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satans fallen angel

Author's note: this piece was inspired by the angel in my life.
Author's note: this piece was inspired by the angel in my life.  « Hide author's note
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The dark angel

I look up from my blood filled hands, eyes bursting with tears, head throbbing. His eyes stare at me searching for an answer but he knew what I did, just we had no reason to believe it. If only it was a lie… his piercing blue eyes tearing my heart apart with emotion and fear. He’s fighting back tears as he clenches my hand it’s even turning blue from blood loss… but I don’t feel pain in my hands. (I’ll explain that later) he looks confident but I know that he’s just as petrified as me we know what’s going to happen but we can’t stop it sadly…. I look around at the appalling scene, tears are starting to well up in my eyes again, he holds me tighter reassuring me, he whispers “this is it” into my ear, I look down at a piece of rigid and murky glass too see my reflection, I’m… unrecognisable, I’m a completely different person, my life flashes before my eyes just as I hazily look up to see some dark figure walking towards me in the smoke then suddenly BOOM! I hear an ear-splitting whistling sound shattering my ear drums, a blindingly white flash… A bomb?

I jerk upwards violently, startling myself I turn my head sideways to hear weak faint scream “NO!” followed by a weak thud, my eyes widen. I realise where I am! Wait where the heck am I really? It’s a really dark room little light… a musty, dirty, desperate feel to the air. The floor stone cold and blood red I can hardly breathe. There’s a terrifying atmosphere. I vaguely try to remember what happened, but nothing! What’s going on? What am I doing here…? What happened, where is he? Is he ok? I hold my hand to my head remembering his eyes that were swarming with terror, I feel weak and torn up, my head is spinning, over heating from questions, too much to handle, just breathe and calm down. I see someone! Who is it? I can barely see them my eyes are still focusing but my brains still fuzzy. I try to speak but my mouth just sits partly open and I sarcastically think to myself “yeah as if your mouth can get you of situations like this when it got you here anyway” I snarl to myself. Sad I know. I’m probably insane but ya know what can I do. I’m breathing rapidly and shallowly, I feel lost in my head like speech is impossible but curiosity is pushing me forward. Only strong enough to mutter I mumble out “hi…” I feel warm fresh blood trickle down my face and think “coz that’ll make it better wont it” I’m useless, tired, completely drained. In the dim darkness I can finally just about see the person. It’s a girl? A little girl with matted dark hair clotted with blood crashed on her knees with her head buried in her hands (if you could call them hands, they’re in shreds!) sobbing, she’s battered and bruised, destroyed hope lingers in the air around us. Dirty blood is seeping from the gashes on her legs and pours out of her bloody knuckles. The most disturbing thing is she can’t look older than seven. She’s ragged and lifeless. She noticed me under the sound of her tears splashing against the floor. She raises her head slowly, she has beautiful dark skin and her eyes are red with sorrow and anger it was purely terrifying to see such emotion in a seven year olds eyes ( she looked seven anyway) they look like they’ve experienced soul shattering things, but they’re truly beautiful.. A stunning emerald green with a hint of grey. This little girl seems truly incredible.

She starts to smile and she sniffles. She wipes her tears, I hoped their tears but their stained blood red, to my surprise out comes this soft little voice, like an angel. “You’re awake” she chirps. Wow. She is one strong little girl. “You snore really loud” she giggles. An attempt to make me smile, how remarkable, she was in so much pain but made an attempt to make me smile. I smile. That warmed my heart in this lifeless place. I groan louder than I expected and pushed myself off the floor where id slipped down and after drifting in and out of conciseness leaning against the ice cold walls but whoever put me here obviously forgot to visit ikea. I see a glimmer of happiness in her eyes. Confusion washes over me, who is she? She edges closer to me, I can see her properly now, she’s a skinny dainty little girl, who’s actually very pretty, her face burnt and torn but still beautiful. Her cloths are truly wrecked, tattered and filthy. I can sense she’s a strong confident girl, optimistic. Why am I here with her? “Where are we?” I say to avoid the awkward silence but since we’ve been silent since I got here I felt abit stupid for thinking that. “The chamber” she whispers. As if were being watched, there’s got to be some sick twisted person to sit there and watch us suffer. “The ch-chamber?” I stutter. Where have I heard that before? Where the hell is the chamber… who the hell put me here! “It’s where they put us ‘unwanted experiments’” unwanted? Experiments? I gasp for air in disbelief and my lungs feel like they’re about to burst while my heart is heading south, I finally realised why that little girl is taken every day and comes back worse and why I black out. They experiment, on, us?! “What!” I manage to say, my words muffled beneath the sound of a ringing pain in my ears, I’m still extremely confused. “V put us here…” she stumbles saying even that one letter, like she wanted to cry. Aah so I have a name, (well a letter) to the evil idiot who chucked us here to die like throwing out the garbage, he’s an idiot because I know he will pay. I felt like screaming “do you want me to just give up for you! I’m not your puppet! Want me to roll over too!” but no I was freaking out too much for that… “Who is V! “ I was demanding information from this girl, I felt a little bad. She was in the same situation as me and I was yelling. I took deep breaths and eventually managed to calm down. There’s an uncomfortable silence as if she’s wondering to tell me or not. Like that was an actual choice… “the disgusting evil brute that enslaves little girls, experiments on children, kills toddlers, slaughters innocent animals for their DNA, the man that can look into the sweet tiny eyes of 4 year old boys and girls and cut them open without flinching… that’s V” she said in a quite low, calm, terrifying voice, I realise her distress and tense, I could practically feel the heat radiating from her as she burned up in anger. Well that explains a lot thanks! Like I didn’t know that he was evil? I don’t understand. One minute I was sneaking in a government facility (I’ll tell you later what I was doing) and suddenly in this chamber I don’t remember much but it keeps drifting back to me in little tidbits of memory but none of its valuable. Every time I remember him I just swallow my pain because I’m going to have it deal with that another day, stuck in here is enough to handle without worry or even grief…

I jolted upright again! Damn it I got to stop doing that it makes me dizzy and It makes me gag… nightmare mixing in with reality both have a hellish taunt of voices and shame the same scene and no questions have been answered while I slept, I frantically search the surroundings hoping drastically that I would find a cup of water or anything, I’m so desperate ill even eat vegetables and they’re the worst! Great now I’m hungry. I was a normal girl once. A normal 13 year old teenager worried about spots and what outfit to wear... but this last 2 months I have changed, worrying about my life and safety and battle strategies and my next meal… that’s not normal right? I had my own life I wanted to be a writer, a journalist and travel the sights but obviously evil people don’t like the fact that they’re little ‘experiments’ have dreams, ambitions or goals. God, whenever I think about all they’ve done to us, to everyone, how they get away with it, it makes my blood boil. I didn’t expect much out of life but obviously this was way below my standards. This is a lot different from costa coffee on a Saturday but I have no time to complain. My schedule is really busy with all the bleeding and all. Feeling exhausted now from drawing back tears for what seems like a week now but I have no idea what time it is, grandfather time forgot to drop a clock off here. Starving and freezing peering over the edge of sanity, wondering where this strength has come from… the little girl is getting weaker and I’m hoping, praying she survives with me. The light in her eyes has dimmed and the smile disappeared but she still has hope… were both confused and struggling with this and I’m still stuck on who give this guy a wedgie as a kid so hard he hates the youth so much to experiment on us… who is V!
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