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It's Murder, Wright?

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It's Murder, Wright?

A man with a jagged scar on his face slunk under the yellow caution tape surrounding the victim’s door. He walked over to the lady, knelt down and inspected the deep gash in the left side of her chest. Her white sweater was a deep and haunting crimson color. The pinned on flowers were spattered with dried blood, no longer the pale, innocent pink they had been the night before. Her eyes blankly stared up into infinity and her life-less and pale body lay still on the cold marble floor. A young woman with black hair and red highlights tapped the man on the shoulder and he turned around.
“Marcus!” she exclaimed. She was the perky and always excited. She had a very cool personality. “We confirmed the identity!” she said shaking the folder labeled “DNA and IDENTITY” in Marcus’s face. He rose and took the folder out of her hands.
“Thanks, Luz.” Marcus said as he opened the folder and removed the page. His one blue and one green eye scanned the page while his scar thumped as it did when he was nervous
“Victoria Maxwell. Wife of Christopher Maxwell.” He said reading the names. His scar felt as if it was going to jump off of his face as he scanned the information. His eyes stopped on the picture of Victoria, with her long red hair and freckles. He looked around the room taking it all in; the electric fire place, the paintings and the beautiful view. He straightened his black suit as he walked to the other side of the room looking for evidence. His scar was still throbbing, when a plump officer in his blue uniform spoke.
“Marcus. We have to get back so we can see if Luz and her forensic gang is ready to analyze.” He said. Marcus turned around and tensed.
“We haven’t found anything.” Marcus responded scratching his chin in deep thought. Something hit him; he lifted his eyes from the ground.
“What is it?” The police officer asked leaning in to hear. His nameplate with LEIST engraved in it glistened in the sunlight pouring through the window.
“Wait….wait….wait.” Marcus was shaking his finger in thought and heading to the kitchen with purpose. He walked inside, looked around quickly and went over to the side of the sink and stood in front of it and held his hand out; presenting the knife block in the back corner of the counter. There were eight knives and nine slots. One of the large Henckels kitchen knives was missing.
“Do you see what I mean now Adam? I’ve looked around and I haven’t found a knife that size anywhere. I mean, it could have not been there to start with, but it is kind of suspicious.” Marcus said, making exaggerated gestures toward the empty knife slot. Marcus, Adam and the rest of the team got along well; so they called each other by their first name.
“Yes I do, and I agree that it is suspicious. It is even more suspicious that the largest knife of the lot was taken out. It looks about two and a half inches to me.” Officer Leist was studying the slot when an F.B.I crime scene investigator entered the kitchen. Leist looked up when he entered.
“Hey! You!” he said rushing over to the man and pulling him over, he stared blankly at the counter; not sure what to direct his attention at.
“Yes?” He asked still looking around.
“Measure that slot where the knife is missing please.” Leist asked and the man went over pulled out a measuring tape he happened to have and measured it.
“Two and a half inches, Sir.” He said rolling up the tape and sticking it in his pocket.
“Wait! Don’t put that away yet! Come with me. You too Marcus.” Both the investigator and Marcus followed Officer Adam Leist into the room where the body was.
“Could you also measure the wound for me? Please be careful! It seems to be the only piece of evidence we have!” Leist asked giving the man a gentle shove toward the dead body. The man cleared his throat.
“Erm…sure.” He murmured taking tentative steps toward the body. He knelt down and held the tape measure just above the wound.
“Well?” Marcus and Officer Leist said at the same time, both feeling the suspense building.
“Seems to be two and a half inches.” He said gathering his tape measure and backing away from the body. Marcus and Leist looked at each other thinking the same thing.
“Well, Sonny boy seems we have found ourselves a murder weapon!” he said whipping out his little note book and started writing down what we had just discovered.
“The car is waiting outside, we better go. Come on, both of you.” Marcus said. The last few investigators remaining lifted Victoria into a bag and zipped it as if to permanently put a seal on her death.
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