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By , Vancouver, WA
Author's note: Family is of importance to me, and trust is a big issue among teenagers and their parents. I...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: Family is of importance to me, and trust is a big issue among teenagers and their parents. I wrote this to catch the meaning of the importance and what children will do for their loved ones.  « Hide author's note
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I threw the cocktail shaker in the air, caught it with my left hand, and shook it. My arms were aching and getting sore. I shook and tossed a couple more times, and slid the drink into the glass. I passed it over to the already drunk costumer. I made a face in disgust, when will the ever have enough? I thought. I grabbed the bottles of alcohol and reorganized them on the shelf behind me. The bar was almost too silent and dimly lit inside, and someone laughs in an annoying cackle somewhere in the back.
“Privet krasotka,” a voice said raspily.
I rolled my eyes and turned around. The man looked somewhat familiar. A chill ran up my spine like a line of ants. He was short compared to me and had silver gray hair. Then again, I being 6 foot makes me taller than everyone these days. His black eyes were menacing like a coiled snake at me, but I pushed the feeling down and asked him what he wanted.
“Vodka,” he replied in a strong, Russian accent.
I poured him his drink and practically slammed it down in front of him, a little too harshly than I meant to. His gaze was on me the whole time, and I wanted to get out of there quickly. I went to the side of the bar and looked in the mirror. My hair was a frizzy mess, and my eyes were a dull blue and getting droopy. I was exhausted and as I looked at the clock, yet another man called for a drink.
* * *
“Anastasiya, your mother and I are going out,” my Papa announced hastily. My mother’s face was pale, and her eyes looked scared.
“Where to,” I asked in a tiny voice.
He sighed loudly and replied, “Just some business we have to take care of.” He locked eyes with me for a second and put on his scarf. By the way he said it, I knew it wasn’t just some business. Mama came up and kissed both of my cheeks. She cupped her hands around my face; I felt them slightly shaking.
“Be careful, dochenka,” she whispered. She got up and they both rushed out of the door with one last glance at me.
* * *
“Whiskey,” said the big man as I came back. I gave him his drink and flipped my long black hair behind my shoulders. These two guys together looked dark and dangerous like wolves stalking their prey. I shuddered and pushed this thought away also.
The rest of my shift seemed to take ages to end. Finally, Lena came to take over.
“You go get some sleep, girl! You’re practically dead,” she laughed.
“Lena, thank God you’re here! I almost passed out,” I exclaimed a little bit too loudly. People looked over my way, as I hurried to get out of there.
“Go before I have to carry you home myself,” she laughed again while I reached for my coat and hat. I pulled on my fur jacket and my warm hat and waved good-bye as I rushed out the door.
As I wrestled my way through the crowd outside the door and came to the corner, I felt someone grab my arms with a strong grip. I gasped.
“Keep walking and don’t say anything,” said the same raspy voice from the bar. My heart raced in panic. I tried to twist out of his grip, but he just squeezed tighter and pulled me into a dark alley where a shiny black limousine was waiting. A scary looking man got out and the last thing I saw was the evil smirk on his face.
Chapters:   1 2 3 4 5 Next »

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