Touch of insanity

October 10, 2014
By Anonymous


I was weak from the stab wounds “great job airhead” my insanity was speaking to me acute Voice that is unforgiving. I screamed “SHUT UP!” I told that to my insanity takes over and many places look like a murder scene. “Oh wait it is *laughing insanity*” tears came from my brown eyes I was a famous serial killer. But I didn’t mean to hurt those people Rage INSANITY took over me. I can’t escape this unfair feeling this monster I see in the mirror. “Dissimulation” it whispers I look down at the blood on my pure white ripped skinny jeans and white shirt. Maybe my insanity finally snapped I knew this day would come. “It came IT CAME, “ it’s screaming now I closed my ears trying to stop the screaming pain. “But WHY HIM WHY JAMIE I LOVED HIM” I screamed breaking the mirror. Its here its here again I looked up in the broken mirror and wipe the blood off my hand smiling ear to ear. “Its beautiful hahahaha I want to see more” insanity is taking over me again I ran out of the abandoned house running full speed to the next house I didn’t slaughter yet hahahaha.
*Flashback *
·      “winter wait up babe” Jamie calls to his crying runaway girlfriend.” Stay away Jamie before I hurt you I am a monster!” She runs faster but Jamie keeps up and catches her. “Let go Jamie!” she screams but he just holds her as she cries in his arms. ”Listen baby I love you more then this insanity will take over you Even if my life is on the line my arms are always there holding you my love” he calms his freaked out girlfriend. *Later that night *” Mommy do I look beautiful?” I asked while my cheeks where stitch up with blood pouring down; my mother look horrified. Her perfect daughter slipping away. “ No get away from me monster!” She screamed tears formed in my eyes and I just laughed my laughter got louder and had more insanity Colliding with it. She tried to hit me with a bat but I caught it and grabbed it. “Stop this winter come back to me” She screamed I tried to fight back the insanity but I was too far-gone. Her blood was everywhere after I stabbed her many times. My stepfather came in during my struggle to kill her He got his gun out and started firing but missed. I dodge and weave as the bullets fly toward me I stabbed him once in the stomach as his breathing became heavy. I stabbed him once more faster and faster until he was no more. End of flashback


Touch of insanity

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