The Abandoned Dark House

April 13, 2013
By M_Luna, Los Angeles, California
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M_Luna, Los Angeles, California
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Author's note: I was inspired by watching so many horror movies since I was young and wanted to make a story that sounded like a good movie to make.

There was a little boy in a dark, dark house that was on top of a hill in the town of Ravenwood. The people who live in the little town of Ravenwood called the place Ravenwood manor. The great, great, great grandfather of the little boy was the founder of the town, and he himself built that house on the hill for his family. The people talk and talk about the house being haunted because the parents of the little boy were tortured and murdered by burglars, in police records the husband and wife were savagely stabbed repeatedly on their legs and soon to be finished beaten to death. That all happened sixty-years ago, and they still say the boy looks as young as ten years old. Many people have seen candle lights lit up and a little boy holding them through a window upstairs and soon fade slowly away. Once a woman saw bloody hand prints on the windows. The people call the little boy the “Ravenswood’s restless bloody boy,” because they say he was also killed but the police officers never found the body of the little boy. Today is January 19, 2013 my name’s John Vincent I’m fifty-eight years old, and it’s been forty years since after the tortures massacre I endured in that house with my high school friends. I saw so many horrific happenings there that have changed my life since then; this is my story on that day of the massacre October 30, 1973.

It was a cold day and very dark, the trees swayed like lively creatures, clouds covering up the sky, I was walking to school with my friend Blair he was the quarterback of our high school, we both have been buds since like forever. Of course I was a nerd so he would defend me from the schools bullies, then he would say like always “Don’t be afraid to hit them where it hurts the most,” but of course I don’t because I’m bit of a wimp. Today was any like any other day or so I thought; we meet up at school with the rest of the gang, Jason the schools most hardcore rocker, Heather the beauty queen she was dating Blair at the time, Lisa who had a total thing for Jason but he never cared, and then there was Jessica my school crush I never told her that because I never got the whole macho thing to do that. As time passed it was lunch already and we met up at our usual table like normally and we’d talk about stuff in school but today Blair came up with a plan.”You guys my parents are out of town for the whole week!” said Blair while jumping out of his seat like a lunatic “really! Maybe we can have some alone time in your place” said heather with her big smile to Blair “Yea we can do that or we can all go to that house on top of the hill” Blair grinning while he was telling everyone, I get up and tell him “ but that place is forbidden and haunted!” Jason who blows his hair away from his eyes “haunted huh? I’m down” “There you go that’s one, and john come on buddy this is once in a life time and you can impress Jessica of how brave you are” Blair whispering it to me, I sit down slowly and say “fine alright let’s do this, wait what about you heather and Jessica are both of you going to go” they both say “alright we’ll be there.” Blair smacks his hands down on the table “then it’s settled we all meet on top of the hill in front of the gate tonight!”

Later that day we all went home and I started to get flashing pictures in my head “dude you alright man” asked Blair “yea I’m alright just probably tired” trying to shake it off.”Well you better get some rest to be ready tonight” said Blair with a smirk “no yea man I’ll be alright by then” then, we split up on our way home. As I open the door to the house my stupid little sister Mary tries to scare me with a dumb old Halloween mask “did I scare you!” says Mary while giggling “nah but your face did,” and then she went crying to mom “mom john called me ugly!” while tears running down her cheeks.”John how many times have I told you to stop teasing your sister you are older than her” in the maddest tone she has “well tell her to stop trying to scare me I’m not eight years old.” “By the way I’m going to uhh Blair’s house later” “and who gave you permission” saying with a mad face as if she was on fire. As I turned my head a bit around “It’ll only be awhile” as I start going up to my room “fine but don’t come home late” saying in a worried tone “yea I won’t take much time we are just going to watch movies.” I was lying to her but it was the only way to be able to go to Ravenwood manor with the rest of the gang, later I fell asleep and started having a weird dream of being inside a closet and seeing something but didn’t knew what. As I woke up later on it was game time, I grabbed my jacket and slipped on my black and white converse, when I was about to leave out of the door my mom says “remember don’t come home late alright” I turn around and tell her “alright I won’t I promise,” and I slammed the door shut and left to go meet my friends at the front gate of Ravenwood manor.

As I walked down the streets I started to hear voices all around me, then I heard one shrieking yell I turn back to see who it was “hello are you alright…….anyone there?” a moment there I was frighten to death since there was nobody there but me. I then reached the hill and climbed to the top where my friends were already there Blair who was impatient asked “what took you so long?” I told him “I uhh overslept” “alright then” turning around to the gate “well then let’s go” while opening the gate. As everybody started to step in the path to the house we all had chills going down to our backs, Jessica started to hold my arm which I kind of liked. All around us were trees they looked like they had faces, faces that felt cold and dead like, as Blair started to go up the steps his foot goes through the wooden steps and it made a loud noise, so the girls yelled and Jason and I went to go help Blair get his foot out of the stairs “stupid old wooden stairs I could have broken my foot!’’ yelled Blair with bit of anger. After Blair yelled at the stairs’ we helped Blair open the door, then bats flew out and I yelled like a total wimp and fell over, Blair helped me up and laughed. We all went in the house, the house was very dark, old but it was very big and had two set of stairs on the left and the right, then Heather screamed and we all ran over to her and Jason asks “what’s with the screaming?” and Heather with a scream says “there is so much spider webs eww! It’s all over my good shoes!” I rolled my eyes and said “drama queen.” Blair made a suggestion “we should all split up into two groups and look around” the he comes over to me and whispers “dude this is your chance to be alone with Jessica” and so Blair went upstairs with heather and Jason went with Lisa to check out the living room, and Jessica went with me to the kitchen. We looked around and we found rotten fruit left in a basket and then Jessica tugged me over “john look at the floor!” as I went to look at the floor I slipped across the floor, Jessica comes over and helps me up and asks “are you alright” I told her “yea I’m alright” I looked at my hands and they were cover in blood! “What the hell there is blood on the floor” I said in a frighten tone, Jessica then looked at my hand and she looked frighten as well “I think we should go get the others” she said with a tiny voice “yea we should go” as I cleaned off the blood from my hand with my shirt. Meanwhile, Blair and heather were upstairs in the bedroom of Mr. and Mrs. Ravenwood “man this people had an awesome place” said Blair being astonished “yea too bad they were killed they looked like good people” holding up a picture frame of them. “I’m a go see the bathroom got to take a leak” said Blair while leaving “alright but don’t take too long I’ll get lonely in this huge bed” as she lays on the bed “alright I won’t” as he winks at her. As Blair was about done he hears a loud scream “oh s*** that sounded like heather” as he ran to the bedroom, him and me both collided I asked “sorry Blair what the heck was that scream” while I rubbed my head “I don’t know but it sounded like heather!” As we went inside Jason and Lisa joined us “where the hell is she!” yelled Blair frighten “she probably saw a spider an ran” said Jason with a smirk “or, or she could has been taken by the restless bloody boy!” yelled Jessica, Blair looked at her “no that is just stupid the whole boy thing is just a legend” as soon as he had said that the whole house started to shake and we all jumped up “it’s an earthquake everybody get out!” I yelled, we all ran downstairs and to the outside of the house, then we all tripped and started rolling down the hill but it felt as if someone pushed us with great force. As we got up a police car came up and an officer came out of the car and yelled “all of you get your hands up in the air and don’t move!” we were all scared because we could go to jail for trespassing. The cop came over to us and told us all “what are you all doing here at night” and Lisa said “we were just taking a look inside,” Blair with a mad red face was nodding his head to Lisa and the cop pulled out his cuffs, put them on us and told us “well you all are going to have to tell that to your parents and also the ticket they will be paying for your trespassing in this forbidden house,” he then put us all in the cop car and drove us all to our house except for Blair since his parents are out of town he was going to jail until someone bailed him out. While the cop was dropping off Jessica I saw her parents with shock and heard them scream at her and I nodded because my parents will have such a fit when I get to the door with a cop and handcuffs on my wrists.

It was my turn to be dropped off; I could already see the face my mom will make when she sees me in handcuffs. The officer ranged the door and my mom comes out and she says “what did you do john?!” as the officer takes off the handcuffs, I went inside the house not looking at my mom as the officer talks to my mom and gives her a ticket. As my mom comes to my room she starts yelling “seriously john what the hell were you thinking of trespassing there, it’s still a crime scene, I just talked to heathers mom so where is she?!” I told her with my head down “I don’t know, all we heard was her screaming and she just disappeared.” Her face turns like she saw a ghost “what do you mean disappeared?” I turn to her and say “as in she gone we don’t know where the hell she went alright the house started shaking and we ran out and that’s when the stupid police guy caught us!” She then sat down beside me and said “I think it’s time for you to know something….I knew someday this would happen” I look at her with such confusion she puts her hand on my lap and finally says in a low calm voice “Those people who lived in that house were not good people they were satanic worshipers and they were not killed by burglars but they were killed by police officers who had an inside person in that group that told them about a kid being born and inside that child was a demon” as I listen to her I was still very confused “ as they went to kill these people, the husband and the wife hid their child from them and years later the child was found by that same inside person and he is my father… that makes you that child from up in that house on the hill who looked out of that window knowing he will never have a life out here until now” as I stood in shock I thought to myself could this all be true am I really that boy who lived in that creepy old house with these satanic people who let their child have a demon inside him. I slowly tell her “I still don’t understand that happened many years ago and I’m only 17!” she then said “yes we know the house was bound by so much evil that it has kept you young until you were brought here where you started growing, and these evil spirits are awaken when you entered back there.” As I sat there with my thoughts, I thought about how heather disappeared she’s probably dead by now, then I told my so called mother who had lied all these years to me to “leave!” then she frowned and said “what?” then I stood up and yelled “I SAID TO LEAVE RIGHT NOW!” then she stood up and left crying but I didn’t care she was not my mother. As she left I sat there in my bed thinking and then I remembered everything all the blood I saw my true parents being killed by my step mothers’ father, then my phone rang and I picked it up and it was Blair “hey john it’s me Blair do me a favor get the gang and go find heather at the house the police think we killed her or something” I told him with a calm voice “alright I will,” then I hanged up. I sat there, and then I went to my parents room and grabbed a gun from my step dad, went down to the kitchen. My step father was there with my step mom hugging her then he sees me and yells “you I want to talk to you dam straight right now you dam kid!” as soon as he came close to me I got out the gun and shot him right through the heart, and then my step mom starts to scream and I shoot her twice in the leg, I go to her and grabbed a butcher knife and grabbed her by the hair I told her “your father took my parents life now I’m taking yours!” then I sliced her throat and blood gushed out all over the floor. I didn’t notice my little step sister was at the doorway, and as I turned around I knee down and tell her “one day you will understand why mommy and daddy had to go.” I grabbed her and lifted her up and carried her upstairs, and put marry in her bed. I went to the phone in the kitchen and called everybody to go to the house and told them what Blair told me, I wiped off all the blood from my face, hid the knife in my jeans, and went off to go with the others at the house on the hill.

As I went up the hill, Jessica rushed to me and hugged me and asked “are you alright what happened did your parents get really mad?” and I told her “yea they did but I don’t think they will be mad anymore” and then she noticed the blood on my shirt “is that blood on your shirt” I had to lie to her “no its just ketchup I dropped on my shirt” then she said “alright well lets go find heather before we get in trouble with the police again.” We went inside the house and then I said “why don’t we split up to look for heather I can go with Jessica and Lisa you can go with Jason” everybody agreed as we split up Lisa and Jason looked upstairs while Jessica and I stayed here. “Hey Jessica let’s look in the basement maybe she could be there” she said “alright let’s go check it out” we went to the basement and I turned on the lights, I went down first as Jessica followed me down she asked “this place gives me the creeps it’s still dark even with the lights on.’’ Then I told her “ yea but it’s an alright place to live in” she starts to look around, then the lights turned off and Jessica screamed “john where are you, I’m scared” as the lights turned on I tell her from her back “I’m right here” and stuck the knife right through her stomach, then I took the knife out. She was still alive as I bend down she tells me in a low teary voice “why john why?” and then I told her “because you guys stepped into my parents home without permission, and now I must kill you my parents don’t like intruders in their home,” then as she stayed there in the floor in shocked she says “you, you are the restless boy!” and then I grabbed her by the throat and slammed her to the wall and told her “why yes, yes I am and you know what kids do act like their parents,” then I sliced her stomach, then I grabbed her and threw her as far away from me and left her to die in agony. I looked in the kitchen and grabbed another knife that was long and very sharp but Lisa and Jason came and saw all the blood on me and Jason asks “what the hell happened to you and where is Jessica?!” then I told him “she had to go…..for good” as I grinned then Lisa screamed and yelled “oh my god john killed her!” Jason stood in shock and said “what the hell why did you kill her” I told him raising my knife in my hand “my parents don’t like unwanted guests in their house” Lisa tried to run but then I threw the knife and it struck her in the back and she yell out a cry as she fell down to the floor. Jason came at me and punched me in the face, I then kicked him right in the gut and he flew all the way to two sided stairs, I took the knife out of Lisa’s back and went after Jason. Jason stands up and tackles me down he starts punching my face and gut, then I punched him and sliced his cheek open with the knife, he stumbled over and I stood up, grabbed a hatchet that was laying next to the stairs and I tell him “sorry but you’re not wanted here,” cut off his head, Lisa was still alive and struck me with a chair, I collapsed to the floor as she grabbed the hatchet she yells “burn in hell you sick freak,” before she struck me with the hatchet I felt my parents presence and my eyes turned bloody red, and she swung the hatchet I grabbed it and put my hand on her chest, and I pushed her with great force to the wall, I stood there with glowing red eyes my parents were controlling within my body, with one look at Lisa her body started to burn, she went running out the door but before could go out the gate to blew up in flames and turned into nothing but a pile of ashes. As I stood there, my parents ghosts came before me and tell me “you did good son, you may go up in your room” I left and went up the stairs to my room, I am now back home where I belong in the cold dark house they call Ravenwood manor, and as long as I am here I will bloodily kill or torture whoever tries to disturb my home I will be waiting and I will be watching.

The End….?

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