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By , milwaukee, WI
Author's note: This peice was actually a creative paper that I turned in as a writing peice to my English teacher.
Author's note: This peice was actually a creative paper that I turned in as a writing peice to my English teacher.  « Hide author's note
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The Party

“Yazmin, are you coming to the party after school?” Aliana asked as we walked into our classroom.
“Yeah, probably! My mom said that your mom was going to take me with you after school.” I replied with excitement in my voice.
“Oh! Well then. Nobody ever tells me anything,” she said sarcastically.
I laughed at her while snatching my sweatshirt and book bag off of my coatroom hook. She gave me a nudge on my shoulder as we left the coatroom. I followed behind her with a smile on my face, then I whipped my coat around and my arms slipped right in. Surprisingly nobody complained about me swinging it around. Someone would usually have something to say, like it’s dangerous, because you could accidently hurt someone. Though, I never really cared because it’s not like I’ve ever hurt someone with it anyways.
“Are you ready to go?” Aliana asked me.
“Um, yeah c’mon. I’m ready,” I finished off. Walking out of the classroom door I cut her off.
“Really Yazmin, really!,” she exclaimed.
She must’ve been in really playful mood because that was not the response that I would normally get. Usually she’d just start making fun of me and we would just crack jokes back and forth with each other. Aliana is a very animated person to me and is always there when I need her.
When we reached the hallway exit, the fifth graders began to step out of their class room. We quickly opened the door and started jogging down the steps. Today really wasn’t the day I wanted to hear a bunch of annoying fifth graders. Coming up to the front exit, Aliana slammed open the door. The bar made an annoying clicking sound when it opened. Outside the breeze blew my hair back. Aliana was usually a busser and I could tell she was getting frustrated. Everyone else kept on pushing and shoving her out of the way. She was so lucky that she didn’t have to go through this every single day. Finally after all of the shoving, she pointed out her mom driving in a large navy blue car. In the back, over the license plate, it read, “Italiana.” The Italian flag was pictured under the quote. Her mom waved from inside the car for us to get in. We were already in the warm car by the time she had her window rolled half way down. Aliana jumped in the back with me. In the passenger seat was a large pile of papers and Aliana’s mom’s purse.
“So Yazmin, how have you been since the last time I saw you?,’’ her mom questioned.
“Um……ok I guess,” I replied unsure.
“Has your teacher been boring you out of your minds?,” she asked.
“Not really, no. ,” I responded more clearly.
“Liar, he bores the living crap out of us!,” Aliana continued, “Especially during math class”.
“That’s just because you don’t like that subject,” I said.
“Psh, yeah I know.” she said.
“Are you excited about the party girls?,’’ her mom asked.
“Yeah!,” we both said excited.
“Well that’s good,” her mom said with happy voice.
I pulled out my mp3 player, and Aliana gave me a large smile. I quickly turned on the mp3 and put on “Thriller” by Michael Jackson. To me that song just screamed Halloween. Aliana began to rock her head back and forth to the beat. When we turned the corner on the street, we immediately knew to turn it off. Her house was right down the block. A light gray car pulled up in front of house. She got very excited because she thought it could have been Isabel. Aliana’s mom parked right behind the gray car.
“Ok girls, let’s head in.,” she commanded in a soft voice.
“Alright, I just need to find my phone.” Aliana said. “I think I might have dropped it somewhere.”
“Is it ok if I help her find it?,” I asked her mom.
“Go ahead, but make sure you guys hurry. I’m going to need help placing the snacks out.” her mom replied.
“Ok,” we replied.
Aliana’s mom walked to the front door and pulled out her keys. We heard the sound of her heels the whole way there. I looked up surprised that no one had gotten out of the car in front of us.
“I don’t think that’s Isabel because I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t take her -what felt like an hour- to get out of her car.,” I told Aliana.
“Found it!,” she exclaimed with joy. “So what were you saying?” she questioned.
“Nothing, nothing, never mind.” I said.
“Alright then, c’mon. My mom is probably waiting still.” she said.
“Ok.,” I said while getting out of the car.
I looked up and slammed the door behind her. No one came out of the mysterious gray car the whole time we were out there. She walked around the car to the front door and I followed with my eyes glued to the car. I looked to see who was in the driver’s seat, but no one was there. The rear tinted windows made it very difficult for me to see inside.
“Are you coming?,” Aliana asked.
“Yeah, yeah I’m coming.” I ignored the car and hopped up the stairs. She left the door open for me and I ran in. Once the door was closed I turned around and was surprised.
“Wow! You guys really have outdone yourselves. The place looks great!,” I complimented.
“Thanks. Aliana and I were up all night fixing up the place.,” her mom said. Then I heard a knock on the door. Curious to know if the people from inside the gray car were there, I opened the door.
“Yazmin?,” shouted Isabel and the twins at the door.
“Yeah! I came with Aliana. Do you guys know when Ashley is going to get here?,” I asked.
“I think she was going to come with Wendy.” Isabel answered. I looked behind them towards the car wondering if anyone had come out yet.
“They’re the only two left that we are waiting for.,” Aliana butted in.
I put my arm out towards Aliana and they all moved away from the entrance. While I began to close the door another car pulled up and Isabel’s mom drove away. When the car finally pulled up I spotted Ashley in the passenger seat. I kept the door open and ran out towards their car. From behind me Aliana began cracking jokes as usual. The other girls began laughing at her. Once I got to the car, Ashley flung the door open so fast that it almost swatted me in the face like a fly. She jumped out of the car so unexpectedly and quick.
“Yazmin!,” she jumped to hug me as if she hadn’t seen me in a long time.
I was hoping the others wouldn’t do the same. Ashley was always full of energy and because of the party; she had a very good reason to be. The twins, Aleeyah and Beyonce, just dragged themselves out of the car like something big hit them.
“Are you guys tired or something?,” I asked.
“Yeah!,” Beyonce complained. “School was so boring.”
“You girls coming in?,” Aliana’s mom said from the doorway.
“We’re coming!,” Aleeyah said. We all raced to the door with excitement. Once we were in Aliana was already getting the movie “The Hunger Games” started.
“Is it okay if I run to the store? I’ll be gone for just five minutes. We just need candy for the annoying trick-or-treaters. I’m so glad you girls grew out of that.” Aliana’s mom grumbled.
“Ok mom!,” Aliana yelled over the intro to the movie.
“Alright then, you girls can handle yourselves right? You’re going to be okay right?,” Aliana’s mom questioned.
“Yeah!,” all of the girls responded, while my attention was focused to car outside. I stared out of the window, but still I didn’t see anyone come out.
Chapters:   1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 8 Next »

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oiris said...
Feb. 10, 2013 at 2:54 pm
I love your writing. You are an excellent mystery writer. Continue writing you are GREAT!!!

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