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Author's note: Dedicated to all of those who have faced the terrifying grips of medication and school violence.
Author's note: Dedicated to all of those who have faced the terrifying grips of medication and school violence.  « Hide author's note
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Alex Morris, a man of 37 with thick, dark brown hair stepped briskly into CVS on the morning of October 8, 1993. Like every visit, he passed the plethora of candy, magazines, and stocking stuffers that lined the shelves displayed before him, and bee-lined to the desk of the pharmacy. Nine pills, twice a day. Ativan, Prozac, Valium, Xanax, and a collection of varying pain relievers such as Percoset and Loritab danced their way down his throat and into his acid-filled belly in those installments. It was not certain; however, coming from the doctor, Morris suffered from extreme schizophrenia and anxiety. It can be amounted to his family, all but one deceased, that caused his nerves to dance like electrical circuits doused with water. They had died simultaneously on a seemingly open road last year. Alex, not-too-thankfully had not been with them in the car as their lives were crushed and shoved out of their cadavers by the sheer force of an 18-wheeler truck smashing their tiny Honda Civic to bits. His wife, beautiful daughter, and first son had all been nothing but a grease spot on the ashy interior of the Civic by the time the coroner arrived. Kaden, Alex’s youngest son survived. To this day, no one knows how he avoided his fate, unlike the rest of his family, but he did. Perhaps it was Alex’s higher power giving him something to live for, dissuading him from shoving the cold barrel of his .45 into the back of his throat and pulling the trigger. After a man’s family is gone, what else has he to live for?
The line was short, thankfully, as Alex approached the desk. A nod and wink from the pharmacist prompted Alex to sit in the miniscule waiting section, free of standing in any line. As Alex waited for what seemed like hours, though it had only been 60 seconds, he thought intently about his life. Sure, he had his son, Kaden to live for, but what will happen when he grows up and paves a life for himself? That thought keeps Alex awake at night battling the bastard that is Insomnia. Never could he remarry. That’d be a stab to his deceased wife, wouldn’t it? He’d feel too guilty to date or make any more children. He’d be alone, and he would just have to face it. There’s surely a pill on the market that will cushion that blow, he figured.
Mr. Morris, pickup desk 1.
He continued to sit, drowned in thought. Pondering the many trials of life and wondering if there was a pill to cure them.
Mr. Morris, pickup desk 1.
Pills can solve any problem, he concluded. Got a pain? There’s a pill for that. Got an ache? There’s a pill for that. Sad? Take this pill, you’ll be happy! Hell, too happy? Take this pill and you’ll calm down!
Mr. Morris, pickup desk 1.
The few people surrounding Alex looked at each other, making sure none of them were Mr. Morris.
“Sir,” a little old lady whispered. “I think they’re calling your name.”
Alex spiraled up from the deepest corners of his blackened mind and jumped up from his seat.
“Thank you,” he whispered back. He let out a sigh of relief as the pharmacist handed over his doggy bag of regulated drugs. As Alex let out a deep yawn, he heard something in the distance, radiating from a television set cradled safely in the corner of the store. The newscaster was live from the newsroom and eager to spew the breaking news out of her pronounced mouth. She told that Danall Middle School, the school just down the road from the pharmacy, is under strict lock down due to suspicious activity within their educated walls and two deaths. Kaden’s there. Alex thought this, and nothing more. The bag of drugs was ripped from the pharmacist’s hand as soon as the news report was over, and Alex headed straight to the school. He ripped the bag of pills open, and scattered a mix of them into his mouth. Without liquid to soften the swallow, Alex gulped down the pills, each one grinding against his trachea. It was safe, to him, to do this because he knew exactly which pills had been thrown down his throat. Alex sped away from the pharmacy and made his way to the school, not minding stop lights or signs.
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