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The Third Person

Author's note: I've always had an interest in both physical and mental disorders, but mostly mental and...  Show full author's note »
Author's note:

I've always had an interest in both physical and mental disorders, but mostly mental and especially Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). The boy, Alec is loosely based off a friend of mine and Honour is a very complex girl and I enjoy writing about complex people

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It took a whole twenty minutes for mum to calm down the scared man, a 23-year-old mental patient named Seth. I was resting cross legged on a wooden chair tilted up against the wall; standing next to me was a young woman with crossed arms and straight shoulder-length blonde hair. She had a wicked smile on her face and was stroking a butter knife.
“Do I freak you out, Honour?”
“No” I didn’t look at her “but you definitely scare the crap out of your brother.” Seth was sipping on water from a paper cup as glass wasn’t allowed in the Mental Patient Care area. His face, which had gone white with fear, was now returning to its natural colour and his breathing was slowing
“Mimi, get your brother some more water” mum said without looking up from Seth
“He has arms and legs. I think. Or are my meds making me hallucinate?”
“Just get the water.”
“No arms and legs? I always found you suspicious Risa, and now you’re giving me dodgy medication.” Mimi shook her head, but still she grabbed Seths cup and filled it up at a water dispenser in the corner of the room
“I don’t organise your medication, Mimi. The psychiatrists do that.”
“Not one to take the blame, huh?” Mimi handed the cup to Seth “My mother always taught me to own up to the things I do.”
“Don’t talk about mum!” Seth cried “You killed her! You heartless monster!”
“Clearly I have a heart, brother, otherwise I would be dead.” Mum dropped her shoulders and exhaled “You’re not helping”
“Do you want me to cut him a cake? An apple maybe?” she put her thumb to her chin and looked deep in thought “A cake. Definitely a cake. Now, chocolate or raspberry swirl?”
“You are not going anywhere near a knife Mimi Howard” By now Seth was breathing normally and had stopped crying, his tears were dry on his face and he turned to glare at Mimi before standing up slowly and walking away. The other patients in the room had barely noticed the situation. A mental breakdown or a dangerous threat was no excitement to them, almost like something you could add into a daily schedule. My mother crossed her arms and glared at Mimi “I will put you in detention” mum scolded. It sounded so stupid really, like she was threatening a fifteen year old who was chewing gum in class, but it often worked on bad behaviour. Not being allowed to leave the wards for a few days usually taught them a lesson. Even Mimi, the most fearless and cold-hearted of the mental patients wouldn’t risk confinement.

Mimi was given two days of detention for threatening Seth. I honestly did find it funny that a twenty one year old woman was being forced to stay in her room with no outside social interaction. It sounded like such a high school punishment. I pictured her whining about how life wasn’t fair and how her parents had no idea what it was like to be a teenager. Neither Mimi nor Seth could drive, or were allowed to drive and so Leo Howard wasn’t extremely happy when he come to pick his son and daughter up, only to find out that only one would be accompanying him home. Along with Leo was his youngest and only sane child. Patrick.
“We really think it would be best if Mimi were to take up residence in the wards for a while.” Mum sighed after explaining the situation to them both. Seth, who had severe anxiety and was schizophrenic, had this suffocating false memory that Mimi killed their mother. In truth she committed suicide, but having a hormonal daughter full of mood swings, an unusual obsession with knives and no respect, sympathy or concern for others; well it wasn’t a hard-to-believe theory.
“For how long?” Leo Howard let out a deep exhausted sigh
“Well she can go home after serving detention and I, well we, will have a good chat to her psychiatrists.”
“About the appropriate action to take”
“Action for what? It’s not she has actually harmed anyone has she?”
“No. She hasn’t but-“
“Then what’s the massive problem?” Leo turned to Seth “Seth, how badly did Mimi scare you? What did she say?”
“She said she’d kill me if I told anyone she killed mum.” He slapped his mouth with his palm and his eyes widened, tears forming he cried “She’s going to kill me! Oh no I told! She’s going to kill me dad!”
“She’s just trying to scare you bro” Patrick sat next to Seth and put his hand on his older brothers’ shoulder “C’mon you know Mimi’s a bitch. Remember when you two tried to convince me the boogie man was real?” Seth smiled, which was a rare sight and I felt privileged to see it. “Yeah, I do.” At that moment a grumpy looking psychiatrist exited the elevator holding Mimi by the arm. She was now wearing the typical ward gear of white. A loose snow coloured tee-shirt with matching pyjama like pants.
“Hello daddy.” She smiled.
“You are in so much trouble young lady.” She took no notice of the comment and looked at Seth with a wide, intimidating smile “Hey brother, feeling better?”
“Like you care.”
“Mimi, why do you have to be so nasty?” Patrick asked
“I’m a sister, it’s my job.”
“Off to the wards now” the psychiatrist said “Anything else, Risa?”
“No that’s ok. Thankyou, Ida.” As they left I could hear Mimi annoying Ida with the fact that her patient now knew her first name.

I strolled the edges of the tennis court, kicking a large rock along with my school sandals. Patrick ran his fingers through his hair as he tagged along beside me.
“Does it suck?” I asked
“My hair? Nah it’s not bad.”
“No you goof. Living with them.” His smile faded quickly and he stopped stroking his head
“It doesn’t suck. They’re family; I love them, but-“he sighed “Mimi’s insensitive, Seth’s too sensitive. I don’t know, it doesn’t suck, family don’t suck, but it’s not great.”
“Hmm” I remember days at the Howards waking up in the middle of the night to Seth crying into his pillow because he had a bad dream. The man was scared of almost everything, I swear! It didn’t seem right to call him a man either because he reminded me of a little boy. Patrick seemed more like the big brother than the baby brother most of the time. He put his arms around my shoulders and smiled at me
“Maybe you could be my sister, even out the level of sanity a bit”
“Yes. Because a girl with two distinct personalities is totally sane.”
“At least you don’t break down in panic attacks or threaten cut off people’s hands and hang them on the washing line.”
“Oh dear who received that one?”
“My charming self of course. I stole the last of her chocolate.”
“You stole chocolate off a psycho?
“Crazy, I know. I have never made that mistake again.”
“Sometimes I think that having a four year old sister is a nightmare, but at least she’s not a sociopath.”
“Gracie’s adorable”
“You don’t live with her.”

Gracie is adorable, but mum didn’t think so when she came home to find two packets of chips on the lounge room floor next to an open DVD case.
“Gracie!” Gracie came running down the hall and skidded to halt when she saw us, tripping over the DVD cover, her dark brown curly hair falling around her
“That” mum smiled “is why we pick thing us, young lady” my baby sister was back up on her feet in seconds
“It wasn’t me it was daddy. I swear mummy I swear” I picked up the DVD and rolled my eyes at the cover “Yes Gracie Bear, because dad loves to watch Tinkerbell.”

Turns out dad had sat and watched Tinkerbell as it was one of the many obligations that came with having a young daughter.
“Because otherwise you’d never watch such a girly movie, would you dad?”
“Of course not” dad exclaimed with a cheeky smile “we’ll be watching terminator tomorrow.” Mum, who was stirring pasta looked over at dad with a “Don’t you dare” sort of look
“Just joking love. How was your day Honour?”
“It was a day”
“Excellent. Good to hear. I hate it when days pretend to be days but actually it is night time”. He tapped my nose over the table where we were waiting for mum to serve dinner. Dad thought he was really funny. He was always the one dressed as a clown at kid’s parties and making light of everything. Like me and Gracie, dad had dark brown hair (of course mine was no longer brown) and matching eyes. He was smaller than your average man and I think he felt a little embarrassed that his seventeen year old daughter was almost as tall as him. There’s a photo above the fireplace mantelpiece with the four of us at the renewal of my parents vows. My hair natural brown, wavy hair fell down my back in a half up do and I was wearing a knee length cotton dress with a black denim jacket. I was leaning into dad whose face was stretched with a massive grin. Mum looked stunning in strapless red dress that fell loosely around her. She was kissing dads’ cheek while holding Gracie, who was at the time about six months old and dressed in a pretty pink fairy dress, wings included. It was a gorgeous photo, one I loved to look at. I just wish I’d been there when the photo was taken. After kissing my family goodnight, even though mum still hesitated in fear of getting some sort of disease or cancer from me, and tucking and Gracie into bed, I crawled under my blankets and closed my eyes.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 11 Next »

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turntechGodhead said...
May 17, 2016 at 2:45 pm
this is actually very good, tbh i expected that it would be some bad story about some weird thing or whatever. its well written and had a lot of very descriptive words, which painted an image in my mind
amandamorris said...
May 11, 2016 at 5:40 pm
I really love your choice of vocabulary!! pls check out my first story and comment on it, nobody has read it yet :{ !! I also love how brave you are to write that type of story!
JeepHer said...
Feb. 23, 2016 at 12:11 pm
I LOVE THIS STORY! I am only in chapter 5 , but I'm hooked, keep up the AMAZING work! :)
GabbyHernandez2 said...
Nov. 4, 2015 at 10:11 am
“Honour has DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) as a result of witnessing her friends murder. She developed two new personalities however one became over protective and aggressive so Honour wished her away, and strangely the third personality disappeared.” I enjoyed reading this and liked the way you used a lot of descriptive words to make the story more fascinating.
amandamorris replied...
May 11, 2016 at 5:41 pm
yes I definitely agree with you. she uses words to make it more realistic, and alive!
Jassie said...
Oct. 6, 2014 at 3:22 am
Very impressed. Just finished chapter four and looking foward to reading the rest and seeing where this story is going. Good use of descriptive terminology.
real_saxman said...
Aug. 17, 2014 at 9:48 pm
No major problems I can see. You have great description, dialogue and plot. The only thing I would reccomend is adding commas to the end of your dialogue. It's a very minor fix.
maddeeilea said...
Jul. 22, 2014 at 6:31 am
Finally commenting!! aha. I seriously love this! Psychology and mental disorders have always been something i found facinating and i love the way you portray it in this!  the fourth chapter was a bit confusing at first, but i soon got the hang of it and figured it out :D  let me know when the next chapter is up!! xx

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