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Destroy what Destroys you

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Chapter 9-Camille's POV

I walked out of the room, slowly, because my feet were still aching from the electric jolts running through my body. Mace’s blood was dripping off of me now, every drop of blood was every memory lost I had with Mace. Every drop was every life lost to Michael because of me. My shirt stuck to my torso, refusing to let go no matter the cost. It was colored red, instead of white that it once was. The purity of it was now lost, just like my life and Michael’s life.
The room I next entered was darker than the rest of the world at midnight. I decided to proceed not knowing where I was going. It all had to lead to the same place right? What if this was a shortcut? There was only one real way to find out. I carefully shuffled my feet, quiet enough so Michael wouldn’t know where I was. I could see a light to a different room making me move faster. What made me start to sprint was the sound of a chainsaw. I peeked over my shoulder and slipped, causing me to be engulfed in water.
I splashed around, thinking maybe if I moved my arms it would magically shoot me out of the water. I gasped every time my head bobbed out of the water. It would’ve been easier to get out of the never-ending pool if there wasn’t more water pouring in by a metal pipe. I could swim, I was an avid swimmer. It wasn’t new to me. I should’ve been able to swim to the edge and pull myself out, but I couldn’t. It was like this was supposed to happen to me and only me, like it was planned.
This was it. The end was near and I hadn’t have saved as many lives as I should. I didn’t serve up to the pledge I had made at the Police Academy. I had failed my honor code with Mace. I promise to keep him safe no matter what I had to do, and I failed. My life was filled with useless information in my head, that I thought was important and that could save someone’s life, when I needed to learn how to save my own.
Knowing that I had done nothing to do anything successful or maybe even useful in my life made me want to give up and stop fighting to save my life. I thought about. I thought about just sinking like a stone like all my dreams and expectations to do with my life. But if I made it out, I could kill Michael and get revenge for all the people he killed.
My arms wailed around hoping to find something to latch onto. The water kept rising and I floated up to the top. My eyes bad out of some bars at the top, which I assumed was the ceiling. I didn’t struggle, so I could save as my energy as I could. I treaded until I got to the top. I gripped onto the bars and perched my lips and nose out so I could breath. There was a door that I was below me. I could swim and open it up. I was going to do it. I filled my lungs with enough air so I could make it to the bottom.
One dip and I kicked my legs swimming to the bottom. Bubbles dispersed from the air I was breathing out. The water was so dirty and mucky, that I couldn’t see a thing except for a light coming from a square shape ahead. I swam faster, pumping my legs harder. I came to the light, which was like a scene from poltergeist. I hit the window trying to kick it through and break it. My hands then searched for the handle. I rattled it until it pushed through. I flooded out with a river of water. I lay out on ground, watering surrounding me, lifting me off the ground. I crawled over to the door, out of breath and slammed it shut making sure I locked it.
I crawled over to a corning, dragging my legs and pushing myself to the other side of the room. I had outsmarted death and beat Michael. Maybe this was supposed to happen instead of drowning. Maybe this was a test to see if I was able to kill Michael. If I could almost die and still live, being on the borderline of life and death, I think I could beat Michael.
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