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March 23, 2017
By TravelingLibrary BRONZE, Gustine, California
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TravelingLibrary BRONZE, Gustine, California
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Author's note:

I have always loved writing stories and, finally wrote one that I feel is ready to be seen by others.

Intro: Asylum, as defined in the dictionary, is an institution offering shelter and support for people who are mentally ill. In the small town of Wayward in Kentucky, the Waverly Hills Sanatorium was used for many years as a place where the mentally ill or criminally insane were sent to as an effort to help them live “normal” lives within the brick walls of Waverly Sanatorium. After 61 years of being open and dealing with patients the doors finally closed in 1961 do to an escaped patient, who told authorities that they were running test on the patients. When authorities arrived at the sanatorium the doors were nailed shut and the whole county police department was called out surrounding the building. 4 hours…. 4 hours was all it took for those cops to finally break into Waverly. Once inside all that could be smelled was the scent of burning meat and smoke coming from rooms.  The cops ran inside going room to room trying to find somebody...anybody to arrest or rescue. In every room a body, in every room, a bloodbath. After a week of investigations by the local forensics team, the case was (and still is to this day) known as one of the worst unsolved massacres in Kentucky. The case was finally closed with the last update reading,

February 15th, 1961

Waverly Sanatorium Case: Unsolved

The stench of burnt flesh still remains in air at the old Waverly place, the cleanup teams have given up on trying to clean off the blood stained into the floors of the Trepentation room. The damn doctors thought keeping the patient alive and drilling into their skull would help them better become normal. The fire caused by chemical explosion in the west wing has caused the closing of that section and is now deemed condemned by the state. Chief declares that no one is to enter the Waverly place and is to be taken care of out of public's eye. …..LAST ENTRY 9:13 PM

From 8:49 PM to 12:37 AM over 78 patients were murdered and their doctors, their murderers, were added to that list of the dead but still people think they escaped into the building going underground into sewers. Now in Wayward 8:49 PM to 12:37 AM is known as the time where the souls that were taken rome the sanatorium trying to find peace within the buildings old walls. To this day if you come into Wayward even the elders will tell you don't ever go to the Waverly place past 8 or else, bad things always happen out there past 8.

“LUCAS! WAKE UP!!!”  Lucas seventeen and at the moment aggravated at his mother for waking him up from one of his favorite dreams. The one that all men have at that age, making it with the hot girl in class that every guy has wanted to get with since freshman year.  Lucas finally got her back to his room about to finally become a “MAN”, or what he thought becoming a man was. Now awake and trying to cover a mourning tent his sleep self-had made for him to deal with went to the bathroom and took one of his famous cold showers to put his hormones back into normal mode. Heading downstairs Lucas’s mother dressed in her Friday best cooking breakfast containing bacon, eggs, pancakes, everything that Lucas liked to call a fat man's deathbed. “Lucas sweetie go and tell your father breakfast is ready. Make sure you get ready as well, we need you to come with us to the work site to help put down new flooring. We finally got access to the westside and can finally go ahead with pastors chambers and Sunday school portion of the area.”

Lucas had a funny background to him, born to a family of Christians only to turn out the first Atheist in his family. Only believing in science as reasoning for why we all existed on this earth. Even though he hated religion he still respected his father's attempt to get the townspeople to join him in the word of “GOD”, as his father put it. “DAD! MOM SAID BREAKFAST IS READY!!!” Lucas’s dad loved working on the old mustang, it was his car and his father's before him when he was in school. Wanting to pass it down to Lucas to use, a 1964 first year Ford Mustang, a true beauty of a car in that year. “Tell mom I'll be in in a moment let me clean up real quick and I'll meet you all at the table” Ten minutes later the family sitting at the table, like something you’d see out of a 1950’s ‘Good House Wife’s Guide’. Lucas used to love meals like this, dining with his family, talking about classes he's taking and how his school year was going but this year his father decided that the town church needed to grow so he bought an abandoned building the town never used to create “Wayward Christian Center”.

Lucas as a child loved listening to the stories of Noah and the whale and the Coat of many colors but once he reached 15 he lost all faith in religion. Lucas’s girlfriend, a lovely girl, one you'd be proud to take home to introduce to mom and dad was in a fatal car accident leaving her house to see him and a semi didn't see her causing a tragic collision which took her instantly. After that Lucas thought why would a God allow such destruction such misery to exists in a world he created that was supposed to be as everyone liked to lie about with a smile on there face a perfect world. After breakfast, Lucas went outside where his best friend Domenic or as Lucas nicknamed him Cross do to Sophomore year during winter break he had burnt down the Christmas nativity scenes cross decoration down. “Hey Alter Boy! How was dining with the Pope and Mother Mary.” Laughing at his own joke too hard, Lucas just answered back “It was quieter this morning. He's too focused on that damn playhouse for him and all his little Christian friends to talk about their imaginary friend in the sky”.

“I'm telling you, man, you need to just get a match and a can of oil and light that damn place on fire. That way no one can keep talking about how this new damn church is going to be one that everyone will come for my ass.” As they pull up to a house, large and different shades of orange cover its exterior with rose bushes all around, Domenic yelled from his car, “Jessica! Come on we're going to be late!” Out the house, a girl in a light blue top with a red skirt and long brown hair exited the house shouting back “Shut up! You know I take forever, hi Lucas!” Jessica another smart student loved Domenic but hates that he's an atheist because she loves Christianity always defending it against Lucas and Domenic. Once Jessica finally got into the back seat of the car Domenic sped off down the street blasting AC/DC and telling Lucas more about the burning the church down idea. “You two can't be serious?! That's a for sure way of getting a quick pass to hell”. “Oh, whatever. Think of it more as a civic duty us burnin it down will help the earth's soil be richer in nutrients for new plant life to grow over the ashes.” “Stop here this is where she's at, she just texted me saying she will be out in a minute”.

Domenic pulled up to an apartment complex, looked like it hadn't seen a maintenance guy in years. Weeds everywhere, a broken washer machine now home to stray cats when it rains, this place has gone through hell and stayed there it looks like. Coming from around the corner a girl wearing a black t-shirt that had Iron Maiden in large golden letters and ripped blue jeans that look like they weren't bought that way with long blue dyed hair. “Why the hell are you here in this dump? Thought your parents said you could come back to the house”. “They f***ing lied, it was a trick they wanted to talk about sending me to a rehab camp to “fix” me”. “Kim your parents only want the best for you. At least be happy that same-sex marriage is a gay privilege now. You guys are getting privileges now”. “Jessica. Same sex marriage isn't a gay privilege, it's an equal right. Privilege would be like gay people not paying taxes. Like churches don't”. Jessica just stopped talking and Kim sat down getting adjusted trying to fit her bag in front of her.

“Kim I'm telling you, this will be the most fun you are ever going to have in your life. We will just sneak in after everyone is gone and, break in through the west side of the building. We won't get caught I promise”. Domenic continued to try to convince everyone to join him in his anti-religion rampage while all Lucas could think of was a test he needed to pass in Calculus or else his dad even though a pastor was still going to kick his ass if he failed God or no God. Pulling into the student parking lot parking into as Domenic called it his cars personally home away from home which was just a place where at night he would park his car and drink Coors Light with some underage freshman he decided to pick up that night. “I'm telling you tomorrow night we're going I'll pick you all up at 6:30 and we will go tear some crap up like we did last summer when we blew up my uncle’s bbq trying to cook hotdogs”.

They all left to class, Domenic heading to AP Psychology, Kim had a free period first thanks to finishing ahead in AP Chemistry she didn't need to take a science class so she went to the girl's bathroom like always and just smoked til later. Jessica and Lucas both had the same class together first-period Calculus and, both were equally dreading seeing Mrs.Ferguson with that fake smile she always puts on when she passes out test. As the two enter the classroom to their happy surprise they saw Officer Brady at the desk, Officer Brady was the more liked cop in the town do to he was more lenient when it came to the teenagers in Wayward.

“Brady what are you doing here, what happened to Mrs.Ferguson”? “Lucas man, something horrible happened to your teacher.” “What happened? We're seniors we can handle whatever it is”. ”Kids your teacher was in some kind of bad accident last night. We got a call last night at around 9:30 pm telling us that there was a woman running around your old man's worksite when suddenly she said she couldn't see the woman anymore. A few seconds later we heard a loud scream so we headed over to do a check up on the call. When we arrived we talked to the woman which thanks to her help, after we got her to calm down acting as if she saw a ghost, pointed to out to where she saw the woman last. We ran to the scene and saw nothing, no blood, no body not even a scratch in the pavement until one of the guys felt a drop on his head and looked up to see what the hell broke because it sure as hell wasn't raining. When are guy looked up he just dropped to the floor in terror, we all saw it and I'm telling you I have never seen anything like this”. “What was it”!? “ Your teacher was just hanging in the air, her back was cut open ribs broken and pulled outwards resembling bloodstained wings, her lungs were pulled out dangling from her back and when we got her down forensics said that the sick bastard sprinkled salt on her wounds as some kind of sick joke. Chief told us not to speak of last night because we don't want to cause an uproar in the community but I thought it be good for you to know since your parents are around there a lot fixing up the place”.

“Thanks, Brady… I'm going to go sit down now”. Lucas went to his desk, Jessica followed wondering what could be going through Lucas’s mind after hearing such terrible news like that. Yeah, he didn't like his teacher but who ever really likes their school teacher, throughout the day Lucas just walked around campus trying to think what the hell could have done something like that. No normal person could do something like that, could they? “LUCAS! Hey man, come on at least eat lunch with us. We're about to head out to Kim's place, her parents aren't home so we're going to sneak some booze out to make lunch a better one”. Lucas headed over with them to Domenic’s car, some of Kim’s old man's scotch will surely be enough to help me forget this funk I'm in he thinks.

“So Jessica told us about what happened in first period. Bro, I'm sorry that happened but hey now more reasoning to burn the damn place down. We get rid of the place no one will be able to do crap like that again”. “Hey, I don't like that it happened either but we can't just burn a church down because of it that's f***ing crazy Domenic”. “Hey calm down Jess he's just saying if we burn it down no more crazy ass attacks like that”. “Lucas, what do you think”? After sitting there in the car quietly, thinking all day since first period not saying a word to anybody not even to the girl of his dreams he finally spoke, “Let's burn that f***er down hell or no hell I don't want that place there”.

Arriving at Kim’s house they all got out of Domenic’s car, happy to be able to move finally with their legs cramped from no leg room, rush into the house excited knowing that soon the warm friendly taste of Peppermint Schnapps and aged to perfection Scotch was awaiting them inside. Even though the four loved drinking that didn't kill their brain cells actually it sometimes helped them calm down after a long night of having to study for an exam or as a reward for passing a tough final.

These four were some of the brightest at Wayward High but, they still after school decide that stupid drinking dares and late rides while drunk out of their minds was something that is fun for them. Kim unlocks the liquor cabinet pulling out four scotch glasses each one smile grows larger with anticipation of getting there glass filled and toast to their parents for over trusting them not to drink liquor underage. As the final cup is filled full of pure happiness they all raise a glass and shout the same thing they've been shouting since they first discovered fake IDs existed and brought their own bottle of Jack Daniels. “THANK YOU TO THE MAKERS OF ALCOHOL!!! IF NOT FOR YOU WE’D ALL BE DEAD”!!!

Something that heard aloud by anyone else would sound idiotic and asinine but to these four it was like a crest they wear proudly on their chest. After they gulped down their glasses Kim receives a call and heads to her bedroom upstairs. “So are you all sure you really want to go tonight? Once we do this there is no way in hell of turning back from it”. “I'm positive, it needs to get turned into damn ashes and be the earth's problem, not mine”.

“Lucas this is serious, this is your parent's life work. You could go to hell for doing this and I know you don't believe in this stuff but I'm serious”. “ Do you really still believe God exist after what we just heard today in first period? What kind of God would create a monster that could do that to a woman? There is no such thing as a damn god get that through your head before it gets you killed”.
While the three had their religious debate downstairs Kim was upstairs in her room, it was a large room with pink wallpaper that looking at Kim now you would never expect her to be the pink type, also having a bookshelf covered in head to toe of her favorites from when she first discovered her love for literature to now just reading sad Tumblr post on her laptop covered in stickers.

Kim was on the phone with a special person to her, very special. She knew she was different from other girls when she instead of looking at the jocks practicing on the field she would be staring at the cheerleaders trying to catch a glimpse of something under their skirts when they would practice. Kim had met her current girlfriend at a concert she had snuck out too, the only way she ever went anywhere at night that wasn't the church, and she had bumped into her causing her to spill two Jell-O shots she was about to take to some friends.

Kim apologized over and over again saying she didn't mean to and it was an accident but all the girl could do while Kim spoke was stare into her eyes and smile. Once Kim stopped talking to finally give her a chance to speak all she did was ask Kim for her name and then said, “Hi I'm Ashley.” After that the two talked the Entire concert about their likes their dislikes, which actress they wouldn't mind spending a night with and ending the night with a kiss and a phone number being slipped into another's hand gripped tightly as if holding for dear life afraid that the whole night was a dream and if either let go it would all be over.

Kim was talking to Ashley about the plan of destroying the church and how it would be an exciting story to tell their adopted kids when she finally gets out of a woman's prison in some red hick prison as she put it. “I bet you if we did get caught that jackass of a chief Edward’s would just shoot us all dead instead of giving us a trial. He'd say it was self-defense and go gun down some more kids”. “If you guys really do go through with this you better not get hurt you know I hate seeing that beautiful body of yours get bruised. Besides you know what Monday night is”. Kim bites her lip and squeezes her bed sheet, “Yeah I know what Monday is, I can finally show you what I picked up at Victoria’s secret for you”. “ You know it's not what you wear that I like princess, it's the life that your eyes show me throughout the night. The Victoria's secret is just a plus”. Kim and Ashley truly did love each other, yes they are teens but the two have gone through tragedy together and come out together after it all. Kim used to cut and Ashley would draw butterflies on where the scars were and tell Kim every time you do this you kill a butterfly, do you really want to be a butterfly killer?

Kim didn't give a damn if she killed a butterfly, she once pulled wings off of one just to see how it reacted, but the way Ashley said it looking at her with those beautiful, warm, honest green eyes she knew that Ashley really did mean it when she said she cared about her. “KIM!!! WERE ABOUT TO HEAD BACK TO SCHOOL HURRY THE HELL UP!” Kim told Ashley goodbye the same way she always has with saying in a high voice like Betty Boop, “Stay beautiful darling. I love yea!” And ran downstairs grabbing her backpack and jumped into the car, quickly they all rode off back to school. Domenic speeding like a cheetah after its prey made it to the school in record timing, meaning he made it just with enough time to make his breath not smell as if he was in a bar all afternoon. They all walked off to their fifth-period classes excited about there later demolition plans for tonight.

Jessica though couldn't stop thinking about what Lucas had said about God and why would he make something that could do such a demonic thing. She remembers hearing about how just a few years back a man was murdered up at the Waverly place, hearing of how his body showed he was clawed all over. Deep hand marks in his skin as if nails dug deep into his body all over pulling out pieces of flesh with each mark made. His throat was cut and his tongue was pulled through his slit throat showing it poke out in a horrific manner. What God would let that happen, create something so horrible that could murder someone so horrifically. All she could think now was if there even is a God anymore which she never thought she'd actually think in her entire life. Does God really exist or has she been worshiping some damn urban legend all her life?


The bell rang and gave a sign to Jessica that it was time to head to 6th period meaning having to help Domenic walk to his class so no one knows he was a bit tipsy from a lunch full of booze. She was happy to see though that Domenic was walking alright on his own and just walked up to him and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “Nice to see you walking to class for a change, thought I was going to have to carry your drunken ass to Mr.Smiths class again.” “I'm okay I've just been thinking about tonight.” “Getting cold feet I see.” “F*** no. I just don't want you to get hurt that's all. You've heard all the damn stories about what happens up there. I just don't want you to get hurt that's it.”

Domenic may come off as an asshole at times and a drunk and a smartass and well a lot of things but he like the rest of them is very intelligent as well. He knows how to be mature and act civil in public occasions he will even attend church services for Jessica to make her parents happy. Tonight though was going to be the night that he'd always dreamed about, finally destroying the Waverly building. The place where his father worked at, night after night trying to help people get better. Domenic never told anyone not even his best friend Lucas or the love of his life Jessica that his father worked at the Waverly Sanatorium for thirty years. Thirty years Domenic would think to himself at night, thirty years his dad worked there just for his mom to show him an evidence bag when he was fifteen finally telling him the truth about his father. A wedding ring in an evidence bag labeled Anderson Suits only remaining piece of property from Waverly.

Burning that damn place down will finally make Domenic find inner peace is what he tells himself whenever he rides by the place every day. The bell finally rang signing to Domenic he's late for class as he sees that Jessica is running down the hall trying to get to class before the door closes. Walking into class, “ My my this is your third tardy this week Lucas. What would your father think of that?” Lucas hated his 6th period with a passion, Psychology with Mrs.Anthonies, she is known as Queen of Mind F***ing because she once made a kid in class piss himself do to her asking about his deceased mother and how it made him feel knowing she would never be able to see the man he will become. Have you ever met a person that you're forced to maintain a level of cold civility towards but if you could you would punch them as hard as you but you can't so every second you're forced to be around them you're thinking of smashing theirs. In just so they'll shut up, that was Mrs.Anthonies.

“Lucas come here, class today's lesson shall be about how religion affects the mind and emotions. Lucas, what are you?” “ I am Lucas.” “We know who you are but what are you?” “ I am a human being, what are you doing?” “Now everyone, the Christian people like to believe that a person named God created humans. What are you Lucas a man or an ape that can walk and talk?”

Lucas never thought that Anthonies would dare go this far with any student but she did with him. “Well Mrs.Anthonies, you really wanna know what I am? I am the student who has had to deal with your cynical bullshit for the past four years and you know what I have to say to you as an answer and I promise you this is a good one. I am the face you will see when you get into hell with a happy welcoming smile telling you Satans missed you. Now, how's that for an answer?”  You could hear a damn pin drop in that classroom, Mrs.Anthonies face looked like as if she had just witnessed a murder and technically she had. A vocal one aimed right at her and, it was fantastic until Anthonies finally came back to life from that display of anger and hatred aimed at her told by Lucas. “GET OUT OF MY CLASSROOM!!!! GET OUT GET OUT GET THE HELL OUT!!!!!”

Lucas had no problem with that at all, he actually left with a smile and a chip in his step happy that he was able to finally tell that woman off after so many years. Lucas walked to Domenic's car and sat on the hood staring at the sky watching the clouds go by. Lucas knew he was going to get expelled for that little stunt he pulled so why even bother going to the office. The phone began to ring, “What on God's green earth did you do in your class today! I just got a phone call saying you used profanity at your teacher, and have been slacking off a bit in classes what's wrong with you Lucas?!” His mother continued to yell at him trying her hardest not to let a single swear slip out while doing the monthly disciplining through a phone call.

After a good fifteen minute Lucas decided to cut this scolding short and hung up on her knowing the real show is going to happen when he gets home. At least now he has all the free time he wants today instead of having to go help out with cleaning the site. Classes finally come to a close the last bell ringing and students running out ready to go adventure the weekend away, the group walking to Domenic's car wondering why Lucas was already there. Once Lucas explained himself to them all they all busted out with laughter while entering the car not able to believe what Lucas said the Mrs.Anthonies.


“How wonderful is it that we laugh because our bodies cannot contain the joy.” “Actually Jess laughter is a biological response letting the other person know that you both are just playing and neither of you is a threat to the other. So actually laughter is your body's way of saying to someone “Please don't kill me.” “Kim don't people laugh when they're alone? Who are we asking not to kill us when we are alone?” “God”, Jessica said with a smile, and everyone looked at her and they all began to laugh even Jessica did realizing the humor in what she said.

“So what's the plan? Where are we going til it's time to stake out the old place and get to the fun part of the night?” “I'm telling you all this is going to do is ruin your entire future for the rest of your life's. Nothing will fix the destruction you create tonight if you go through with this.” “I don't give a rats ass what happens at the end of the night I just want that damn place burnt to the ground.” “Will go to my house camp out there until 8:00 and then head over. Now let's head over and get some food, relax maybe even smoke a little.” The group agreed and Domenic drove them all to Jessica's house, the usual group safe haven for when something idiotic happens before or after but usually after thanks to Chief Wiggum knows better than to mess with Jessica's parents do to the fact her father was the chief before him and still has some power in the town. Now thanks to Jessica’s father’s retirement him and her mother travel abroad a lot leaving the house in Jessica’s care trusting her not to throw any parties or go into the wine cellar which after three months of them being away is more like a dungeon of regretful choices.

As they all exited the car Domenic shouts “NOW LET'S GET THIS PARTY OF HEATHENS STARTED!!!” Running up the steps throwing the door back making it nearly hit Kim but she didn't bother to yell at him for she knew that tonight was going to be a good one so might as well just go with the flow of things. Jessica went down into the cellar while Lucas, Domenic and, Kim sat down on Jessica’s parents favorite piece of furniture in the entire house a Victorian Rococo Revival they called but in reality to them it was just a fancy sofa that they had to put paper towels under them to even sit on. “Lucas man you are so screwed when you get home, how do you think Moses is going to be when you get home?” Lucas just laughed at the comment thinking how his father is truly going to go off on him about his actions in sixth period but he didn't care though he was finally happy living in the moment of thing the way hes always wanted to be. “No matter what happens you know you have us to go to Lucas, me and Domenic will let you crash at our houses until thing cool over and i'm sure Jess will let you sneak in when the parents are out for a place to sleep.” Jessica finally back holding three bottles, two bottles of Crown Royal still in there violet carrying bags and, one bottle of the groups favorite quick go to Hennessy Black still in the box with that beautiful warning label saying in bright bold lettering, “NOT FOR MINORS 18 AND UNDER!”

Domenic ripped that label clean off the box and put the label on his jacket wearing it like a patch to show off that he didn't give a care in the world, no one was going to stop him from drinking what he desired most not even God himself if he believed in him. Jessica pulled from under the fake  floorboard beneath her mother's favorite vase a rag that looked as if it hadnt been washed in years but it wasn't what was on the outside rather what was within that had everyone smiling. Jessica set the large rag bundle on the table and Lucas got down opening up the bundle to uncover five crystal drinking glasses. Each one bearing a name on it showing its rightful owner each one cursive writing in bright red, they each grabbed there glass and only one remained bearing that familiar name to every single one of them. Athena in bright red cursive staring blankly right at Lucas, “F***, i'm so sorry Lucas I completely forgot hers was still in there it's been so long since we've used these let me get rid of it.” It was at the county fair in a ragged booth that looked like it hadn't been touched in centuries bearing a sign in bright yellow lettering, “COME ALL GET YOUR VERY OWN GLASS!” They were only twelve at the time and thought that getting there name on a overpriced glass cup would be the coolest thing in the world. They each got one happy to hand the woman twenty dollars each and ran back to Jessica's house excited to use them, screaming and shouting about who would be first to get to use their cup.

Once inside Jessica's parents house they ran upstairs and locked themselves in Jess’s room all sitting in a circle putting their glasses in front of them awaiting a refreshment. Jess pulled out a bottle of Hennessy Black from under her bed laughing, “I can't believe we're actually going to do this!” “It's going to be okay, just pour it into the glasses and will have fun.” Athena got up and turned on the radio to hear AC/DC blasting on and they all rose their glass and shouted, “NEVER GOING TO DIE!” That was one of the happier moments the group had before the accident before life became difficult for all of them.

Lucas just stared at Athena’s glass, they looked at him trying to figure out what was going through his head at the moment. After Athena passed it took a full year for it to sink into him she was never coming back. He'd stay up all night looking out his window waiting for hours to see if Athena was going to try to sneak in like she usually would when ever her parents would argue. He would call her cell phone knowing there would never be an answer but just liked hearing her voicemail. Reminding him of how soft she spoke how cute she was hearing after the sixth beep on the line. “Sorry I can't reach the phone right now I'll call you back and if this is Lucas you know will see each other silly.”

It finally sunk in after he called her number one night and all he heard was the same this number is out of service redial or hang up and try again. He lost the last thing that he had of her, to be able to hear her. Now seeing this glass in front of him he smiled raising his glass full of Hennessy, “In memory of a real angel if there ever was one.” They all rose there glasses and cheered in memory of Athena, things felt warmer in the room as if they all were back in Jessica's room after the fair enjoying life like they did before everything went to hell for each of them.

It was finally 7:26 pm and they all had enough alcohol in them to gain the courage a drunk person gets after a long day of drinking while still clear-minded enough to know that they were all idiots for what they are about to do that night. Lying on the floor staring at the wall, laughing at past stories from when they were kids. “What the hell happened to us?” “We grew up. What did you expect for us to stay young forever?” “I know I just wish we didn't have to.” “Enough of this sappy bullshit let's go, I have the oil and the lighters in the car already.” They all got up leaving their memories and happiness in that living room exiting the childhood home they grew up in as a family. Now entering a place where hell on earth is a reality.

Packing up flashlights and knives into their pockets, excited and scared about the events that are soon to come forth tonight. Once they got everything packed up they hopped into Domenic's car and rode off. Passing Kim's house where they all had their first blunt they snuck passed Kim's parents after a night of toilet papering Chief Wiggums police car. Drove pass Domenic's dad's shop where they all would go for a nice cold soda pop or if late enough a couple of his old man's beers and talk about future mailboxes to smash. Finally came Lucas's house, wooden cross near the doorstep that behind it had all their names carved into it after a long night of talking about the futures they wanted to have. That night they swore they'd stay together no matter how far they moved away from school their hearts would never forget each other.

They were coming up to third street 8:45 pm about to turn into the Waverly place when, “F*****KKK!!!” “DOMENIC WATCH OUT!!”  The car flipped, crashed right into a ditch, officers at the scene looking over everything. Car there, some blood here and there on the dashboard and seats. No body's to be found anywhere near the car.

“Wake up f***heads!” The room covered stained with blood that's been there for years. “WAKE UP I SAID!” Their bodies all hung up by chains from the roof, cloths were torn pants turned into rags held only by a few stitches. “Where am I?” “Lucas, what happened?” They were barely waking up from what had happened, “You f***ing teenagers like to think you own this goddamn town. Speeding down my roads, like bats out of hell as if y'all are Gods or something. Oh, excuse me I forgot some of you dumbasses aren't religious are yea.”

“Chief Wiggum?” “Oh lookie here, you're all finally coming to.” “WHAT THE HELL MAN, WHY ARE YOU DOING?!” “There it is. The winning question that they all asked me before I brought them.” “WHAT DO YOU MEAN THEM!?” “Your teacher, that guy they found with his throat cut and, now you four.” “WHY DID YOU KILL THEM?! THEY WERE GOOD PEOPLE DAMMIT!” “Everyone has to eat.” Wiggum laughed a thunderous laugh at them all while they thought what the hell he meant by everyone has to eat.

“What the f*** do you mean “Everyone one needs to eat.” “You kids might be the smartest in that school but dumber than bricks to this town's history. This place this entire building was the spot of a bloody massacre in the sixties.” “I remember it dammit my dad worked here when that all happened what the hell are you trying to get you sick bastard?!” “Blood and bodies filled this place, sick deaths people's organs ripped out of there body's test that Satan himself bare witness to would cringe at the sight. We checked this place over and over and never found a single doctor anywhere until I found an opening behind a medical shelf in the west wing where the fire started. There they were, the doctors burnt and faces melted but somehow something keeping them alive. So I decided to tell everyone this part was condemned and keep them here as my personal waste disposal because being a chief is great but getting to enforce your own personal justice is better.”

“SO YOU DECIDED TO LET THOSE F***ING THINGS RUN RAPID IN THIS PLACE TO MURDER INNOCENT PEOPLE?! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU!” “WHAT DID THOSE PEOPLE EVER DO TO YOU!” “Your teacher was a speeder, she never liked to listen to the law so she had to learn. The old man liked to get drunk and walk around town so to finally get him to stop fed him to these things. And now you four, you all have been a plague to this town am now it's time to eradicate you and purify this town.”

You could hear screams and the sound of thuds and stomps coming from all around the room they were in. Wiggum motioned towards the door smiling, “Ahh, I guess they're ready for you all now. Have fun don't let them bite your eyes out.” Wiggum left and now only left were them still hanging trying to find a way to get out of this mess they were in. “WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO!?” “Calm down Jess, will think of something just give me a minute.” “You better hurry it the hell up there out there and there f***ing hungry!” “Wait a minute, my chain its loose let me try, here it is.” Lucas’s chains were old and rusted enough for him to break after he had lifted his body up enough for him to kick his chain finally causing it to snap.

“Lucas, are you alright man?” “Yeah, just a headache now here.” Lucas got up and saw that Wiggum had left their flashlights and knives on a table near the door. He grabbed him and opened a part of it that had a twirled screw head he used to pick his hand lock and then the others. Now all were free and panicking once again realizing there wasn't much time left before what was waiting on the other side of the door got them.

“Smart thinking Lucas but how are we going to get out of here. Those things are out there waiting for us to go through that door and be there dinner.” “Okay just look around there has to be some way out of here we just have to stay calm and think.” They looked around the room, seeing only the blood stained walls around them, a broken wheelchair, a stained gurney and broken glass around the floor. “That's it we're going to die here!” “Shut up Kim we're going to be okay we just need to find a way out. Wait a minute, Jess hand me your flashlight.”

Lucas and Domenic walked over to the middle of the room and looked up, pointing the light upwards, discovering an old air vent that could help there escape. “Jess come over here I'm going to boost you up see if you can open it.” Domenic got down and Jessica put her foot on his hand allowing Domenic to boost her up towards the vent. “Can you unlatch it, Jess?” “Yeah, here it's open.” “Okay pull yourself up there, Lucas you're next come on we don't have a lot of time here!”

Jessica, Lucas and, Domenic had made it into the vent now all that remained was for Kim to get up and they could make their escape. “Come on jump Kim we need to go!” “I'm trying dammit lower your arm more!” Kim tried her hardest to grab Domenic hand but then the door began to shake following loud banging on the door. “HURRY KIM COME ON THEY'RE GOING TO GET IN!”

It was too late. The door smashed open and five beings looking as if they had been slashed and burnt faces torn rotting over the years charged in. Out of their skin, they pulled out hooks and jammed them into Kim's body, “F***! GET OFF OF HER YOU BASTARDS!” Kim, hooks in her face and back, blood-curdling screams coming out of her using her last few breaths showing the horror to them of what awaits if they can't get out. “GET OUT OF HERE!”

The monstrosities each holding a chain pulled tearing off chunks of Kim's facial tissue, blood bursting out of her neck, only leaving her eyes intact that bore the pure feeling of pain within them. “NOOOO!” Four more of the demons ran in and began feasting on Kim's remains, Lucas, yelled, “Hurry we have to go we can't do anything now keep going!” Jessica, crying from just witnessing her best friend's death, began to crawl forward down the vent with Domenic and Lucas following close behind her.

“Dammit, Lucas your parents own this f***ing place how do we get out of here!?” “We never went into the west wing, we were told this side wasn't able to be accessed til tonight. Maybe if we head straight will enter the main vent system from there I might be able to help us get a bearing of where to go next.” “We need to hurry I'm hearing things and I don't want to wait around to find out what's making them.”

They continued on going through the vent unknowing that Wiggum to was trying to escape his twisted game as well. “What the hell? I swear I know this is the way out, okay here we go there's. Wait what the hell?” Wiggum always had a quick entry-exit strategy but tonight something was wrong, a section of the roof collapsed in and blocked off his exit. “Crap! Okay been doing this for years don't lose your head. Bad choice of words there but now time to use your training from the academy.” From behind him, he heard the crashing of tiles getting closer and closer making the chief scared and nervous run into the closest room he saw with an open door. Closed it behind him and pushed in front of it a broken down towel rack with a stretcher broken into it.

“That should hold them for awhile now where the hell am I at?” Wiggum began to look around his surrounding to see he was in the bathing quarters of the building. Broken shower heads dripping brown reddish liquid that he prayed was sewage and not the remains blood of a victim he brought in years back. Three broken bathtubs and one intact one that had a hand sticking out of it causing Wiggum to explore who it belonged to. Gun upholstered aimed at the tub incase whatever was inside wasn't too happy to see him. Inside laid a woman's body, naked with a chunk of her stomach out revealing her organs through a broken rib cage and dried blood staining the porcelain tub showing she had bled out.

“Dear god,” Wiggum stepped aside to throw up, “What the hell was wrong with these doctors.” While he was trying to get himself together behind him the woman began to stand, turning her head looking around the room to locate who it is that awoke her. “Dammit, now I have to wash these pants when I get out of here. What the…” Wiggum turned around seeing the once unmoving remains of the woman standing in front of him smiling. 

“Okay now just stay there like a good girl. Remember who I am, the nice feeder.” Getting ready to shoot the woman he aims the gun at her head shaking and finally unloads his clip into her body. She stood their bullet after bullet smiling as if she liked it, began walking towards him, still smiling as if enjoying this game the two were playing but felt like it needed to come to an end. “STOP RIGHT THERE DON'T COME ANY CLOSER!”

The woman reached inside of her stomach only to break off a piece of her rib and pounced on him. Her smile growing wider and wider with each stab into Wiggums throat causing blood to spray onto the walls. Wiggums screams of pain were hushed by blood flowing into his throat and ending with the woman like a little girl begin to play with the blood that covered the floor. She laid down and began making snow angels, while Chief's body continued to flood blood out onto the cold stained tile.

“How much farther til we're there Lucas my legs are getting sore from all this damn crawling.” “We're almost there just a few more and here now we can stand.” They were in a large metal room that had vent holes all around to allow the air in and out of rooms which now was a home for insects to stay out of preys way outside. “Okay now what, where the hell are we even?” “We're in the main ventilation system. This is where all the vents meet up at in the middle of the building which means if we go through the correct vent we will end up in the lobby.” “Okay but there are 7 vents in here which one do we go through?”

Lucas looked at each vent carefully and remembered of how his dad talked about the vents and how they needed to be cleaned so he was going to have someone crawl into the ducts from the cafeteria in the west wing. “I know which one now. If I'm right this bottom vent will take us straight to the dining hall where we can run to the lobby from there.” “Okay let's just do it I'm still hearing things and from the sound of it whatever it is is getting a lot closer.” They rushed into the vent hurrying trying to evade whatever was following them, “How far is the dining hall anyways? I don't want to be in these damn vents anymore it's infested with webs.”

“We'll be there in a few minutes just stay calm.” “Wait stop. Did you hear that?” “Hear what.” From behind them a sound that similar to a bear about to devour a goat was coming closer and closer to them. “Lucas we need to hurry it the hell up here I don't feel like meeting the creator of that sound!” Hurrying through the vent sweating and scared trying to survive this nightmare. “Keep going the sound stopped but let's not risk anything.” Continuing through they finally made it to the dining hall one by one exiting the vent to see around them no one was inside. “It's clear, Jess go down first now you.” “Okay, we're here now what?” “Shut up let me think for a second.”


“Look the doors are blocked to the lobby so now what?! We're going to die here!” “Just shut the hell up Domenic I will think of something!” “WHAT THE F*** WAS THAT!” Down came crashing through the ceiling a being that even nightmares wouldn't dare create, tubes out of its face skin blood red with veins all over breathing heavily looking for them all. “RUN!” They all ran towards the kitchen hiding behind counters hoping it wouldn't find them. “What the hell is that man?!” “I don't freaking know sorry my first thought wasn't to catch his name!” “STOP ARGUING IT'S COMING!” The door slammed open and crack after crack of the floor being crushed beneath its feet made their hearts beat harder with each step.

“Just stay quiet and will be okay.” It stepped closer and closer finally near them, it faces in the air as if trying to sniff them out, it soon after left allowing the three to finally be able to breathe. “We need to get out now follow me.” Lucas got up Domenic and Jessica followed behind rushing into a back room which took them to an emergency room that looked as if it was used recently. “What are we doing here? This place went untouched for years and this room looks as if someone just had a heart transplant!” “We just need to keep going we're almost out just need to go through here and then all there is, is the pharmacy and then the lobby will make it.”

They continued through passing a stretcher and a table which had a variety of medical saws and scalpels which Lucas grabbed one incase of another unwanted guest popped out again. Lucas and Jessica made it out the door when behind her it slammed closed with Domenic stuck on the other side. “DOMENIC! WHAT THE HELL'S GOING ON!” “JUST RUN!” Lucas grabbed Jessica's hand and they ran into the pharmacy finally sitting down on a broken desk trying to comprehend what's about to happen to there friend.


“Okay, how the hell do I get out of here?” Domenic looked around and found out there was no way out of this, he was trapped. “F*** ME!” Through the opposite door came it, the thing that smashed through the cafeteria ceiling, staring right at Domenic. Domenic tried rushing it but the thing just grabbed him and threw him at the wall laughing a thunderous like laugh. It picked Domenic backup and laid him down on the stretcher strapping him in then setting a headband to keep Domenic from squirming.

Domenic was knocked out almost in a coma-like state til it got a scalpel and began to go against Domenic scalp. Blood flowing from his head pouring down to his mouth and chest, then lifting the skin off to show the brain. Finally, Domenic awoke screaming in pain, not bothering it at all actually enjoying the sound, it continued its work. It grabbed a needle filled with nothing only air was inside and slowly inserted it into Domenic's right eye pressing down on the end filling the eye full of air causing it to grow until poof.

The eye exploded into a bloody mess, Domenic screaming in intense pain yelling, “MOTHER F***ER!” It walked over to a table and opened a drawer and pulled out a hook attached to a wooden handle. It walked over to Domenic and got close to his face smiling as if having the time of its life at the moment. Slammed the hook into Domenic's throat and dragged it through his chest then his stomach leaving behind it a blood pouring out of Domenic's now lifeless body.

The thing took off its mouthpiece, sharp stained brown teeth, still smiling at Domenic. It grabbed Domenic's stomach flaps and pulled them outwards, like opening a present, just to pull out his heart and begin devouring it. Organ after organ yanking out and eating it treating Domenic's body like a personal buffet. Ending it all with it sticking three pipes that each ended with a needle into Domenic's brain and pushing a button which caused the needles to begin draining Domenic of any and all his body fluids making him shrivel to almost nothing but a skin rag.

It picked up what was left of Domenic and through it out to the dining hall where after it closed its door five things that looked like their bodies were turned inside out showing their veins and scars from past surgeries. They fought against one another devouring Domenic's skin growling at each other fighting for one more piece of sweet skin. It laughed watching this display, like how a dog owner does to its pups fighting over a chew toy, as they begin to flee into the darkness after there was nothing let to feast upon. 

“Jessica I'm sorry that we left him back there but we had to. If we didn't that would be us stuck back there.” “LUCAS YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND!” “Jessica I understand more than you know, I've been here before and it hurts like hell. That pain you are feeling right is never going to go away but we can't deal with it right now. The longer we stay here the higher the risk of us being next.” “I'm sorry I yelled I know you and Athena I just I wish it didn't happen like this.”
Lucas and Jessica began to walk towards the lobby door but stopped seeing through a crack in the wall a black being with eyes and teeth so white they glowed in the darkness. It was just standing in the middle of the lobby smiling at nothing looking like as if it was waiting eagerly for them to come through the door to greet them. “Lucas what are we going to do, it's blocking are only way out!”


Lucas didn't know what to do this time, he always knew something to help get out of trouble but this time he didn't have anything. All Lucas could do was something that he thought he'd never again in years. Lucas got down on his knees and began to pray, “Dear God I know I haven't talked to you in along time but I don't know what else to do. We really need you because that thing out there that spawn from hell is out there blocking are only path out. Please save us, lord.”

Lucas got up and Jessica stared in shock that he actually did something religious but snapped back to the fact that death was waiting on the other side of the door they were hiding behind. “What are we going to do Lucas?” “The only thing we can do is run for that door and hope to God at least one of us makes it through that door. An no matter what happens who ever makes it out sets this damn place on fire and makes sure it burns to ashes.” “Okay, ready?” “Never but let's do this.”

Jessica and Lucas stepped three steps back and then charged through the door towards the lobby trying to make it to freedom. “RUN!” “RUN DAMMIT!” The thing from beneath its darkness came out four long twisted black chains clacking along the tile towards them. Bursting through the exit finally outside to freedom at last! Lucas turned around to see Jessica spread out in the air, chains around her arms and her legs holding her up
In an x shape, dangling in the air. Then the demon closed its mouth only its eyes could be seen, the chains pulled out tearing apart Jessica's body, blood shot out all over the floor and hit the walls. Her body hit the floor and just began to bleed out, while the rest hit the walls.

Lucas ran outside and was surprised to see Wiggums police car was still outside running. The thought quickly left his mind after he began to run towards it seeing that the keys were still inside and opened the door to see chief Wiggums had a bottle of Grey Goose Vodka in his passenger seat and grabbed it, then he quickly went under the car and cut the gas line letting some of it sink into the bottle also some on a patch of cloth he tore from his shirt. Lucas got up and ran towards the building looking at the entry seeing that thing still standing there watching him. Lucas reached into his pocket pulling out a lighter that he had been saving for when they were going to burn down the place now to be used just by him. He set the rag on fire and through the bottle at the lobby watching it explode and begin to burn the lobby then spread around the floors burning the building.

He had done it he finally completed the mission of burning the place down. Lucas stood there and watched it all burn down wanting to make sure nothing left undestroyed. An hour later the flames got so bright the police and fire department showed up but Lucas explained to them all what Wiggum had been doing and what was inside the place. They all just stood there and finally when everything was gone officer Brady gave Lucas a ride back home where his parents were awaiting him outside. Lucas thinking they were going to yell at him for what he had done ran and hugged him tightly when he had gotten out of the car.


Twenty years later…

  “Papa papa what are you thankful this year?” It was thanksgiving a holiday for people to be thankful and happy for everything they have and gained over the years. Jonathan was asking his dad about what he was thankful for this year after they and the family were seated at the dinner table before saying grace over the food. He looked up to see five glasses each one with a name written in red cursive type bearing names he will never forget. “I'm thankful for friendships that even after death can never be broken.”

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