared for bed. I was to sleep in my own room, for my parents bed was not fit for three. Therefore, I crawled into my bed sheets. I had been woken up by knocking at my door at what I guessed was 2 a.m. Being too afraid to speak, I remained silent. I watched as my doorknob began to turn back and forth, back and forth, very slowly. It then began to shake violently.
“I know you are in there!” a loud voice shouted, “Rrraaaah, I can smell your fear, and how strong it is now.” I drew the covers over my head. Slowly I heard the door open, light footsteps made their way towards me. Two hands grabbed by covers throwing them back. There standing with her teddy bear, Coraline, was it? Her eyes pierced into me, they seemed to look deeply into soul. As I got a closer look, those were not eyes! Eyes have color, not those ones, they were white like the little puffy clouds on a bright blue-sky day, isolated from the rest. With one hand, she grasped my arm, with the other, she covered my mouth. She demanded I do as I am told, I was never planning to prevail. She dragged me down the hall, my feet failed to stay with the rest of my body. I followed her outside where we went into the forest. The air was an opaque darkness, and smelled of smoke. She went down the stairs leaving me at the top, as quickly as she had left, she came back up not facing toward me. Her head completely twisted around therefore, her face faced me. The rest of her body faced eastward unlike her westbound head.
At the bottom of the stairs I found out what all of that smoke smell was coming from. There was a small cottage set aflame in the center of a triangle of trees. She opened the door and threw me into the burning house. It was extremely hot inside. I began to cough almost to the point where blood came out. I looked out the window, Coraline was not alone, five other figurines surrounded her, all laughing. How did me burning to death provide amusement?
Twenty minutes had commenced and I was now suffering from major burns all over my body. I sat in the center of the room. I looked up, it was Coraline's teddy bear. It stood up, and began to open its mouth,
  “Mama, Mama, come save me, mama,” it said in a high pitched voice, “help me, save me, watch me mama.” I grabbed the nearest object and smacked the bear as if I had been playing golf  when things could not get any worse, an estimate of twenty five teddy bears came out crying, “Mama, Mama, come save us, Mama, help us, save us, watch us Mama.”
I ran towards the door, and with all my might busted it down. That door had to have been bigger than a mountain. As I fell to the ground all the things took my dragging me to a nearby lake. They tied a one hundred pound weight to my left leg, threw me into the lake, and walked away. I began to struggle, I began to sink, down under, further and further I went. My body was cold, I felt alone. I wanted Mum to hold me, I wanted her to tell me it would all be okay, it was all just a dream I had been wrapped up in too long to understand the difference between reality and illusions. All my life I wanted to do so many great things when I grew up, how could it end here?
I had held my breath for as long as possible, I finally let go. Like snow falls in a summer storm, two arms seized me around my waist, pulling me up onto shore. CPR immediately took place. I felt a hard push on my chest, water came out of my mouth like a whale hole, and I drew in a breath. My mother had gone to check on me in the night, when I was not there she began to search, finding me here.
“Mum!”I screamed.
“Take it easy, Ella, you will be okay, everything will be okay.” she whispered. Mother then held me tight in her arms. I watched behind her shoulder, blinked, Coraline, Coraline was there standing right in front of me. I gasped and turned to mum, this is not my mamma, this one now had black eyes and scars running up and down its face. It had no nose and a large mouth full of sharp teeth. Its skin was pale and it was no thinner than a glass cup; about seven and a half feet tall.
I woke up in a field, my burns ran throughout my body. I stood up and noticed a tall figure coming towards my whereabout. I turned and started to run only to see another figure, all were closing in on me. Escaping would not be an option. Just when I thought I was dinner I heard gunshots-bam-bang-bam- my father came running at me. He picked me up and carried me the whole way home. Running at what seemed, the speed of light.
When we were inside and safe, I told my family the whole story. Everyone stayed quiet during the whole thing.
“Are you sure you didn’t just dream it all up? It seems pretty absurd to me,” my mother said.
“Why would I be lying to you?” I asked, puzzled.
“Ella we have been wanting to tell you this for a long time, your whole life…”
They then ripped off their very flesh, and revealed the creatures in which I had been exposed to last night.
“NO, NO, it can’t be! You can’t be!” I yelled
“Oh yes we can be. Hold still…” the creatures moaned.
I backed up into a corner and found myself by a closet door I opened it and found my real parents and the real Coraline, all in a line, dead as a doornail.
“What did you do to them?” I was furious with anger.
Many creatures entered the room and chanted, “We warned you, now it’s too late, there is no turning back now, you got yourself into this and there is no escape, we have you, you're ours now.

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