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The Wrong One

May 12, 2016
By Priscella BRONZE, lafayette, Colorado
Priscella BRONZE, Lafayette, Colorado
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Taylor leaves her abusive boyfriend james and then starts to falls for her ex's brother derek and after a few year derek and taylor  gets married. James lives with Taylor and derek. James has a girlfriend named beth he had left that night and left the house a pig sty.James comes back in the morning after having his one night stand with his “girlfriend” beth  and taylor get upset about the mess begins an  argument  and james gets mad and drives off and derek goes after him and they crash into each other derek and james end up in a commajames wakes up from the comma as derek does not and james pretends to be derek to get taylor back and it works and she doesn't know his faking and ends up getting pregnant with his baby, james girlfriend beth knows the truth and threatened to tell taylor and so james kills beth taylor slowly starts to see the signs that james in not derek and tries to run from him and james gets mad and started beating taylor she pretends she's hurt and james stops and he stabs him with a pair of scissors ames dies and taylor Stays with derek and waits for him to walk up no matter how long she has to wait

Priscella E.

The Wrong One

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