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Angel in Disguise

Author's note: This story is inspired by the great Stephen King.
Author's note: This story is inspired by the great Stephen King.  « Hide author's note
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Guardian Angel

“Jesus, Barry,” Paul screams. “Stop it! What the hell are you?”
The creature ignores Paul and stands directly in front of him. Unbeknownst to the creature, a rogue trucker is making his way behind him. It was a trucker that the creature had missed, and one that had a gun. The creature slashed the rope that held Paul, and Paul fell hard onto the cold floor. A gunshot is fired into the creature’s back, and green slime oozes out of the hole. The creature turns around to see the startled trucker who had shot him. Within seconds, the trucker is picked up and thrown into the deadly grinder which had almost made a chili out of Paul’s poor body. Blood and organs are chewed up in the machine and spat out into the dirty air. Pieces of flesh fall into Paul’s lap and are immediately brushed away with a necessary gag. The creature faces Paul yet again and grabs him by his neck. Without hesitation, Paul is thrown into the machine and grinded up into tiny pieces. The machine squeaks as it grinds up Paul’s strong bones and spits them out like shards of splintered wood. The creature follows Paul into the machine and is equally grinded up into tiny pieces.
Spinning through a sort of time warp, Paul and Barry are interwoven and connect as one person. They are swirling through what they believe as the “afterlife”. Faster and faster they spin, noticing flashes of past memories they had experienced in their tumulus lives. Their bodies are unraveled and they spin off in separate directions, each on their own way to their own afterworld. Paul blacks out after a couple of seconds. When he wakes up, he’s in a state of pure euphoria. A clear blue sky shines above his head, and shimmering waterfalls surround him. The environment is in slow motion, Paul notices, as he raises his hand to see that he is completely intact. Paul had never looked better, in fact, he looked better now than he had ever looked before. He was a solid fifteen years younger void of any habits or stresses. He notices various butterflies as they fly around his head and observes the glitter-soaked air. Off in the distance, Paul takes notice of a beautiful woman standing underneath a tall tree. It had been the same tree Paul had played upon when he was a kid. The same tree he and his mother had spent countless nights counting stars under. The beautiful woman showed herself to be Margaret Blackmore, Paul’s late mother. She looked the same as she had when Paul would count stars with her. Paul found his way over to her and collapsed into her arms, like he did as a child. They were reunited at last. Paul could not remember what his mother’s touch felt like, but he knew now that is was like that of an angel. Perhaps they were both angels now, condemned to live out their afterlife in the grace of each other’s presence, making up for decades of lost time. One by one, more of Paul’s loved ones wandered their way underneath the tree, greeting Paul with a warm hug. Looking over the shoulder of his Grandmother, with whom he had lived with when his mother had died, Paul glimpsed Barry sitting atop a waterfall, looking intently back at Paul. A wink was given by Barry and then he disappeared. He had kept his promise, Barry had. After all, Paul was reunited with his mother. Barry proved that sometimes you must give something up to gain something in return. In this case, Paul paid the ultimate price to achieve true happiness. Paul lived on with his loved ones, getting the occasional visit from Barry every now and again.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 8 9 10

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