The House Still Standing II

January 21, 2013
By SimplyAli BRONZE, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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SimplyAli BRONZE, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Favorite Quote:
"I laugh because I must not cry. That is all. That is all."

"No matter how many red carpets you guys wanna walk in with you $4000 ridiculous red heels; you will never be able to lace up my Chuck Taylors."

Author's note: I never cared to write ever. But this school year made me want to write stories non-stop. I really think that Part II is better than the first.

"I can't get these memories out of my mind and some kind of madness has started to evolve"

Was I born for this? Was I supposed to fight for my life for something I never did? I'm not sorry for what I did or what's to come. It so happens that I am a hero to none, but a monster to all. I'll fight until I get my vengeance, my closure. I was strong in the beginning and stronger now. This is where some one's story ends.

Broken and shattered was what I felt. My aunt Isabel took way everything I ever knew and loved. She turned me into an emotional wreck. News came out, and people started to blame everything on me. They said if I would not have moved in this house, everything will be okay. I have no family left expect for that horrible person. It's been two weeks since the whole incident happened, and I wasn't even close to finding my aunt. For a person who has been dead since 1989, she sure knows a lot. It's been raining for the last three days and I haven't been outside in a week. I grabbed my coat and headed out the door. The rain was pouring like there was no tomorrow, but that didn't seem to bother me. I had my head down, minding my own business. I turned a corner, but stopped when I saw a family smiling. I closed my eyes, and stopped. "Think happy thoughts, think good thoughts Kayla." I thought. I swallowed the lump in my throat, and continued to walk.
"Isabella why are you in the rain?" I shot my head in the direction and I saw my aunt Isabel talking to a British guy. She looked like the happiest person in the world that made me sick. I ran into traffic and ran into my aunt. She turned around and ran for her life. The British guy seemed to notice and tripped me. I got up, but my aunt was long gone. I glared at the dude and pushed him into the wall behind us.
"What was that for?" I yelled at him.
"You have no right to chase her! My love!" He growled.
"Your love? Really you don't know anything about MY aunt." I growled back at him. His face softens when he heard aunt.
"Your aunt? Isabella said she was only the family member left standing." He said looking down.
"Well she's not. Do you know where she is Mr.?" I said not knowing his name.
"Mariucci. She stays at the library right there." He pointed at a sign. I thanked him and began walking to the library. MR.STONE'S LIBRARY. I sighed and opened to the door. I heard my aunt in the background. Once I saw my aunt, I tackled her to the ground.
"I told you I would find you! Now I'm going to finish you!" I glanced down at her. She gulped and pushed me. She pushed me with full force that you heard books falling. I screamed in pain, and my aunt took notice. She grinned and slapped me across the face. I was shocked, but I tackled her once more.

After a good 5 minutes of hitting, somebody grabs my waist and pulls me off of her.
"Ladies stop please!" a boy said. I turned around to see a boy who's my age.
"Never stop a fight, and definitely not mine!" I growled at him. I tried to go back to my aunt, but the boy still didn't let me go. My aunt quickly ran out and I turned my attention to the boy. Anger was boiling through my body, so I pushed the boy.
"Who are you?" I shouted.
"Mason Smith. I work with Isabel to help keep this place whole. "He smiled.
"Ugh. Next time just stay out of my way." I muttered and walked away.
"Hey! What's going on with you and Isabel?" Mason asked.
"You don't need to know. How do I know my aunt hired you to finish me?" I growled at him.
"Isabel is your aunt?" Mason questioned.
"No duh? For a boy like you, you're not very bright." I said. I looked both ways and crossed the street with mason following my every move.
"Hey, I'm just asking." He said. I sighed and turned my attention to mason.
"You want to know so badly?" I said. He nodded and I took his hand. Once we entered the house, I made mason sit on the couch.
"Where are your parents?" He said.
"Died in a car crash 7 years ago. I thought my mother was alive this whole time." I muttered the last part.
"And you say I'm dumb." He joked. I turned my head and glared at him.
"The reason why I thought my mother was alive this whole time was because of my aunt. She made me to believe that I had a mom, step dad, and a little sister. In reality, my family was alive as much as my dad was. My father and mother died 7 years ago in a car crash. They died within a minute, but my aunt made me believe that I still had a mother. In 1989, Isabel, Jason, and Hayley were kidnapped. They were all killed. 23 years later, I moved into this horrible house. During the first week, I started to hear voices and they told me to get out. I had to refuse because I'm still a senior in high school. Then a couple of days later, a ghost or soul stole my sister. I was talking to my aunt and uncle when my mother walked in and she was taken. Isabel said I had to fight to get my family back. I did and when I got my sister and mother back, they turned into ash. My aunt told me it was just a lie to get her back into human shape." I said. I glanced up at mason and he had concern in his eyes. I sighed and got up and headed for the door, but I was stopped.
"Wait! Please don't leave." I turned around and he gestured me over to him. I walked over to him and had my head down. For while it was silent, but it was nice I think...

I got up and grabbed mason with me.
"Where are we going?" He asked.
"Back to the library." I said looking straight ahead.
"Why?" He asked.
"Isabel is probably there. Or at least we can find some clues." I stated. He didn't say anything back and I found that weird.

It was cloudy, so there were fewer people on the streets. As we got closer, the emptier it got. My palms started to get sweaty, and my head started to grow a headache. Once we got there, I began searching for Isabel. For all we know she's still there.
"Jason, please. Don't you care about me, love?" I quickly hid behind the wall and told mason to follow.
"God, Isabel. You had to mess with Kayla." Jason growled.
"I didn't know she was going to attack. I thought she was going to be like Beyoncé."
"Beyoncé” I whispered. I remember her, she was my cousin. She lost her family, but no one really knows why. I sighed knowing Isabel did the same thing to me.
"You found your way in this mess; you can found a way out of it. Maybe you should do something special for Kayla." I scoffed. That witch couldn't do anything to help me.
"Oh I'll do something special alright” Isabel muttered.
"Whatever! I got to go back and check on Hayley."
"Hayley? How's ours baby—-"
"Don't you dare say ours? You're dead to Hayley, as you are for me." Jason growled. I heard a door slam shut, and I was biting my lip in order to stop the laughing. It's funny seeing Isabel get put her place by her own Husband.
"Are you happy KAYLA?" Isabel shouted. I chuckled and moved away for the wall.
"Not even close” I smirked and Isabel rolled her eyes.
"I feel sorry for your mother, oops dead mother."
"Shut up!"
"Or your step dad. It was so cute to see him try to save you."
"Shut up!"
"Or what about little Stephanie. She was——"
"Oh is the little brave Kayla scared"
"Never... You couldn’t scare me if you were my mother. Oh wait, isn't that what Hayley—-"
"Get out!"
"Don't worry, this isn't over." I walked out and Mason followed. My feet stomped as anger was growing inside my body. My knuckles turned white because I was holding them as fists.
"She had the nerve to say that to my face." I growled.
"I'm sorry," Mason whispered. I sighed and let go of my fists.
"Don't be, it's not your fault," I said looking both ways before crossing. Now we were by a shop as Mason stopped walking. I stopped not looking at him.
"But it really is," He whispered. I looked at him, and I saw sadness in his eyes.
"What did you do?" I asked softly.
"I'm related to Maria Rossi, I'm the reason why your aunt killed your aunt." He replied looking down. It took me a while to process what he just said. "I'm related to Maria Rossi, I'm the reason why your aunt killed your aunt." Replayed over and over again in my head, shocking me.
"Related how?" I said refusing to look at him.
"I'm her son," My heart dropped as I felt a lump in my throat.
"Do you have a sister," He looked up which me made look at him.
"Yes, her name is Wendy," He asked. I swallowed the lump in my throat and tried to act strong.
"Good, because once I'm done with Isabel, I'm coming for you and your family." I stated. His eyes went from guilt to fear.
"Kayla I—"I walked away, leaving him dead in his tracks.

I was prepared for battle, and I wasn't scared. My heart started to beat faster, and something in the air gave me a bad sign. I continued to walk until I approached the house. I opened the door to only revealing....

....Yazmin. She was sitting down on the couch with her back facing me.
"What Are You Doing Here?" I growled at her. She jumped, and stood up. She looked at me, and fixed her hair.
"Business I’m here to help you." I looked at her, and I looked into her eyes. Her words said one thing, but her eyes told another.
"I wouldn't believe you even if you were telling the truth." I stated.
"Your aunt was right; you are a very smart girl. Too bad I have to kill you “She smirked. I scoffed and rolled my eyes.
"You tired before, but you failed. That's all you were ever good at, failing." I saw her tensed up, and I knew I struck a nerve. She went to grab something, but she realized it was there. I chuckled, and her head shot up.
"You are looking for this?" I hold up the knife, and her eyes widened.
"How did you get that?" I really didn't know how I did, but I guess it was just luck. I shrugged, but before I threw it at her, my body made contact with the floor.
"You're not the only one with moves, you know." She stated.
"But I'm the only one with skills." I hit her head and she hit the wall. I grabbed her by the hair, and slammed her in the wall. She slowly got up and punched me in the stomach, and I winced with pain. She threw me across the room like I was a rag doll.
"You think your something don't ya?" She growled.
"You know it” I whispered.
"Ima show you something." I looked at her while she smirked. She grabbed a vase, ready to smash it over my head. I ducked and hit her with the vase. Blood came out of her nose, and she gasped.
"Trust me this wasn't over with." She began to walk toward the door as I stopped her.
"That's ok run away. That's the second thing you were good at too, running away." I said. She turned around, sending me glares.
"At least when I come home, I'll have a family to see." Ouch, that hurt.
"You won't see your family when I kill you." I gritted through my teeth. She rolled her eyes, and slammed the door close. I sighed and went up to my sister Stephanie's room. Don't do it, you're not going to be able to accept it. The door creaked opened, and a tear fell.

Stephanie Stephanie .. Stephanie wake up I listened closely to hear a loud whisper saying my sister's name. That dude or soul on the phone was trying to harm my sister. I through my covers back and headed for my sister's room. Once I approached the door, I tried to open the door but it was locked. Still hearing the whispers, I pounded my fists on the door. Five minutes later, the door opened all the way. I saw my sister sitting on the lap for who looks like a ghost.
"Well welcome Kayla So nice of you to join us," the ghost said while forming a smirk.
"You're the guy on the phone. The one who interrupted my friend Justin. WHERE IS JUSTIN?" I said scared but mad at the same time.
"Ha-ha. Don't worry about Justin. I took great care of him in Alaska. "The ghost grinned. I gulped and began talking.
"Let Go Of My Sister " I said slowly, so he wouldn't hurt my sister.
"Never!" He replied and vanished with Stephanie.
"NOOO!" I walked to the chair and dropped to my knees. Realizing she was gone, I began to cry loudly. Then all of a sudden, I remember the promise I made to her.
"I'm sorry Stephanie. I broke my promise. Don't worry Stephanie. I'm going to get you back. No matter if it's the last thing I do." I walked back to my room and lay down. That thing better not hurt her.

End of Flashback

I closed my eyes, not wanting to have another flashback. "I miss her too" I turned around, and saw Alyssa.
"ALYSSA!" I jumped into her arms.
"I missed you." She nodded and sat down.
"I know what happened." She confessed. I looked at her, and she had sadness in her eyes.
"You may know what happened, but you don't know the feeling." I said looking down. She sighed as tears came down my cheeks. She sat down as I looked at her.
"You don't know how it feels when the family you thought were dead is now coming after you. Or when the family you knew for seven years have been gone for those seven years. When the little sister that you loved more than life itself was taken " I stopped and turned my direction away from her.
"You obviously don't know when your aunt turned your family into ash like they were nothing. Don't stand there, and act like you know because you really don't. So all you sorrow isn't needed because I will get my revenge, and treat Isabel, Maria Rossi's family like they are nothing." I yelled.
"I was just trying to help." She whispered.
"Help is for the weak " I stated.
"Kayla you are weak. You're just not accepting it. Sometimes this just means you have been strong for too long Kayla." She got off the bed, and stood up.
"I have to, I need closure. I want to wake up in the morning, and not want to break down and live in a hole. Or wake up in the morning and not want to burn this house down." I sat down by the window and looked out.
"What is stopping you?" I looked at her, and she was curled up in a ball.
"This is the only thing I have left of my family." She stood up and hugged me.
"I brought some of our friends." She said cheerfully. Before I can answer, the door was opened, and I saw my friends.
"JUSTIN! ZACH! KATIE!" I ran up to them, and hugged them one by one. We sat down on my bed, and we talked. After 1:00 a.m. hit Alyssa, Katie, Zach, and Justin left, leaving me alone. Since I was bored at of my mind, I decided to take a walk. I walked and walked until my legs were about to fall. I stopped at a hotel and opened the door. The front desk person looked up and it kind of surprised me. It looked a lot like Hayley......

"Hayley?" I said.
"Kayla?" She replied. I nodded and she dropped over the desk and tackled me into a hug.
"I can't believe it's you after all these years. Your mother—"She interrupted me. I looked in her eyes, and I can see the happiness when I said mother.
"You know where my mother is?" I shook my head and she sighed.
"I had her but she turned my life a living nightmare." I said.
"I know. I felt everything and saw it happening." She said.
"You were there?" I asked. She shook her head and shows me her wrists. I gasped and raised my eyebrow. Her wrists showed cuts, but these cuts were unreal. Then she pulled out her necklace that was covered by her hair.
"I'm immortal Kayla... Just like me, dad, and my mother. This necklace is the only thing keeping us alive" She said. I looked up at her, shocked.
"What did Maria do to you guys?" I said.
"Stuff. She was possessed and now we are the same. Kayla your next... My mother is coming for you now." She said. I gulped and sighed.
"I figured that out a long time ago." I muttered and she chuckled.
"Wanna see Jason and Christine?" She said.
"Auntie Christine? Didn't Isabel kill her 8 years ago?" I said.
"She's like me and Jason." She said.
"Oh" Was all I said.
"Wanna see them?" I shook my head, and she frowned.
"I got better things to do." I walked away.
"Like kill my mother." I turned around.
"According to your dad, Isabel is dead to the both of you." I stated.
"At least my mother is still alive." Wow, that struck a nerve. I looked at her, and she smirked.
"Simple, you're just jealous." She said.
"Jealous of what? Your processed mother? Please I rather have a dead mother than a freak." I growled.
"You're dead." She gritted through her teeth.
"Please, your body will be buried before I hit the ground." I smirked.
"Is that a threat?" She questioned.
"Hayley you should know, I don't make threats I make promises." I stated. She chuckled, and fixed her hair.
"Look princess, I would love to stay and chat, but finishing your family entertains me so much more." I turned my back at her, and that was one of the worst decisions I could make.

My fingers were on the tip of the doorknob before I started to become in and out of conscious. My breathing became heavier and my heart was beating faster than it should. I couldn't feel anything that scared me. My fingers left the tip of the doorknob as I fell to the ground slowly. I started to have flashbacks of my family, my aunt, and something out of the blue. I started to remember stuff when I was a little kid. My father and I were in a field, and I was laughing and running to my dad. He picked me up, and threw me on his shoulder. The flashback stopped as I saw a figure standing right above me.
"Be careful who you run your mouth too." Then I heard laughing and I saw another figure join the other one. That's where the blackness took over me.

I woke up to sound of screaming. I groaned, but the sound never left my mouth. I tried to move my arms, but they didn't move. I tried getting up, but I couldn't. I looked down and saw that I was tied up, like Stephanie was. The sound of doors opening and slamming close occurred. I could see from the corner of my eye, Hayley coming in. She got in front of me, and she put her hands to her head. She crouched down with her face now in her hands as I looked confused.
"You're not going to get in my head, Kayla!" She growled. I chuckled, and shook my head.
"I'm already in your head. I'm the reason why you're scared." I stated. Her body started to shake, and the sound of crying appeared.
"STOP IT!" Hayley screamed. I gulped, scared on what she will do. The door opened, and I saw Jason run to Hayley.
"Hayley! Calm down. HELP!" Hayley's actions became fiercer, and then it hit me. Hayley was having an exorcism right in front of me.
"Jason, what is going to happen?" I said.
"Who knows? HAYLEY!" He wrapped his arms around her waist, but she kicked him stronger than he expected. He sighed, and walked over to me. He untied me, and I looked at him.
"Help my daughter please." He said softly. I looked at him puzzled, but he wasn't making eye contact.
"You really trust me with you daughter, Unc—- Jason?" I asked. He chuckled and looked at me.
"No, not really. But I know that your dad taught you how to control a demon. Please just tame her," He said. I sighed, and grabbed the cross out of his hand. I walked slowly over to Hayley and got down to my knees. I grabbed her and turned her around, so her back was facing me. She started to scream and panic, she even hit me dead in the mouth. I shook it off, and put the cross on her head, her body started to calm down. Jason ran over and grabbed Hayley, which made me roll my eyes. I got up, and threw the cross at them, making Jason gave me a glare. Right before, I walked out the door, I was stopped by Jason.
"Kayla! Just because you saved my daughter doesn't mean that there isn't going to be a fight. When the sun goes down on tomorrow night, that's when the fight begins. We'll fight here, and leave nothing behind. Bring your friends, because after tonight they may be the only thing you have left." Jason stated.
"See you there," I said before walking out.

The cars were driving back and forth as I looked at the street signs, trying to find out where I was. Car horns started to beep like crazy as lights started to flash before my eyes. "One foot onto the ice, I hold my breath and try to believe. Can I look at you with different eyes? Like the girl that I was when I was Seventeen," Those words played in my head as I tried to walk, but soon failed. "The fallen empires, the scattered glass, the wicked echoes of my past, I seen it all before that's why I'm asking," The song became louder as I stopped at a pole. My legs were like spaghetti noodles as my eyelids wanted to close shut. I put my left hand on the pole as my right hand was put on my knee. I started to breathe unevenly as I put a hand on my heart. "Would you still be here tomorrow or will you leave in the dead of the night? So your waves don't crash around me, I'm staying one step ahead of the tide." My legs gave up as I slowly fall to the ground. My head landed on the concrete with a thud as I looked up at the sky. "Would you leave me lost in my shadows or would you pull me into the light? Teach me how to be loved, teach me how to be loved."
"KAYLA!" That was the last thing I heard before the darkness took over me, once again.

Was I dead or was this just a dream? Did I have the strength to live again? Was I really that strong or was it just accusation? Was my life really worth it? My eyes start to open as nothing appears before my eyes. I look down as I see that I'm wearing a plain grey dress. I touch my hair, and fell knots. I look down as I see that I'm barefoot as I take a step forward. I gasped at how cold the floor was, and then I see a light. I start to walk to the light and stopped when I see that I'm on a cliff. Rocks fall as I take a step back, making sure that I won't fall. I look around, and see my dad on the other side.
"Daddy? Is that you?" I said. He nodded and opened his arms. I smiled, and take more steps back. Then I launch forward, jumping over the big space into my dad's arms. My dad's grip tightens as I look up. I start to realize it wasn't my dad, it was Isabel. She grinned as she pushed me down into the big space.

Real time

I shot up with my body out of breathe. Sweat started to drip down from my head. Finally, I realized I was back at the house, laying down on the sofa. I looked to my left, and see my friends scattered all around the floor, sleeping.
"They were worried about you, just like I was." I turned to my right and see Mason sitting down on chair, looking at me. His eyes filled with guilt, and worries. I gulped, and look back at them.
"What happened?" I asked.
"I saw you walking from this old warehouse. You looked tired, and very weak. You started to walk, but soon failed. Then you blacked out, and that's where I screamed your name. I brought you back here, and they were here. You were out for 4 hours." He stated. My head started to hurt. I groaned, and put a hand on my head.
"My head hurts really badly." Mason chuckled, and walked over to me. I looked at him, and remember the battle. I tensed up as Mason made his way toward me.
"Kayla, are you ok?" Mason put one hand on my back and sat down next to me.
"Yeah, I just—-"I shut my eyes for a minute, and looked at him.
"There is going to be a war against my aunt, uncle, niece, and many more. We're fighting against each other until the other team is gone. I was going to ask you guys, but..." My voice started to became shaky. I put a strain of my hair behind my ear. I looked down, and looked at my fingers. ".... I would be risking too much." I stopped.
"Kayla, are you kidding me? You get a chance to finish your aunt once and for all. This meant be the only chance you get before your buried six feet under. While your aunt, uncle, and niece are breathing. Do you want that?" Mason argued. I sighed, but he was right. I looked at him, and bit my lip.
"No, mason. I don't want that. I know my mother and my dad wouldn't want that either." I said.
"So does this mean?" He asked. I nodded, and he jumped up. He began clapping, and screaming "WAKE UP!" I giggled and soon they all were up.
"What?" They all groaned in sync. Once they saw, that I was awake, they all ran to me.
"I have something to tell you guys....

"Yesterday, my uncle Jason told me that there was going to be a fight against my aunt and etc. Would you like to join my group to stop them?" I said. They all nodded, and it felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. I stood up, and began walking toward the door.
"Where are you going?" Mason asked.
"To the graveyard. I have to say something before this whole thing starts." I slammed the door close.

1 hour later

I approached the tombstones that said "James Lopez and Megan Lopez." I kneeled down and put the flowers down by them. A tear escaped from my eye, and I put a strain of my hair behind me. I closed my eyes as more tears started to fall.
"Hey mom and dad, it's me, Kayla. I know you're looking down on me, and see what's going on. I know it hurts you as much as it hurts me. I wrote a letter to you guys a week ago." I pulled out the letter, and sighed.
"Dear Mom and Dad, there's no words to describe what you mean to me. There's nothing that I can repay you for what you done for me. There's no-one who would ever replace you guys. I never thought I could be so strong without you, but the truth is that I'm breaking. My heart breaks every time, I remember the stuff we did as a family. It was seven years ago, that I lost an important puzzled to me. A puzzle that completes me, a puzzle piece that I am lost without it. I'm sorry for when I was mad at you mom, for something that you weren't even alive for. And daddy, I miss you, I really do. I'm trying to be strong for the both of you, but I fail." Tears fall from my eyes as I continue. "As you can see, I'm just the broken shell of what I use to be. Please just help me get through this mess. I love and miss you guys. This is just the beginning for me. Just please show me the light and I'll follow. Love always, your daughter Kayla." I put the letter away, and kiss their tombstones and get up and walk away. As I walked, and I was stopped by.... Beyoncé?

"Beyoncé, is that you?" I asked. She nodded and came over to me. It was her after all those years.
"What are you doing here?" I asked. She sighed and looked at the ground.
"Isabel asked me to be on her team for tonight..." She said softly. I knew where this was going.
"Oh" I whispered and look down.
".... But I said no," I looked up at her, and she was smiling.
"I want to be on your team, Kayla." Beyoncé stated. I smiled, and put my hand out for her to shake. She returned the smile and shook my head.
"Welcome to the team, B." I patted her on the back as we walked back to the house.

Back at the house
Mason's P.O.V.

I watched as Justin and Zach started to wrestle. They said they wanted to be prepared for tonight. I sat down next to Katie as she looked at me.
"You really like her, don't you?" I looked at her.
"Who's he—you mean Kayla?" She nodded, and I sighed.
"No, I don't like Kayla like that." I lied.
"You're a very good actor, you know that right? I can tell by the way you look at her, Mason. You like her." Katie said. Boy, this girl is good. I turned my attention at her, and sighed.
"You're right, but it wouldn't back a difference." I said.
"How so?" Katie questioned. Before I could say anything else, the doorbell went off. I stood up, and step over Justin and Zach.
"I got this." I said.
"Obviously" Alyssa replied. I rolled my eyes, and open up the door.
"Who is i—- Wendy is that you?" She nodded, and I pulled her into a hug. I pulled away, and gave her space to come in. Once she was in, I closed the door. Justin and Mason stopped fighting while they walked over to us.
"Mason, who is this?" Katie asked. I glanced over to Katie then to Wendy.
"Ladies, and Gentleman, this is my sister Wendy." Wendy waved to them.
"What are you doing here?" I asked.
"Isabel asked me to be on her team." Wendy said.
"Wait, how does Isabel know you?" Justin asked. Wendy looked at him, then back to me.
"You didn't tell them, didn't you?" Wendy asked. Oh, boy.
"I was about to tell Katie, but that's when you came in." I scratched the back of my neck.
"Tell us, what Mason?" Zach questioned. I sighed, and put my head down.
"Well... Um... Wendy and I are the kids of Maria Rossi and as you guys know him as Mr. Smiles." I said. The room was filled with gasps, but a voice stood out of nowhere.
"Mr. Smiles?" I turned around, and saw Kayla with a girl. I gulped, this can't be happening.
Kayla's P.O.V.

Beyoncé and I were laughing at my lame knock-knock jokes. We went up the stairs, and opened the door quietly. I saw Mason standing next to a girl as Katie, Justin, Zach, and Alyssa in front of them.

"Mason, who is this?" Katie asked. I looked at Mason, and it looked like he was smiling.

"Ladies, and Gentleman, this is my sister Wendy." Mason said. Wendy waved as Katie's face softened.
"What are you doing here?" Mason asked.
"Isabel asked me to be on her team." Wendy said. My body tensed as I heard the name Isabel.
"Wait, how does Isabel know you?" Justin asked. Wendy looked at mason with the "Are you kidding me?" look.
"You didn't tell them, didn't you?" Wendy asked. Mason gulped as I became more curious.
Tell us, what Mason?" Zach questioned. Mason sighed, and I felt like something was wrong.
"Well... Um... Wendy and I are the kids of Maria Rossi and as you guys know him as Mr. Smiles." Mason said. My heart dropped as the room was filled with gasps.
"Mr. Smiles?" I said. Mason turned around, guilt filled in his eyes.
"Kayla, I can explain" Mason said with his hands in surrender.
"Oh come on, Kayla! This changes everything!" Alyssa exclaimed. I put my hand, signaling I don't want to hear anything.
"Alyssa I see your point, but I think this doesn't change a thing." Mason sighed in happiness. I glared at him, and he stopped.
"I wasn't finished. After we win the battle, I'm dealing with the both of you." I growled. Zach looked at the window, and looked at me.
"Is it time?" I asked. Zach shook his head, and went over to me.

"But it's getting there, we have to start walking." Zach said. I nodded, and walked over to Beyoncé.
"Are you ready for this?" I asked her. She chuckled and looked at Mason.
"I'm been ready for four years," She said. I chuckled and patted her on the back. We started walking as Mason came next to me.
"Kayla, can I explain please?" He asked. I put my hands in my pocket as I looked down.
"Save it, Mason. I heard enough, we'll talk after the battle." I stated. He didn't say anything back, which I was happy. People were walking all over the place while my group looked like we wanted trouble. I looked over to Wendy, because something about her made me wonder. I shook my head as we stood before the building. Zach tapped me on the shoulder, and pointed at the sun. I glanced at, and saw that it was time to begin the war. I opened up the door, and went into the building. As we all got in, I saw Isabel's team in a line.
"Nice team, too bad you won't live to see another fight." Isabel said. I glared at her, and chuckled.
"Shut up, and let's fight." I growled.

"Come on skinny love, just last the year. Pour a little salt, we were never here. My, my, my, my, my, my, my, my. Staring at the sink of blood and crushed veneer" I charged at some random person, and the fight began. The girl punched me as I pushed her at a wall. She didn't get up as I felt arms wrapped around my throat. "I tell my love to wreck it all, cut out all the ropes and let me fall. My, my, my, my, my, my, my, my. Right at the moment this order's tall" I started to lose air as I hit the person right in the stomach. Then it all came to me, my aunt's team is all immortal. They wearing a necklace like Aunt Isabel was. I walked up to the person, and ripped the necklace. She turned into ash as I looked to my left, and saw Katie lifeless. "And I told you to be patient. And I told you to be fine. And I told you to be balanced. And I told you to be kind. And in the morning, I'll be with you, but it will be a different kind." A tear escaped from my eye as Yazmin tackled me. She hit me in the stomach repeatedly as I groaned each time her hits got harder. Justin came and tried to get her off of me.
"RIP OF HER NECKLACE!" I yelled. Yazmin's head shot up and ran away. Justin got me up as I looked at Katie.
"You alright?" Justin asked. I shook my head and pointed at Katie. He gasped as he was tackled. I watched him as he took the beating, not even trying to fight back. Right then and there, I knew he loved Katie, and now his love is gone. More tears came from my eyes as Justin was killed. "Cause I'll be holding all the tickets and you'll own all the fines. Come on skinny love, what happened here? Suckle on the hope in light brassiere, my, my, my, my, my, my, my, my" I looked to my left, and saw Wendy grabbing a knife and stabbing Beyoncé in the heart.
"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" I yelled in between my tears. She looked at me and grinned as arms wrapped around my waist. "Sullen load is full, so slow on the split and I told you to be patient. And I told you to be fine and I told you to be balanced. And I told you to be kind" I turned around to see Mason. His eyes were filled with concern.
"Come on, let's get out of here!" He pleaded. Is he really asking me to leave my team?
"No, never." I stated. He turned me around as I saw Zach and Alyssa fighting for their lives. I watched as I saw them hug as Mason whispered something in my ear.
"They love each other after the battle Zach was going to ask Alyssa to marry him." More tears came down my face, as I tried to run over to help them. Those arms wrapped around me waist tighten as Zach was stabbed. "And now all your love is wasted, then who was I? Cause now I'm breaking at the britches and at the end of all your lines"
"ZACH, NO!" I yelled in between my sobs. Alyssa looked down at Zach, tears streaming down her face. Then all of sudden, she was lying dead with him. "Who will love you? Who will fight? Who will fall far behind?"
"No..." I whispered as I fell to my knees. I looked at all of the lifeless bodies scattered all around the warehouse. More tears came down my tears as Aunt Isabel, Uncle Jason, and my niece Hayley stood before me. I glanced up as Wendy did the unthinkable and stabbed Hayley in the stomach. Hayley grabbed her stomach and fall to the ground lifeless. Aunt Isabel grabbed her knife and stabbed her own husband in the heart. It was now two on two, as I pulled out of the warehouse. "Come on skinny love my, my, my, my, my, my, my, my, my, my, my, my, my, my, my"

Two days later

I watched the view that was displayed in front of me. It was a very windy and the sun was about to go down. I was on top of some random building, sitting down, and thinking about had happen two nights ago. Once again, tears came out of my eyes as put my knees to my chest. I let my team down, by not protecting them, and not finishing the job. You probably are wondering what happened after I was pulled out of the warehouse.

After I no longer saw the warehouse, I turned around and glared at Mason.
"GET AWAY FROM ME!" I shouted in between my sobs. Mason ignored me and continued to walk with his arms holding mine.
"Don't worry, Kayla. I'm not going to hurt you." Mason stated. I couldn't take it any longer so I fell to my knees, and cried.
"I don't know what to believe anymore, Mason. I've been lied to so many times, I can't recognize the truth anymore" I paused. I took a deep breath, and continued.
"I guess Alyssa was right. I am weak, because I'm been strong all my life." I cried. I felt a hand on my back, and I looked up. Mason's eyes were filled with guilt and sorrow.
"Did you know Wendy was going to do that?" I asked. He shook his head, and sat down on the concrete.
"I didn't even know she was still alive." He exclaimed. I raise an eyebrow as he chuckled.
"Five years ago, Wendy was on her way to a party. It was snowy and to make matters worse it was at night. While she was driving, her phone received a text message. Wendy took her eyes off the road for a minute and her tires hit something. Her car slammed into a tree, and she didn't have her seatbelt on. In result, hitting the tree with so much impact, her head crashed in the windshield. When the police arrived, it was far too late." Mason said.
"Do you think she's one of them?" I asked. Mason sighed and nodded. He got back up to his feet as he helped me up.
"Come on let's go back to the house." He said. I nodded and followed him.

End of Flashback

What I didn't know is that Mason was lying to me the whole time. He did know that Wendy was still alive, and going to turn her back on Kayla. It was all part of her plan. You might wonder who is this her? Well, the plan so happened to be their mother, Maria Rossi's. And what I did didn't help my situation at all. I decided I was going to confront Mr. Smiles for everything he didn't tell me. I was going to do that, when I knew Mason was gone. He said he was going to go visit a "friend" but I really knew he was going to go see Wendy. I sighed and walked out the door, putting on my hood. The wind was strong which made the leaves go all over the place. People were talking softly, but stopped when they saw me.
"Get out of here!" someone shouted. I picked up my pace as I finally reached the school that started it all. Humble Elementary, a place where I hated as much as I hate the house. I looked to the ground and thought for a minute. Did I really need this? Would I be strong enough to face the truth?
"It's go hard or go home, right?" I whispered. I opened up the door and paused for a minute. Come on Kayla, you can do this. I walked up the stairs, as I fast walked through the halls. I found 219 as I did not hesitate on going on.

I walked in, and it was empty. I slammed my fist on the desk, sighing in defeat. He's long gone Kayla; you wasted enough time as it is.
"Kayla, is that you?" a voice appeared.

I looked up and saw Mr. Smiles.
"Oh my smiles! It really is you!" Mr. Smiles Exclaimed. I nodded and he opened his arms to hug me. I put my hands in front of me and stopped. His smile turned into a frown.
"I didn't come here to chat, Mr. Rossi. I came here to tell you that Katie, Justin, Zach, and Alyssa are dead because of your freakish wife, and idiot daughter. Because of YOUR family, I have nothing left!" I growled.
"Now you can tell me where your wife is in 10 seconds. Or you can tell me when I have my hands around your throat." I stated.
"Prison," He said. I chuckled and walked toward the door. I turned my attention to Mr. Smiles.
"Tell your family, I'm coming for them." I stated. I walked out the door, not knowing what I caused.

Breaking News

This just came in; Maria Rossi had just escaped Prison. Maria was sentenced to life after she killed 3 people in 1989. After watching a police video of Maria escaping, the police now knows that her husband, Robert Rossi, her son, Mason Rossi, and her daughter Wendy Rossi helped her escaped. The only thing left was a note that said:
Kayla Lopez

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This book has 4 comments.

on Jun. 30 2013 at 11:01 pm
SimplyAli BRONZE, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Favorite Quote:
"I laugh because I must not cry. That is all. That is all."

"No matter how many red carpets you guys wanna walk in with you $4000 ridiculous red heels; you will never be able to lace up my Chuck Taylors."

Herrow! I can't believe you actually commented

on Apr. 29 2013 at 1:03 pm
Herrooowwww, Aliana Your book is amazing! :D

on Apr. 27 2013 at 1:00 am
SimplyAli BRONZE, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
1 article 0 photos 4 comments

Favorite Quote:
"I laugh because I must not cry. That is all. That is all."

"No matter how many red carpets you guys wanna walk in with you $4000 ridiculous red heels; you will never be able to lace up my Chuck Taylors."

Thanks! I'm really glad you liked it. Part III will be coming soon.... Just got to write it first.....

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Great job! I loved it!


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