The House Still Standing

January 18, 2013
By SimplyAli BRONZE, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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SimplyAli BRONZE, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Favorite Quote:
"I laugh because I must not cry. That is all. That is all."

"No matter how many red carpets you guys wanna walk in with you $4000 ridiculous red heels; you will never be able to lace up my Chuck Taylors."

Author's note: This story came to me when my teacher gave us open writing. He said we could write what ever we wanted to. Every week, I would get a new idea. Then all of a sudden, The House Still Standing came to me.

7 years ago
I took a moment to take everything in. Today I was starting fourth grade at my new school. My mother and I had to move from England all the way down to Chicago, Illinois. My mother was offered a better job, so she took it. I would have stayed with my father but he died two weeks ago from a bad car accident. He was driving back from his job when a drunk driver ran into his car. My dad was killed within a minute. Ever since that day, my family was tearing apart by the minute. Every hour was horrible and every minute was worse.
I shook my head while wanting this day to be over. Don’t get me wrong, i’m good at school but I tend to be very shy was it comes to meeting new people. In my mind, I was debating if I should go inside or just run away. My mother was late for work, so she made me walk. Even though she knew I didn’t know where to go. Since I was so confused, I ended up being 2 hours late. I sighed and opened the door. As the door opened, I saw a girl walking to her class, so I decided to ask her for help.

“Hey. Umm… I’m new here. And I was wondering if you can tell me where to go?” I said.

“What’s your name?” The girl said.

“Kayla, Kayla Lopez,” I said.

“What grade are you in?” She said.

“Fourth,” I said.

“You know you’re two hours late,” She said.

“I’m new here to Chicago. Can’t you tell by my accent?” I said.

“To me you are a normal person. Can’t you tell my Mexican accent?” she said. She had an accent? I could barely tell when she talked.

She sighed and continued. “Since you’re in 4th you will be in room 26. Mr. Smiles class.”

“Let me guess, he smiles too much,” I said.

“Just take the stairs and it will be on your right,” she said. She walked to her class and looked at me one more time until she rolled her eyes and entered. I did as she instructed and find my class in no time. Once my foot stepped into the door, every pair eyes were set on me.

“Hello there. You must be Kayla Lopez right?” Mr. Smiles said. I nodded my head while he continued.

“Hi, I’m Mr. Smiles,” he said while smiling. Wow, he takes his last name serious.

“You can sit right next to Alyssa. Alyssa raises your hand.” Mr. Smiles said. Alyssa raised her hand right in the back pointing into the empty chair. I walked slowly while still noticing every eye still on me.

“Hi I’m Alyssa. What’s your name?” Alyssa said.

“Kayla,” I said.

“Nice to meet you Kayla,” Alyssa said.

“Oh stop sucking up Alyssa!” a boy with dirty blonde hair and hazel eyes said.

“Stop it Justin! I’m just trying to be nice!” Alyssa said.

“Can we get back to what we were talking about?” another boy said.
“Yes Zach! I heard Mr. Rodgers is putting the house for sale. I wouldn’t risk my life moving into that house,” Justin said with a worry look on his face.
“That house must be at least a thousand years old to the max!” Zach.
“I heard that this one guy named Pop Snap tired to take down the house. Like ripped the house shred by shred but to only die,” a girl said.
“Really Katie! Pop Snap. That sounds like a name of a soda,” Alyssa said while bursting out laughing with the others.
“Kayla. Where do you live?” Justin said.
“We don’t know yet,” I said.
“We? Who are we Kayla?” Justin said confused. It was like he thought I was moving in the house they were talking about.
“My mother and I. Look Justin, we are not moving into that house! I mean I barely know a thing about that house,” I said knowing where he was going.
“Look Kayla. You better check yourself. You move here today so that means you are a newbie. So stay out of my way and you will be good,” Justin said.
“Give her a break Justin!” Alyssa said.
“Yeah dude! Chill,” Zach said.
“Whatever,” Justin said. He got up and stormed out of the room. I got up and decided to follow him. Eventually, I found him outside on top of a hill. He looked like he was mad and I couldn’t blame him. For what happened in class, I owed him an apology. I walked up that steep hill and sat down next to him.
“You really want to know about the house,” he said looking down. I looked at him and nodded. He sighed and began.
“Well there is this house two blocks away from school. This house is no usual house. It was there when the civil war began and there when George Washington was president. People say that it is haunted because of how old it is. In 1989, there was this police report coming from this house. It was a girl who kept repeating three and hanged up. When police came, there was nothing there. I mean nothing. The only thing left was blood stains. It was completely gone. The police searched the files that this girl name Isabel Lopez was healthy and living there. The last time people saw her was two hours before the phone call. She was never found again.” Justin said.
“Isabel Lopez? She was my aunt and she vanished. My family hasn’t heard of her since four years ago,” I said shocked with the history of the house.
“That is why I was asking you where you live?” Justin said.
“Thanks… We better get going,” I said while getting up. I vowed that day I would never move into that house.

7 years later, I totally forgot about that house. I’m very close to Zach, Alyssa, Katie and even Justin. My mother met a guy and 2 years later they had a baby. Cole (My stepdad) wasn’t the best dad in the world. He never was home and barley talked to Stephanie (My sister). Cole and I don’t get along because of that. My mom still thinks Cole is the one. Today my family and I were moving into a new house. But the house we are moving to was……… The house we talked about 7 years ago on my first day of school………. The house I vowed I would never move into. I’m moving into the house still standing.

I regret not telling my mom about what happened at the old creepy house. I should have told her that I knew about what happened to Aunt Isabel. I just couldn’t find the right time. School has driven me over the wall since I’m a senior in high school now. To make matters even worse, I have to take care of Stephanie. My mom and Cole are never home and that disgusts me. I didn’t care that they forgot about me but to forget about your five year old daughter is horrible. Next year when I’m able to buy a house, I’m taking my sister with me.

“KAYLA!!! GET DOWN HERE NOW AND HELP OUT YOUR STEPDAD!” Cole said. I sighed and took my time going down the stairs.
“Took you long enough. You lazy human!” Cole said while smirking. I rolled my eyes and grabbed the boxes and began putting them into the car.
“Hey get back here Kay Kay,” Cole said. I hated when he called me by my nickname.
“What now Co Co!!” I said smirking.
“I told you many of times not to call me by my nickname,” Cole said.
“Not so fun isn’t it? Huh Co Co?”I said.
“Show me some respect! I am your father,” Cole said.
“How dare you say you are my father? You could never be my father! Show you respect? Please... You don’t even take care of your own daughter.” I said. Anger was boiling in his body.
“That’s it! I can’t take it any longer! When I first met your mother, I made a promise to her that I would try to be nice. You just keep pushing my buttons and I can’t take it_” I interrupted him but stomping my foot and rolling my eyes.
“A promise? Really Cole? You are the low that you needed to make a promise to my mo… Jenny.” I didn’t bother saying my mother because I like her real name better. Mother is not for her.
“Whatever Kayla!” Cole said while storming back into the house. I finished putting the boxes in the car and grabbed Stephanie and buckled her securely in the car.
“Cole and Jenny come on!” I said yelling through the house. No sound was made. “Are you serious guys?” I sighed and began walking up the stairs. First I looked in their room. Then mines and then Stephanie’s. This is no use, I thought. I grabbed the keys and drove me and Stephanie in the new house.

Once I got there, my heart starting to beat like crazy. Something about this house made me scared. You could say it give a bad vibe. Tightening my grip on Stephanie’s hand, I walked slowly to the front door. Shuffling through the keys, I found one that said new house. I grabbed the key and unlocked the door. Creek….. It opened up halfway and slowly to see an empty house. Out of all the houses on sale, she had to pick this one. I gulped slowly and I took one step in.

“Wait right here. Stephanie, please do not move a muscle,” I said looking straight into her eyes. She nodded and I took more steps in. Once I was in the middle, the door slammed close. “STEPHANIE! STEPH. PLEASE SAY SOMETHING!” I said pounding my fists on the door and trying to opened the door.
“You should have never come here Kayla. GET OUT!” a voice said from behind me. I gulped and turned around. Once I was turned, I nearly fainted. The person I saw was no person at all. It was a ghost. It was a ghost I remember, my aunt Isabel Marie Lopez.
“Auntie, is that you?” I said with tears forming in my eyes.
“Who is this Auntie Isabel? I don’t know who you are and what you are but GET OUT OF MY HOUSE OR ELSE!” My own aunt doesn’t even recognize me.
“I can’t Auntie… I live here now,” I said very slowly scared with what my aunt was capable of.
“I warned you….” she said while floating away.

Shocked with what just happened, I ran to the door and saw Stephanie with my stepdad and my mom.
“Stephanie! Are you okay?” I said breathing heavy and hugging her.
“What kind of sister you are!” Cole said.
“Mom! Cole! I have something to tell you. Umm… I saw Aunt Isabel in the house.” I said knowing that they would think I’m crazy.
“Ha-ha... Honey auntie has been died for years.” My mom and Cole said while laughing.
“Never say I didn’t warn you.” I said.

My own mother didn’t believe me. I sighed while playing with my food.
“Kayla… Eat please.” My mother said softly.
“Not hungry. Come on steph let’s get ready to go to bed.”
“But I’m not tired sissy.” She said all innocent.
“Oh you would rather stay with mama but not sissy?” I said.
“NO NO!” She said running and grabbing my hand. I chuckled at her and began walking up the stairs. Every time Stephanie and I went up a step, it would make a creaking noise. I sighed and made it up to Stephanie’s room. The room was filled with princesses and bright colors.
“Do you like your room?” I said while looking directly in her eyes.
“Yes.” She said smiling.
“Sissy?” Stephanie said.
“Yes?” I said looking at her.
“Promise me you won’t let anything hurt me?” She said.
“Promise,” I said.
“Well sorry…… But it is way past your bedtime.” I said while grabbing her pajamas. She got changed and was knocked out within a minute. I turned off her light and went down to my room. “Kayla…. LEAVE! GET OUT OF HERE! THIS IS MY HOUSE! YOU FOOL!” I gulped because I knew who said that. The person who married my auntie. Jason McCann.
“Trust me. I would love to get out of this freaky house,” I said while slamming my door shut. Why am I the victim? Why do I have to leave? I needed answers and I knew just the right guy. The guy who told me all about this place seven years ago. Justin….

“Hey Kayla! What is going on?” Justin said.
“I need answers Justin.” I said firmly.
“Homework answers?” Justin said unsure of what I was talking about.
“No. Answers about the House Still Standing.” I said.
“Justin? Justin are you there?” I said. The line went dead and I was no longer talking to him. I was talking to another person or soul.

An unknown voice said “You would never make it alive. Your aunt and Jason already warn you. I guess you can’t hear. Your mom, your stepdad will never make it alive. Stephanie and You would not even last a week,” I gulped and threw my phone across the room. “AHHHHH!!!” I screamed. Still frighten, I cried myself to sleep that night. After having a bad nightmare, I bolted up and starting to listen to the sound. Stephanie… Stephanie….. Stephanie wake up… I listened closely to hear a loud whisper saying my sister’s name. That dude or soul on the phone was trying to harm my sister. I through my covers back and headed for my sister’s room. Once I approached the door, I tried to open the door but it was locked. Still hearing the whispers, I pounded my fists on the door. Five minutes later, the door opened all the way. I saw my sister sitting on the lap for who looks like a ghost.
“Well welcome Kayla… So nice of you to join us,” the ghost said while forming a smirk.
“You’re the guy on the phone. The one who interrupted my friend Justin. WHERE IS JUSTIN?” I said scared but mad at the same time.
“Ha-ha. Don’t worry about Justin. I took great care of him in Alaska. “The ghost grinned. I gulped and began talking.
“Let… Go… Of… My… Sister…” I said slowly, so he wouldn’t hurt my sister.
“Never!” He replied and vanished with Stephanie.
“NOOO!” I walked to the chair and dropped to my knees. Realizing she was gone, I began to cry loudly. Then all of a sudden, I remember the promise I made to her.
“I’m sorry Stephanie. I broke my promise. Don’t worry Stephanie. I’m going to get you back. No matter if it’s the last thing I do.” I walked back to my room and lay down. That thing better not hurt her.

The next morning
The thought of losing Stephanie kept me up at night.
“KAYLA!” My mother yelled. I sighed and got up. Once I past Stephanie’s room, I began to cry softly.

“Yes mom?” I said.

“Where is Stephanie? I went into her room, but she was gone. Do you perhaps know where she is?” My mother questioned.

“Umm… Nope…” I trailed off.

“Well. Go back to sleep.” She said. I sighed and did as what I was told. The reason why I didn’t tell my mother where my sister is because I knew she wouldn’t believe me. Then Cole would make fun of me. I didn’t want that to happen. I grabbed my phone and sat down. Searching for Stephanie was hard. I just didn’t know where to begin.

I finally figured out what I should do. Seven years ago, Justin told me about the secrets of this house. After looking around, I find out that my aunt Isabel and Uncle Jason and my niece Hayley were kidnapped. Six months later, Hayley’s soul was floating around a library. Ghost hunters recorded these sayings.
“MARIA? MARIA? WHERE ARE YOU? YOU WANTED US DEAD. YOU HAVE YOUR WISH? MARIA!” The cops gave more information and said that the person who kidnapped them was Maria Rossi. Then seven years later, Uncle Jason and aunt Isabel souls were found in this house. Right now I’m meeting up with a ghost hunter dude to help me talk to my aunt and uncle.
Two hours later
The ghost hunter is setting up the equipment and is getting ready in a minute.
“Are you scared at all?” the guy said.
“Nope… I just want to know what they are going to do with my sister,” I said lying right through my teeth.
“You know… Ghosts always know when you are lying,” the guy said. I gulped and walked over to the seat in the middle.
“Ok in forty-five seconds you are going to get in contact with your aunt and uncle. Just be calm and answer as many as questions as you can, Ok? In 5…4…3…2…1” the guy said. I hesitated and try to talk but I’m too nervous. Finally I found my words and began to talk.
“Where is my sister?” I said firmly.
“WHO ARE YOU?” my aunt said.
“Your niece Kayla,” I said.
“WHAT DO YOU WANT?” Jason said.
“My sister… I want Stephanie back.” I said.
“Ha-ha. You foolish girl. You should know your manners!” my aunt said.
“PLEASE! I’M BEGGING YOU. I NEED STEPHANIE BACK!” I said. If my aunt or uncle said no, I would break down in tears.
“She isn’t yours Auntie and Uncle,” I said softly. Right then and there, my mother burst opens the door. I think my aunt and uncle noticed because my mother was taken within a minute.
“MOTHER NO!” I screamed and fell to my knees.
“WHAT DO YOU WANT?” I said while collapsing to the floor and bursting into tears.
“Our house back. All of our secrets lay in this house, and for you guys to just move in here like it’s nothing. It hurts and what hurts the most is that we were killed and nobody cared. So we take what’s most important. In the case it’s Stephanie.” Isabel said.
“You messed with my family…. I don’t care if you are dead or alive or you were related to me I will find you and I will end you once and for all. “I said standing and wiping my tears away.
“Let the games began,” my aunt said.

. Right then and there, the lights go off and music starts playing. I knew it was going to be extreme but I guess I didn’t know what ghosts capable of. The lights go on and the music stops.
“You scared yet Kayla?” Jason said.
“You’re going to try a lot harder.” I grinned. Jason chuckled and then a hand covers my mouth and pulls me back.
“Stop denying it Kayla. Face it you’ll never get your sister back. So just gave up.” Isabel said. I get out of the person’s grip and looked around.
“I don’t know what you think this is, but I will never give up. Not even if it cost me my life. I won’t give up until you’re gone. Take it as a threat.” I growled. Jason and Isabel sighed and turned off the speaker. I turned around and saw the person who tried to take me away.
“Hi. I don’t know you but if you stand in my way, I will take you down.” I said.
“Since when did you become so bad?” The person said. I knew that voice, I thought. After five seconds, I shot my head up.
“Yazmin is that you?” I said. She took off her mask and a smirk was forming on her lips.
“That’s my name, don’t wear it out!” She said.
“How?” Was all I said.
“Simple. Your aunt and Jason gave me a job and I accepted. I would do anything to finish you.” She growled.
“You couldn’t finish me. My aunt and uncle tried, but look I’m still standing. I’m still strong Yazmin. Now get out of my way or else.” I said.
“Like I’m scared of you Kayla.” Yazmin said. I rolled my eyes when the door opens.
“You should be Yazmin,” Cole said.
“Cole how did you get in here?” I asked.
“I saw your mother vanished into thin air and I heard your conversation with your aunt and uncle and now Yazmin. I’m here to help you Kayla. I mean it this time.” Cole said looking directly in my eyes. I smiled at the thought and nodded. Yazmin started to charge at me and attacked me to the ground. Cole grabs Yazmin and puts her out of the house. Cole looked at me with worry eyes and pulled me up.
“I’m fine Cole. ARE YOU HAPPY?” I screamed hoping my aunt and uncle was listening.
“Not satisfied.” Jason said. All of sudden, I saw my aunt and uncle in human form. Then I see my sister tied in a chair. They put her in the middle. I began chasing to Stephanie but Jason knocks me down. Once I get back up, Isabel knocks me back down. Where is Cole when you need him? I thought. Then Cole came and starting fighting with Jason. I began to chase for Stephanie but I was stopped by my aunt. She chuckled but stopped when she was going to hit me. I turned around and saw my mother. She charges for my aunt and I go to Stephanie. I untie Stephanie and hug her but she....

. I untie Stephanie and hug her but she turns into ash.
“What?” I was confused. I turned around to be face with my aunt.
“What did you do?” I said glaring at her.
“Your whole life was a lie. Your mother was with your father when he died. She died with him also. You never had a stepdad or a sister. Look at me now; you just turned me back into a human form.” She grinned.
“You monster. I HATE YOU!” I screamed at her.
“I figured.” She shrugged and walked away. Before she could step out the door, I stopped her.
“Stop! I hate you for what you done. Made my life into a lie, but I always keep my promises. Isabel I will find you and I will finish you once and for all.” I said.
“I’ll look for to it.” She said and walked out. I turned to look at all the ashes.
“This isn’t over Aunt Isabel. Not even close.” I said.

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on Jan. 21 2013 at 12:27 am
SimplyAli BRONZE, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
1 article 0 photos 4 comments

Favorite Quote:
"I laugh because I must not cry. That is all. That is all."

"No matter how many red carpets you guys wanna walk in with you $4000 ridiculous red heels; you will never be able to lace up my Chuck Taylors."

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