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Angel in Disguise

Author's note: This story is inspired by the great Stephen King.
Author's note: This story is inspired by the great Stephen King.  « Hide author's note
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Police Station

He arrived at the convenience store at quarter to three, a time at which the town was bustling with shoppers eager to grab their goods and continue home. He pulled his Patriot into an empty spot located in the front of the store. The keys were yanked from their hole and shoved into Paul’s pocket as he got out and slammed the door shut. He passed the convenience store in a hurry, eager to reach the police station and recount his happenings.
“Good afternoon, Paul!” roused a friend Paul had met many times as he strolled into town.
“Hey there,” Paul answered. “How’re you doing?”
“Why, good Paul. You seem in a rush, got something important going on?”
“You could say that. Headed to the police station as we speak.” Paul answered quickly.
Paul hurried to the station and wiped his feet off on the welcome rug. The smell of coffee filled the room, a considerate step up from cheap liquor Paul was oh so accustomed to.
“Can I help you, sir?” asked one of the policewomen whom Paul had a sort of fancy for.
“I need the sheriff. Is he in?”
“Just missed him, he’s out getting fresh doughnuts for the team right now.”
Paul chuckled at the convenient stereotype in which a cop was seeking out doughnuts. Of course he was, what’s next, I smell bacon jokes? He wouldn’t be surprised. He stifled his laughter long enough to ask when the sheriff would be back.
“Eh, I’d say…10, 15 minutes?” the policewoman answered.
“Perfect.” Paul retorted.
“You’re more than welcome to take a seat over there by the window and wait, if you’d like.” the policewoman told him.
Paul did so and unfolded a newspaper he had bought while cruising past the convenience store. He had always drifted more toward the comic strips and sports headlines when reading the paper, but had a strange will to read the obituaries this particular afternoon. He flipped the paper over to reveal the state’s latest obituaries. “Poor saps.” he thought. Paul was reminded grimly of the death he had witnessed while passing down the highway and was even more reminded that it was his enemy, Barry Kissinger who had been killed. How the hell did he make it all the way to the highway on foot? Why was he hitchhiking? Was he headed to town just like I was?
Paul’s eyes darted from picture to picture, reading every description and cause of death. He scanned each name and found that he knew none of them. He knew none of them… but one. A strikingly familiar name which struck fear into his heart fell upon his eyes and introduced itself as Barry Kissinger. Above his name was a picture of the man. It was the same man that had appeared at his doorstep abruptly that very morning and the same man who had been killed on the highway some thirty minutes ago. He couldn’t have been featured in the obituaries so quickly. Paul swallowed hard and the sound of door swinging open broke him out of his trance. It was the sheriff and, sure enough, he had a big box full of hot and crispy doughnuts tucked safely under his arm.
“Sheriff, I’m Paul Blackmore, can I have a word with you?” Paul asked as he jumped quickly out of his seat.
“Well, I am quite busy at the moment, son, could you come back later?” asked the sheriff with a smile spread across his face.
“I need to talk to you now, sheriff. It’s a sort of emergency.” Paul told him.
The sheriff pointed his eyebrows down to his toes and nodded accordingly.
“Sure thing, I guess. Follow me.”
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 ... 10 Next »

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