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Destroy what Destroys you

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Most people cry when they see their friend lying in a coffin, lifeless and pale. I couldn’t cry. I felt no emotion whatsoever. I just stared at the coffin. Mace’s mom and dad had wanted it closed because only parts of Mace were inside.
“I’m so sorry,” I whispered to what was left of Mace.
I slid my down the oak coffin which was smoother than the sea early in the morning. As the ceremony began, I sat with Mace’s parents in the crowd of family, friends and the police officers that Mace had known. I knew I should’ve listened to the pastor talk, but I couldn’t pay attention. I would play with the hem of my floral summer dress, which was tight around the top and flowed, loose at the end. I had matched the dress with some sandals, since it was a hot breezy summer day. My hair was styled naturally, thick and curly. I would twirl each curl and by the time the pastor had stopped talking, I had twisted all of them.
“Now we have Mace’s former partner, Camille Caputo, to talk a bit about Mace,” the pastor said showing me to the stage.
I took a few steps, walking up the stairs that led to a big podium. I didn’t want to talk about Mace. He was partner and we had done everything together, everything except die together. I was the cause of his death. I sighed which was expanded throughout the ceremony. It made me jump knowing that the microphone was that loud.
“So, I’m here to tell you about my partner – former partner – Mace Wayne.” I smiled remembering all the memories. “We were partners. Mace and I met each other in the Police Academy. We were good friends. It was just how we were. We were good friends. I hoped to get in the same department as him. Fearing that wouldn’t happen, we both said our goodbyes and promised to meet up whenever we could. Turns out we were lucky enough to become partners. He was great. He saved my life, more than I could ever repay him,”
Something shot back in the trees. I saw a man, who looked exactly like Mace. My head shook, I was confused. I went back to speaking, but I couldn’t take my mind off of what I just saw. He was still there, staring at me from behind the tree.
“He was more than a partner or a friend, he was like a brother. We told us everything. We shared everything. We had each other’s backs. I think Mace died a hero protecting me.”
I left the podium and everyone dispersed. They went to the coffin, to the pastor, to the snack table or to the memorabilia table full of pictures and Mace’s things. I walked through the crowd making my way through the crowd. I made it to the tree and met Mace face to face. I smiled and hugged him.
“I thought you were dead,” I whispered into his neck. I pulled myself away from him.
“Yeah? Well, I outsmarted death, like we always do. We’ll always be together and we’ll have each other’s backs. We promised remember?”
“Yeah,” I smiled. “Why don’t you go see your parents? Your friends? I’m sure they would be more than ecstatic to see you.”
“I can’t.” He said flatly.
“Why not?”
“I just can’t.”
“Mace, you’re being ridiculous.” I laughed.
“I’m sorry,”
“Sorry for what?” I asked and then chocked on my words.
I felt a stabbing pain in my chest. I looked down to see a black edge of a knife with the silver metal pierced into my chest. The knife was close to heart about to kill me. The blood tripled down my dress turning it red just like my shirt in the asylum. I knew why he was sorry now. I looked at Mace, whose face was turning into the Chain Killer once again. This time I was the sacrifice to his master. I tried to grab onto him for help, but it was already too late. My world was turning completely black as I fell to the ground hopelessly.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 9 10 11

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