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Ayden Taylor: The Missing

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The Bodyguard

Ayden Warren Taylor straightened his tie. Or rather, his bodyguard did. Ayden Taylor was an intelligent, wealthy 14-year old boy with brains of a scientist. Every word that came out of the British boy’s mouth came out as a lecture given to bore people to sleep. He had fair skin, long brown hair that laid on his shoulders and bright blue eyes that dazzled with amazement when he taught a new human being a new excerpt of information to insert into their minds.
His bodyguard, Colonel Joshua Fleming. He had a shaven head, but wasn’t bald, he had dark brown eyes, had very pale skin and always shielded his eyes with dark shades. He was tall, 7 feet and was bulk and muscular. He had been Ayden’s guardian since the arrival of the boy was discovered the very next day. He had seen the up’s and down’s of the teenage boy, but never questioned him. He was always armed and dangerous, he was skilled with a first degree black belt, a Dan, and had been trained to conquer criminals since he was five-years old.
Today, Ayden seemed ore distracted than usual. He didn’t start talking like he would normally do, he kept quiet, looked at the ground and kept still.
“Is something bothering you, Ayden?” The bodyguard said with a slight British accent. The young boy looked up.
“Pardon?” His accent sounded almost like a whisper, coming from the back of his throat.
“I said, is something bothering you?”
“Why would you think that?”
“You’re quiet! That’s unusual for you!” The bodyguard was finished and the boy didn’t bother looking in the mirror like he always did, checking that no lint was upon his 3-piece suit and a single strand of his hair was not sticking up.
“I don’t know.” The boy sighed. He walked around his room towards his bed. He sat down and looked at a picture of his parents and him a couple of years ago. They were at their private summer house. Ayden remembered that day like it was yesterday. His parents had forgotten about the stock markets and their business and had actually spent time with their only child. The bodyguard understood completely and placed a meaty hand on the youngster’s shoulder. He didn’t react.
“I think I know. Your parents will be back soon, Ayden. Give or take a few days.”
“But what’s really the point, Joshua? All I ever do is spent time with them once a year, they go away, leaving me at Taylor’s Manior,” The word said with a French accent. “And educate myself with tutors, even though we both know that I don’t need them.” The bodyguard frowned.
“So you want to be a normal teenager?”
“NO!” Joshua was now completely confused, a reaction the boy had on many people. He sighed.
“Ayden, please elaborate.” Even though that meant a whole lot of talking coming from the boy’s mouth.
“Joshua…isn’t there anything we can do while my parents are off? Anything that requires high intelligents, skills and a job for an adult that could and can be covered by a boy like me?” The bodyguard smiled. He hadn’t elaborated that shortly, but he was quite alright with it. He sat down next to him.
“Do you have anything in mind?”
“Discoveration of ancient mysteries, perhaps?” The man’s eyes’ widened for a second and Ayden noticed. He cleared his throat nervously.
“Anything specifically?” He shook his head.
“No, but do you?” He quickly shook his head. The boy sighed.
“Very well. I will need to do some further research before we actually go on an adventure as big as my ideas.”
“If I’ve known anything about your mind, this adventure isn’t going to be small.” The boy smiled.
“You know me so well, Joshua.”
“I’ve known you since your birth.” The man informed the boy.
The bodyguard paced around the manor nervously. He could only hope that Ayden wouldn’t think of the specific thing he was thinking of. He could only hope that it wouldn’t be necessary to contact his parents. He had been hiding a big secret from the boy and he had known what it was. His parents had informed that he not speak a word about it. But it would be so tempting sometimes.
He decided to make dinner, but he couldn’t concentrate on what to actually make. He decided to make some spring rolls with lobster, not that Ayden would be in the mod to eat if he had found something to study about or something that would amuse the youngster. Joshua had been in the Army for more than 20 years before he had a job of a bodyguard. He would have continued his life as a Colonel if it hadn’t been for the incident that changed his entire life.
He had been stabbed in the chest several times, damaging his ribs and lungs. He was in no condition to be a solider anymore, but he could still continue his dream of serving for a purpose, by guarding the billionaire couple’s son. Ayden Warren Taylor had been known to be the world’s richest child. His parents, Scarlet and Daniel invested in almost the entire United Kingdom’s stock market. Mr. Taylor was the Prime Minister of this country and Mrs. Taylor was the CEO of the stock markets all around the country.
Ayden came running down the steps quickly, yet without a tap on the marble steps. He smiled.
“I guess you have a plan?” The bodyguard said, trying to hide his nervousness. He had been trained to so his owner would never see his true colors. The boy’s smile seemed almost teenage-like. But Joshua knew that whatever the mission was going to be, it would be no teenager-like stuff. Ayden was much more advanced for that. He had successfully completed High School and had a Ph.D. degree, a Master of Science degree and a Bachelors of Arts degree. Their parents hoped that once their child was mastered in what the real life was like at an early age, he would be able to take over his parent’s job one day and keep the country of Britain in order.
“Plan? No. I have something far more extreme and highly intelligent than a plan, my dear guard.” A compliment, Joshua grumbled. He wasn’t going to like this.
“Well, out with it. But I’m not going to like this.” The British boy sat down on the chair as he watched Joshua cook and talked.
“Listen to this, Joshua: detectives! We could solve crimes with the powers we possess!”
“You sound like you have magic powers.” The man chuckled softly, yet nervously.
“Well, with money, it is sort of like magical powers. But no, this can help many lives. Wouldn’t you want to do that, Joshua?” He struck his knife on the baboon cutting board with so much pressure that Ayden jumped.
“Is it really that you want to solve crime, or because you want to prove to your parents that what they are doing isn’t right?” The boy was actually stunned at the response. But recovered quickly and turned around.
“Don’t be so absurd, Joshua.”
“You’ve told me that a few times.”
“Maybe I just want to have a hobby of my own.” The boy snapped at his bodyguard for the first time. Then, he rubbed his eyes. “I’m sorry.” Joshua placed a hand on his shoulders.
“Maybe it is a hobby. But let’s start tomorrow. Would you like some dinner?” The boy shook his head.
“Apprehensive has filled by stomach.” And he walked up the stairs, away from his bodyguard.
Ayden Taylor could be mysterious sometimes, but Joshua was used to it. He closed the lights around the mansion and did his usual security check at nights. He walked into the security video room and entered, to only be reminded that he was now in the world of the 21st century. Technology of the future was already hooked up and given to Taylor’s Manior. A smart board covered the entire four walls of the room. On the ceiling was a digital version of the night sky. Joshua sat down on a chair and spook to the technology.
“Perimeter of the manor’s video footage.” The computer’s obeyed and responded back with a few beeps. The walls were now dark and filled with grass. It was so realistic, Joshua could almost smell the freshly trimmed grass lawn, and he could almost smell the fresh winter air in the UK and could almost hear the owls hooting.
But then, he saw a figure move within one of the security footages. It was hidden behind a bush. Joshua zoomed it. There wasn’t one…but two figures! Joshua’s hand quickly went to his side, where his 9mm Submachine gun was hanging from. He ran out of the security room and outside.
* * *
The boy and girl finally spotted the house and hid behind the bushes.
“Kayden, we shouldn’t be here right now.” The boy was nearly shouting her name. The girl scowled at the boy.
“Yes, Naythan, just announce our names to the whole world, why don’t you?!” He raised his hands up for innocents. The girl looked at the house again. “If only he knew.” She touched the air, as if reaching out to someone.
“We will. We’ll get him away from here…soon. But not now. He’ll be safe there.” She stared at Naythan, tears nearly forming in her eyes.
“But for how long, Naythan. I want to see him. I want to see the boy who lives with these people! I want him safe with me!” He placed a hand on her shoulder.
“Soon, now please, let’s go. We can’t keep on doing this until we have a plan. We can get Hailey to watch over him. Hire her as a maid or something. I’m sure she’ll like that.” She nodded slowly, then sighed.
“Alright. Let’s go.” Then, a buff-looking man came out with a gun in his hand, pointed at a bush, the exact same bush they were hiding behind. Naythan clapped a hand over Hayden.
“WHO GOES THERE?!” He yelled.
* * *
The bodyguard had a job to protect his owner’s boy. If he couldn’t do a simple task like that, then he didn’t deserve to call himself a Colonel.
“I say, who goes there?!” Then, he heard a rustle behind the bushes. His eye’s widened. He knew exactly who they were. He quickly jumped on the bush. But all he got was a field of grass. He cussed out loud. He knew exactly who was here and he knew he couldn’t let them get to Ayden. He called over 10 security guards. “You are to watch the mansion while we are gone tomorrow! Don’t be fooled, don’t be stupid and protect this house with your lives! Because if you don’t, you can kiss your sorry ass’s good-bye! Understood?” The guards all nodded and placed their machine guns by their chests. They all started to complete their mission today and watched the bodyguard run inside.
Ayden couldn’t sleep. He had just thought of a place he could help solve a mystery. They could go to Ireland and solve the mystery of the robbed bank. Or, they could solve the mystery of the missing disappearances of the children in France. Almost 15 children had been missing. Or maybe he could investigate the shooting of those innocent lives in Italy and find out what was the killer’s motive. His bodyguard came rushing in without knocking. Ayden looked up.
“Is something-?”
“Is anybody with you?”
“What?” The bodyguard literally grabbed Ayden by the shoulders and let his sunglasses glare at his frightened blue eyes.
“Is anybody with you? Did anybody message you? Are you hurt? Answer me!” Ayden quickly shook his head no, unable to speak. The bodyguard let his arms drop to his sides and stood straight, letting so of the boy’s skinny frame. He looked almost shaken. “I’m sorry. I just thought someone was here.”
“Did you see anybody?” The boy asked. The bodyguard bit his lips.
“It’s nothing. Have you thought of something?” It took a few moments for Ayden to process what he just said.
“Excuse me?”
“The great mystery solving adventure. Where are we headed?”
“It’s still in the process of-”
“You have 2 hours to decide. Then, we depart at dawn.” Ayden’s eye’s widened.
“Dawn? Whatever for?”
“It’s at dawn, or never at all, Ayden. Understood?” Ayden blinked. He thought he was the one who gave orders or his parents. He never thought his bodyguard would be the one to snap at him.
“Okay.” The boy said softly, his eye’s dropping onto his laptop.
“I’ll be back in 2 hours. By then, I want you cleaned, bathe and packed. And I want an answer so I can tell the pilot our destination, and for how long.” Ayden nodded again. The Colonel smiled and ruffled his hair.
“Good.” And he left his room.
Ayden rolled his eyes. He never imagined his life normal, but this was beyond preposterous. But as an intelligent boy like him, he loved challenges, mysteries the most of course. He laid back and closed his eyes. The windows were open and the air of the November breeze came rushing in. It had been snowing for a couple of days, but now the sky was bare and gray and the trees were naked. He laid farther down in his bed and soon was in REM sleep mode
His dream was almost terrifying. He imagined two more of him. But only one of him was a boy and the other was a girl. They both were babies, sitting in a crib and huddled together, sleeping. But then, a fire broke out in the crib. The babies started crying all at once. The whole perimeter of the crib was covered in flames. The cloth in the crib was starting to catch the flames as well. They circled around the babies. Tears formed in their eyes, rolling down their cheeks and they were coughing as smoke was inhaled and filled into their lungs. Ayden could almost imagine that he was there and could feel his lungs crying for oxygen.
Then, a man quickly came in the house. He looked around and when he spotted the fire, he smiled. But then, he did something unusual. He grabbed one of the boys, cradling him in his arms and ran out, leaving the other two babies. Ayden suddenly became that baby in the man’s arms. He had the strangest urge to stay behind and be with those other babies. But they suddenly stood in their cribs.
“Ayden! You need to get out!” A boy and a girl’s voice hissed, but coming from the babies mouths. “Get out!”
Chapters:   1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 8 Next »

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Nimra said...
Jun. 28, 2013 at 11:42 pm
Awww!!! How sweet of you to say!!! And of course I'll check your out!!! You must be a better writer than I am!!! Power of the writers!!! :D
MadisHeart said...
Jun. 28, 2013 at 12:29 pm
Wow, if this isn't a unique idea, I don't know what is! My favorite aspect is that he is finding out who he is by other people. The imagery and dialoge is top notch. You might like my book and I would suggest checking out.
Nimra said...
Mar. 28, 2013 at 4:32 pm
An unbeliebable story with a twisted ending that wil keep you on your seat until your read through the entire book!!!

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