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The Third Person

Author's note: I've always had an interest in both physical and mental disorders, but mostly mental and...  Show full author's note »
Author's note:

I've always had an interest in both physical and mental disorders, but mostly mental and especially Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). The boy, Alec is loosely based off a friend of mine and Honour is a very complex girl and I enjoy writing about complex people

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Mum had to work late at the centre which meant an unpleasant bus ride for me and Gracie. As usual the interior stunk of body odour and was packed to the full. There was a silver lining, however. Kace, her bare feet brushing the floors surface and still dressed in the blue and white uniform smiled when she saw me and offered for Gracie to sit on her lap. At first Gracie was uncertain as Kace was a stranger but I assured her she was in safe hands
"You'll stay here, right?"
"Of course" I smiled reaching up to one of the over hangers. Kace had one her arms around Gracie's stomach for support and her phone was resting in her other hand, the glow bright on her face. Her friendly smile had faded.
"You ok?" I asked
"Yeah, yeah." she smiled. Something deep inside of me told me she was lying but I couldn't picture carefree shoeless Kace Taylor feeling anything unpleasant. She was one of the most uplifting people I knew. I chose not to question her further and simply stayed quiet for the rest of the bus ride. But that was the minute that an uneasiness started to settle over me.

I lay in bed awake that night, Gracie curled up by my side in cotton pink pyjamas, her brown hair in a tangled mess. My mind was full of racing thoughts . From the water clogging up my throat, to Alec and his troubled anti-social behaviour to the vanishing smile on Kace's usually cheery face. I had no idea why Emory was in the wards and what was even more unsettling was that she hadn't written anything in the journal, the last paragraph was in black writing and about the incidence between Mimi and Seth. I heard the front door open and the sound of heavy footsteps across the wooden floorboards, the sound was muffled when they hit carpet, most likely entering Gracie's room. I should have known the footsteps belonged to my father, home from whatever meetings he'd had today, but I didn't and so I cowered in my bed, cocooning Gracie and myself in the doona cover. My heart began to race and Gracie suddenly opened her eyes
"What's wrong-daddy!"
"Shush" my dad whispered as he held his hand out for Gracie "Come here, back to your own bed, but don't wake your sister up"
"She's already aw-"
"I said quiet Gracie". My little sisters legs kicked me multiple times as my father lifted her into his arms, he didn't check to see if I was awake, just left the room and shut the door. It was then that I saw 12:13 in bright red numbers on my alarm system and couldn't help but think that this was an extra late night for dad.

I couldn't understand why little kids were bubbly and live at eight o'clock in the morning. By ten thirty I was still stretched out on my double mattress living in a strange dream. I was scared, trapped and on the verge of tears. As I scanned the darkness, I heard a creak and a bright light pierced my vision, forcing me to hold my hands up to shield my eyes. My wrists were yanked and squeezed together in a tight grip as my sore body was pulled out of the gloomy space, which I soon realised was the dark interior of a closet. I was now on my backside on the carpet of a long hallway with two pairs of long legs on either side of me. I stayed curled up in a ball feeling like I needed to cry with no ability to shed tears. I felt in some ways, inhuman, with no emotion to feel. It was like one second I was frightened and the next minute I was numb. Nothing really happened for a while, i just lay there focused on the pairs o legs on either side of me.
"Honour! Get up!" an angry voice spat "Get up!" and then they kicked me, and then it went black.

"Honour! Breakfast!" Gracie burst through my door and plummeted onto my half conscious body "Breakfast! Breakfast!"
"Why do I have to have breakfast now?" mum had given up at getting me up early in the morning and it wasn't unusual for me to stumble into the kitchen at two o'clock in the afternoon.
"We have guests!" she said excitedly "Anna and Alex are here"
"Anna and Alex?"
"Yeah! Yeah!" and just like that she was gone again.
"Kids" I chucked off my doona and quickly swapped my pyjama pants for clean jeans before swiftly brushing my hair. It would have been nice if mum had warned be about guests.
"And she's up!" dad smiled when he saw me before realising he'd lost focus on his current pancake flip and someone's breakfast had now ended up on the floor.
"You know if you're going to try and show off that you should succeed at your endeavour unless you want to expose yourself to public humiliation"
"Honour" dad said, ignoring my comment "say hi to our guests"
"Hello Honour". I turned to see Anastasia in her wheelchair with her hair in a nice braid and her bright smiled I'd come to recognise.
"Good morning" I turned back to dad and gave him a quizzical look
"Your mother is taking Anastasia out for brunch and Alec is going o stay here while they are out"
"Not just me" Anastasia corrected "There's going to be a couple of the DCU clients there. Your mother is such a lovely woman."
"Where is mum?"
"Here! Here!" she came running out of the lounge room, stuffing her phone in her bag "Ok, ok I think I'm ready to go, ready Anna?" she kissed dad on the cheek "Gracie's showing off her latest art to Alec and she wanted me to see."
"Wait Alec is like, communicating with Gracie?" I couldn't help but ask
"He feels most comfortable-" Anastasia started but interrupted herself "well less uncomfortable around younger children"
"Go say hi!" mum said before planting her lips among my cheek "Ok let's go! Let's go!" and in one second she was pushing Anastasia out the door. Dad held a plate of pancakes to me "take these out to the lounge room and you three can share, Alec may have had breakfast but it's still nice to share". I slowly went into the lounge room with the pancake stack, trying carefully to balance the plate so it wouldn't fall and saw Gracie cross legged with some papers sprawled out in front of her and Alec on his stomach and propped up on his elbows. I thought he must be hot wearing jeans in summer but he didn't seem bothered at all
"Pancakes!!" Gracie jumped up and stole the plate of me "Where's the stuff to put on it?" her face went from excited to miserable in one second
"why don't you go get some toppings from dad?"
"Ok!" and like that she was out of the room. Alec either hadn't noticed me or was ignoring me, he was looking at Gracie's drawings and moving them around with his right hand and hadn't looked up once.
"Hey Alec" I sat opposite him and reached out for a drawing he had his hand, a drawing of a purple elephant. Don't get me wrong, it didn't look realistic or anything but I have to admit my sister has artistic talent way beyond her four years. When I took the picture from Alec his face went from calm to obviously sad and he withdrew his hand looked down at his arms
"I'm sorry" I said quietly "I just wanted to look, here you have-"
"You upset Alex!" Gracie came stomping up next to me and placed some jam, cream and maple syrup next to the plate of pancakes then her hands went straight for her hips "don't be a bully, Honour!"
"I didn't mean to" I pushed the picture back to Alec, instantly feeling guilty like I'd upset a young child instead of a seventeen year old boy "and it's Alec, not Alex"
"Are you ok Alec?" Gracie poked his arm and he turned his head to look at her
"Did you like my pictures?" she continued . To my surprise, he nodded, not straight away but he nodded, still looking down and not at us.
"Do you want to look at some more of Gracie's pictures?" I slid down to my belly so I could look up at his face, at first he seemed to resist eye contact but it was long before he looked at me
"Did he understand you?" Gracie's cute little voice broke my concentration on Alec
"I-I don't know" so I asked again, holding up a picture that was close to my hip. He took it from me and then placed it in front of him on the ground, continuing to look at it for a whole two minutes or more.
"You". It took me a few seconds before realising that the picture I'd barely looked at was a rough but kind of accurate drawing of me. A sort of wonky slim figure with long pink hair and deep dark brown eyes."I" was in my school clothes with my dark red back pack on my shoulders and my arms crossed over my school dress with the checkers quite defined. Her talents really did exceed the expectations of a four year old It wasn't until I looked up from the paper and saw Gracie's expression of surprise that my bran registered that Alec had spoken.
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turntechGodhead said...
May 17, 2016 at 2:45 pm
this is actually very good, tbh i expected that it would be some bad story about some weird thing or whatever. its well written and had a lot of very descriptive words, which painted an image in my mind
amandamorris said...
May 11, 2016 at 5:40 pm
I really love your choice of vocabulary!! pls check out my first story and comment on it, nobody has read it yet :{ !! I also love how brave you are to write that type of story!
JeepHer said...
Feb. 23, 2016 at 12:11 pm
I LOVE THIS STORY! I am only in chapter 5 , but I'm hooked, keep up the AMAZING work! :)
GabbyHernandez2 said...
Nov. 4, 2015 at 10:11 am
“Honour has DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) as a result of witnessing her friends murder. She developed two new personalities however one became over protective and aggressive so Honour wished her away, and strangely the third personality disappeared.” I enjoyed reading this and liked the way you used a lot of descriptive words to make the story more fascinating.
amandamorris replied...
May 11, 2016 at 5:41 pm
yes I definitely agree with you. she uses words to make it more realistic, and alive!
Jassie said...
Oct. 6, 2014 at 3:22 am
Very impressed. Just finished chapter four and looking foward to reading the rest and seeing where this story is going. Good use of descriptive terminology.
real_saxman said...
Aug. 17, 2014 at 9:48 pm
No major problems I can see. You have great description, dialogue and plot. The only thing I would reccomend is adding commas to the end of your dialogue. It's a very minor fix.
maddeeilea said...
Jul. 22, 2014 at 6:31 am
Finally commenting!! aha. I seriously love this! Psychology and mental disorders have always been something i found facinating and i love the way you portray it in this!  the fourth chapter was a bit confusing at first, but i soon got the hang of it and figured it out :D  let me know when the next chapter is up!! xx

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