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Poor Judgement And Overall Stupidity

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Chapter 1

All that surrounded me was ignorance.. well maybe because I was at an out of control High School party with not a single sober person in sight.
Now, don't start judging me yet, I wasn't some dumb bimbo who partied every night and spent her days on her knees.
My name is Pandora, your typical 16 year old outcast. You know, long, black hair, dark makeup, clothes that screamed, "I'm my own person, yet I look exactly like all my friends."
So what was I doing at a party with wasted, topless cheerleaders? Well, let's start from the beginning. That being yesterday, my first day at Westlake.
The birds were singing, the sun was shining.. and I wanted nothing more than to destroy them both. After pounding the snooze button on the world's most annoying alarm clock three times, I finally decided that I should go take a shower and prepare for Hell. Hell, of course, meaning high school.. but not just any high school, Westlake. I wouldn't have been to happy about transferring into a preppy, rich school period, but the fact that I was starting the last quarter of my Senior year, yeah, that was the cherry on top of a horrible time.
I waddled into the bathroom, tripping over at least five moving boxes. Finally I arrived and I could do nothing more than lean over, pressing my forehead into the sink as I counted to ten.
1... waking up early, 2... new school, 3... new teachers, 4... too late for any sports, 5... name brand clothing, 6... jocks, 7... teens with boating licenses, 8... pink, 9... awkward stares, 10... giggling.
After my quick reminder of everything I was going to hate about today, I looked into the mirror and couldn't help but smile.
I don't know why girls are expected to hate themselves. I would never go around saying I was hot, but I was at least an eight. Naturally black hair, visible cheek bones, big, blue eyes. I was thin but ain't nothing hiding that big booty! Well, I was always told that was a good thing anyway, and I sure hoped it was considering my boobs were a size "nonexistence". My hair was perfectly parted, my bands were in a big swoop. I had my eyebrow and tongue pierced, my ears pierced a total of 8 times and I was hiding a Iron Maiden tattoo on my back.
I took a deep breath, dropped my clothes and hopped in the shower. I washed my hair until my hands were sore, I always used a bottle of shampoo and conditioner every other day, but the money was worth my locks. I applied some clean and clear, shaved everywhere but my legs (because come on girls, you know you would rather die) and with a quick washing of my body I was done.
I always liked to just sit in the shower and think about life, every aspect of it. Sometimes I would have these wonderful ideas in the shower about how I could solve problems, or what would be a cool way to do my hair, but as soon as I stepped out into the cold, unforgiving world, I was no longer intelligent. So I always tried to stay in my little world for as long as I could.
But I was on a time limit, I opened the curtain, grabbed my towel and began to dry off. Wrapping the towel around my body I ran to my room.
I don't know how my brother did it, but he had already managed to make a friend and have him sleep over, and I was NOT about to let a 13 year old pervert see me prance around in nothing but a towel.
I was out of luck, however, as soon as I slammed my bedroom door shut I saw the little weirdo playing in my underwear drawer.
"TODD!" I screamed like a little girl seeing a spider, "get your friend out of my room!"
It felt like eternity, but I'm sure it was only a few seconds before my little brother came marching into the room and he actually looked more disgusting than I was. I was proud.. that is until he spoke.
"Seriously, Cam?" he sounded like our mother scolding us for eating junk before dinner, "Why? Why of all people did you choose her? My SISTER?! NO, I thought you were better than this."
I was standing there, almost making duck face, supporting every word he said.
"She is... disgusting!"
My jaw dropped, that little turd! He didn't want his friend in my drawers because he was being a protective little brother, he actually thought I wasn't good enough for a 13 year old with braces and horrible acne.
"Get out, both of you, just get out before I tape your heads together." I said that with zero emotion, I was just done, completely done with the situation and I just wanted to get ready.
As soon as they left I locked the door and set a chair under the doorknob. I doubt that actually worked other than on TV, but it was the thought that counted.
I slid into some underwear and sat down at my desk. I pulled open my drawers looking for what I wanted to cake on my face for they day. I settled on my face makeup, some pink blush, white, silver and black eyeshadow, mascara and some liquid eyeliner.
Watching makeup being put on a girl and watching her transform always seemed like art to me, it didn't matter if it was on myself or on a beauty guru, I just loved watching it. I applied my concealer, foundation and powder. I brushed on my blush and started to work on my eyes. I packed on a dark smokey eye, then applied my eyeliner with a wing. With a quick layer of mascara I was done, it was so simple yet so complex.
It took a little while to remember where I had put my blow dryer, but I soon found it in a box at the end of my bed. When I went to pick it up I realized it was placed on a picture of my (ex) boyfriend and I.
We were so happy, it's sad how your parents deciding to move could destory your entire life, even if you know it's stuff that will never actually last outside of high school, it's still hard.
I just stood there looking at that picture forever, and finally looked up with a sigh. My clock read 6:30, I didn't have time to remember my old life, I had to start my new one.
I dried my hair just enough that you couldn't tell it was wet, threw on some fishnets, shorts and a hoodie. Then, as quickly as I could I ran downstairs, got a plate out of the cabinet and began to make breakfast.
It was simple, just some toast.
Just like I had done several times before, I took the toast and banged it on my plate to create crumbs. I looked around to make sure my parents were no where in sight, then I buried my breakfast at the bottom of the garbage and left my plate on the counter.
I may have looked like a spoiled teen who didn't know how to clean to my mother, but at least I looked like a spoiled teen who ate.
I don't know what it was, it was like I felt perfect. I was never one who thought I was fat, I never even felt depressed.. it just felt good not to eat, like I was in control and I was just this perfect, light girl that people accepted.
7:00 ... time for a horrible day.
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