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The House Still Standing II

Author's note: I never cared to write ever. But this school year made me want to write stories non-stop. I...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I never cared to write ever. But this school year made me want to write stories non-stop. I really think that Part II is better than the first.  « Hide author's note
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"I can't get these memories out of my mind and some kind of madness has started to evolve"
Was I born for this? Was I supposed to fight for my life for something I never did? I'm not sorry for what I did or what's to come. It so happens that I am a hero to none, but a monster to all. I'll fight until I get my vengeance, my closure. I was strong in the beginning and stronger now. This is where some one's story ends.
Broken and shattered was what I felt. My aunt Isabel took way everything I ever knew and loved. She turned me into an emotional wreck. News came out, and people started to blame everything on me. They said if I would not have moved in this house, everything will be okay. I have no family left expect for that horrible person. It's been two weeks since the whole incident happened, and I wasn't even close to finding my aunt. For a person who has been dead since 1989, she sure knows a lot. It's been raining for the last three days and I haven't been outside in a week. I grabbed my coat and headed out the door. The rain was pouring like there was no tomorrow, but that didn't seem to bother me. I had my head down, minding my own business. I turned a corner, but stopped when I saw a family smiling. I closed my eyes, and stopped. "Think happy thoughts, think good thoughts Kayla." I thought. I swallowed the lump in my throat, and continued to walk.
"Isabella why are you in the rain?" I shot my head in the direction and I saw my aunt Isabel talking to a British guy. She looked like the happiest person in the world that made me sick. I ran into traffic and ran into my aunt. She turned around and ran for her life. The British guy seemed to notice and tripped me. I got up, but my aunt was long gone. I glared at the dude and pushed him into the wall behind us.
"What was that for?" I yelled at him.
"You have no right to chase her! My love!" He growled.
"Your love? Really you don't know anything about MY aunt." I growled back at him. His face softens when he heard aunt.
"Your aunt? Isabella said she was only the family member left standing." He said looking down.
"Well she's not. Do you know where she is Mr.?" I said not knowing his name.
"Mariucci. She stays at the library right there." He pointed at a sign. I thanked him and began walking to the library. MR.STONE'S LIBRARY. I sighed and opened to the door. I heard my aunt in the background. Once I saw my aunt, I tackled her to the ground.
"I told you I would find you! Now I'm going to finish you!" I glanced down at her. She gulped and pushed me. She pushed me with full force that you heard books falling. I screamed in pain, and my aunt took notice. She grinned and slapped me across the face. I was shocked, but I tackled her once more.
After a good 5 minutes of hitting, somebody grabs my waist and pulls me off of her.
"Ladies stop please!" a boy said. I turned around to see a boy who's my age.
"Never stop a fight, and definitely not mine!" I growled at him. I tried to go back to my aunt, but the boy still didn't let me go. My aunt quickly ran out and I turned my attention to the boy. Anger was boiling through my body, so I pushed the boy.
"Who are you?" I shouted.
"Mason Smith. I work with Isabel to help keep this place whole. "He smiled.
"Ugh. Next time just stay out of my way." I muttered and walked away.
"Hey! What's going on with you and Isabel?" Mason asked.
"You don't need to know. How do I know my aunt hired you to finish me?" I growled at him.
"Isabel is your aunt?" Mason questioned.
"No duh? For a boy like you, you're not very bright." I said. I looked both ways and crossed the street with mason following my every move.
"Hey, I'm just asking." He said. I sighed and turned my attention to mason.
"You want to know so badly?" I said. He nodded and I took his hand. Once we entered the house, I made mason sit on the couch.
"Where are your parents?" He said.
"Died in a car crash 7 years ago. I thought my mother was alive this whole time." I muttered the last part.
"And you say I'm dumb." He joked. I turned my head and glared at him.
"The reason why I thought my mother was alive this whole time was because of my aunt. She made me to believe that I had a mom, step dad, and a little sister. In reality, my family was alive as much as my dad was. My father and mother died 7 years ago in a car crash. They died within a minute, but my aunt made me believe that I still had a mother. In 1989, Isabel, Jason, and Hayley were kidnapped. They were all killed. 23 years later, I moved into this horrible house. During the first week, I started to hear voices and they told me to get out. I had to refuse because I'm still a senior in high school. Then a couple of days later, a ghost or soul stole my sister. I was talking to my aunt and uncle when my mother walked in and she was taken. Isabel said I had to fight to get my family back. I did and when I got my sister and mother back, they turned into ash. My aunt told me it was just a lie to get her back into human shape." I said. I glanced up at mason and he had concern in his eyes. I sighed and got up and headed for the door, but I was stopped.
"Wait! Please don't leave." I turned around and he gestured me over to him. I walked over to him and had my head down. For while it was silent, but it was nice I think...
Chapters:   1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 13 Next »

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Beyonce Harries said...
Apr. 29, 2013 at 1:03 pm
Herrooowwww, Aliana Your book is amazing! :D
Itbeali replied...
Jun. 30, 2013 at 11:01 pm
Herrow! I can't believe you actually commented
105268 said...
Apr. 26, 2013 at 2:32 pm
Great job! I loved it!
Itbeali replied...
Apr. 27, 2013 at 1:00 am
Thanks! I'm really glad you liked it. Part III will be coming soon.... Just got to write it first.....

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