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Destroy what Destroys you

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Chapter 3- Camille's POV

I chugged down another shot and then ordered a pint of beer for myself. Mom had died because of me. I was hoping maybe if I drank enough alcohol, it would make the emotional pain go away.
“How many is that?” Mace asked taking a seat next to me.
“I’m so glad you made it!” I slurred draping my arms around his neck and planting a sloppy kiss on his cheek.
He pushed me away. “I really think you should stop.” He turned to the bartender. “Hey, how many has she had?”
“Don’t ask him. He won’t know. Hell, I don’t even know.”
“Six shots of tequila and a pint of our strongest,” the bartender replied.
Mace handed the man some money and said something I couldn’t hear clearly. He must’ve mumbled it.
“Come on. We’re going home,” Mace said grabbing his jacket off the back of the chair.
“One more drink, please,”
“You don’t need anymore,”
“Please, Mace,” I pleaded.
“Camille!” He shouted bringing all of my attention to him. “We’re leaving. Lets go.”
I stumbled over my own feet, so I took hold of Mace’s arm to keep steady. Mace said I was capable of driving, so we left my car at the car and drove in his car.
“Leigh-Anne is coming over for dinner,” Mace said.
“I didn’t invite her,”
“Yes, you did. You invited her this morning before I called you. She called me wondering if I was going,”
“It’s cause she likes you,” I scuffed up his hair. “You can come over if you want. Crash at my house and then got to work in the morning.”
“I can’t. I’m going on a date tonight.”
“I can’t wait to meet this one,”
“You’re not. You ruin every one of my relationships.” He sighed and I lazily turned my head towards him and smiled. “You look like an idiot. Stop it,”
“You look like an idiot. Stop it,” I mocked and giggled.
“Just promise me you’ll stay awake through dinner,”
“I can’t you promise that.” I said and Mace looked at me. “I said that wrong didn’t I? Let me try again,”
“Camille, just shut up,”
Mace opened the door to my house and let ourselves in. He began to cook dinner, since I couldn’t even stand and I can’t cook anyways.
There was a gurgling sound in my stomach, making me curl my toes. A throbbing pain began knocking on my temple. I rubbed my head with my hand. I did not feel good whatsoever.
“Mace I said quietly.
He looked from grilling vegetables on the stove. His brown eyes looked me straight in the eye. He arched and eyebrow and asked me what was wrong. I ran to the bathroom without a response. I could hear his feet scurrying after me. I threw my head into the toilet and began throwing up. Mace stood next to me holding my hair. We had done this many times. I puked until Leigh-Anne arrived.
“You smell awful,” Leigh-Anne said after hugging me. “You smell like road kill mixed with a subway.”
“Well there’s a reason behind that,” I said waving my hands in different directions.
“Are you drunk?” Leigh-Anne asked and I just chuckled. “Did you let her get drunk?”
“It’s been a hectic day,” Mace explained.
“Momma’s killer came in today and talked to me,” I slurred pointing a finger at which I hoped was myself and then collapsed into Mace’s arms.
“You met Michael?” She asked.
“I think you better come over when she’s sober, like tomorrow for lunch.” Mace said.
“Bye!” Mace closed the door on Leigh-Anne. He pulled out his phone and paced back and forth.
“Whatcha doing?” I asked draping myself across the sofa.
“I cancelled my date. You’re incapable of doing anything. I doubt you can even go to the bathroom by yourself. If I leave you along, you’ll probably burn the whole house down. Get some sleep,” He picked me up and placed me in bed. “I’ll be on the couch if you need anything.”
I curled up in the bed, pulling the covers closer to me. I shut my eyes and fell quickly asleep.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 11 Next »

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