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Camping trip from hell

Author's note: My english teacher had us write a short stoy for class so i dicided to have some fun with it and...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: My english teacher had us write a short stoy for class so i dicided to have some fun with it and it turns out my friends thought it was great. I just want to get my writing off to a start and hope people will see the love in this story as well as the pain.  « Hide author's note

Camping trip from hell

Finally graduation day. I have been waiting all my life for this moment. A moment to get out of this school. I'm waiting for them to call my name.
"Hollie Pickleman, Kc Robinson"
Oh my goodness I'm next I'm after Kc I can’t believe it. I have everyone I have ever wanted to be here, here.
"Then lastly are class president of 2016 Nevada Salter"
Everyone rose up and started cheering it was amazing. I got my diploma and I was already thinking about tonight. Tonight I and Cathey and Josh and Krissy and Susie and John are all going camping out at Pretty Lake camp grounds it is going to be so much fun.
"Finally graduation is over" Susie whispered to Krissy
"Hey they all looked wonderful"
"I know they did"
"You can’t say you didn't love it I seen the smile on your face when they called John up there"
"Yeah I know I can’t help it"
"See so it wasn't that boring to you"
"I guess"
As the girls continue looking for Cathey Josh, John and Nevada, they didn't even think that they were being watched even thou Susie thought she could feel someone looking at her she shooed off the feeling.
About an hour after graduation everyone gathered at josh's place to leave on their trip. There were all just waiting to get the ok from all the adults so they could go even thou they all agreed that they could be there tonight only it was graduation night. Once everyone got the ok they all budded up there wasn’t enofe room in the truck for everyone. There were Susie and John in the truck and Cathey and Krissy in the Car then lastly Nevada and josh in the new jeep. Then they all took off to camp they were all looking forward to this week of freedom after all it was graduation night nothing could go wrong. Right??
After they all left I knew it was safe to get my things. They thought they were the only ones going to pretty lake, Ha-ha they were wrong. Megan grabs her bags and jumps into the truck and slowly Fallows Josh and Nevada in the jeep. While she is fallowing them she decides to get her mind read for her fun week. Well a week of running and hiding. They all think that it is going to be a wonderful week. I can’t stand them. All of them not just One of them but all of them. I hate Cathey she was always number one for everything. I have Susie because she think she is just wonderful and she is but I would never tell her that, But I hate her for being wonderful. I hate Krissy because she is absolutely beautiful and it reminds me on how I will always fail in my looks. I hate John for dating Susie, I should be Susie John is so Handsome and wonderful and funny and I have defiantly know John way more than Susie I mean Susie is still in school. Then there is Josh he is just Josh but the main reason I hate him and why he is going to watch his "true love" die right in front of him is because he is friends with Nevada his "true love". Then there is that dreadful nasty disgusting Nevada. The reason I hate her is because she sole everything from me. Josh was my best friend; Josh was in love with me not her. He didn’t even know her. But then she moved to town Ohh how I hate that day. She started talking to Josh because I guess she looked nice. And then they became best friends and it was like I never even existed. The main reason I hate that little prissy b**** is because she stole my title. I was runner up for class president but she won I was supposed to win but she did she stole my opportunity to be number one from once but no she wouldn’t let me. She acts like it is such a shock that she won well it isn’t she pretty much bribed everyone with her good grades and crap. Well I will be the one laughing all the time now her not after she ruined my life. They are all going to pay every last one of them. I'm going to kill Cathey, Susie, Krissy, John and defiantly Nevada. But Josh Ohh i'm going to get back at him by killing his little lover Nevada right in frount of his eyes. I am going to kill her right in front of him so he will be in pain and i’m going to watch him cry and Nevada cry and while they cry I’m going to be the one laughing and then I am never going to have to hear that prissy little laugh again from the wretched Nevada. That is how Josh will pay. Megan finally pulled up to camp the one right next to Nevada, Josh, John, Cathey, Susie, and Krissy's camp. She set off to find her places to hide the bodies once there all killed.

Josh and Nevada were the 1st of the group to arrive at the camp site and there were all disapoted when they see there was someone else in the camp next to them.
“Are you kidding me they told me that it wasn't going to be a problem on letting us get our own loop" Nevada said as she was stepping out of the jeep.
“Don’t worry there probley just going to be gone the hole day anyways" Josh told her so she would slowly calm down
" No I am worrying there is everything to worry about I mean Yeah ik that we just graduated and all but I have like 100 more thoughts on my mind and I just don’t know what to do anymore" Nevada and she starts to cry. Josh comes over and holds Nevada tight in her arms and tries to calm her.
"It will be okay baby it will. I'll make sure this trip is amazing just like we planned it to be. Don't worry don't worry."
"B-b-but Idk what to do anymore baby are life is like over, well not over but just changing to fast"

“Don’t worry about it life it will come and go but this moment right now will not come around again so we have to life for here and now not then and to come.”
“If you say so then I will try to forget about what’s to come. I mean we just graduated. LETS PARTY LIKE WE AREN’T GOING TO LIVE ANYMORE”
What Nevada and Josh didn’t know is that in the woods not far from them Megan was listening to every word that they were saying and when Nevada said we aren’t going to live anymore she thought they may just be saying that but there not going to know what hit them when I come to them with my gun and knife. They’re going to be gone soon then they may hope.
Soon after Josh and Nevada finished setting up there tent Susie and John show up with their trailer for if it starts raining. After they show up the last people to show are Cathey and Krissy.
“Well, well look who is last this time” Nevada exclaims as Cathey and Krissy show up.
“Ohh shut up.” Cathey says as she jumps out of the car.
“Ha-ha well now you need to just relax girly”
“Umm weren’t we supposed to be the on are own loop.”
“Yeah we were doing remind me but me and Josh haven’t seen the people all day so I don’t think we have to worry about them crashing are party. The only people we have to worry about is parents”
“So true girly now come over here and give me a hug I heard you got……”
“SHUT UP!!!!”
“What you didn’t tell him yet”
“Okay jess I didn’t know it was such a big deal. I’ll talk to you about it later then.”
“Okay thank you” Nevada said as she was walking away toward her tent. She seen that Josh was walking her way she tried to go abut he graded her arm and stopped her.
“What did you get?”
“Nothing it’s nothing”
“It doesn’t sound like nothing”
“Josh don’t worry about it just forget that you heard anything”
“It’s something. If it was nothing you would have told me and not kept it from like you’re doing now.”
“I’m not going to tell you”
“Okay fine don’t tell me but you eventually will I have my ways to get you to talk”
“Can we forget about it? We need to start the camp fire for the fish are you going to help me or are you going to stay here and fight with me on something I’m not going to tell you about. “
“Fine let’s go”
“Fine.” “You get the wood I’ll get the fish”

“Thank you.”
“Just shut up Nevada”
After Josh and Nevada got dinner done the parents showed up and decided to stay the night with the kids. Cathey’s parents decide to stay in the tents in the next lot along with Susie’s parents, Josh’s parents and Nevada’s and John’s parents to. Everyone was so mad when the parents showed up thou because they thought that maybe they forgot about stopping by. But they decided that they will have to live with it.
“Hey guys do you want to go for a hike around the camp so we know what’s all here” Cathey asked as all the parents showed up
“I’ll go after the bomb fire” Nevada said
“Yeah me to” said John
“Me to” said Josh and looked at Susie said” She’s coming to after the bomb fire”
“ I guess I won’t be the loner and not go after the bomb fire so might as well go with the rest of us” Krissy said wile laughing
“Fine I guess we can go after the bomb fire.” Cathey said as she walks away with defeat
“Let’s get the fire going guys” Josh said clapping the dirt off his hands from getting the wood
“Yeah,” Nevada said as everyone else left. “I guess I’ll help you with the fire”
“Okay baby”
“Nothing I just thought I seen someone out by the edge of the wood”
“What did they look like?”
“It looked like Megan but I couldn’t have been her because she told me she was going to Slovakia with Monika this year.”
"Ooh that's really weird"
"Yeah o well thou let’s just forget about it"
"Yeah that's the best thing to do is just forget about it"
What Nevada didn't know is that it was Megan in the woods she was planning on killing the parents once everyone left to go around camp. But when she seen Nevada look at her she jumped into the woods that way she didn't see anything she wasn't suppose to see. When Megan ran back into the woods she got everything she needed for the killing to come. She got 4 different shot guns, 20 bullets, and gasoline. You will always need gasoline for a fire........
"That was the best bond fire every guys" Cathey exclaimed as she got done listening to the crack of the wood on the fire.
"Yes it was good job Josh and Vada on getting it ready." Krissy said as she dusted herself off from siting on the ground.
"Hey who wants to go watch the sunset on the shore?" Nevada asked as all the kids got up and moving about.
"I'll go with you" Josh said
"Anyone else?"
"I'll go and we can then take are walk about camp" Cathey said
"Yeah let’s go"
"Okay you guys have fun Love you" Cathey's mom said as everyone walked off
As the kids walked to the shore Megan was watching their every move from the way they walk to the words there were saying. She also hears that dreadful laugh of Nevada’s. When there all dead then I will be the one laughing not her. I will get the last laugh. I WILL I WILL. She thinks that this is the best week of her life well she is wrong. This is going to ruin her life well the life she has left at least.
“Ooh my goodness the sunset is beautiful” Nevada says as she watches the colors of the sky go from blue to pink to red to purple. “It’s just perfect the way it’s shinning off the water.”
“Yes it is” Josh says as he goes to sit next to her on the beach. “So what is it that you don’t want to tell me?”
“Can we just watch the sunset?”
“No I want to get this over with because we have to get it over with or neither of us is going to have fun on this trip.”
“Fine” Nevada said with a sigh,” You know how we were planning on going to Michigan state together up here in the U.P.”
“Well I applied for Lake State down in Detroit to”
“Okay why does that madder”
“You know how I was gone that one week for school and nobody knew where I was”
“Well I went down there for my interview and I got in”
“So you’re going to Lake Sate now instead of going to Michigan State with me”
“Yes that’s why I didn’t want to tell you because I didn’t want you to be upset”
“I’m not upset; I’m just shocked that you didn’t tell me that you were going to Lake State when we planned on going to Michigan State”
“I’m sorry I wanted to tell you I just wanted to wait till after this week”
“After this week”
“Yes after this week because I didn’t want this week to be ruined”
Just then they heard one loud bang after another at first they thought it was trees falling then they realized it was a gun shot. They all started sprinting back to camp that was about a mile away. Just the way Megan wanted it to be. Megan had more than enough time to throw the gasoline on the dead bodies of the parents and set them all on fire in the ruble left from the bond fire. After she set them all on fire she buried the guns in the camp across the lot. Then she took off she did what she does best. Disappear.
About 10 minutes after they all heard the gun shot, they all showed up at camp. Susie and Krissy were the first to tell that something wasn’t right. Then Cathey was the first to see all the blood. There was blood everywhere and she told vada and she just broke down right there because she knew there was no sign of any of the parents and there was too much blood for it to be an animal and she knew that it was them dead but where were they that is what they were all wondering.
“Guys wasn’t the fire out when we left” Cathey asked as she notices the strong fire burning in the pit
“Yeah I made sure I put it out so Nevada’s dad didn’t go all wacky.” John said when he realized what Cathey was pointing at
“Then why is there a burning fire that is in like full blaze”
“How am I supposed to know?”
“Well whatever it is it smells horrible”
All the sudden Nevada stats braking down even worse that she just falls to the ground after looking at the fire its self. Josh tried to help her up but she wouldn’t get up every time she got to her feet she collapsed again.
“Nevada is you okay?” Josh asked the 2nd times she collapsed
“STOP THAT FIRE, STOP IT” Nevada started screaming
“What why, why put it out all it is, is a little fire”
“No…No it isn’t look at it closely” all the sudden Nevada slowly starts to lose consciousness “its are parents there burning PUT IT OUT PUT IT OUT NOW!! I can’t just sit here and watch my parents burn in front of me put them out now. Ooh my gosh this is my entire fault if we didn’t go to the shore to watch the sun set I wouldn’t be looking at all are parents burning right in front of us. It’s my entire fault it’s---- my entire fault. “Nevada said as she passed out on the ground. Josh slowly picks her up and carry’s her like she is the most gentle thing on earth and just holds her and lets her cry once she comes to. They two of them just sit there and Josh just lets Nevada cry as much as she needs to. I guess this won’t be as perfect as I thought it would be. Josh thought to himself
What they didn’t know is that Megan was close and was laughing at them all. Like I said Nevada isn’t going to be the one laughing anymore. Ha-Ha I told her I was going to be the one laughing now. She is never going to be the same anymore. Down goes the parent now Cathey is next. Ha-Ha I will get that little miss I can do anything. She won’t be number one for much longer. By tomorrow she will be number two down and dead. Then right when I go to kill her I will look up at her and tell her “well look who’s number one now” all of them are going to regret ever coming on this trip. It was supposed to be the perfect escape before collage but nope it is the perfect get away from life.
“Josh that is what the gun shots were” Nevada suddenly said after crying
“It could have just been a hunter baby don’t worry yourself” Josh told her in return
“No have you seen all the blood did you look at our parents heads they have bullet holes in them and there is shells all over the ground. But who in their right mind would be coming after us??”
“Ok I guess your right but what are we supposed to do”
“How am I supposed to know but just right now hold me because I can’t stand by myself right now I feel like I’m going to faint again.”
“Baby just stay here by me don’t try to stand just don’t”
“But how am I supposed to get to the tent or anything.”
“I will carry just don’t walk or your collapse again and don’t want that to happen again.”
“Then can you please take me to the tent Because I just want to sleep maybe this is all just a dream that I’ll wake up from when I close my eyes In this weird world where are parents are dead. I’m going to close my eyes and I’m going to be back at graduation and none of this ever happened it was all just a dream. My parents aren’t dead yours are and neither is anyone else’s.”
“Ok I’ll take you to the tent.”
“Thank you” Nevada said as Josh picked her up and started carrying her to the tent. Meanwhile Megan was planning on how to kill Cathey the next day. It’s not going to be easy after what happen today there all going to stay together and not let each other go out of there sight. But I have a plan. They thought that today was bad Ha there wrong tomorrow is going to be ten times worse than that. But I’ll need a distraction. Today I had them going to the beach that’s a mile away but how am I going to be able to get someone to stay behind when the rest of them leave. Hmmm. I know I will take Cathey’s glasses that way she will have to find them before she can go and knowing Cathey she will just tell them to go on without her and that she will ketchup. This will all work I know it will. Finally I will get the one thing I have always dreamed about, all the people I hate dead.
Just as everyone got into the tents they heard a scream. But who was it from, where was it coming from, and why are they screaming. Ooh gods please don’t let it be another death. Nevada thought to her after she realized what just happened earlier wasn’t a dream but reality. Her parents were really dead. She really watched them burn right in front of her. And she really heard the gun shot that killed her parents and everyone else’s. But the scream wasn’t from someone else in the camp as they thought. The scream was from Cathey. All the sudden they heard another scream from Cathey she was just sitting there crying but screaming. Nevada was defiantly wonder what was up so she took all her strength to go over to the then door and look out. Cathey was still out there I thought they said that everyone was in their tents. Why was she crying? I know she didn’t take a book with her on the trip we all check everything before we left because we weren’t going to bring anything educational here to the lake. So what could she possibly be reading? Whatever it is its making her cry and scream.
I can’t believe it. That is all I can think right now. I was just sitting in my tent and I seen it taped right above my head. I thought it was just someone pulling a prank on me. I seen “Cathey, read privately.” Written right on the front I thought maybe it was vada because she wanted to talk to me about getting into Lake State today but after seeing her parents in that fire she hasn’t been the same all day. I have to say I haven’t been the same either. All I know is that I’m not going to go anywhere around this camp without someone with me. So I looked around and I didn’t see anyone do I reached up and ripped the note off from the top of the tent and went to sit on the picnic table to read it.
“Dear Cathey,
I hope you like you little surprise you got when you came back from the beach. I knew you would be the bright one to figure out that you didn’t leave the fire burning when you left. How was that anyways seeing your parents burn right in front of you like that? Wonderful right. Well I hope you liked what you saw because you’re going to join them. You are going to be the next to die Cathey. If you thought tonight was bad wait till tomorrow when your time comes. I will enjoy watching the blood rush from your body and see the dreadful look that your parents gave me when I killed them the look of mercy. Well Cathey it was nice knowing you and I hope that your life was good up to this point because you will never see anyone else past this day.
-Killer in the night”
When that person whoever it is that started talking about my parents that’s when I started to cry and when they talked about killing me that’s when I started screaming. What am I going to know now? This person could be anywhere. For all I know it could be one of our own, but how could they have gotten back so quickly from the killing then to the beat with us? It all just doesn’t add up. Let’s see who was all at the beach, we all walked there together then Josh and Nevada went by the water to talk. I and Krissy were walking along the shore and Susie was socking her feet in the water. John that’s who was missing it was john how could he do this thou I mean he loved his family almost as much as he love Susie and I know he loved Susie’s parents I mean he just asked for permission to marry Susie from them. Why would he kill them? Just then Cathey saw Nevada’s head pop out from her tent. I smile at her like everything is fine even thou I know it isn’t but I don’t need to worry her anymore then she is after watching her parents burn she’s been so outa it she doesn’t need to know about the note saying that I’m going to die. I’ll tell her in the morning if she’s acting like she’s feeling better yeah that’s when in the morning.
I don’t know what is going on with Cathey I seen her crying and screaming and reading the letter or whatever it was and now she’s smiling at me like nothing’s wrong. When she does that it’s when I start worrying the most. What was in that letter? Who was it from? And why won’t Cathey tell me what’s going on?
"Ooh hi Vada"
"Hi what’s going on? Why where you crying?"
"Nothing’s going on it was just a letter from my parents"
"Okay now why where you crying and don’t tell me no reason because it takes everything to get you to cry even when you realized your parents were dead you revised to let yourself cry."
"It's this letter, its telling me that I’m going to die tomorrow. And Vada I don’t want to die we just graduated and I can’t just I can’t die." Cathey said as she started to cry again.
"Cathey it probably someone being a jerk and playing a prank on you"
"No it isn't they told me everything about my parents and all I know is that they call themself the killer in the night."
"Well I’m not going to let this "killer in the night" kill my best friend and if they kill you they will have to kill me to. I’m not going to let you die I promise I will do everything to keep you alive if this is real you’re not going to go anywhere alone, you’re going to scream when you get lost and you’re going to scream at the top of your lungs because I know you got a big girl voice. Here take this, you push the button and alarms go off then pull the mettle out and it sprays pepper spray at the person coming after you." Nevada said to her as she handed Cathey the gadget her parents gave her when she left town to help her out.
"Thank you Vada I owe you a huge one."
"Hey for right now let’s not die then we'll talk about that big one you’re going to owe me."
"Okay then let’s stay alive because it’s going to be amazing, your gift" Cathey told her as she gave Nevada a huge hug for the gift she gave her. They both head to bed after the crazy night that they both have had. Nevada slowly walks to her tent with the little strength she had left and Cathey went to her tent looking around at every little sound she heard. When Cathey got back to her tent she put the gift that Nevada gave her in the safest spot she could have thought of, buried. Before she went to bed she let herself finally cry. She let herself cry about seeing all the blood and about pulling her parents bodies out of the fire. And she finally let herself cry about death. She has never thought about death before now because she was never worried about it but now after reading that leader she is thinking maybe its right. Maybe she is going to die tomorrow and all she can do about it is waiting.
Finally there all asleep. Megan thought to herself. Now where did she put the device? Ooh here it is, I thought she would be clever enough then to just leave it somewhere she can’t see. Ooh well we can’t all be as smart as me. After Megan found the gift Cathey got from Nevada she took it out and just smashed it into as many bits and pieces she could get it into. After she has broken up Cathey’s “tool” to save her life she decided to leave her a little note.

“Dear Cathey,
Good try on trying to keep yourself alive with that pity little thing that you thought was going to save you. Well you should know that you should trust machinery with your life because machinery can get broken or fail. I just hope that the attempt to save your life was worth it. By the way I love watching you cry and talk to Nevada last night it was very refreshing to remind me on how much I pity you and how much I want to just end your suffering.

-Killer in the night”

That morning when Cathey got up she saw the smashed gift and the note from Megan. She ran right to Nevada’s tent and she about ran right into josh on his way out of the tent.

“Whoa what’s the rush speed racer” Josh said to Cathey after she stopped for a second.
“Josh it’s really not a good time. Is Nevada up yet?”
“No not yet I’m making her sleep in so maybe it will calm her after everything that happen yesterday”
“Shoot I really need to talk to her”
“It’s hard to explain”
“If it’s about lake state she told me”
“She did!?!?!? And no it’s not about that”
“Yes she did and is everything ok.”
“ I don’t really know.”
“Okay well if you need me just let me know got it I’m always up for helping you out.”
“Don’t worry about it”
So after Josh tell Cathey that she just sits there around camp waiting because she doesn’t know when it’s going to happen but she believes whoever the “killer in the night” is because after the 2 notes she knows it isn’t just some joke is it someone who really wants to kill her and they’re going to kill her today.

Finally Nevada is up. And after she has her breakfast and gets ready for the day Cathey tells her everything that happened. And they both just start crying Nevada stars crying because she doesn’t want to lose her best friends and Cathey was crying because she didn’t want to die that day or night.
“Hey guys do you want to go for a nature walk around the back woods of the camp?” John asked
“I would love to I think it would be great to get away from here after all the events that happened.” Susie said. Everyone else just looked at each other and said in unison
“I guess lets go”
But when everyone left they thought they were all together but in all actually Cathey was gone and she was about to be gone forever without her best friend even knowing till it was too late.

“Finally it’s just me and you Cathey.” Megan said as she came out from her hiding spot in the woods not far from their camp
“Who are you” Cathey said not recognizing Megan with her mask on.
“Ooh I forgot to introduce myself; I’m the killer in the night. I have known you for years Cathey you just would think that I would be the one to kill you.”
“How do you know who I am?”
“Cathey don’t you remember we used to be best friends then that Nevada moved into town and you ditched me fir her like everyone else.”
“I didn’t have a best friend before Nevada nobody would talk to me before she came.”
“Well then I guess I was just the air you breathe because we were best friends for four years.”
“I’m sorry but I think you got the wrong person now will you just leave me alone.”
“Ooh but I feel bad for you Cathey you have such a bad life having to put up with Nevada and always have to be number one I’m going to help you end that. I’m going to help you end it all just like you have always wanted right.”
“What do you mean end it all?”
“I think you know exactly what I mean by end it all” Megan said as she hits Cathey as hard as she could just enough to knock her out and dragged her outa the camp into the deep woods. By the time Cathey regained conciseness she was tied to a tree and was beaten very brutally.
“Ooh Cathey when are you just going to face the fact that you can’t save yourself and that you’re going to die right hear.”
“You don’t scare me whoever you are under that mask.”
“Okay but you don’t know the lease of what I’m going to do to you. Yes I beat u and yes I tied you to the tree but that is nothing. Just like I said in my note I hope you enjoyed what little life you had.”
“You’re never going to get away with this you’re going to get caught your just a pathetic little person that just passes in life and will never get better life because your always looking at how much better someone is then you.”
“Ha-ha you’re just saying that because you finally believe me when I tell you I’m going to kill you.”
“Ohh Megan I know your killing me but that isn’t why I’m saying that I’m saying this because it is the truth and everyone knows it’s the truth.”
“How do you know who I am?”
“Well you the only one I could think of that I was friends with before Nevada and your mask is coming off the bottom and you the only one I know that has a tattoo of an M on their neck. “
“I see you like to be smart with me now in case you have forgotten I’m the one holding the gun.”
“You wouldn’t dare.”
“Ooh yes I would and I’m going to”
Just then when Megan said I’m going to she pulled out the gun and shot Cathey once in the foot so she can’t go anywhere then twice in the head so she is as good as dead. As soon as Megan fired that last shot at Cathey’s head she threw the gun into the lake so it will never be found. Then she ran she just ran like there was no end to the earth because she knew after this killing she was in it for the long run. After this killing Nevada isn’t going to rest until she was found. This she knows for sure but what they’re going to do to find her is unknown to everyone right now.
“Did you guys hear that?” Susie asked as they were just going around the corner of the loop that they were on.
“Hear what?” Krissy asked
“The gun shots” Susie said as quietly as she could so Nevada couldn’t hear but it did work because Nevada started look all around for Cathey.
“Guys weren’t Cathey with us when we left camp?” Nevada asked in a panic.
“I didn’t see her.” Josh and John said in unison
“She had to be with us I didn’t see her at camp anywhere when we left.”
“Didn’t she say she was going to find her glasses then go get water then she would catch up?” John said
“Yeah she told me and John that before we left.” Josh said
“And why didn’t you tell me about it?”
“I didn’t want you to worry about it and why is it such a big deal that she isn’t hear she is probably still sitting at camp.”
“It’s such a big deal because whoever killed are parent s was harassing Cathey and was telling her that they were going to kill her today and because I didn’t know she wasn’t with us I guess the killer in the night succeeded at that.” Nevada said getting madder by the second but she wasn’t sure who she was madder at herself or the guys for not telling her what Cathey had said.
“If Cathey might be dead why we are just standing hear?” Susie said noticing that Nevada wasn’t calming down like everyone hoped she would. “Let’s head back to camp and see if she’s there and if not we will go looking for her.”
“Okay let’s go. Josh Nevada you guys coming.” John asked as he ran to catch up with Susie. Susie held his hand as they walked. And as they were walking she just started crying because she knew what was waiting for them at camp. No Cathey and maybe something that was left of Cathey if they were lucky. When they arrived at camp they saw no sign of anything good. There was no Cathey and there was no sign of where she could be. The only thing they found was a note left by Megan and Susie was the one to read it out loud.

“Dear Susie, John, Nevada and Josh,

I hope you now realize I am not joking when I tell you I’m going to kill every one of you. Yes I am the one who killed your friend Cathey I pitied her very much and I didn't think it was right to have her suffer anymore. Pity her just like I pity all of you. I will not just sit here and watch you guys suffer like Cathey suffered until I was so kind and took her life. If you try to run or try to call the police I will kill you the fastest. I don't care how much you beg or how much you know I am going to kill you all starting with Krissy. That is all for now I can't wait to watch you all as the blood leaves your bodies.

- Killer in the night"

"This person can’t kill John I won’t let them."
"Susie you know this person won’t kill John there just buffing she had something ageist is parents and Cathey because they are the only people who would go right to the police. I was talking with Cathey yesterday and if she would have lived she was going to tell the police today. But we aren't going to tell the police we are just going to sit here like we don’t know what’s going on and then we are going to live." Krissy told Susie with reissuing voice. "We are going to live"
“I hope your right…I hope your right” Susie said
When they were done looking at the camp to see if we could find anything left of Cathey. There was no luck the only thing left of Cathey was her stuff she kept in the tent. Then Nevada she just went down. She doesn’t know what to do anymore. She lost her parent s she lost her best friend what now she loses her life to. This was supposed to be the best week ever but it has turned into the worst real fast.
“I thought this was going to be the best week of are life I mean we just graduated and I got into the best collage in Michigan and everything was going good. Then we come out here to a beautiful camp and everyone goes missing and dies. Why is everyone dyeing Krissy WHY?!?!?! “
“I don’t know Vada how do you think I fell they told me I was next. That I’m dying next.”
“No you’re not dyeing next you have done nothing to make then want to kill you and me, Susie and the guys all love you too much to let this happen again.”
“Thank you Vada but I think we both know that unless this person gets caught we are both dead along with everyone else hear.” Krissy said as tears rolled down her face. “And I’m going next. Vada I’m not ready to go I’m not I haven’t even finish high school yet. I understand when people die because of wrecks and stuff they don’t know it’s going to happen to them but this isn’t the same thing I know I’m going to die tomorrow and there isn’t anything about it and I don’t want to die I just can’t do it Vada I JUST CAN’T DIE!!” Krissy just started weeping because there was nothing left to do. What can you do when you know that you’re going to die and there is nothing you can do about it. It’s a feeling of helplessness, a feeling of defeat, and a feeling of nothingness. And if it were you, you’d be crying your eyes out to because it is the worst feeling every.
There so pathetic they think that they can just pass through and save then self by doing nothing. Well there wrong. Ooh I can’t wait till tomorrow that’s going to be so much fun killing Krissy. Ha-ha like I said I’m the one laughing now. I’M THE ONE LAUGHING LOOK AT ME NEVADA I’M KILLING YOU AND ALL YOUR FRIENDS AND IM SITING HERE LAUGHING AT YOU AND YOUR PATHIC LITTLE ATEMPS TO SAVE YOUR LIFE. Megan thought to herself as she was cleaning Cathey blood off herself in the lake. Her first mistake she has made and a big one to.
The next day Krissy was the up and was making breakfast for everyone. Everyone could tell she was worried because it is usually Josh and Nevada are the first up and are the ones making the breakfast and Krissy is the last to wake up. And it was the best breakfast that any of them had ever had. A 3 stack pancake and bacon and eggs and sausage breakfast plus some fresh squeezed orange juice. We all look over at Krissy and say “You must be really worried” then we all start laughing at are self’s for thinking the same thing and saying it at the same time. When we said she was nerves she blush so badly it was funny.
“Ooh Krissy what are we going to do with you.” Susie said in a joking tone.
“I don’t know” she said joking back.
“Well I can tell you, you can make breakfast every morning this is the best meal I have had in weeks. “ John said “So what big adventure are we going to have today?”
“How about we just stay at camp today we don’t seem to have any luck when we leave camp.” Krissy said sounding on edge.
“True dat” Nevada said agreeing with Krissy.
“Fine then what is we going to do at camp then?” John said in a cocky tone.
“We are going to party like its 2012 baby” josh said picking Nevada and dancing around camp while there all laughing at the two of them dancing around like idiots.
“Hey I’m to the bathroom I’ll be back in a couple minutes don’t have too much fun with me gone.” Krissy said as she left the camp not knowing that was going to be the last time she would see or talk to her friends.
Just as Krissy was out of sight from the camp are little friend Megan comes from her spot in the trees and slits her neck right on the main artery. Krissy goes down and is dead right away, but Megan wasn’t done with her yet. Megan dragged the body to the shore of the lake and cut off Krissy’s head and puts it on a log to be “preserved” but as for the rest of her body she cut that up into bits and pieces and let the sand sock up the blood that was pouring from the body or what was left of a body. The only thing that you could tell was still a body after Megan has butcher up Krissy’s was the head she saved the head just for that purposes to. She brushed Krissy’s hair so it was perfect except for the blood staining the blond hair. Then she put the knife she has used to kill Krissy right next to the head on the stump. After she had the body cut up near the stump with the perfect head and the knife she left a note in the sand stating..
“I told you I’m done messing around I hope this was a wakeup call to all of the remaining 4 of you.
- Killer in the night”
Now all that was left to do was get them to the beach hmm that the tricky part. But she figured it out she scream the scream she heard Krissy scream so many times before and she could hear it sent them all running in her direction so that was her key to go back to her favorite part disappearing. The one good thing she is good at except for killing the undeserving.

We all heard Krissy scream coming from the beach so we stopped everything we were doing and ran for the beach we got there faster than any of them expected them to. But when they got there they didn’t see Krissy anywhere well at lest they didn’t think they saw her. Then they saw the head, the blond hair stained with fresh blood. At first they didn’t see any of the blood but when they got closer they seen the blood so much blood it was all over the said and they couldn’t figure out why but then they saw the pile of body lying in front of the head and the scene was so gruesome that both Susie and Nevada fainted as soon as they seen the blood and what was left of a body so they guys had to bring them back to camp.
The girls didn’t gain consciousness till several hours later Susie was the first to come to.
“What happen?” Susie asked confused for being at camp and not the beach where she last remembered being.
“You fainted.” John said as he brought her some water.
“Please tell that wasn’t what I thought that was on the beach.”
“It was Krissy’s head and body yes.”
“No it can’t be we just saw her she was going to the bathroom remember.”
“Yes I remember perfectly but that was Krissy, it was her head on the stump. And it was her blond hair dripping with blood.”
“No.” Susie whispered and started crying from the death of her best friend. No was a strong word to her it was a word of strength and power that’s something she has seen Cathey and Krissy use with that word. No meant denial, refusal, confidence, and Power over yourself. One time she remembers Cathey was out at a party and everyone was drinking except her but she is the one who needed the ride and so did the rest of her friends. A drunk pulled up in his card and this guy was very nice looking and he offered the girls a ride everyone went into the car except for Cathey looked right into the man’s eyes and said No, then she looked at her friends in the car that were telling her to get in and she looked at all of them and said No. Cathey walked home that night and the next morning on the news they had a story about how the night before there was a drunk driving accident and the driver and all the passages where dead on the scene when they showed the pictures of all the people that were in the accident it was her friends and the nice looking man. From that point on she stopped partying and she remembered her favorite word that was every so strong the word was No because that was the word that saved her life. And because of Cathey Every one of them new that the word No was the most powerful word because without that word none of them would have had the chance to meet her. That word is what Susie hoped Krissy and Cathey both used when the killer in the night went after them and when she said she was going to kill them. She hoped they told whoever the killer is No.
Only if I told her No I’m coming with you to Krissy she wouldn’t be in heaps on the beach. Susie thought to herself. Maybe if I used that word to anyone of them and made them stay with us they would still be here and I wouldn’t be just sitting hear crying about losing my 2 best friends. I only have Nevada who is still passed out and my wonderful boyfriend John who is always there for me and who I hope I can spend forever with. I also have Nevada 2nd best friend from the day she came up hear Josh. We all can tell Josh is into her all except her can see the look he gives her when there sitting next to each other. Everybody but Nevada can see how his face brightens up when she comes in the room, how his eyes sparkle when she smiles at him, When she laughs her wonder laugh that you could hear for miles. Everyone can see that but her. Everyone but Josh can see how much he means to Nevada. Everyone but him can see that she has felt this way for years but she is just too shy to say anything to him. Everyone but Josh can see the she smiles at him because he is the reason she smiles, she sits by him so she can remember that moment as if it were the last, she laughs because she loves him so much and can just laugh at herself for not telling him how much he means to her. That is what they need to realize before it’s too late. Susie was thinking all this after she realized she needs to live for here and now before she is the one on the beach like Krissy was.
It took Nevada a couple hours after Susie gained consciences before she finally came to. When she did Josh came right over to check her out and make sure she is feeling alright from being out for so long. After Josh checked to make sure Nevada was ok he went to the middle in camp and said "Okay nobody is leaving this camp without anyone else because every time someone leaves camp they die unless there with someone else, I don't know who this "Killer in the night" is planning on killing next so we all have to stay together. Let’s make a list on all that we have lost in these three days. Krissy who we lost today, Cathey lost her yesterday, and all are parents who we lost the 1st night we were here. Now that we know all of those of witch we have lost let’s have a moment of silence just to remember them." After Josh done talking they all just sat there and cried. Cried for the lost, cried for not knowing, and cried just to cry because there was nothing left to do. John let Susie cry while he held her. But what none of the expected was that Megan was right they with the rest of them but instead of crying she was laughing at them and how pathetic they were to her. She finally felt like number one at something with Cathey gone she doesn’t have anyone making her feel like she is number two but she also doesn’t have someone to push her but that part she didn’t know yet. All she knew was that she was planning on killing Josh tomorrow morning and nothing was going to stop that from happening.
The next morning everyone was still in shock from the scene they seen on the beach with Krissy. but they were till ready to take on the say and everything in it. Megan was planning everything for the killing that isn't that big in size but in the person. She was planning everything out for killing Josh. She is done waiting for them to do anything and last night she heard Josh and Susie talking about calling the police in the morning. So she got her stuff ready she wasn’t wasting time on talking to them anymore. The only ones she cares enough to talk to were Cathey and then Josh as she kills Nevada. After she got everything ready she seen that they were done eating and Josh was telling Susie goodbye as if they would never see each other again smart very smart on their part. As soon as John left she waited something stopped her, she heard John talking about something very important but he was just talking to himself.
“I don’t know what to do, I know that I’m going to come back to camp and do it I’ll do it before it’s too late.” John said as he held the ring in his hand to propose to Susie as soon as he got back to camp before it was too late and they were both gone.” I really hope she says yes if not they I wasted all this time and money preparing this. Her dad said that it was ok so she will say yes right. “He finally made up his mind and was going to do it so he started to head back to camp but he never got there. When John was about half a mile from camp Megan showed up; he never saw Megan. John seen his life flash before his eyes, he seen he had a good life and was making a good choice on deciding to marry Susie only if he had the chance to make it to camp and show her.
When Megan finally went after John she felt like it was wrong but like her grandpa always said once you commit to something no madder what happens you never back out of it. Megan killed John the easiest way she could think of she suffocated him. After john passed out from suffocation Megan slit his throat just in case. After Megan slit johns throat she talked to the dead body as it bled in front of her. “I’m sorry it had to end this way, I really did love you but I just could bear to watch you love someone other than me so if I couldn’t have you nobody could. I hope you know I loved you” after Megan was done talking to john she just left she didn’t even bother on getting rid of any of the evidence. This one the one death that Megan hated the most the one she wished she didn’t have to do.
After John hasn’t come back to camp in a couple hours Nevada and Susie went looking for him. The two of them didn’t get far before they seen all the blood. Susie seen it first and it was the worst thing she has ever seen even worse than seeing her parents burn right in front of her.
“Please tell me that isn’t blood. Please tell me that isn’t John’s blood all over the ground.” Susie said as they approached the puddle of blood.
“I really don’t know.” Nevada said trying to comfort one of her last friends.
“It is, ooh Nevada what is going to do? My life is just gone without him. He is the reason I still when to school and didn’t drop out when I wanted to before. Now, well now he is dead and I don’t know what to do. I just don’t. Vada what do I do? What do I do?”
“I don’t know what you’re going to do. I know you loved him with all your heart and I know he love you the same way. “
“Vada can u just has a couple minutes by me with John?”
“Yeah totally I’ll be right around the corner if you hear anything I want you to come and get me right away ok”
“Okay” Susie said as Nevada walked away. Susie held johns bloody body in her arms and stroked his hair as she has done so many times before. “I told you I would always love you through life and death, I told you that if you were to die I would die to because I wouldn’t be able to live without you, I told you that no madder what happen between us I would never find anyone as great and wonderful as you. And all that is true I will die for you I will love you forever and always and I will never find someone as wonderful as you because you are my one in a million.” As she said that she cried into his bloody shirt, and held his hand but as she opened his cold fragile hand she found the ring with a note attached to it.
“Dear Susie,
You are my forever and always and you are my one in a million. I said I will always love you and that will always be true. I know we might not live through the week but I want to give you this ring to show my love for you. So you can wear it when I tell you I do and marry you. I talked to you dad on graduation day and asked if I can take you hand in marriage and he said that I’m already like a son to him so Susie would you marry me and love me forever and always?”
After Susie read this she just stared to cry. She seen the knife that the killer has used to kill John and she knew that she wouldn’t live anyways and she would rather kill herself then get killed by some stranger that calls themselves killer in the night. So right there next to John’s dead body Susie killed herself. Just like Susie told herself as she put the knife into her chest, “I can never live without you” Those words were the last thing she said. Susie died there right next to John hand in hand. When Nevada head the noise of Susie body as it collapsed to the ground she went around seeing what had happen. Then She seen it John and Susie hand in hand john the way he was 10 minutes ago when she had left but Susie with the knife in her chest and a ring on her finger with the note on her ring. Nevada wasn’t the only one shocked Megan was completely shocked when she watched Susie put the knife through her chest. Megan was in shock because she had forgotten how much Susie loved john and how she had failed. Megan never failed but this one time she failed.
When Nevada came back to camp with puffy cheeks from crying, Josh asked her what happen to Susie because she wasn’t back with her and they had left together. Nevada told Josh everything that happen, she told him about how John was dead when she and Susie went to find him, told Josh about how when she left Susie killed herself because she was supposed to marry John but Megan got to him first and so he never got to tell her the truth. Nevada to Josh everything and when she was finished she was we
“It’s going to work out I have a plan but it involves you basically dyeing in the end.” Josh said to Nevada once she calmed down enough to speak.
“Tell me I’m ready to do anything right now I have had enough of this killer in the night there really getting on my last nerve. “ Nevada said sounding like she is ready to kill them if it takes.
“Okay you know how the Killer in the night only goes after someone when there alone right.”
“Well you’re going to go to the loop and walk about half way around it and once your there you just start talking to yourself like you always do. I will be coming around the other way but through the woods so they don’t see me. They’re going to be focused on you and I’m going to shoot then once they have you so when I yell down get down of your going to get shot.”
“Okay I will. But how does this involve me dyeing?”
“Sense Killer in the night likes to talk before they kills and stalk before they kill there going to already be cutting you or tying you up and yeah it’s going to hurt A LOT.”
“Okay I’m ready 1st thing in the morning I’m done wasting my time here. “
“Okay let’s eat dinner and get to bed its getting dark.”
Megan was to busy trying to figure out what she did wrong with the death of Susie and John to realize Josh and Nevada making the plan to kill her. That was her third mistake on this mission and she will regret that one the most.
That morning Nevada and Josh got up and did the morning routine like normal but they were both thinking about later that morning, how they were finally going to kill the killer. But Megan was thinking about how she was going to kill Nevada with Josh right in front of her.
“Ready?” Nevada asked all ready to leave camp.
“Ready. Let’s do this.”
“I’m going to go walk around the loop I’ll be back in about a half hour.”
“Ok if you hear anything scream and I’ll come and get you ok.”
“Ok” Nevada said hugging Josh as if it was the last time and whispers in his ear “I love you I always have.” She walked off with tears in her eyes not knowing if she would ever see Josh again.
Megan was watching this whole thing and seen Nevada walking off and figured better kill her now before she gets the cops involved. So she goes after Nevada but doesn’t kill her right away.
“Hello Nevada.” Megan said trying to put slang to her voice so she wouldn’t recognize her like Cathey did.
“Who said that?” Nevada said trying to sound nervous and keeping track of all the details at the same time. So far she knows that it is a chick that has been killing everyone.
“I think we have met before.” Megan said realizing that there isn’t anything to hide so she removed the mask she was wearing and wouldn’t put it back on till Josh came to save Nevada.
“Yes it’s me you idiot who else would want to kill you.”
“I just thought we were friends and didn’t think you would want to kill me and everyone so badly. You didn’t even kill everyone Susie was so depressed that you killed John she killed herself.”
“I know don’t remind me.”
“So I guess you’re going to kill me now that I know who you are.”
“Yes that is exactly what I’m going to do to you. “
“Then what’s stopping you.”
“I don’t know just something is stopping me.”
“Well I have no point in living so just kill me now.” Nevada said as she seen Josh appear in the woods behind Megan.
“Okay whatever you say.
When Megan goes after Nevada Josh Steps out of the woods and says “Megan?”
“Goodbye??” just as she said that Josh tock out the gun and shot Megan in the head before she could even got to Nevada.
“Josh can we just leave and get out of this hell hole?” Nevada said after she realized Megan was really dead.
“Yes let’s go I have everything packed in the jeep.”
After they got in the jeep they headed back to Newberry. They both agreed never to talk about this day again or to ever tell anyone about this day. It was defiantly a week that they would never forget. Nevada decided to not go to Lake State University and go to Michigan State instead with Josh because he was all he had left.

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