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The Adventure Seekers

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My family has always been a little weird. No wait, let me rephrase that my family is really weird. Well for starters I don’t have any boy cousins on my dad’s side or a brother which is really disappointing. Why you might ask? Well now for starters I love sports! I also love bugs! None of my girl cousins are really into either of those.

Today I’m going to see my boring cousins. I’m in the van right now on my way to the beach. Sarah my older sister is very excited to see our cousins though, but I think she just wants to brag about her new ‘super styling’ clothes. Oh great…here we are now. “Eva sweetie, get out of the car and help carry the towels down to the shore.” commanded my mom. “Ugh, okay mom don’t rush me.” I sighed. I really didn’t want to come here in the first place.

“Eva stop being so grumpy. I know you’re missing the soccer game, but isn’t family more important?” my mom asked with an understanding smile. “It was the finals, mom! Why did I have to miss this game out of all the others? Since I’m already here, I’ll at least try to enjoy it.” I said trying to smile. “Thank you, Eva.” my mom smiled. I snatched the towels and ran off to the beach shore. At least I’ll get some swimming practice out of this.

“Eva! You’re finally here!” shouted my younger cousin Ivy. Ivy is one of my most adorable cousins, though she can be a little mean sometimes. “Now everyone’s here.” said my cousin Ariel who was standing behind Ivy. Ariel is sort of the artist of our family; she loves to make crafts and usually can be found sewing a new clothes style or sometimes making bracelets and such. “Let’s go swimming.” I said as I ran and jumped into the lake.

We swam half an hour before Coraline came. Coraline is Ariel’s younger sister. She is the most annoying of all my cousins. “The water is too cold!” whined Coraline. “Then don’t go swimming.” suggested Ariel. “But I want to!” said Coraline in her whiny tone as usual. My oldest cousin Lila was still sitting on the shore reading a book. Not just any book, she was reading…Math II a book of Geometry, Trigonometry, Statistics and Probability, Algebra, and Calculus. “Lila. Put the book down and go swimming with your cousins.” commanded her dad. “In a few more hours.” replied Lila glued to her book. “No now.” said her dad as he took the book away. “Father! I was just getting to the exciting part, where they explained how to factor when evaluating limits!” exclaimed Lila upset the book was taken away. “Now go swimming you need the excise and to be with other people. If you don’t go now, I’ll put you in school!” commanded Lila’s dad.

Lila is home schooled mostly because she’s extremely socially awkward and ends up getting no friends and a whole lot of bullies. Lila loves to read and is sort of an inventor, she loves to work in her ‘lab’ (her lab is actually her room) from night to day and sometimes day to night. “No! Not school!” pleaded Lila. “Then go swimming! If you don’t go in five seconds you will go to school no matter what.” said her dad. “But-but I do not want to swim in a large mass of H2O in which billions of one celled organisms live, and many creatures use as a dwelling and a rest room.” complained Lila. “Sorry Lila tomorrow you’re going to school.” said her dad as he gave up trying.

Lila’s dad is really nice, believe me. He only wants what’s best for Lila and her to be a little more normal. I stepped out of the lake and walked up to Lila. “Come on Lila, it’ll be fun besides you’re already in your swimsuit so you might as well use it.” I said encouragingly. “No thanks.” Lila insisted. “Fine then.” I said grabbing her arm and pulling her with me. “W-where are you taking me?!” asked Lila a little frightened. “You’ll see.” I replied with a mischievous smile. Then I pushed her into the lake. It might have been a little mean, but I had to get her in one way or another.

I could tell she was already freaking out, though she was sitting down and the water only reached her stomach. “Lila, just try not to think about it.” I suggested. “Hmmmm…” said Lila as she thought. Suddenly something wet and freezing cold ran down my back. “Hey!” I shouted as I turned around shocked. Sarah burst out laughing. A smile slipped across my face. “Water gun fight!” I declared as I picked up the two that I had set down earlier. I tossed one to Lila and the fight began.

So all my cousins had joined in, even Lila was now playing. Everyone was laughing and running around. Somehow I knew this year was going to be different from any other. It was going to be awesome!
Chapters:   1 2 3 4 5 6 Next »

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Oct. 3, 2013 at 10:07 am
Good story. I seen nothing wrong with it.
MadisHeart said...
Jun. 28, 2013 at 12:23 pm
I'm so in love with this right now! I need more than "to be continued" plzzz :) ;) I love the adventure seeking girls, I want to join them on their awesome and dangerous adventures. Hey, maybe you will like my book, will you check it out for me?
R.D.Bookworm replied...
Jul. 1, 2013 at 3:01 pm
Sure!  I would like to read your book. 

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