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The Third Person

Author's note: I've always had an interest in both physical and mental disorders, but mostly mental and...  Show full author's note »
Author's note:

I've always had an interest in both physical and mental disorders, but mostly mental and especially Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). The boy, Alec is loosely based off a friend of mine and Honour is a very complex girl and I enjoy writing about complex people

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Kace and Patrick had rocked up at the same time, both with wide smiles and what I assumed were gifts for Alec.
"Still in your school clothes?" Pat asked me "C'mon Honour, even I bothered to look decent." And he had. For once. He was wearing jean shorts, an ironed black tee shirt and a short sleeved denim jacket. Kace looked pretty in a black, lace, singlet top and denim skirt, she'd taken her hair out of its usual pony tail and done up in a pretty low bun with two small braids running along each side of her head. I was still in my school shirt and skirt and I didn't have to look in the mirror to know that the Summer day will have messed up my hair and makeup. I did however, have a change of clothes in my bag.
"Oh right" I blushed "Ana, do you mind if I use the bathroom to get changed?"
"Sure honey, Alec can open his remaining presents while we wait". I hurried to the bathroom that Ana pointed out for me, school bag on my back and quickly changed into the black tee shirt and skirt I had brought with me. I liked this tee shirt and wore it to almost every special occasion, it was a thin but solid material except for the very short sleeves and top strip that were lace. I hurriedly redid my makeup and brushed my hair before putting together a neat side ponytail. When I rejoined everyone in the kitchen Alec was tossing up a soccer ball I assumed would be from Patrick. Since Ana had let him have the day off from school on his birthday, he didn't need to get changed.
"Ravioli for all!" Ana cried, handing the bowls of pasta to Alec who placed them around the table "Is your mum coming Honour?"
"She's going to try," I said "but there's just a lot of work at the centre."
"Of course, of course." And so we ate, stuffing tomato pasted pasta squares into our hungry mouths. When we finished we dived into conversation. Anastasia asked us about school and Kace asked what it was liked to be confined to a wheelchair. I learnt that her spine had been damaged in a car accident.
"My sister was never a good driver" Ana sighed "but her other-other personality," she looked at me "she was immature and reckless. Once I went driving with her, god I can't even remember why. And well, I've been confined to a wheelchair ever since."
"And your sister?" I asked, assuming this had something to do with the fact Alec's parents were never spoken about. I was wrong.
"Leila? She was lucky, very lucky. Broken arm and a fractured ankle was all she got." Just then there was a knock on the door
"That must be your mother" Anastasia smiled "I'll get it." she wheeled herself out to the foyer and the front door. We heard the door open and then silence for a few seconds.
"Micah?" Anastasia said surprised
"Hey Aunty Ana."

I knew who Micah was the minute he set foot in the kitchen. How did I know? He and Alec cold have almost been identical twins. Micah was taller and looked less like someone with an eating disorder but he had the same hazel eyes, same long blonde hair, just even longer. He even walked with a similar hunched posture that Alec did. Alec had frozen when he saw his older brother, the two looked eyes for an uncomfortable long moment before Micah grinned and cheered "Happy birthday little bro!" Then I saw something unique, I saw Alec smile. And it wasn't just a half smile or a the sort of shy, saddened kind of smile I had seen a couple times, it was a sign of clear happiness from ear to ear.
:everyone this is Micah," Ana explained, wheeling back into the kitchen "Alec's brother." Ana smiled up at Micah "Joy? Selena? Your grandparents?"
"Afraid not," Micah sighed "Selena wanted to come, really. She practically begged but Joy shut her down pretty quick. She's kind of taken control back at home, that's partly why I left. Sick of being bossed around by my little sister."
"Partly?" I asked
"Other part was that I'm freaking twenty-five and I realised I was still living with my grandparents!" he sort of hit himself in the head as if to show how stupid he was but he still had a massive grin on his face. He may look like Alec, but their characters were completely opposite.
"Oh god" Patrick groaned "I can't imagine living with my family for that long."
"I think you should be proud you've made it this far." I agreed. I felt uncomfortable having dinner at the Howard's. I could not imagine living with them.
"Family of psychopaths?" Micah asked
"No, just nutcases. I've got a schizophrenic brother and a sociopathic sister."
"Sounds terrifying." Micah nodded
"Well Micah," Anastasia cut in "we've finished dinner but Honour's absent mother made us some cake and Alec made cupcakes."
"Alec made the cupcakes?" Kace asked, sounding impressed. Patrick shook his head at her "He's autistic, not brain dead." Alec did look a little offended and I felt guilty for thinking the same thing as Kace. After wiping our faces of chocolate frosting and whipped cream, Mrs Taylor came to collect Kace. She thanked Anastasia for having her daughter over and said happy birthday to Alec. Kace went out put her arms around Alec, to give him a friendly birthday hug. His serene expression changed quickly
"No!" he pushed her away and sort of freaked out. Suddenly looking scared, shoving Kace hard before turning around and trying to escape, but coming in contact with the wall. The joyful, chilled atmosphere immediately dispersed as Alec fell against the wall. He crouched down onto the floor and hid his face between his knees. Before he had though, I saw is expression. He was trying not to cry.
"We should probably go." Mrs Taylor said softly, tugging on Kace's shoulder, but Kace, her face now white stayed put
"Did...did I do something wrong? I'm so sorry." she was looking at Alec with guilt painted on her face
"No. No of course not, dear." Anastasia soothed, but she didn't sound very convincing. She wheeled her self over to Alec and placed a hand on his shoulder.
"It's ok Kace." Pat comforted her, placing his hand on her shoulder "I'll walk Kace out" he whispered to me and I nodded in return. I felt awkward after Patrick left with the Taylors as the three other people in the room were all related. I felt like an outsider. Micah had gone quiet and watched his younger brother silently. To my surprise, the scene didn't seem to shock him at all.
"Come on honey, get up. It's ok. You're safe here, no one can hurt you." Ana was rubbing his shoulder and trying to coax him out of his little turtle shell. This was another one of those moments where it was hard to remind myself Alec was an eighteen year old young man, not a little kid.
"Ana-" Micah stepped forward but Anastasia shot out her hand like a bullet "Just, stay there. Both of you." I was surprised Patrick hadn't rejoined us by now and figured Mrs Taylor had offered him a ride home
"Come on, honey" Ana whispered "It's just me, your brother and Honour-your friend." Alec finally looked up but his face made me want hug him, it made me sick. He looked terrified, like he had seen a ghost, like Kace had tried to suffocate him. He seemed to relax a little but still didn't stand up. He unfolded his arms and legs, and used his wrists to wipe what was likely tears, but I didn't see him cry.
"I'm going to make you some tea. Honour can you take him to his room?" Anastasia finally looked at me and that seemed to make some of my discomfort disappear.
"Sure" I replied quietly and walked over to Alec, holding out my hand to help him up. He stood but not with my assistance and my hand was left hovering until we turned and journeyed up the stairs.

Alec did seem to relax a bit when we entered his bedroom, but he barely seemed to recognise my presence.
"Do you want me to stay?" I asked softly, walking over to him after he sat on his bed. No answer. He had started breaking apart one of the sticks that were taped to the wall. Little brown broken bits fell to the ground. I tried to digest what had just happened and figure out a way to get through to him, a strategy that would settle him and break him out his shell. I did what I would do for others, I placed myself next to him and his bed squeaked under both of our weight
"Kace didn't mean to scare you" I reassured "It was just her way of saying happy birthday". Still more stick destroying.
"That's an odd way to vent. Or cope. Or occupy yourself. I don't really know what you're doing, but it
it's definitely odd." He finally turned his head to me and stopped cracking apart the environmental object. He sort of chewed on his lower lip, a look of consideration on his face. Like he was deciding whether to share something with me. Instead he just turned away and began to snap the stick again. I was about to give up when he finally said "cope"
"It helps you cope?" he nodded. I got up and removed the tape from one of the sticks on the wall, I could feel his eyes on me. When I joined him back on the bed I said "Well then, let me help you cope" and began to break apart the doomed brown object. I looked at Alec and he smiled at me, making me feel warm and funny all over. I felt that it was my turn to share a part of me with him
"Do you know what dissociative identity disorder is Alec?" He nodded. At first I was surprised at his knowledge until I remembered that his mother had it.
"That girl you met, when we were walking towards Gracie's friends house," I paused, would he remember? I decided yes. "Emory, do you remember meeting her?" Another nod. "Emory, she's really nice. At least that's what others tell me. So, I guess some people from the outside wouldn't see her as a problem. But I do." He finally looked at me and I felt like we had something in common. We had issues others didn't know or understand. Issues that were hard to control, difficult for others to relate to. How many people had more than one person inside their body? I remember what Ana said about Emory being just as much of a person as I was, a person with thoughts, feelings, even relationships. I knew mum liked her because she was mature, so did Patrick and dad. That made it harder to wish she'd disappear. Disappear and give me my life back.
"I hate the memory blanks" I said quietly "I hate suddenly being in a random place, missing out on important events." The renewal of my parents vows. " My parents were married before I was born, so that renewal was me getting to experience their wedding, experience my parents happiness as they made a lifelong commitment. I picked out the dress the night before and sang Gracie to sleep in her crib. The next thing I remembered was waking up on a bed of white sheets and staring at a bland ceiling. Not my bedroom. The wards. And it was a full month after my parents special day.
Alec was still staring at me, probably waiting for me to say something else. I didn't. Instead I started screaming.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 9 10 11

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turntechGodhead said...
May 17, 2016 at 2:45 pm
this is actually very good, tbh i expected that it would be some bad story about some weird thing or whatever. its well written and had a lot of very descriptive words, which painted an image in my mind
amandamorris said...
May 11, 2016 at 5:40 pm
I really love your choice of vocabulary!! pls check out my first story and comment on it, nobody has read it yet :{ !! I also love how brave you are to write that type of story!
JeepHer said...
Feb. 23, 2016 at 12:11 pm
I LOVE THIS STORY! I am only in chapter 5 , but I'm hooked, keep up the AMAZING work! :)
GabbyHernandez2 said...
Nov. 4, 2015 at 10:11 am
“Honour has DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) as a result of witnessing her friends murder. She developed two new personalities however one became over protective and aggressive so Honour wished her away, and strangely the third personality disappeared.” I enjoyed reading this and liked the way you used a lot of descriptive words to make the story more fascinating.
amandamorris replied...
May 11, 2016 at 5:41 pm
yes I definitely agree with you. she uses words to make it more realistic, and alive!
Jassie said...
Oct. 6, 2014 at 3:22 am
Very impressed. Just finished chapter four and looking foward to reading the rest and seeing where this story is going. Good use of descriptive terminology.
real_saxman said...
Aug. 17, 2014 at 9:48 pm
No major problems I can see. You have great description, dialogue and plot. The only thing I would reccomend is adding commas to the end of your dialogue. It's a very minor fix.
maddeeilea said...
Jul. 22, 2014 at 6:31 am
Finally commenting!! aha. I seriously love this! Psychology and mental disorders have always been something i found facinating and i love the way you portray it in this!  the fourth chapter was a bit confusing at first, but i soon got the hang of it and figured it out :D  let me know when the next chapter is up!! xx

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